TechFuse 2012: Cloud and Mobile Computing


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Learn the importance of including cloud and mobile computing into your business strategy. Presented by Tom Moen.

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TechFuse 2012: Cloud and Mobile Computing

  1. 1. Thomas Moen Director of Strategy and Innovation @cloudmovrCloud and Mobile Computing5.16.2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Who is this Guy?• Why Cloud?• Which Cloud? – Current Trends – What “they will say” – Productivity Apps• Getting to the Cloud• Q&A
  3. 3. Total Mobile Units Worldwide
  4. 4. Total Cloud Revenue WorldwideBillions$400$350$300$250$200$150$100$50 $0 2005 2010 2015 2020
  5. 5. Benefits of Cloud Computing
  6. 6. Why Others Are Moving to the Cloud?What Business is saying: What IT is saying:• Email/Collab is Too Expensive • We Hate Upgrading• CapEx to OpEx • We Lack Skills/Retention• Need Capability/Feature NOW! • Projects Require High ROI• Consolidation of BUs • Need Predictable Spend• Upgrades/Updates Kill Us • Need Enhanced Reliability• New Sheriff in Town • Need Enhanced Security• Merger or Acquisition • Deliver New Capabilities• Applications Too Costly • We Like to Sleep• Scale/Performance/Capacity• Better Up-time• Regulatory/Compliance Issue
  7. 7. Why I Believe in CloudMicrosoft Online Helps Accelerate Your Journey
  8. 8. Others Believe in Cloud Productivity
  9. 9. Which Cloud for Productivity?
  10. 10. The Debate
  11. 11. Google Will Tell You…• GAPE is easier to license than Microsoft• GAPE is less expensive• GAPE is secure• GAPE is certified• Microsofts partner channel immature
  12. 12. What Microsoft Will Tell You…• Google is in the ad business not C&C• Google doesnt value privacy• Google doesnt have feature parity• Google often pulls the carpet (features) from under your feet (users) – Google health – Google knol – Google wave – Google sync• Google doesnt support offline experience richly enough• Google is not less expensive• Google hasnt really improved since launched docs• Microsoft has 400,000 very mature partners
  13. 13. What I will tell you…
  14. 14. It is GREAT to Have Options…• On Premise – services on premise• Hosted – services hosted by someone else• Segmented – host some users/apps, keep some users/apps on premise• Hybrid – some services, i.e., filtering, archive encryption, are hosted. Azure Appliance or Azure SQL
  15. 15. Plans - for All Your Employees
  16. 16. Big Questions…
  17. 17. Visibility and ControlAuditing reports•••
  18. 18. Security• Understand physical compute resources• What resources, and information will be managed?• Who manages them and how?• Which controls are selected, and how are they integrated into the overall cloud architecture?• What compliance issues do you face?
  19. 19. Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Admin CenterSingle Sign On from Exchange Control Panel
  20. 20. Protection and ComplianceNative Exchange archiving•••
  21. 21. Protection and ComplianceRetention policies and legal hold•••
  22. 22. Protection and ComplianceIntegration with IRM services•• • ••
  23. 23. Disbelief of Cost Savings
  25. 25. Compliance Adherence in Business Productivity Online Suite SAS-70 Type I EU Safe Harbor (SSAE SOC 1 Type I)
  26. 26. Compliance Adherence in Office 365 FISMA EU Model Clauses SAS-70 Type II (SSAE SOC 1 Type II) ISO 270001 Access to our “Trust Center” SAS-70 Type I EU Safe Harbor (SSAE SOC 1 Type I) Data Processing Agreement HIPAA/BAA
  27. 27. SharePoint Online 2007 – Customer’s Requirements• Infrastructure • GB Limits • Maintenance Costs• Document management • • Dev/Test/Training Environments Intranet Roadmap• Search • Internal/External Access • Login(s)• Legal • EU Privacy • 3rd Party Tools Holds/Retention/eDiscovery • BI • Upgrade Roadmap• Social Collaboration • Platform • Resource Needs• Bandwidth / Network • Dashboards• Language Packs • People Search• Workflows • Security• Records Center Management • Upgrades• ISO • Architecture Flexibility• Anywhere access • Up Front Costs• AD Integration • Support Costs• OSC Presence
  28. 28. SharePoint Online 2010 – Customer’s Requirements • 3rd Party Tools • BI• Bandwidth / Network
  29. 29. Exchange Online 2007 Concerns Outlook 2003 support Custom mobile device policies POP/IMAPUnified Messaging Messaging Records Management Customize OWA login page On-premise OCS voice/UM integration Transport rules Server-side auto-forwardingJournal to on-premise archive Allow SMTP relay Application connectivity via older APIs OWA multi-factor authentication Post-processing of outbound mail Free/busy calendar sharing Cross-mailbox search PowerShell access Exchange Management Console access “Send as” capabilities Public folders
  30. 30. Exchange 2010 Online Outlook 2003 support Application connectivity via older APIs Public folders
  31. 31. Greatest Flexibility and Control Google Microsoft On Premise NO YES Hosted YES YES Segmented NO YES Hybrid NO YES
