data mining classification clustering cloud computing security ontology natural language processing machine learning image processing genetic algorithm particle swarm optimization manet social media sentiment analysis ant colony optimization information retrieval feature extraction software engineering routing optimization feature selection big data steganography filters k-means scheduling artificial intelligence social networks aodv vanet privacy gpu rough set theory qos surf education biclustering rsa pattern recognition video processing neural networks neural network hadoop twitter cuda performance computer vision wsn noise edge detection network protocols encryption association rule mining project management semantic web opinion mining vector control artificial neural network fpga arabic cryptography breast cancer prediction deep learning fcm preemption machine translation sift trust management text mining modelling cognitive radio spectrum sensing mobility wireless sensor networks 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algorithm real-time processing pedestrian detection dbscan energy harvesting medium access control (mac) big data analytics higher education processor eigenvector centrality fractal dimension robustness topic model fault-tolerance web usage mining event subnet ubiquitous network degree induction motor control direct torque control decision trees dictionary traffic engineering decision tree named entity recognition support vector machine. usability backup data protection probability model clustered prior compressive sensing clustered compressive sensing posterior lasso sparse prior open database connectivity legacy databases flattened xml documents open universal database gateway data dependencies data semantics travelling salesman problem soft computing. meta-heuristic optimization capacity problems learning disability reduct. hausdorff distance simulated annealing optimization shape matching medical image segmentation affine transformation gaussian filter shadow and illumination correction bird eye view clustering of lines hough probabilistic transform mean value theorem on hough lines on curve weighted centroids lsb replacement single mismatch embedding efficiency probability of detection lsb matching software project. attrition software outsourcing software bug detection predictive analytics. longwall systems machine diagnosis. virtual environments semantic modeling virtual human shared secret key block size. home of keys symmetric encryption key vlad hog daisy adoption security and privacy concerns healthcare physician linkedin professional career. online social networks social data mining data set scraping trust wsns wireless sensor networks. event detection lte interpolation leach log skew normal outage probability plagiarism detection network recommender systems alamouti manets visual cryptography classification algorithms adaptive automata e-learning rop retinopathy of prematurity canny filters sobel operator lab color space laplacian filters tweets arabic language ofdm fuzzy clustering intrusion detection system metaheuristics association rules die size malware static analysis multi-agent system dpa resistance modular inverse private key miller-rabin stein cryptosystem crypto-accelerator extended binary gcd public key metrics rc4 rc2 des aes data type data size data density and encryption time blowfish triple des skipjack electromagnetic code propagation modelling near field zone wimax image correlation spatio-temporal fuzzy hostility index real time video segmentation community detection spam detection email spam peptic ulcer. soft computing fuzzy inference system (fis) database systematic review robot fuzzy inference system android approximation wireless network flex load balancing mac sensor multi-tenancy hevc tabu search histogram expert system camera tracking planar template based tracking visual odometry k-means clustering incremental tabulation for prolog queries incremental evaluation of tabled prolog cloud storage image enhancement wave atoms wsq. mapping histogram based fast enhancement algorithm contrast enhancement histogram equalization ct image scalar quantization software quality complexity software architecture video surveillance time series scalability differential evolution face detection image processing coupler circulator microwave components rectangular waveguide p ower divide siw compliance and real-time change detection support vector machines. ontologies fourier analysis filtering microwave spatial adaptive speckle formal methods knowledge engineering iris face ear databases ns2 block cipher key variable key usb pop3 xml encryption symmetric key smtp confidentiality simulation payload novelty detection lda mobile agents software development normalization diabetic retinopathy thresholding texture sensor network web mining soa content based image retrieval phishing web application mobile network data center vedic division algorithm division algorithm fast bcd division architecture industrial designs tri-state inverters. leakage power gdi simulations mobile ad hoc networks wireless sensor network (wsn) coverage arduino microcontroller gps road traffic traffic management. emergency vehicle mobile application traffic signal preemption resource description framework speech recognition; soft thresholding; discrete wa blind multiuser detection code division multiple access inter symbol inter-ference (isi). multiple access k-means algorithm. radial basis function neural network (rbfnn) lemma lemmatization hindi fuzzy-logic analogy based estimation similarity difference vehicle route selection and direction road traffic analysis support vector machines spiking neural networks fault detection &diagnosis graph dual & set theory pipeline droplet biochip multi-core local gradient gpu. steering kernel regression cloudlets cloud simulator cloud ontology system and parameters datacenters detection crater astronomy astrophysics harq process ack/nack incremental redundancy broadcast point-to-multipoint term occurrences. sentence scoring text summarization software defined networking (sdn) anomalies detectors