Internet das Coisas e as Cidades Inteligentes


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A Internet das coisas como um dos fundamentos basicos para as smarter cities.

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Internet das Coisas e as Cidades Inteligentes

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  21. 21. …this real-time, real-world data contains valuable information aboutpatterns of behavior Operational/ Transactional Insights System wide control Road Usage Optimization, GHG emission models Operational/ • Toll collection only - • More granular • Dynamic and Transactional disconnected charging, by location congestion based operational data pricing • Analysis of traffic Development • Transaction data from patterns to manage • Route planning and Business the management of city congestion. advice, shippers, payments concrete haulers, • Modeling traffic to limo companies, • Little automated use predict and manage theatres, taxis etc is made of real-time entire system traffic data • City-wide, dynamic traffic optimization © 2011 IBM Corporation
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  26. 26. How Does the Stockholm System Work?Call-center operations 2 IBM has designed,Information is matched withregistered vehicle. Vehicle built, implemented,owner has five days to pay & integrated the congestion The gateway registers the vehicle charging system A Way of payment ABC 123 3 • Transponder/direct debit • License Plate/direct debit • Internet 1 B Picture is taken of the • Contact Center vehicle’s license plate. • 7-eleven/ Pressbyrån ©2011 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Smarter public safetyThe NYPD Crime Information Warehouse The City of Madrid has developed a newgives officers mobile access to more than 120 Emergency Response Center, whichmillion criminal complaints, arrests and 911 aggregates emergency call data and instantlyrecords, as well as 5 million criminal records, alerts the proper authorities, including police,parole files and photographs—resulting in a ambulance services and the fire brigade. The27% reduction in crime. city has experienced a 25% reduction in response time as a result of the implementation.27 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. Smarter energy and utilitiesCenterPoint Energy in Houston is installing DONG Energy in Denmark installedover 2 million smart meters and in some monitoring devices across their distributioncases an energy controller for household network. The increased insight into the grid’sdevices. Homeowners will be able to access performance will potentially lessen outagetheir usage information in home displays or times by up to 50% and reduce maintenanceon a personal website to make smarter investments by up to 90%.consumption decisions.28 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. What does it mean to be a Smarter Building?The interconnection of physical assets and information technology can optimize efficiency, productionand consumption in many types of buildings. Smarter Hotel Smarter Airport Integration of all the guest subsystems of hotel that Provides efficient passenger and cargo services, welcome guest according to their preferences and climate control, wi-fi access, track maintenance tasks adds to convenience during stay. and help achieve security and safety compliance Smarter Hospital Smarter Government Building Sensor instrumentation used in real-time for asset Utilize fully serviced office hubs and mobility tools to location and patient location. Automated workflows improve public services. Match occupancy levels with such as medical equipment maintenance and portfolio wide estates data to optimize building patient care management. utilization. © 2011 IBM Corporation
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