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Strengths Based Brand Building Slideshare


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Presented by Tonya Watson at the Kelley School of Business (excerpt)

Presented by Tonya Watson at the Kelley School of Business (excerpt)

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  • 1. Strengths-BasedBrand BuildingHow to Build an Authentic Personal BrandPresented by: Tonya Watson, MBA CEO, BCG Solutions
  • 2. • What is a Brand? • Why is Brand Important? • What Makes a Strong Brand? • Examples of Various Strong Brands.We Will Discuss
  • 3. • Strategies to Build a Strong Professional Brand. • Framework to Identify Strengths • Three Important Components to Strong Branding • Importance of Leadership in BrandingWe Will Discuss
  • 4. • How to Own Your Brand • Social Media • Brand Partnerships • Effectively Protecting and Maintaining Your Brand.We Will Discuss
  • 5. • What You Do• How Well You Do It• How the Market Perceives Your ValueBrand Includes
  • 6. • Logo• Image• Product• Label• PopularityBrand is Not Simply
  • 7. Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one sellersgood or service as distinct from those of other sellers. -American Marketing AssociationWhat is a Brand?
  • 8. • Market Differentiation• Positions You in Market• Establishes You as AuthorityWhy Brand Matters
  • 9. Strong Corporate Brands
  • 10. Strong Celebrity Brands
  • 11. Strong Personal Brands
  • 12. • Name Recognition • Visionary• Known for What They Do • Consistent Message• Focus on What They Do • Create Market Space Best• Quality Consistent with • Form Partnerships Based Expectations upon Shared Values• Leaders in Field/Industry • Set the Standard• Innovative • UniqueCommonalities
  • 13. • Awareness• Leadership• ReputationWhat Makes a Brand Strong?
  • 14. Owning Your Brand
  • 15. • Made Up of Everything You do on the Web • Social Networking • Blog Post & Comments • Twitter/Micro-Blogging • Online Photos & VideosYour Online Identity
  • 16. • Provides and Opportunity Expand Brand Visibility & Enhance Networks• Share Resumes on LinkedIn• Share Ideas and Promote BrandSocial Media Branding
  • 17. • Professional Networking Site• Over 35 Million Users• Profile Serves as Online Resume• Allows Connections to Post Professional References• Useful for Job Search and Finding Business OpportunitiesBuilding Your Brand
  • 18. • More that 200 Million Users • Useful for Sharing Links, Photos, Links & Videos • Connect with Friends • Promote Personal BrandBuild Your Brand
  • 19. • International Video Sharing• Watch & Share Original Videos• Useful for Sharing Expertise• Wealth of Tutorials & Useful Professional AdviceBuild Brand
  • 20. • “Micro-Blog” Site • Multi-Generational Popularity • Succinct 140 Characters of Less • Builds Awareness & Form a FollowingBuild Brand Awareness
  • 21. • Create Buzz By:Buzz: • Becoming a Valued Part of a Network Positive • Use Blogging & Twitter to Actively Association of Engage Your Target Audience by Excitement About Posting Thoughtful Remarks or You Information • Attending Networking Events • Continually Updating Profiles & Accomplishments on LinkedInCreate Buzz
  • 22. • Conduct your own “reputation report” from time to time.• Consider separating your professional and personal profiles.• Adjust your privacy settings.• Think before you share.• Be a good digital citizen.Protect Your Brand
  • 23. • Educational Institutions• Employers• Alumni Associations• Member Societies/Greek Orgs.• Friends/AssociatesForge Strong Partnerships