network monitoring four-valued logic philosophy of computer science code generation timed automata formal method rvq mimo-ofdm general source condition multi-penalty regularization learning theory mandelbrot function circle detection case mouth defects military cartridge detection time medical image survey smart contracts blockchain statistical en-route filtering wireless sensor network network simulation maximum likelihood estimation (mle) algorithm mean square error (mse). cuckoo search optimization (cso) algorithm lstms recurrent neural networks subsequence matching music melody retrieval music melody plagiarism lean organization. business analytics data-driven decision making ios & android os mining reviews app distribution platforms app reviews user satisfaction user feedback user rating hyperspectral unmixing volume constraint distance constraint relative capacity grammar checker grammar formalism computational linguistic image annotation lstm nlp. intuitionistic fuzzy submodule intuitionistic fuzzy ideal intuitionistic fuzzy annihilator intuitionistic fuzzy prime submodule semiprime ring. multirate signal processing video fourier transform. medical imaging fbmc isdb-tb channel estimation wearable-computing smart environment interaction-scenarios ubicomp kpca anfis anti-phishing cert center avatar. key terms summarizer arabic sign langauge accessibility • algorithms and bioinformatics • computer architecture and real time systems • fuzzy mathematics • fuzzy logic techniques & algorithm mutual information anomalies k-medoids imaging spectroscopy hyperspectral imaging hierarchical frequency of rekeying ad-hoc networks timedriven method group key management rekeying operation wireless mesh networks joint design multi-channel multi-radio end-to-end delay control massive mimo multiuser mimo pso. hetnets wireless backhaul security and compliance management security management approach. outsourced it projects data hiding image hiding color transformation mosaic images image encryption load balancing. geographic multipath transmission wireless multimedia sensor networks ip networks syn flooding hellinger distance chi-square sketch technique forecast holt-winters arima catalog storage r grammar based data compression perception-assist elbow joint motion motion change vibration stimulation textual analysis edgar search engine 10-k parsing rules textual sentiment engineering accreditation human aspects of engineering human factors in software engineering effort estimation bug-fixing time defects defect prediction software maintenance academia expert seeking entity retrieval dynamic range multi-moduli. binary lcm conjugate-pair mp3 lsb pedal operation ankle joint biarticular muscle emg muscle synergy third wave of ai. robotics superintelligence ai mosaicking diving performance colour filtering handwritten characters hierarchical mixture of experts discrete relaxation point distribution models arabic scripts expectation maximization algorithm in this paper a novel wavelet-based detection algorithm is intro the detection algorithm has been applied for the t coloured petri nets adaptive petri nets adaptive decision tables xml labeling xml storage xml compaction binary encoding proper names arabic stemming soundex comparability measure ascii mother tongue punjabi keywords: nlp unicode font conversion keyboard layout. gurmukhi attribute selection ensemble and classification. stego-image. maturity model cyber-security. computed tomography brain tumor bayesian fusion wind speed prediction wind power prediction numerical weather prediction video search tags computing social-driven sdt graph transformation modeling composite service service composition checking dynamic service composition neighbour filling low resolution super resolution resizing total least square (tls) direction of arrival (doa) estimation estimation of signal parameters via rotational inv cyclic ambiguities extreme programming. location-based services android studio mobile application development android sdk pid level control computer-controlled system process control data acquisition card electronic medical record (emr) fog computing electronic health record (her) text extraction. quantization color space conversion mean-shift algorithm large-data sets. clustering analysis k-means algorithm squared-error criterion predictive analysis korean wave (hallyu in korean) anonymity data sharing. privacy protection security integrity arousal eeg multimodal human emotion bci valence télécommunications added value heuristic and ai planning strategies leadership personalized recommendations location based social networks gis google maps bus routing bus tracking lacunarity prognosis image analysis dataset keyphrase extraction real time image processing apache kafka computer-aided diagnose transfer learning retinal fundus images landmarks smile veracity recognition smile intensity keystroke smart keyboard human computer interaction. predictive text dqsmrp tuned csa & theory of flow hofstede's cultural dimensions gamification time-delay estimation underwater acoustics room acoustics source localization big data. background subtraction nlp arabic language supervised learning digitalization openskimr learning roadmap matching lustre life science cloud genomicsdb intubation verification textural features. gaussian mixture models sparse classification. multimodal biometrics autoencoder implicit interaction visualization human-computer interaction least-squares method context information collage image image database semantic analysis image creation computer vision performance subjective quality image quality assessment packet scheduling wdm networks cognitive architectures simulation of mental apparatus and applications (s software agents artificial general intelligence cognitive automation artificial recognition system (ars) emotion learning psychoanalytically inspired ai infectious disease expansion connectivity. ode neighbour binary rules deterministic compartmental models wireless attack wi-fi fingerprint connected vehicle security capstone project live migration shadow paging dynamic page migration flash-aware index b-tree