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Find, nurture and grow with social media marketing


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Find, nurture and grow with social media marketing

  1. 1. Better Marketing. Better Customers.“Find, Nurture and Grow with Social Media Marketing” Global Business Builders Presented by: Carl Loop (832) 491-3243
  2. 2. Why Are You Here?• Learn How to Build Better Relationships• Learn How to Stand Out• Shorten Sales Cycle• Peace of Mind About Doing Things Right• Generate More Leads ad Attract and Develop More IDEAL Customers• Make Money and Enjoy Your Life While Working with Others You Enjoy
  3. 3. Contents1 Kicking It Off, Specific Goals2 Common Marketing & Nurturing Practices3 Marketing and Nurturing for Success4 Internet Marketing, Social Media5 Benefits of Social Media6 LinkedIn7 Facebook8 Other, Wrap Up
  4. 4. Kicking Things Off“When Selling: With Some People, There’s Nothing You CanSay That Will Work; and With Some People Whatever You SayWill Work Right Away.”GOALS:•Marketing and Nurturing Strategies That Uncover and ConnectYou With the Right People•Set You Apart as the Right Choice•Get People to Take a Desired Starter Action
  5. 5. Marketing and Nurturing First, A Look at Common Business Practices1. Limited or No Segmentation • One Approach to All Markets • One Approach to All Personality Types • One Approach to All Contact Levels2. “One Time Shot” Approach. Follow Up Not Done Effectively3. Emphasis on the “Big Sale” and “Numbers Game”4. Very Little WIIFM, Focus on Features5. Very Little – if any – Testing, Measuring and Scripting6. “Me Too” Marketing (“hey, I sell that too, why not buy from me?”) Suggested Reading:
  6. 6. Marketing and Nurturing Common Business Practices (cont.)1. More Time is Spent on Nurturing Leads into Prospects Than Turning Customers into Ideal Customers… THE IDEAL CUSTOMER! •Appreciates You •Pays You On Time •Loyal •Testimonials •Referrals •Buys Repeatedly •Loyal
  7. 7. Marketing and Nurturing for SuccessSegmentation and Differentiation 1. Segment Your Markets and Target Customers • Products, Needs • Age, Status • Levels of Awareness • Goals Gain Power Avoid Risk • What’s In It For Me Have Fun Gain Praise Avoid Hassle 2. Stand Out Enjoy Retire at • What is Unique? Relationship Age X
  8. 8. Marketing and Nurturing for SuccessSegmentation and Differentiation (cont.) 1. Nurture to the Personality Type: DISC Training
  9. 9. Marketing and Nurturing for SuccessSegmentation and Differentiation (cont.) 1. Differentiate by 5 Levels of People:  Contact  Lead  Prospect  Customer  Fan (Ideal Customer!) Important Points: • All levels should have a unique nurture approach, various offers, and a strategy for “upgrading” to the next level. Get connected at the most convenient place to the person. • The initial sale is not about making money. Money is made on the sales after the first sale. Get a lead started somewhere. Then move them up.
  10. 10. Internet Marketing Techniques Social Media MarketingSearch Engine Email Marketing Optimization Website Paid Advertising Mobile Media Marketing
  11. 11. Social Media Marketing and Nurturing Some Choices• LinkedIn• Facebook• Forums• Blogs• YouTube• Twitter• And Many More…
  12. 12. Benefits of Using Social Media Prospecting, Connecting• Easily Find, Connect and Convert Your Target Market• No GateKeepers• Great Reach• Credibility• Attract Others• Multiple Chances to “Touch” People• Great Tools and Applications
  13. 13. LinkedIn • Join Groups• Get Your • Use Advanced Search Profile • Ask for Introductions Completed • Grow Your Relevant• Professional Connections Picture • Search for Local Events• Home, Profile • Nurture Your • Create Local Events• Keywords Targets Put Some • Send Out Status Low Pressure Updates Activities • Offer Value, Interest Between You, • Ask, Answer Your Prospects Questions
  14. 14. LinkedInCustom URL:Edit Profile>Public Profile Order Profile Sections Using Drag and Drop
  15. 15. LinkedIn See Who is Viewing You (Viewing OthersCan Lead to Their Viewing of You)
  16. 16. LinkedIn Group Statistics: Activity Composition Topics
  17. 17. Personal Profile vs. Business Page Personal FB Profile Business FB Page• Personal is for Personal (terms • Can Conduct Business/Sales of service - • Many Fan Pages • No Limit on “Likes”• One Personal Profile • All Posts are Indexed• Limit on “Friends” • Can Advertise to Your• Basic Info is Indexed Facebook Page• Personal Page Default is the • Can Designate “Admins” Newsfeed (Home) Without giving Login • Business Page Default is Newsfeed
  18. 18. How to Promote and Grow Your “Likes”1. Admin Panel > Build Audience•Invite Email Contacts•Invite Friends (NOTE: Must be on your Business Page Logged in as You!)2. Create an Ad3. Get a Facebook Personal URL and Put Link in email4. Contests5. Join Groups, Get Involved and Your Posts Will Go to All Group Members6. Create Events7. Like other Businesses and Post on Their Sites
  19. 19. What to Do in 1 Hour to Promote and GrowActivity 1 (for 10 minutes): Engage with and respond to the people who are talkingto you or talking about you (sending you direct messages, making comments onyour posts).Activity 2 (for 10 minutes): Next, find some good, relevant, high quality orentertaining things to post. Remember what is relevant to your business and yourtarget audience.Activity 3 (for 10 minutes): Surf the net. Check out what your contacts, vendors,clients are talking about or doing.Activity 4 (for 15 minutes): Now, create and post some original content that helpsshowcase your expertise: tips, good ideas, a great blog post or podcast youvecreated.Activity 5 (for 15 minutes): Find new people to connect with who are either part ofyour target market, who are following your competition, or are people you can learnfrom.
  20. 20. Better Marketing. Better Customers.• Connect• LinkedIn Profile Setup• “Better Marketing. Better Customers.” Package Global Business Builders Carl Loop (832) 491-3243