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#ENJi 2014 john moravec


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Creador del término “Knowmad”. Fundador de la educación de futuro, una red de expertos en la materia, grandes soñadores, y agentes de cambio. Su agenda de investigación y becas de acción se centran en la construcción de un futuro positivo para los sistemas humanos que se están acercando a una era cada vez más compleja y ambigua.

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#ENJi 2014 john moravec

  1. 1. EntrepreNerds in Knowmad Society John W. Moravec, Ph.D. @moravec ! #knowmad
  2. 2. Local Group Survey Team and T.A. Rector, University of Alaska–Anchorage
  3. 3. Local Group Survey Team and T.A. Rector, University of Alaska–Anchorage
  4. 4. ISS Expedition 7, NASA
  5. 5. John Moravec
  6. 6. John Moravec
  7. 7. John Moravec
  8. 8. Joe Loong, clipping from newspaper
  9. 9. Joh n
  10. 10. We can do better.
  11. 11. Some of us already are.
  12. 12. A knowmad is a nomadic knowledge worker –that is, a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere. Knowmad Society, p. 18 (2013)
  13. 13. Knowmads are also context workers
  14. 14. Knowmads • Can be anybody, at any age • Leverage personal knowledge • Contextually apply what they know • Motivated to collaborate • Purposively use new technologies • Share what they know • Learn, unlearn, and adopt new ideas as necessary • Thrive in non-hierarchical organizations • Learn continuously • Are not afraid of failure
  15. 15. By 2020, 45% of us will be knowmads
  16. 16. Knowmads stand out. ! ! And so should you.
  17. 17. “I want to be different, like everybody else I want to be like.” –John S. Hall (King Missile)
  18. 18. NASA
  19. 19. NASA
  20. 20. knowledge Cristóbal Cobo
  21. 21. experience Cristóbal Cobo
  22. 22. “The network is the learning.” –George Siemens
  23. 23. Paradigm Domain 1.0 2.0 Knowmadic relationships Simple Complex Complex creative Fundamental (teleological) order Hierarchic Heterarchic Intentional, self-organizing Conceptualization of Relationships of parts Mechanical Holographic Synergetic Worldview Deterministic Indeterminate Design Causality Linear Mutual Anticausal Change process Assembly Morphogenic Creative destruction Reality Objective Perspectival Contextual Place Local Globalizing Globalized
  24. 24. Knowmads Business School Amsterdam e-180 Montréal OutliersSchool Latin America Shibuya University Network Tokyo
  25. 25. Nerds are cool. ! ! Or at least I think so.
  26. 26. Nerd Venn Diagram inspired from Mashable: Intelligence Eccentricity Dweeb Nerd Geek Dork Obsession Imagination Creativity Innovation + = EntrepreNerd
  27. 27. Rob Salkowitz’s Young World • Blends social and commercial objectives • Creatively aligns public, private, and NGO resources • Leverages communities and collaboration • Is well-adapted and sustainable in Young World environments • Embraces the globalization of the knowledge workforce • Solves systemic problems while meeting market needs
  28. 28. 171 Knowmads Business School: Empowering and enabling knowmads Figure 7. Knowmads Business School “Wigwam” together. As the world becomes smaller and smaller through the Knowmads Business School Amsterdam in Knowmad Society (2013)
  29. 29. In what world do we want to live? Knowmads Business School Amsterdam
  30. 30. What do I want to contribute to the world or change to Knowmads Business School Amsterdam make it better?
  31. 31. How can I best organize myself to get what I want Knowmads Business School Amsterdam to change done?
  32. 32. How do I bring this change Knowmads Business School Amsterdam into the world?
  34. 34. My philosophy Open, flat, impactful, networked, communicated
  35. 35. 1. Open
  36. 36. 2. Flat
  37. 37. 3. Impactful
  38. 38. Mode I Mode II Mode III Interventions Attitudes Systems-based Vectors Beliefs Core-transformative Quick hacks Trendy ideas Revolutions Easy to sell Easy to sell Hard to sell Easy to implement Hard to implement Really hard to implement Easy to measure Harder to measure Really hard to measure
  39. 39. Mode I Mode II Mode III Laptops, iPads, etc. Design thinking Invisible learning Testing EduPunk Democratic education Common Core/Standards Professional learning communities Critical pedagogy STEM Creativity Unschooling Longer school year Co-working/co-learning Nearly all edutech startups Early childhood education*
  40. 40. 4. Networked
  41. 41. Knowmads Business School Amsterdam e-180 Montréal OutliersSchool Latin America Shibuya University Network Tokyo
  42. 42. Networking supports transdisciplinarity and postdisciplinarity.
  43. 43. 5. Well communicated
  44. 44. We can build great entreprenderd, knowmad futures.
  45. 45. David Blackwell
  46. 46. Local Group Survey Team and T.A. Rector, University of Alaska–Anchorage
  47. 47. Innovute!