Professionally Social - Marketing Camp SF 2013


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How to market your way to your dream job

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Professionally Social - Marketing Camp SF 2013

  1. 1. Professionally Social:How to Market Your Way to Your DREAM Job (Hi! I’m @rachaelgking)
  2. 2. Who Is This Chick? »  Now: »  Then: »  About to be…
  3. 3. Building Your Personal Brand Consistency =
  4. 4. Best PracticesThings to remember: »  No privacy - even “private” accounts can have a snapshot taken »  You can’t delete anything, even if it looks like you can »  Use the grandma/boss rule when posting »  Outside of privacy concerns, remember you’re creating an online portfolio of who you are with each post. Be mindful and ask yourself, “is this awesome?” before clicking “send” or “publish” »  Abbreviations are sometimes okay if necessary on social media (Twitter) - NEVER OK in emails, letters, formal writing, etc. »  Be “profersonal”
  5. 5. Networking:The most important piece of the job hunt. »  How to get in touch with the right people »  Taking the online, offline »  Don’t just apply for jobs - choose the company(ies) you want to work for and go after it »  ABC – Always Be Coffee-ing
  6. 6. platformsBlogging/Personal Websites »  Keep your sex blogging private »  Keep your intellectual blogging public »  Anonymity? »  Branding across platforms »  Connect it to your other accounts »  Picking a topic/niche » and other aggregator sites
  7. 7. platformsBlogging/Personal Websites »  Keep your sex blogging private »  Keep your intellectual blogging public »  Anonymity? »  Branding
  8. 8. {  Make  Your  LinkedIn  Profile  Rock  }   It’s Facebook with ties.
  9. 9. Say  it  with  me:     Your  LinkedIn  profile  should  NOT  be  a  copy  of   your  resume.    
  10. 10. Think  of  it  more  like  a  cover  letter,  or  an  elevator  pitch…  
  11. 11. It’s  the  story  of  your  professional  journey…  
  12. 12. with  plenty  of   personality  
  13. 13. …and  a  healthy  dose  of   BRAGGING.  
  14. 14. This  is  still  a  social  site,  albeit  a  professional  one!  
  15. 15. Is LinkedIn Worth It?Why?   •  Great  niche  alternative  to  Facebook                                       and  Twitter     •  More  professional,  less  noise   •  People  expect  to  be  contacted  cold     •  Showcase  cool  campaigns/projects   •  Separate  professional/personal  networks   •  Organize  professional  contacts  
  16. 16. Building It •  HEADLINES  ARE  EVERYTHING,  YO.   •  Professional  picture   •  Flesh  it  out   •  Consistent  branding/copy  with  other  profiles     •  Get  input  from  different  people     •  Get  personal     •  Vanity  URL   •  PROOFREAD.  
  17. 17. Getting Serious •  Upgrade  account  to  send  InMail,                   especially  while  job  hunting   •  Personalize  all  outreach     •  GROUPS.   •  Connections!   Ø  Be  transparent,  but  not  desperate   Ø  Offer  value  in  return   Ø  ABC:  Always-­‐Be-­‐Coffeeing     •  Meaningful  recommendations  (quality  vs.  quantity)    
  18. 18. Optimize ItKeywords  are  our  friends!      …But  how?         1.  Google  AdWord’s  Keyword  Tool   2.  US  Dept.  of  Labor’s  Occupational  Outlook  Handbook   3.  Search  similar  professionals  and  “borrow”   4.  Copy  from  appropriate  websites  and  job  postings   5.  Use  your  brain   6.  Narrow  down  to  your  top  10  
  19. 19. Grow ItIf  you  build  it…  they  won’t  just  come.     1.  Grab  your  vanity  URL  for  easy  referral   2.  Embed  a  button  on  your  websites  and  link  on  your  other  profiles   3.  Add  to  business  cards  and  email  signatures   4.  Direct  potential  business  contacts  to  your  LinkedIn   5.  Cross-­‐promote    
  20. 20. On the Job Hunt? •  Use  your  headline  (hello,  SEO!)   •  Tell  the  world   •  Upgrade  your  account   •  Check  your  contact  settings!     •  Have  a  call  to  action     •  Team  up  with  other  hunters,                especially  if  you’re  looking  in  a  different  city     •  Identify  ideal  companies  and  stalk  get  coffee  with  an  employee  
  21. 21. Getting FancyWhat  will  set  you  apart  from  the  rest?     1.  Creative,  attention-­‐grabbing  copy   2.  Post  consistent  (and  quality)  content     3.  Integrate  your  tweets  (#li)  via  Hootsuite     4.  Downloadable  PDF  of  resume     5.  Add  your  resume  and  media   6.  Inject  personality  and  humor  
