Possible health effect_of_radiation


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This is presentation of radiation.

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Possible health effect_of_radiation

  1. 1. Possible Health Effects of Radiation s1180047 Kazuki Endo
  2. 2. Overview● Type of Radiations● Danger of Ionizing Radiation● Difference of Radiations● Cesium-137 and Iodine-131● Amount of Radiation● Conclusion
  3. 3. Type of Radiation ● Non-ionizing Radiation : Non-ionizing radiation is the radiation such as infrared radiation, radio waves, cellphone radiation and radiation of microwave. The radiation does not affect body of animals. In addition, it doesnt cause cancer. However, the radiation can heat up something. ● Ionizing Radiation : Ionizing radiation is the radiation such as X- rays, gamma rays and alpha or beta particles. The radiation is very dangerous for us. The radiation can break structure of body.
  4. 4. Danger of Ionizing Radiation The number that we receive ionizing radiation is very important. Thenumber depends disease presentation. First, the person received ionizing radiation feels nausea and fatigue. Next, the person becomes hair loss and diarrhea. Moreover, theperson gets an outbreak of destruction of the intestinal lining, morediarrhea and dehydration. Finally, after coming to lie unconscious, the person dies almost.
  5. 5. Difference of Radiations The radiation happened from nuclear plants differs from radiation ofnuclear bomb. There are X-rays and gamma rays that the radiation of nuclear bomb.Basically, the radiation is dangerous for us. In 1945, Most Japanesedied directly by blast of nuclear bomb at Hiroshima. In addition, MoreJapanese died by the radiation of nuclear bomb for at first 4 months. Fukushima nuclear plants dont happen the radiation is X-rays andgamma rays. Most of radioactivity is radiocesium and radioiodine.
  6. 6. Cesium-137 and Iodine-131● Cesium-137 : Cesium-137 is very dangerous for us. It happens sarcoma. It contaminates something such as foods, water and the ground. If we eat these foods, the body of our can contaminate by the cesium.● Iodine-131 : Iodine-131 is very dangerous for children.It happens tumors in the thyroid gland. However, this problem can solve by taking Iodine tablet.
  7. 7. Amount of Radiations Amount of Radiation is measured in sieverts basically. The amountthat receive radiations depends disease presentation. In 500,000 microsieverts, which gets an outbreak of nausea andfatigue. In 750,000 microsieverts, which causes hair loss within two or threeweeks. In 1 million microsieverts, which causes hemorrhage. In 4 million microsieverts, which dies usually.
  8. 8. Conclusion Radiations is useful, and is dangerous entity for us. We have to watchfor amount of radiation now until stopping Fukushima nuclear plants.In addition, entity of nuclear power plants is reviewed over the world.If nuclear power plants stop over the world, electricity shortage willbe apprehended. Therefore, we have to think new resource instead ofnuclear power plant.