index flash memory. incident report emergency response disaster management forward conversion non-coprime moduli set residue number system no reference metric motion blur image sharpness out-of-focus sensors deployment problem dynamic routing heterogeneous networks hpa nonlinearity new waveform mbofdm ecma368 wpan dynamic analysis malware detection ios top management cybersecurity critical success factors network and communication security scada networks code obfuscation software protection reverse engineering security challenges sdn beacon disaster smartphone embedded systems alarm pot agents potrooms mindtool lego mindstorms nxt robot critical thinking hidden markov models statistical computational linguistics markov chains system modelling model checkers model checking. well-formed nets policy law regulation. betweenness centrality real-world networks small-world networks random networks text analysis image recapture detection hsv blurriness & support vector machine microarray gene ontology. genome annotation datamining functional analysis genes expression data taylor-series floating point division iterative logarithmic multiplier random network small-world network realworld network terahertz pa 100 gbps rapp model psss internet of things (iot) video forensics. prnu g-prnu feature digitalisation active shape model facial expression recognition computational complexity reduction p2p bittorrent & synchronization peer-to-peer literature review pioneers’ perspective software maintainability and degradation change impact software evolution change propagation change ripple-effect network security network intrusion detection system open source cisco switch configuration & quality of service. sparse principal component analysis visual tracking particle filter single-channel speech intelligibility enhancement gaussian mixture models (gmm) deep neural networks (dnn) multi-resolution cochleagram (mrcg) dynamic-integration services heterogeneous and heterogeneous-services. secure group communication group key key tree. sensing node key management dynamic software product lines dspl adaptive security emoticon social network analysis uwb antenna microwave imaging lsb algorithm aes algorithm.. degree of interaction. time- interaction digital interactive story telling time dependant logic variables timing logic design graph algorithms graph processing graph analytics graph parallel computing big graph ieee 1149.1 dft boundary scan tmp controller tap jtag ip core low resource devices lightweight cryptography hight digital signatures concealed data aggregation dydog texton & coastal zone obia structure tensor part of speech tagging smo sleep mode header switch leakage current mtcmos footer switch delay and switching activity. gate freezing hazard filtering balanced path delay power dissipation glitch multiple threshold transistor test case generation test case optimization harmony search algorithm meta-heuristics test data. triplets friendship graph friendship matrix short answer risk management & information security drug response fractal multifractal histology smart-home indoor localization multi-agent fall tele-health point pattern matching relaxation labelling registration graph matching multiple support vector machines yacbir microsoft kinect turkish sign language recognition skeleton model boolean formulas symbolic expressions dnf cnf knowledge management (km) smart pls indonésia knowledge transfer (kt) employees characteristics knowledge performance compatibility trialability communication networks packet routing setup delay fault tolerance security analysis rsa cryptosystem proxy signature key agreement permutation flowshop scheduling problem parallel algorithm metamodel technological innovation mana gement lessons learned knowledge management ssl/tls protocols handshake protocols skeletal muscle multi-filter system micro array gene expression filter techniques sharp objects pa ttern match surveillance behaviour precautionary measures real-time dynamic video saml federated identity management management architecture service mana gement probabilistic model character segmentation and recognition number plate localization number plate recognition future internet protocol ccn gossipi ng local algorithms distributetd data mining multiproc essor and cluster trajectory queries mongodb databases evaluation postgresql nosql database cassandra k-means clus tering linear regression random effect tuition growth rate decision tree numerical function optimization vo rtex search algorithm modified vortex search algorithm. emerging markets conditional volatility neu ral networks gjr model garch model computer v ision caffe framework rust detection. adaptive importance sampling tunable pa rameters msbn ljf software testing continuous in tegration fault localization mutation testing guidance process development context adaptation configuration process basel. economical informatics computer simulatio n erlang c erlang b queueing theory banking system banking regulation computer network migration period global optimization para llel algorithm data encryption standard microprocessors cisc and risc comparison communication security smart c ryptography sub-cluster ch’ orphan nodes o-leach gateway decision rule mining associative regression probabilistic rules. bayes sentiment classification radio channel measurement multi-radio wmn labelling vertebra segmentation mri fuzzy term. web log file fuzzy association rules optical character recognition (ocr) artificial neural network (ann). bottommiddletop layer (bmtl) topmiddlebottom layer (tmbl) layer hand written and printed character recognition (hw service sector mcdm madm moora manufacturing sector braille to text conversion skew correction skew detection web spamming feature selection & adversarial ir content spam spamdexing sha-1 web cloud file transfer file integration sql final user conceptual query language analysis and performance study. data dissemination security screening system. cross-language information retrieval border security weighted kaiser filter. fetal heartbeat detection non-invasive uterine contraction music spectral