  32. 32. Other Reasons to Consider O365• Win Backs Future of Productivity• Features• Training• Employee Morale• Support• Collaboration• Mobility• Security• “Complete” Offline• HIPAA• Cost
  33. 33. Win Back Customers
  34. 34. Cost Google • Google $50 per user per year Microsoft • Plus AD Sync • Plus ActiveSync • Plus filtering • YearlyClient Plus $5,841,664.00 $3,385,860.00 Yearly/User $104.69* $60.67Monthly/User $8.72 $5.05
  35. 35. Comprehensive Security & Compliance Framework Industry Standards and RegulationsPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard Media Ratings CouncilHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. Controls Framework Predictable Audit Schedule Identify and integrate: Test effectiveness and assess risk Regulatory requirements Attain certifications and attestations Customer requirements Improve and optimize: Assess and remediate: Examine root cause of non- Eliminate or mitigate gaps in control compliance design Track until fully remediated Certification and Attestations ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification Statement of Auditing Standard (SAS) 70 Type I and Type II attestations
  36. 36. Encourage You to Invest Time with BOTH Privacy Documents• we may collect and maintain information associated with those messages, such as the phone number, the wireless carrier associated with the phone number, the content of the message, and the date and time of the transaction. We may use your email address to communicate with you about our services.•
  37. 37. Case Studies & Tools/Resources
  38. 38. Where do we start?
  39. 39. Getting to the Cloud• Understand Your Requirements – Get Ready• Attend Technical Overview - Introduction – Download the Deployment Planning Tool – Download the Network Testing Tool• Participate in two day SAW – Marriage Counseling• Start a POC – Living together• Production Pilot - Marriage• Migration Planning and Migration – Raising Kids• Use – Empty-Nested Retirement
  40. 40. Your Journey to the CloudCapability &Technical FitLegal &ComplianceSecurity, Privacy, DataSovereigntyBusinessValueGovernanceTransaction/ProcurementServices &SupportPartnersOutcomes:Go / No GoDecisions:
  41. 41. Moving to the Cloud SharePoint Email Migration Exchange Dir Sync CAS/HUB Future AD FS 2.0 State AD Prep Desktop PrepCurrent State
  42. 42. You Decide to “Go It Alone”… On the occasion of a Service Interrupting Event (SIE), Microsoft Online Services continuously updates the channels below to provide you necessary information to manage your business. Microsoft Online Services strives to earn your business and trust through our best in class service and ongoing communication. Service Health Dashboard The best location for Service Update information. Updated regularly through any SIE and notifies you of any upcoming planned maintenance. TwitterFeed is continuously updated as Facebook SIE incidents occur. Get the latest updates, tips!/Office365 and more delivered straight to your Facebook stream.!/ Community Blog office365 With access to forums, community, and community, you’re always receiving the most updated information. us/default.aspx
  43. 43. Three Best Friends tmoen@avtex.comus/download/confirmation.aspx?id=26509 @cloudmovr us/exdeploy2010/default.aspx#Index
  44. 44. How We Deliver Intellectual Property (Notification, Elle, Video Kiosk, Interaction Portal etc.) Professional ServicesStrategic Consulting Integration Customization Unified Contact Portals CRM SharePoint Comm. Center Dynamics Lync ININ Application Development Infrastructure (MS, WAN Op, SAN, DC, Gateway, etc.)
  45. 45. Our Mission Our mission is to use our technology know-how to enable our clients to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers
  46. 46. A Portfolio of Optimized Interactions
  47. 47. Avtex Customers. Avtex helps you deliver pleasing, productive and profitable interactions.
  48. 48. Updates SharePoint• Enterprise Readiness• Recycle Bin Enhancements• External Sharing Gets a Broader Reach• PDFs Handling Improvements
  49. 49. Other Updates• Improving the sign-up form by removing the post sign-up “continue” page• New simplified service settings pages for small business (Plan P1) customers• Office 365 Shared Mailboxes Tool is now available• An Updated Exchange Deployment Assistant including the Hybrid Configuration Wizard is now available• Adding support in four additional languages: Arabic, Polish, Thai and Bahasa• A new Exchange Online Migration Performance Guide is now available• Lync-to-Phone availability is planned for Q3 CY2012 (US/UK-only)• User Soft Delete is now targeted for availability in July 2012
  50. 50. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  51. 51. Microsoft Office 365 Value Instant messaging * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  52. 52. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  53. 53. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  54. 54. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability