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Innovation and future presentation


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Innovation in IT

Published in: Technology, Education
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Innovation and future presentation

  1. 1. 25TH Feb 2012 Kathan
  2. 2.  What is Innovation? Means of Innovation The degrees of innovation Innovation Tech Trends - 2012 Five Innovations – that change our Life within Five Years Innovation Mantra Tips for Innovators Take Away
  3. 3.  Hundreds of similar definitions can be found in the literature. “Innovation is the profitable implementation of ideas.” Think of invention as the laying of an egg, innovation as the laying, incubation and hatching.There is no shortage of ideas and inventions in the world. The challenge is to introduce these successfully to a market.
  4. 4. Concrete Project Calculator for Smartphone Use Product Process Service Business model Value Market
  5. 5.  This is “Disruptive Innovation,” a term first coined by Clayton Christensen. Disruptive innovation refers to a firm’s strategy relative to other firms. Often, low-cost business models and “good enough” solutions/products for low- end and/or non-consumers
  6. 6.  The degree of change required by the innovating firm and/or the market. Incremental (sometimes called “continuous” or “evolutionary” or “small”) Semi-radical Radical (sometimes called “discontinuous” or “revolutionary” or “big”)
  7. 7.  Recommendation engine gets personal through social Mapping User Specific Preferences BeachMint – Fashion Facebook Users – 38% of Google – Schemer – Internet users Hardware and content convergence will accelerate DiscoverySocial 150m users on LinkedIn Service 100m Users in Twitter Purchase Decisions 54% ofContent Ecosystem Job seekers using Windows platforms pick up new Momentum search aboveAppleiPhone for Brilliant OLED screen Displays Kindle Fire Ultra-thin Bezels HTC acquired Video NFC – Near Field Internet Connectivity - first OS Social recruiting hits the mainstream 3D Display Windows 8 Streaming/Gaming/ Online Communications specifically designed for Music Service Firms Google Wallet Voice and Motion Sensors PCs Motorolascreen – Touch – SetJam 2012 London Olympics – Fully Interactive Device Smart Wallet breaks through TV/movie directory contactless event A rebirth of the second screen – the TV
  8. 8.  Create Your Own Energy  You will be able to power your home with energy you create yourself. Biometric Security  You will never need a password again. Just Think it  Mind reading is no longer science fiction.
  9. 9.  Information access goes Global  The digital divide will cease to exist. Spam may be History  Junk mail will become priority mail.
  10. 10.  Don’t Look for Needs to fill them Create a need that only you can fill
  11. 11. Far Future 1. Creating Future Scenario Planning 3. Future Oriented Problem SolvingToday Near Future 2. Problem Oriented Backward Thinking
  12. 12.  Explore the Places where Future Already happens
  13. 13.  Read Science Fiction Books , Watch Science Fiction Movies, Explore Virtual Worlds
  14. 14.  Even the Strangest idea will find its Fans
  15. 15.  There is a market for Everything
  16. 16.  Don’t think in product Categories, think in Usage Scenarios
  17. 17.  Prepare for the new Emerging markets Spending Power 4Trillion today to 9 Trillion by 2015
  18. 18.  Give your customers the chance to co-create
  19. 19.  Nurture an innovation culture in your organization
  20. 20.  Learn from other firms and Industries
  21. 21. Innovation is not The bulk of Future absolutely necessary, Innovation – less likely driven by Technologies and Apps from Labs but from their Applications outside the laboratory We, People as Providers and Consumers play a but then neither Great Role Inducing for is survival. Impetus Innovation
  22. 22.