  22. 22. My 3 Ultimate Rules for #Winning at LinkedIn Be  interesting  1.     Don’t  be  another  dry,  boring  resume.  Put  some  paint  on  your  profile’s   proverbial  walls  –  have  some  fun  with  it  and  show  the  world  what  makes   you  YOU.    2.  Use  in  tandem  with  Twitter     Connect  via  LinkedIn  with  a  personalized  note,  and  then  continue  the   ongoing  conversation  on  Twitter  to  build  the  relationship.  Somewhat   sneaky,  yet  effective.    3.  Help  others     Karma  is  without  a  doubt  the  most  powerful  tool  you  have  when  it  comes   to  creating  job,  client,  and  other  opportunities.  Go  out  of  your  way  to   help  other  people,  and  it  WILL  come  back  to  you  tenfold.    
  23. 23. LinkedIn  is  the  gateway   network  to  building  a   relationship  with  the  people  and  companies  you   want  to  know.  
  24. 24. {    Twitter    }  
  25. 25. Rocking Twitter •  Get a great handle; either your name or your brand’s. This is not your AIM username. •  No protected accounts! #DoingItWrong •  This is the easiest way to instantly connect with companies and people who can help you get the job – be available (and appropriate) •  Power DMs - Always personalize DMs for new followers who you want to remember you, even if the personalization is trivial
  26. 26. Twitter  is  not  a  place  for  the  boring.   Another  stale,  vanilla  profile  won’t   make  any  noise.  The  best  strategy   you  can  employ  on  Twitter?     BE  INTERESTING.  
  27. 27. Okay, Fine… But HOW to Be Interesting? •  Don’t  share  anything  without  adding  value  to  it  •  Posting  often  isn’t  enough  –  you  can’t  just  make  noise.  Offer  insight,  opinions,   humor  –  and  be  human  (while  still  being  professional)  •  Keep  it  media  rich.  (If  content  is  king,  pictures  +  video  are  the  crown)  •  Find  and  attend  events,  as  well  as  creating  other  ways  to  take  the  online,   offline.  Nothing  a  computer  can  do  takes  the  place  of  face-­‐to-­‐face  connections!  
  28. 28. Seriously Effective Strategies •  Be HUMAN. Have a personality – a big one! •  80/20 rule •  Build QUALITY followers, not quantity •  Follow back (real people, not spammers) •  Live tweet events for more exposure and to establish yourself in the industry/community •  Have a presence in industry Twitter chats (see a massive list of them here) •  KISS, with everything you do (and short!) Simple + short = easier to share
  29. 29. Great Tools You’re Probably Already Using •  Tweetdeck   •  Hootsuite   •  (tracking  links)     •  Advanced  Twitter  search     And  now,  on  to  the  ones  you  might  not  be…  
  30. 30. TwitterCounter.comTrack  basic  stats  about  your  profile  (and  see  anyone  else’s,  too).    
  31. 31. TweetChat.comFilter  and  follow  along  with  any  Twitter  chat  or  hashtag  (like  #MCSF)!  
  32. 32. (by Simply Measured)Best  free  tool  to  track  a  hashtag  (export  reports,  track  over  long  periods  of  time)  
  33. 33. – FreeA  way  to  search  for  certain  words    or  hashtags  tweets  older  than  10    days.  Doesn’t  always  work    perfectly,  but  it’s  free,  and  it’s    saved  me  more  than  once  when  I  needed  to  find  a  particular  tweet  but  couldn’t  for  the  life  of  me    remember  who  sent  it.  
  34. 34. – FreeThis  generates  an  analysis  of  your  Twitter  profile.  It  wouldn’t  be  worth  noting,  except  that  it  breaks  down  your  tweets  by  type,  which  is  pretty  cool  to  see  (and  important  if  you’re  a  business  trying  to  hit  a  certain  ratio).    
  35. 35. – Free and Paid VersionsAn  engagement  dashboard  with  some  serious  (and  seriously  fun)  analytics  built  in,  including  your  most  influential  followers,  and  the  times  of  day  that  are  best  for  you  to  tweet  (you  can  schedule  tweets  from  the  dashboard  as  well).    
  36. 36. Getting FancyWhat  will  set  you  apart  from  the  rest?     1.  Creative,  attention-­‐grabbing  bio   2.  Post  consistent  (and  quality)  content     3.  Promote  others’  work  –  and  mean  it   4.  Make  an  (awesome)   custom  Twitter  background     5.  Have  a  solid  presence  at  popular   Twitter  chats  in  your  industry   6.  Have  a  big,  fat  personality  
  37. 37. Create a Resume Board 1.  Links  to  articles/posts   2.  News  and  accolades   3.  Presentations   4.  Speaking  gigs   5.  Side  gigs  and  projects   6.  Events/speaking   7.  Portfolio     8.  Video  
  38. 38. [link]
  39. 39. Questions? Rachael King Email: Twitter: @rachaelgking LinkedIn: /in/rachaelgking Blog: