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AI Summit Ribeirão Preto


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Palestra sobre impactos da IA nas empresas, negócios e empregos.

Published in: Business
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AI Summit Ribeirão Preto

  1. 1. Impacto da IA no futuro dos Negócios, Empregos e Sociedade CEZAR TAURION HEAD OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION & ECONOMY
  2. 2. IA é hot!!!
  3. 3. Weak AI: is a computer system that acts like a human but does not understand how humans think. Is focused on one narrow task. In between AI:may not perfectly model the human mind - but they use human reasoning as a guide. Strong AI: think like a human, and perform tasks on it own. No strong AI machines exist in the real world today. IA já chegou. Não a subestime!
  4. 4. Subtítulo
  5. 5. Chatbot A evolução da forma como interagimos com as máquinas Vs
  6. 6. Empregabilidade?
  7. 7. The world’s largest e-commerce retailer said it employed 45,000 robots in some 20 fulfillment centers. That’s a cool 50 percent increase from last year’s holiday season, when the company had some 30,000 robots working alongside 230,000 humans.
  8. 8. An AI Law Firm Wants to ‘Automate the Entire Legal World’
  9. 9. DeepCoder uses a technique called program synthesis: creating new programs by piecing together lines of code taken from existing software – just like a programmer might…
  10. 10. Conhecimento = dados empíricos x matemática Conhecimento = experiências x sensibilidade
  11. 11. Transformação digital não é apenas rótulo... A Inteligência Artificial e os robôs vão transformar a economia.
  12. 12. OBRIGADO!