CeBIT 2011 Presentation


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Overview of the Largest and Most Important Technology Trade Fair in the World

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CeBIT 2011 Presentation

  1. 1. CeBIT 2011 heart of the digital world
  2. 2. ICT is the main artery through which business and private life flow. CeBIT is the heart of this digital world.
  3. 3. The stage where opinions are shaped The home of the ICT community The ICT conference with the 2 billion media contacts highest global profile 1,000 lectures 6,000 journalists 350,000 visitors from 100 countries 6,000 innovations Enjoy the clear benefits of participating in the world’s most important ICT event Active dialogue with the user industries 8 million business contacts 16 billion euros in purchasing volume A chance to observe the international competition 100 delegations representing economic policy
  4. 4. 25 years of CeBIT prove: We keep our fingers on the pulse.
  5. 5. We keep our finger on the pulse Shorter innovation cycles, the high speed of change and new synergies created by merging technologies – it all points to dynamic development throughout the ICT market.
  6. 6. We keep our finger on the pulse As a key technology and a driver of innovation, ICT continues to act as a major force shaping business processes and opening up new fields and new potential for growth in just about every industry. Traditional business models are also being revolutionized by changing consumer habits and the merging of professional and private life.
  7. 7. CeBIT delivers the right answers for these changing times.
  8. 8. CeBIT delivers the right answers for these changing times Today’s great social and economic challenges will be met with high-tech solutions. CeBIT is the showcase for these fast-paced developments: Administrative procedures and value-adding chains CeBIT sounds! are being digitalized Public Sector Parc Secure, dependable ICT forms the basis of a CeBIT Security World functioning global economy and society New structures and applications in both professional and private spheres call for an expansion of existing Broadband World networks Sustainability and resource optimization have green IT become global challenges
  9. 9. CeBIT delivers the right answers for these changing times Cloud Computing Mobile Internet The implementation of modern ICT is an essential Enterprise 2.0 part of any strategy to take business into the future SaaS Open Source Virtualization The Internet is becoming an integral part of society Webciety Knowledge is becoming a global differentiator CeBIT Global Conferences Health-care systems must be modernized TeleHealth
  10. 10. CeBIT 2011 heart of the digital world
  11. 11. CeBIT 2011 brings users and providers together with four platforms The increasing demand for individual solutions means that transparent and user- oriented services are the order of the day. Focus on the user: With four platforms, CeBIT intensifies its concentration on the needs of your clients and makes orientation easy. This structure helps you reach your target groups more efficiently and open up new potential.
  12. 12. CeBITpro PROFESSIONAL ICT SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS OPERATIONS CeBITpro areas  Enterprise Applications  System & Software Management  Internet & Mobile Solutions / Webciety Users:  Managed Services  Industry  Business Communications & Networks  Hand crafts Providers  Broadband Technologies  Trade  ICT Infrastructure  Service providers  Planet Reseller  Self-employed  Security  Banking & Finance  Destination ITS  ...
  13. 13. CeBITgov ICT SOLUTIONS FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR CeBITgov areas  eGovernment  Smart Cities Users:  Public Infrastructure  Public administration  eProcurement  Health care  Geoinformation Systems  Defense / Inland security Providers  Inland Security / Emergency (military, police, emergency Services services)  eJustice  Education  eEnergy  Transportation infrastructure  TeleHealth  Energy & water supply  ...
  14. 14. CeBITlife ICT FOR CONSUMERS CeBITlife areas  Connected Living  Consumer Electronics Users: Providers:  Mobile Devices  Consumer Electronics  Entertainment industry  Display Technologies  Communities („the net  Hardware manufactures  Notebooks & Netbooks generation“, „digital  Software developers natives“, …)  Wireless Technologies  Start-up companies  Professionals  Apps  Media concerns  Seniors („best buyers“)  Social Networks  ...  Parents  Entertainment  ...  CeBIT sounds!  eEducation  Assisted Living  Gaming  ...
  15. 15. CeBITlab RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT FOR INNOVATIVE ICT CeBITlab areas Providers:  International research Users institutes (DFKI, MIT,  Future Living Fraunhofer …)  Industrial enterprises and  Future Technologies service providers:  Universities  Future and Innovation  Product development,  Government agencies, Consulting business development support programs and  Standardization other core projects  Strategic purchasing /  Usability Management  Corporate Labs  space net: Space, Space  PR / Media and politics  Start-ups / spin-offs Exploration  Investors / VCs – subsidies  Technology cluster /  ... and external funding technology parks  Young talent  Market research companies
  16. 16. CeBIT is more than just a trade fair – and is now extending its concept even further CeBITpro CeBITgov CeBITlife CeBITlab PROFESSIONAL ICT RESEARCH & ICT SOLUTIONS FOR THE ICT FOR CONSUMERS SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FOR PUBLIC SECTOR OPERATIONS INNOVATIVE ICT heart of the digital world Exhibition & events Communities Corporate Conferences Media Online events
  17. 17. The extended concept of CeBIT 2011 New participation formats and targeted concepts for attracting visitors secure your economic success in 2011.  New ways for you to participate:  Corporate Events@CeBIT  Workshops und lounges  Matchmaking events  Full-service packages  Solution-oriented dialogue with the user industries thanks to our cooperation with international CIO organizations  Permanent contact with over 500,000 interested visitors through our online dialogue – open 365 days a year.  Global online partner networks ensure the year-round presence of business and product information.
  18. 18. CeBIT 2011 More value for ... ‣ ... You as a provider, through ‣ new participants ‣ new participation models ‣ new level of effectiveness ‣ ... Visitors through ‣ new topics ‣ new formats ‣ new platform concept