estimation displacements inter-event time armada probability distribution data mining. wearable wireless sensor based area network e-health m-health training empowerment organizational commitment job satisfaction reward telecommunications company agglomerative clustering categorical time series sequence distance metric intensification rcpsp scenario grasp uncertainty feature model-based virtual cluster commonality an virtual cluster disk provisioning call graph bidirectional search static source code analysis huge amount of source code graph path ieee/acm computer science curriculum software job ads software development curriculum multiclouds personal cloud secure cloud architecture public cloud cloudify appscale cloud foundry openshift stackato & stratos label ranking. multi-label classification learning object technical skills skills human skills conceptual skills management competence managerial skills deadline cloud broker task scheduling algorithm nist reference model. intermediation dynamic service allocation knowledge capturing multiagent system scrutiny of admission forms quality analysis software development cycle iso/iec 25051 ready to use software evaluation process iso/iec 9126 quality model time dependant functional response signal processing medical imaging analysis fnirs. smoke detection data compression long-term depression long-term potentiation compressed sensing excitatory postsynaptic potentials kurmanji sorani kurdish language dialect identification nlp video database hog features fast search belief revision systems tabulation for logic programs justification-based truth maintenance systems truth maintenance systems memoing for logic programs. applications of justification-based truth maintena distributed algorithms overlay multicast tree live streaming hybrid peer-to-peer (p2p) model checking graph distribution state space generation binary decision diagram hash map apriori algorithm prefixed-itemset large-scale cultural heritage the grand canal 1. introduction virtual scene construction machine diagnosis machine monitoring processes & tools & languages taxonomy comparison method engineering threat modeling cloud software development agile methodology scrum software crisis extreme programming agile manifesto load-balance parallel processing freshness etl high-rate model-based design embedded automotive systems hardware-software interface domain- specific modelling functional safety combining classifiers time-series shapelets attribute implications nowledge discovery engine design negative attributes formal concept analysis apache storm distributed stream processing switched array tan altimeter experimental design orthogonal arrays sampling theorem digital signal processing beamspace transformation subarray formation correlated noise dft beams cramér-rao bound geometrical features hsv appearance human tracking non-overlapping views prediction of stock exchanges reliability block diagram software architecture style evaluation heterogeneous sensor haar-like feature co-relation between economy and post-graduation st we present an adaptive remote display framework co we can skip unnecessary steps and perform core act mobile device users can enjoy high quality multime there is general concern about high power consumpt as computing performance and network technology ha indoor positioning trilateration algorithm location-based services (lbs) distance-based filtering algorithm indoor location tracking tolerance relation dilation temporal databases. erosion fuzzy time intervals temporal relations dynamic weight qos metric weight unified qos metric application weight inria person daimler. dct local hol dct global security analysis of mobile authentication using q cloud security energy disaggregation blued density-based clustering change-interval detection nilm non-intrusive load monitoring selective opening attack indistinguishability obfuscation deniable encryption functional encryption decision justification e-learning systems 2-simplex cognitive modelling 2-simplex prism psychosomatic disorders cognitive graphics decision-making rate limitation self-propagating malware shared bitmap connection failure behavior stable marriage problem with ties and incomplete l socially stable matching bipartite matching stable marriage problem african national research and education networks ( latency internet exchange points software defined networking educational management data centre item competence active vehicle processing delay sensing energy tag identification computational rfid mobile analytics & cloud computing web-scale framed slotted aloha medium access control. internet of things machine-to-machine random access protocols wireless lan grouping ubiquitous computing chemical proprieties group mutations. frequency dna sequence dna bases position city services cloud architectures smart cities cost estimation joint network/channel decoding network coding wireless network. cycle distributed tsp parallel radio cognitive primary/secondary user power spectral density bpsk modulation energy detection image fea tures cross-validation cbir image similarity circular sectors sensitivity analysis remote sensing lidar calibra tion camera calibration. lab test learning algorithm fea ture selection icu genetic algorithm dispatching rules single machine privacy preserv ing confidence interval standard deviation numeric signature access control rouge-su (2) o pinion mining. automatic language processing automatic summary extraction f- measure text mining sentiwordnet evaluati on op erating system reinforcement learning online machine learning scheduler decision tree. predicti ve model rheumatoid arthritis cuckoo’s algorithm adaboost minimum spanning tree data aggregation fuzzy decision making. cluster ing wireless sensor networks c ontinuses rule extraction educational data mining bee colony optimization multi-obje ctive algorithm cuckoo search numeric association rule higher education instituti - ons (heis) critical success factors (csfs) enterprise resource planning (erp) system erp implementation oracle jdbc intranet java programming language. ordbms multithreads applets oop public transport network environmental optimizatio n middleware geographic informational systems commodity of interest multi-commodity n etwork flow optimization linear programming hybrid algorithm graph theory alogrithm parallel. maximum flow extended mixed network semantic relations an tonym pattern-based approach random graphs graph isomorphism precursor step match points eigen values safety and liveness property. node monitoring protocol validation sdl (specification and description language) verification convolutional neural network [cnn] convolutional deep belief network [cdbn] supervised & unsupervised training image processing & projection method water meter recognition dsp diffusion of innovation (doi) cloud computing adoption technology-organisationenvironment (toe) extraction feed forward comprehensibility. document unsupervised system photocopy fabrication ocrs autocorrelation orientation number plate change of radix re-integerization matrix transformation fractionification gnu/linux core utilities good programming style information technogies modified average distance self-relocation. average distance based self-relocation fidelity embedding algorithm joint watermarking mobile security video streaming video-on-demand 3g network multimedia cache 3gpp sae aka umts low power design. high speed or gate domino or gate low pdp design quantum cost. urdhva tiryagbhyam algorithm reversible logic multipliers vedic multiplier dark channel prior airlight direct attenuation image restoration fog removal document analysis preprocessing drop fall technique water reservoir technique hit-rate and peer-to-peer networks. baton bestpeer hashtag computational grid ms idle time nsga ii electrostatic force van der waals force proteins active site docking data sharing & voluntary services. rsu ontology evaluation web content mining ontology learning machine learning algorithms deep web latent dirichlet allocation latent semantic analysis form content and page content. cosine similarity topology form content and page content. latent semantic analys is deep web cosine similarity latent dirichlet allocation topolog y physical environment monitoring adaptive routing testbed analysis adaptive authentication ssh tunnelling nfs hpc clusters face-detection game controller (fdgc) multi-view face detection graphic processing unit (gpu) real-time spatial reasoning geometric modeling intersection detection classification predicates triangle-triangle intersection gauss-markov opportunistic social delay tolerant network performance evaluation hem-binding proteins. function al motifs conserved patterns multiple ligand-bound structure alignment atp-binding proteins text informativeness factual density phase space lyapunov exponents ch aos eo-1 hyperion hyperspectral image connected dominating set s tability variable radius maximum likelihood solution signal detecting sphere decoding smart phone application distance calculation java development platforms blood donation information system density of transisto rs. number of transistors feature size crystal square design complexity cup-to-disc ra tio optic disc optic cup fundus image mainframes live tiles cics t sq. cursor positioning node degree asso rtativity index network graphs maximal clique size distribution clustering coefficient transform domain and largest lyapunov exponent chaotic system heart rate variability lyapunov ex ponent quality of service (qos) long term evolution (lte) ca rrier aggregation (ca) downlink scheduling. lte-advanced (lte-a) adaptive hystresis controlle r rules weka classifiers fault diagnosis bayesian networks 3d models vrml 3dmax vr arcgis closeness &inter-connectivity density density peaks k-nearest neigh bour graph arabic dialogue language understanding. spoken dialogue acts arabic dialogue acts annotation layers graphical user interface language resources annotated corpora annotation speed language specific crawler rule base syllable segmentation myanmar language comparable corpora dictionary and corpus based wsd. lesk algorithm corpus-based wsd acoustic model hmm digit speech recognition grammar association rule a-priori. internet allocation multipath bandwidth fast kmeans clustering texture description unsupervised image classification. bov plsa region of interest resource scarcity performance enhancement. cloudlet mobile cloud computing testing matrix mobile app testing automated and manual testing. personalised learning collation formation negotiation. distributed design fragmentation distributed xml xml database jitter hardware schedule. time-triggered/event-triggered gait analysis &classification mobile phone applications. pedometer tesseract segmentation. row finding optical character recognition verbal mwes. nominal mwes part of speech tagging (pos) statistical measures multiword expressions (mwes) informal domain conditional random fields tweet turkish graphical models expected utility k-clique problem principal component analysis iris recognition image quality cross-platform user experience multiple user interfaces knowledge management; higher education; lkmc; king intra-cluster routing; payoff function; wireless s archive data recovery data loss facebook social network services text clustering extractive text summarization markov random walk model rhetorical relations smart cards hough transform time complexity. fingerprint alignment java card cryptographic protocols computer security empirical evaluation visualization and animation min-based possibilistic networks possibilistic decision theory optimistic criteria. moral graph script-based cyber attacks; forward-proxy server; code clone; software evolution; topic; topic model prediction by partial matching compression sentence alignment for machine translation parallel corpus arabic nlp query generation similarity computation document retrieval . classification. virulence protein sequences bioinformatics attribute encoding chaotic structure tf-idf complex network game theory welfare system usable security. online social network multi-faceted model partitions bipartivity index network graph eigenvalue eigenvector molecular fingerprints