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Personal Brand Plan
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Personal Brand Plan


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My personal brand plan, outlining what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it.

My personal brand plan, outlining what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it.

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. Mission Statement:
    • To utilize my love
    • and knowledge of
    • visual culture of all
    • forms to inspire and
    • educate others in my
    • profession.
  • 3. Who am I? (and why do I matter?)
    • Currently enrolled in the Postgraduate
    • Certificate Program in Public Relations
    • at Humber College
    • BAH in Art History from Queen’s University
    • Interest in fashion as a form of art and as a social commentary
    • Loves to travel and explore the different visual aesthetic of countries around the world through its architecture, works of art, fashion and citizens
    • Believes that beauty can be found in the least suspected places and that beauty is what you make of it
  • 4. What do I want to achieve?
    • Acquire an internship where I can utilize my discerning eye while learning from some of the best people in the public relations industry
    • Update my blog “The Way I See It…” frequently as a means of commenting on visual culture and introducing people to new perspectives for looking at art.
    • Continue to build my network in the public relations industry through meeting people that share in my interests and goals
    • To use Twitter not only to comment on art and visual culture but as a means of networking and connecting with others through re-tweets, #tag threads and trending topics
  • 5. Key Messages
    • “ A picture is worth a thousand words”
    • “ Don’t judge a book by its cover”
    • “ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
  • 6. SWOT
    • I have other interests which I will not be able to discuss and develop since they do not fit in with my plan
    • As I develop my brand more I will meet more people with similar interests who I can add to my network.
    • There are people that have more experience than me in this area, so it is challenging to say something new, that hasn’t already been said
    Knowledgeable about art and visual culture, educational background in art
    • Since I am still new to public relations and social media people may not view me as a credible source
    • As I develop my knowledge of social media it will allow me to get my message out to a larger audience
    • Difficult to know everything that is going on in this area and stay current and relevant
    • Sociable and outgoing with a critical eye
    • My brand may limit me to someone who only focuses on the visual as opposed to the written, or audible aesthetic
    • Many volunteer opportunities where I can utilize my skills combining art and PR
    • New to many social media channels such as blogging and Twitter
    • Passionate about the topic I am discussing
    Threats Opportunities Weaknesses Strengths
  • 7. Strategies
    • Increase my online presence (what will you get if you Google me?)
    • Build a network of likeminded individuals as well as people who would like to learn more about what I have to say
    • Become an authority on the issues I discuss in my brand so that people come to me when they want answers
    • Share my knowledge with as many people as possible
  • 8. Tactics
    • Keep my blog and Twitter account up to date
    • Attend and volunteer at events relating to my brand where I can share my knowledge and skills while building my network. Additionally, join PR organizations such as IABC and CPRS.
    • Read as many blogs, magazines and newspapers as I can to ensure that I am fully educated on issues and that I am current.
    • In addition to social media look into other vehicles for brand exposure so that I prove my authenticity and don’t appear one dimensional.
  • 9. Critical Path
    • March 2010 (present) – August 2010
      • Volunteer at events related to my brand
      • Update my blog at least once a week
      • Have at least one brand related tweet a day
    • September 2010 – November 2010
      • Secure an internship that allows me to continue developing my brand while building my network
      • Continue blogging and twittering about what I am learning as a result of my internship and the development of my brand
    • December 2010 – Future
      • Continue to develop my brand as I enter the workforce and adapt my brand as a grow as a person and a PR professional
  • 10. Where can you find me?
  • 11.