P2 concept 2   the 3 types of radiation
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P2 concept 2 the 3 types of radiation






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P2 concept 2   the 3 types of radiation P2 concept 2 the 3 types of radiation Presentation Transcript

  • P2 Concept 2 The 3 types of ionising radiation recall the three types of ionising radiation emitted by radioactive materials • distinguish between alpha, beta and gamma radiation by their properties – penetration & ionising ability • Can radiation be stopped?
  • Notes…A radiation is ionising if it has enough energy remove electrons from atoms, producing ions. The ionising ability of the 3 types of radiation can be seen using a spark counter. When atoms in the air is ionised, sparks will jump across.
  • If ionisation happens to atoms in individual cells, the ions produced can damage DNA. This mutation can lead to cancer.
  • Demonstration Watch carefully and note down your observations.
  • Demonstration Watch the demo and think about these questions: • Which radiation is easily stopped? • Which radiation is the most ionising? Radiation alpha beta gamma Source Range in air Stopped by Ionisation
  • Recap
  • Check learning - Explain Look at the information you have recorded. 1. Which radiation is most easily stopped? 2. Which radiation is most ionising? 3. Suggest how your answers might be related. Applying ideas Americium-241 emits alpha particles. The fact that it is radioactive would not help doctors detect that it was in a patient’s body. Explain why.
  • alpha beta gamma
  • paper alpha beta gamma
  • alpha beta gamma aluminium
  • paper alpha beta gamma aluminium lead
  • 4 2 6 1 6 3 2 9 5 6 Copy the table into the back of your book 4 0 Starter Designed by Eugene Brunet; Adapted for PowerPoint by A. Camburn, St George School 6