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Presentation from Actors Fund 7-26-2012

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  • “ Find” means locating a two things: The conversations you see happening about your client. The people who are most likely to become company evangelists whether they are talking about the client or not. It’s important to search the whole social media space to get a sense of what, if anything, is being said. Use Technorai or IceRocket or PubSub to search blogs. You can use any of the previously mentioned podcast directories I mentioned to find Podcasts. Search all the photo and video sharing sites – look for tags with your client’s name. Look at all the social networking sites out there – the “mass appeal” ones as well as the niche ones. Search Delicious, which is a social-bookmarking site. You can also search for meme’s at sites like Tailrank. Meme’s are major subjects that are traveling in the blogosphere. Gather all this information together so you can give the client a picture of what’s happening with their brand in the social media space.
  • Actors fund

    1. 1. Branding Yourself Through Social Networking Presented by: Beverly Macy @beverlymacy
    2. 2. Did you Know… Facebook is on track to reach 1 BILLION profiles in 2012. Currently 800M + ALL Fortune 500 Brands are on Twitter Mommy bloggers make a difference to advertisers and brands 1 Tweet sparked $33M in donations for Haiti Earthquake Relief Twitter can accurately predict movie box office revenue Social Media is being called the new Nielsen and CNN Dell has sold over $120M in used equipment via Social Media 2 Beverly Macy 310.860.4788 @beverlymacy
    3. 3. ADAPT OR DIE 1998 “Why do we need web pages?” 2012“Why do we need real-time social media?” 3
    4. 4. Find and be found4 Beverly Macy 310.860.4788 @beverlymacy
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. Employers Are Looking for Talent Passive candidates need to be offered opportunities which will allow them to change the trajectory of their career Raises the bar and makes employer branding more important than ever before Take employer brand to the sort of top talent that should be working at their company Employer branding means creating places where candidates can discover your values, culture and learn more about what it’s like to work at your company from people in their network 6
    7. 7. How will the perfect job FIND YOU? 7
    8. 8. Your Personal Brand 8
    9. 9. The Resume Is Dead Actually, it’s evolving 9
    10. 10. What Is Social Media?  First off, it’s SOCIAL – about people connecting  NETWORKING Long form communication to share content  CONTENT COMMUNITIES Share, comment on, organize, bookmark and collaborate together  MICROBLOGGING Short form communication to share content  LOCATION BASED Connect users and brands using geo-locating technology10 Beverly Macy 310.860.4788 @beverlymacy
    11. 11. Facebook 900 Million Users – 155 Million + in the US Targeted user information including age, gender, location, likes Average user has 130 friends; 8 new friends a day; 55 min on the site per day Invited to 2 -3 events per month Facebook has a multiplier effect – IMPLIED TRUST Pages product, brand or business Contains basic information to the group or business page such as links to company site, newsletter subscription information and newsletter archives Place to post upcoming events including webinars, conferences and other programs Develop engagement strategy 11 Beverly Macy 310.860.4788 @beverlymacy
    12. 12. Speaking Twitter @ is your Twitter “Handle” – @ Reply is directed to the person and visible to all DM is a Direct Message – Private message between two who follow each other RT is a ReTweet # Hashtag is a grouping of tweets around a topic. # is searchable Tweet chat is a specified time to discuss a topic using a # hashtag List – Compiled to group handles by topic12 Beverly Macy 310.860.4788 @beverlymacy
    13. 13. Set up a Blog Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and Squarespace1. Pick a platform2. Create an account3. Set up the profile (what it’s about?)4. Start writing! 13
    14. 14. A Virtual Trade Show People you already know People you want to know People you should know 14
    15. 15. LinkedIn Demographics 15
    16. 16. Will They Find YOU?Building BRAND YOU1.What are your attributes?2.What brand are you trying to build?3.Why?4.Be Perceived as an Expert5.Go niche 16
    17. 17. Personal Branding Best PracticesPromotion:1. Be Modest - What if I sound like I’m bragging?2. Be Truthful - Awards, honors3. Don’t oversell – State the facts. No blatant self-serving“Toot Your Own Horn” “Celebrate & Empower Your Dreams”Tips:1. Disengage yourself from YOU2. Look at yourself as a valuable project3. Create a plan4. Engage a trusted colleague to proofread, comment5. Do it! Make revisions as you go 17
    18. 18. Getting Started – Image Tips1. Professional photo – Close Up2. Consistent handles (names) across all social platforms3. Link everything! 18
    19. 19. Personal Professional Profile 19
    20. 20. LinkedIn Profile Tips Use your real name  Education Craft a headline that  Skills accurately brands  Accomplishments you right now  Portfolio Value Proposition  Projects Post relevant and  Publications timely information in status updates  SlideShare presentations  Twitter handle  Link to blog 20
    21. 21. 5 Tips to A Memorable Personal Brand1. BRAND YOURSELF strategically2. BRAND YOURSELF as a valued partner3. BRAND YOURSELF as a communicator4. BRAND YOURSELF by staying one step ahead5. BRAND YOURSELF as being socially savvy 21
    22. 22. Thank You!  Embrace the Future  Empower Brand “You"  Lead the Way! Beverly Macy @beverlymacy