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Widgets are a great way to make your TG participate in your marketing campaigns.... some really good examples here.

Widgets are a great way to make your TG participate in your marketing campaigns.... some really good examples here.

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  • 1. Involving customers….
  • 2.
    • What is a widget?
    • Rise in widget popularity
    • Why are brands interested?
    • Widget case studies
  • 3.
    • What is a widget?
  • 4. Widget definition Definition Mobile Widgets Web Widgets Desktop Widgets A widget is a small program or application which provides or interacts with information in a moveable and customisable way. Widgets can be almost anything including games, tickers, video & audio players, quizzes, slideshows and productivity tools. Widgets can be downloaded onto desktops, web pages (such as start pages, social networks, blogs) and mobiles. Widget Landscape
  • 5.
    • Rise in widget popularity
  • 6. The popularity of web widgets has risen in tandem with the rise in social networking
    • Drivers
    • Facebook platform
    • In May 07 Facebook opened up its platform to third-party developers, allowing them to create widgets (called applications on Facebook) which would work in the Facebook environment.
    • The developers got deep access to Facebook users and in return Facebook became a rich platform for third party applications/widgets.
    • Opensocial
    • In Oct 07 Google launched a system allowing developers to create applications for a variety of social networks including Bebo, Linkedin and MySpace.
    • This allows developers to spread their applications across social networks, allowing them to avoid having to learn a new ma,rkup language for each social networking site.
    • Size
    • These developments are having a major impact upon the growth and popularity of widgets amongst the social networking audience.
    Source: Adonomics/eMarketer Web Widget Viewers Worldwide, April 2007
  • 7.
    • Why are brands interested?
  • 8. Widgets offer brands a number of exciting marketing opportunities
    • Viral distribution
    • The viral nature of widgets has made them attractive to marketers looking for ways to tap into the massive social networking audience.
    • For example, there were around 60m users on Facebook by the end of 2007. This audience is viral and active – engaged in frequent and meaningful contact with each other.
    • When a user likes an application he invites his friends and these friends invite their friends in turn – allowing the application to grow exponentially in popularity.
    • Pull rather than Push. Changes the way content is disseminated on the Web – gets content onto other people’s web pages.
    Widgets are spread virally Source: http://www.nfp2.co.uk/2007/03/06/widgets-of-the-world-unite/
  • 9. Widgets offer brands a number of exciting marketing opportunities
    • Engagement
    • Good widgets are interactive ensuring that users remain engaged with the widget and spend a lot of time with it.
    • The ability of widget providers to push fresh information to consumers via the widget ensures that if well done, engagement remains high.
    • Personalisation
    • Rather than visiting individual sites for different types of information or entertainment, users are increasingly designing their own online destinations - whether blogs, profiles, or other personal pages - and adding content from multiple sources.
    Flixster Movie Widget Example Engagement: updated comparison of movie tastes amongst friends Personalisation: favourite movies displayed Your reviews published
  • 10.
    • A few Case Studies
  • 11. Sample branded widgets Widget Sophistication Widget Popularity Branded Widget Overview Music/Ent Travel Apparel/Fashion FMCG Package Delivery Category Key Note: The examples above are indicative
  • 12.
    • Music/Entertainment
  • 13. Dylan ‘messaging service’ widget
    • Objective
    • Sony BMG commissioned Techlightenment to create a Facebook App to celebrate Bob Dylan’s forthcoming single and his Greatest Hits album.
    • Description
    • Customizable version of famous Dylan video, Subterranean Homesick Blues.
    • Enter in the text that Dylan scrolls through in the video and which appears on your Facebook profile.
  • 14. Alicia Keys ‘extra content’ widget
    • Objective
    • The objective was to raise awareness for the release of Alicia Keys’ new album, ‘As I Am’.
    • This ‘extra-content’ widget was produced for fans to put on their MySpace or Facebook pages.
    • Description
    • Weekly studio footage was downloaded to fans via the widget, giving insight into the process behind creating the album.
    • It also allowed fans to upload videos, comments and pictures to a fan channel accessible via the widget.
  • 15. Radiohead ‘extra content’ widget
    • Objective
    • Radiohead have taken an extremely unconventional approach to prompting and marketing their new album, ‘In Rainbows’.
    • This ‘extra content’ widget was made available for online usage via wide range of social networks and also as a desktop application.
    • Description
    • It takes the form of a TV with a number of different channels to choose from. Each channel takes the theme of a song from the album.
    • By clicking on a channel you get video content featuring the band, with each track played in different locations.
    Source: Widgify
  • 16. Blockbuster ‘distribution channel’ widget
    • Objective
    • ‘ Movie clique’ is a widget built by Blockbuster to promote their online movie service, but also to offer existing customers a new distribution channel as they can order films via the widget.
    • Description
    • Enables Facebook users to search thousands of movie titles, create lists of favourites, as well as ratings and reviews to share with their friends.
    Source: http://www.facebook.com/press/releases.php?p=9171
  • 17.
    • Logistics
  • 18. UPS ‘package delivery’ widget
    • Objective
    • The UPS Widget, a small animated character and downloadable desktop application, lets customers track packages from their computers well as link to other UPS services directly from their desktop.
    • Description
    • Launched in September 07, and being promoted via an integrated print, outdoor, online and DM campaign, the UPS Widget can be downloaded from a 3D interactive web site www.ups.com/widget.
  • 19.
    • Travel
  • 20. STA travel widgets
    • Objective
    • The student-focussed travel company, STA, offers a range of desktop widgets which keep help customers to plan and look forward to their trips.
    • This helps to keep the brand front-of-mind.
    • Description
    • Travellers can place a series of widgets which include a travel countdown, weather comparison, travel to-do list and special offers device on their desktop (as well as on their website or social networking page).
  • 21.
    • Apparel/Fashion
  • 22. Topshop ‘fashion fix’ widget
    • Objective
    • This widget can be downloaded to the desktop or to a web destination.
    • To keep Topshop customers engaged with the latest Topshop fashions.
    • Description
    • Allows users to view and vote on different Topshop fashion items.
    • After downloading the widget, TopShop sends the users a daily ‘fashion fix’, giving them styles and ideas from Topshop fashion ‘experts’.
  • 23.
    • FMCG
  • 24. Red Bull ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ widget
    • Objective
    • Facebook wanted to promote its brand by producing a game-based widget which would connect well with the Facebook audience.
    • Description
    • The Roshambull widget is an online version of the school playground game, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.
    • Users can challenge their friends and compile stats and a ‘scouting sheet’ on performance.
  • 25. Sprite ‘Sips’ widget
    • Objective
    • Coca-Cola are looking to promote the Sprite brand by getting Facebook users to download the Sprite Sips application.
    • This widget is supported by a new Facebook Page for Sprite Sips in addition to a series of Social Ads that leverage Facebook’s natural viral communications to spread the application across its user base.
    • Description
    • Users will be able to create, configure and interact with an animated ‘Sprite Sips’ character.
    • For consumers in the United States, the experience can be enhanced by entering a PIN code found under the cap of every 20 oz. bottle of Sprite to unlock special features and accessories.
    Source: http://www.facebook.com/press/releases.php?p=9171
  • 26. Stay Tuned for More!!! Digivine.wordpress.com