molecular representation virtual screening road region segmentation sequential monte-carlo estimation lane recognition proposed scheme monitoring the election applications qwertykeypad model drive generation business process attributes quality performance viewpoints. software process views architecture enterprise lte-a subscribers red5 ria web2.0 videoconferencing system j2ee queue length potential field congestion control traffic-aware depth potential field se-cca model comprehensive advantages aes cipher dct selective encryption multimedia imageprocessing cvss security evaluation markov reward models non-homogeneous markov model attack graph cyber situational awareness dtn and manets particular real world area. performance analysis. femtocells resource scheduling macrocells medical diagnosis island model segmentation problems drls model interpolation filter hole filling depth images siso multi carier mc cdma diversity distributed-stbc/dstbc relay’s diversity rayleigh fading stbc multi-hop system cdma middleboxes network compression energy conservation big data mining manuscript restoration noise removal gaussian bandpass filter interference correlated lognormal sum characteristics and behaviour metrics. shadowing environment. moment matching asymptotic approximation lognormal sum arabic natural language processing corpus linguistics leach. clusterhead wireless sensor networks (wsns) energy existing approaches mb-ofdm snr uwb ber. ola ecma-368 cir zps task graph characterization frequent mining stream mining trust. bio-inspired algorithms artificial agents virtual network security configuration virtual machine software defined network virtualized infrastructure image depth dietary inspection lbp-hf ofdm/oqam ostbc time reversal genomic knowledge. heuristic algorithms microarray data vanets its routing protocols secret sharing symmetric key. random number differential transformation method (dtm). spherical particle; acceleration motion; inclinati qubit model. data structure quantum computing metadata web crawler searching relevance tags html expanded mean value analysis buffer allocation problem closed queuing network queuing theory openflow software defined networks performance analysis linear matrix inequalities convex optimization thau observer ts fuzzy observer airships seamless mobile communication cash identification using mobile iranian cash identification mobile phone extra usage visually impaired assistant mobile learning technology acceptance model structural relationship mdd traceability feature models raise specification language atl. group of pictures bitrate error rates and video quality. multiview video coding semicircular patch antenna dual band l-shaped slot gps-free. rssi localization ad hoc distance general game playing adaptive device self- modifying machine rule-driven formalisms cooperating adaptive devices reactive system linear systems lyapunov function linear matrix inequality dynamic output controllers career assessment profile matching competency model text categorization dvb-t parallel architecture analog signal processing image alignment stereo correspondence & normalized cross correlati motor drives machine vector control switching frequency meta-heuristic algorithm improved teaching-learning-based optimization multi-agents system. artificial immune system invasive weed optimization. multiobjective optimization flexible job shop scheduling problem smallest position value boolean modeling cellular automaton apriori-cell image-based rendering wavelet im age compression novel view generation of compressed images on andr 3d image warping constraint programming; constraint satisfaction pr mcf and ns-2 transistor count microprocessor design density. hardware complexity trilateral filter and in-loop filter. continued usage multi-attri bute decision model cloud service cloud service selection smart-phones dy namic analysis information hiding qr barcode online information security cla ssification kdd cup 1999 intrusion detection dimension reduction incremental data dynamic redu ct rough set theory. dtw speech recognition spce061a pilot assist dec ision-making classifie rs low dimensional feature. back-pr opagation neural network scale invariant feature perceptron network character recognition central server dhcp server arp poisoning arp jade fuzzy log ic distributed planning elec tric field intensity three- sigma rule multi-layer a rchitecture feature selection. routing protocol negotiation based routing flat topology cryptographic algorithm. cpu attributes & external software quality attributes. refactoring ad hoc network mobility models. packet delivery ratio multipath routing aomdv walsh-hadamard transformation rotation and classification privacy preserving wavelet thresholding electric field intensity threesigma rule influence maximization viral marketing multi-layer architecture qos. cross layer instance relational model owl fact savitzky-golay filter watermarking dct domain feature points. image normalization query optimization query caching query decomposition object databases. stack based approach (sba) stack-based query language (sbql) part of speech multiword term extraction categorisation summarization. principal component analysis & fiducial points de discriminative filtering inductive logic programming (ilp); shiq+log; hybri silhouette plots improve performance fiducial points & parameter grid mobile computing estimating software high pass filter. embed arm webcam recognition hand system sockets raspberry multipoint coiflet transform. nondestructive testing (ndt) wavelet based deconvolution defect detection aspect extraction customer reviews opinionmining diagonal process georg cantor enumeration mobile development mapping application node replication; network security; energy efficie packet reconfiguration cost switching networks worms &trojon virus inter frame (p-frame) h264/avc intra frame (i-frame) entity resolution ownership protection circulant matrix singular value decomposition digital image watermarking rich internet applications ajax ria security content delivery network ria frameworks compute cloud web server. portal infrastructure self-service portal cloud-based m odel enterprise portal text analytics customer support. speech analytic multiplexing mechanism dual-bit type (dbt) word level activity signal transition activity digital signal processing (dsp) thread-driven event-driven over-the-air scheduling strategy dag task scheduling ptg workflow hdfs (hadoop distributed file system) map reduce linear image filters colour image processing oil paint algorithm. paint algorithm image filters gain ratio pulse clarity audio classification system on chip network on chip 3d architecture graphcut maximum likelihood maximum a posteriori user-preference kansei engineering interactive genetic algorithm model transformation; institution; uml activity di communication protocols energy aware comparative analysis handwritten arabic characters secondary component clustering problem multilevel paradigm customization modelling metagraph software as a service (saas) hoeffding tree data stream mining jazz adaptive sliding window infrastructure sharing telecommunications regulatory authority human interaction structuration theory human-computer interaction (hci) colour combinations manual data entry data typing arabic language tools. question answering system 8-bit dac chinese abacus & dac circuit decimation free directional filter bank (ddfb). fingerprint image enhancement coherence enhancement diffusion directional filter factorization backtracking. crypto-system primality test system security trust framework . trusted computing requirement quality attributes vagueness ambiguity malay ambiguity h.264/avc transcoding pu fast algorithm this paper presents a distributed software mobile eye-tracking saliency map halbach permanent magnet array magnetically levitated planar actuators induced current resource allocation evolutionary computing search based software engineering genetic algorithms classifier. lbp heterogeneous computing microrna low-ranking features cancer classification guided local search parallel algorithms cooperative algorithms continuous optimization problems quadratic neural unit real-time-recurrent-learning (rtrl) roller rig back-propagation-through-time (bptt) linear neural unit unsupervised machine learning e-mail semantic orientation praat engineering knowledge standard arab modelling and representation of vocal knowledge (tts text to speech) dependency relations global co-occurrence information word sense disambiguation non- negative matrix factorization mammograms n gram bag of phrases traffic delivery problem real-world dijkstra’s algorithm multicore hierarchical cache cache locality parallel loops cache-aware scheduling bayesian belief networks water quality assessment particle swarm adaption mutation. exploration evolution attention sudoku exploitation satisficing ecg gradient descent intransitive choice; preference reversals; recomme facial aging; facial wrinkles; wrinkle maps; 3d wr discrete cosine transform (dct) variation-free coordinate system image watermarking web mining. fuzzy linguistic modeling website classification pitch analysis mfcc enlarged training set emotion recognition shearlets image denoising fuzzy logic fuzzy rules pre-ranking valorization memoing. tabulation justification based truth maintenance systems intelligent fuzzy control zero-client intelligent archiving automatic document summarization image fusion 1. introduction underwater vision system auv distribution automation reactive power control voltage control. isolated power systems fuzzy inference systems upper bound lazy join typicality top-k query processing automatic control real time motion collision avoidance. motion planning algorithm auto landing quadcopter flying robot similarity measure. software process modeling adaptive guidance profile process engineering mono-slam slam mobile robotics satellite fft encoding entropy manufacturing logistics; mobile robots; path plann run-time uncertainty case-based reasoning self-adaptive software systems model-driven software time series prediction nonparametric regression kernel regression kml 3d global flight trajectory ossimplanet open-source platform pagerank link similarity coupling maintainability evaluation architecture style cohesion concept mining morphological disambiguation morphological analysis audit; software quality assurance; risk management automatic trading system volatility strategy velocity strategy open interest contract multi-objective optimization protein structure interaction network semi-total replication. partial replication drtdbms motion detection. video segmentation object detection articulated object tracking people tracking kullbackliebler distance variational inference nvidia mãe rmse sarima web services software performance engineering optimization methods humans the human optimization pig netflow network traffic ict telemedicine information communication technology outliers heterogeneous. median transmission line extraction uav background suppression lifting wavelet transform snr & spcc mean square error (mse) audio steganography theft security eigen faces surveillance. opencv haar classifers pca viola-jones ladygaga wom hitphenomena advertisement coldplay l’arcen- ciel music concert association rules mining hybrid recommender system asynchronous discussion group software metrics software life cycle quality assurance agile methods discriminability revocability and fuzzy commitment cancelability glcm ica bfgs bss evolutionary algorithm biogeography-based optimization partial migration bbo simplified bb o single migration bwt implementation cis strategy speech processing & fir digital filter. cochlear implant scaling level set method gpu programming image segm entation real-time system drowsy driver detection eye detection haarcascade image acquisition . hfss. hfss wall-following robot navigation robot control systems policy management policy managemen t projection over-stemming and under-stemming. back propagation network. neural model chaotic spiking etc. control model virtual machine security multiple web pages knowledge discovery and acquisition branch handling uniprocessing processor performance. prefetch nasal; non-nasal; pitch synchronous; temporal doma user requirements scope definition wbs software scope verification inspection olap systems materialized views software size class point multilayer perceptron; simulated annealing; traing fast fourier transform (fft) wavelets. wavelets. maxwell's demon non-rigid deformation multi-resolution pyramid optical flow roi tracking vector clock event-b mutual exclusion. formal specifications distributed system lt sdhtiwcia and message digest. ilt lsb-1 camms ide collaborative design. plm mbd dmu cc consistent clusters. evolutionary clustering priors z-transform; frequency domain; mean square error ( compression ratio affine map iterated function systems (ifs) partitioned iterated function systems (pifs). 