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Concept Map


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Concept Map

  1. 1. A. Better use sunscreen B. Thermal night vision C. Commonly associated with cooking D. Used in airport and border patrol security E. ROY G BIV 1. Ultraviolet 2. Visible Light 3. Microwaves 4. X-rays 5. Infrared A E C D B
  2. 2. Waves A disturbance that carries energy matter space Defined as Through
  3. 3. Waves Waves that require/move through a medium Mechanical Sound Example Which is a
  4. 4. Longitudinal wave Particles move parallel to the motion of the wave Defined as
  5. 5. Waves Waves that do not require a medium Electromagnetic Electromagnetic spectrum The EMS is the Transverse wavesWhich are
  6. 6. Transverse waves Particles move perpendicular to the motion of the wave Defined as
  7. 7. Electromagnetic spectrum Radio Longest wavelength, the lowest energy AM, FM, TV Which have Example Micro Telecommunications Cooking Used for And Infrared Heat Thermal imaging Used for Felt as
  8. 8. Electromagnetic spectrum Visible Light ROY G BIV Reflected Refracted Can be
  9. 9. Reflected Refracted Light waves “bending” Light bouncing off an object Defined as Defined as
  10. 10. Electromagnetic spectrum Ultraviolet X rays Gamma Sun burn, cancer Bones Shortest wavelength, highest energy Nuclear reactions Causes Helps to see Have the Created in