WikiQuals - First Annual Report


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A brief overview of the origins and principles developed in the first year of the WikiQuals project

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  • The First Annual Report version available now is a much updated version, with many links, as the original show & tell version was to support & 7 min talk and very brief
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WikiQuals - First Annual Report

  1. 1. WikiQuals;All You Need is #heutagogy@fredgarnettFirst Annual ReportThursday November 22nd 2012
  2. 2. Fred Garnett Head of Community Programmes Becta - Building Community Grids for Learning, digitally-based socially inclusive models of learning Enabling socially-inclusive digital learning architectures of participation&co-creation tools Interested in creating Public Intellectuals 2.0 WikiQuals, Everything Unplugged, Social Cities, P2P Reconomy Project, Transition Research Network, Disability Resilience Network,
  3. 3. Learner-Generated Contexts Part of Learner-Generated Contexts Group creating post web 2.0 models of learning Developed Open Context Model of Learning using lessons learnt with technology to create pedagogically original model (PAH!) Realised for new models of learning to be adopted they have to build on practice AND research AND policy - hence;
  4. 4. Emergent Learning Model Developed the Emergent Learning Model in response to EU i2020 integrating informal, non- formal and formal learning post-Bologna Process Traditional view is that these map to sectors, community/informal, college/non- formal, university/formal We re- defined informal as social, non-formal as resources &formal as accreditation
  5. 5. Testing Emergence We decided to test the Emergent Learning principle of learning as a flow from social organisation to accreditation with projects 1. Ambient Learning City – extra- institutional learning contexts 2. WikiQuals – extra-institutional self- determined learning
  6. 6. 1. Ambient Learning City Ambient Learning Manchester; Turn the city into a learning environment Testing the social organisation & resource curation aspect of Emergent Learning; Conclusion; New learning contexts need new learning metaphors MOSI-ALONG, Aggregate then Curate Social Cities of Tomorrow
  7. 7. 2. WikiQuals WikiQuals testing self-accreditation &co- creation of #open scholarship WikiQuals came out of the UCL student occupations & the call for a Learning Commons (&SukeyData project) Workshopped at the University Project Weekend October 2011 at Hub Westminster looking at alt.Universities
  8. 8. WikiQuals WikiQuals evolved from an initial M.Sc programme I was asked to create to a doctoral one based on people opting in. Starting position; lets design our learning 1. Self-organised, self-accredited learning 2. Self-publication as a Ph.D
  9. 9. Co-creating Sqolarlypractice Show & Tell 2.0; Do stuff & record it Sqolar identifies their own subject & learning aims (Trust the Sqolar) Discuss within & without WikiQuals Identifies an ‘affinity’ support process Being to learn; Act in the world &documents its emergence
  10. 10. WikiQuals – Evolving Features  Affinity partners supporting guild-like SHOW & TELL 2.0 model of accreditation  Affinity Groups internal support based on empathy  QR Codes as wearable accreditation  Rhizomatic behaviours not MOOCs,  Discontinous relationships creating loose ties with other networks…
  11. 11. WikiQuals – Principles Solve the problem that annoys you most People want to learn, but not what you want them to learn – Trust the Sqolar Learning creates value when it allows you to act in the real world Education has failed both citizens &the planet we need a new era of learning
  12. 12. We are Rhizomatic Everything Unplugged / Facebook Discussion Group / Uni of Minnesota UNESCO Open Learning Edgeryders, Declaration of Internet Freedom, & others Co-accreditation with Middlesex Uni? Co-production with CROS Bucharest, links with Transition Network, RNIB, etc
  13. 13. WikiQuals – Some Sqolars Bridget McKenzie; Learning Planet Philippa Young; TEDx Warwick David Jennings; Agile Learning Nigel Ecclesfield; network Public Value Tony Hall; the iPhone as University Kai Graf von Pahlen; entertainment law & inflicting humiliation post-1992
  14. 14. WikiQuals – Next Everything Unplugged East - Norwich; both Mark Narayn &Lucy Johnson Curated Conversations on WikiQuals Self-publication on Kindle; 12 Sqolars The Participation Papers project; Co- creating principles of participatory education for a participatory democracy
  15. 15. WikiQuals – Some Resources Emergent Learning Model WikiQuals Blog WikiSqolars Philippa Young TEDx Warwick Everything Unplugged East in Norwich CROS - Bucharest
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