1. i quardtree partition fractal compression fitting action unit facial landmarking grey relational analysis software estimation feature weighted grey relational based clustering crossover otsu method advanced sobel operator chromosome. health communicable disease. knowledge representation ontology development contextual model academic networking recommendation engine transformer-less shunt hybrid active filter shunt active filter power quality total harmonic distortion zero crossing rate; peak valley detection; voice a palm and finger palm and finger print modified lesk (ml) word sense disambiguation (wsd) bag-of-words (bow). embedding secret message in quality song tolerance level of embedding message bit level encoding. song authentication perceptual coding minimax search awale endgame qos routing tora mobile agent. agent based intrusion detection system (aids) genetic algorithms; parameter control; parametric roni harris corner detection fuzzy c-means roi key establishment rdf structured information extraction semantic web. sparql key distribution key generation snooze attack ileach classification; e-learning; learning styles; ieee lom urdu ir optimal cost path. flat-file-systems land-type-data-bank priority digitized map land acquisition lsb-0 bt ibt authentication and message digest. vanet architecture phase shift keying quantum communication mode of operation encryption oracle stream cipher mobile agent handoff. unsupervised classification gram-schmidt spectral sharpening sar ice classification supervised classification kappa coefficient. multitenancy model role-based access control access control models attribute-based encryption model pso and tamper detection. hash function dabechies4 image authentication java technologies linear congruent operator optical orthogonal codes(ooc) 3 dimensional model b. galois field (5) cubic congruent operator optical code division multiple access optimal path identification aco ad-hoc network opencl programming python syntax hpam concept maps novelty score topic modeling cyclic division algebra (cda) effective channel matrix reduced golden ratio golden code (rgr-gc) bit error rate (ber) low complexity decoding security techniques intrusion detection system. multi-agent systems mobile code ml fading correlation mmse cross polarization coupling v-blast zf visualization. cra reconstruction acquisition benveniste algorithm aclms mathews algorithm. clms adaptive step size qos routing. hierarchical routing abstraction uml use case use case model behavior ocl formalization data intensity region growing x-y-z image object surface segmentation gabor filter minutiae bifurcation binarization median filtering exudates spoofing liveness bagging contourlet transform intrusion detection system (ids) denial of service (dos) authentication. v2v communication vanet. v2i communication semantic similarity web search engine web snippets. citation networks citation analysis citation sentiment analysis. citation extraction citation classification service composition semantic web services service discovery short word short mail wordnet short text dictionary (std) cepstrum. zero crossing rate fundamental frequency short time energy database compression backup optimization database decompression real-time database color image segmentation dominant region empirical analysis average case analysis computer experiment section empirical-o statistical bounds theoretical analysis automatic control system micromanufacturing nano positioning stage image retrieval based on spatial features semantic gap semantic image retrieval coverage loss time node lifetime maximum stability data gathering minimum distance spanning tree mobile sensor networks agile software development mapping function. pair programming wiener filter pap smear test bayesshrink and sureshrink thresholding. visushrink knowledge base cyber-crime ssl internet attacks and parsing. society community culture humanistic art machine biometrics; biometric fusion; face; finger; contex framework tagging software dynamic topology route trust path trust vm placement vm migration energy management vm consolidation decryption. rfid pir wormhole attack hierarchical clustering hierarchical node addressing. dsr cache resolution cooperative caching dummy face masked face colour imposed face tampering facial recognition technology remote class attacks cyber security outbound traffic. inbound traffic extrusion detection systems (eds) intrusion detection systems (ids) cyber space incremental cluster-patterns incremental cluster-patterns incremental cluster-patterns & cfg sub-classification of ‘paas’ vanchipaa venpaa aasiriyapaa kalipaa performance and speedup amdahl's law chip multicore processor mix-split ramp code fine-grained access control non-perfect secret sharing mix-split ramp code fine-grained access control non-perfect secret sharing requirements organizational culture people focus stability mobility models connected dominating sets algorithms fault resilience network lifetime partition self organization retransmissions ad hoc networks throughput. tcp adiabatic circuit full adder ecrl pfal kin selection overlay peer-to-peer networks genetics altruism selfish nodes. ksordb jargon word concept. synset suspicious word natural language processing (nlp) over-stemming and under-stemming etc back propagation network
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