Exploring the Cloud


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An introduction to cloud computing and Office 365

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Exploring the Cloud

  1. 1. Exploring the Cloud Chris Harris
  2. 2. Cloud Computing Why?Drivers – Technological Advances. Hardware more powerful, software more capable, Cloud emerges – Economic Climate - More for your money – Flexibility - Organisations need to be agile – Technically savvy staff/ ‘social networking’ generation – A highly competitive industry e.g. HP/Dell/IBM MS/Google/Cisco Apple/Blackberry/Microsoft/AndroidConsequences – More new products and “ways of doing things” than at any other time – New set of challenges – Decision making, implementation, support & maintenance
  3. 3. Cloud Computing What is it?Hardware/Software hosted externally and delivered via the internetTwo broad categories1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)- Hosted servers/storage. Can bededicated or shared Example Providers - Rackspace, 1& 1 - Rise, BT, Think Grid2. Software as a Service (SaaS)– hosted software/applications.Usually shared platform Example Providers - Google Apps – Online Office Tools - SalesForce - Customer Relationship Management - Microsoft – Online Services (365)
  4. 4. Office 365 Business Ready Service• Its proven – 100 million users (est. 300 million 2015)• Its familiar – Office/Outlook, eases transition• 99.9% Uptime, Financially backed SLA• ISO 2007 Datacentres• Backup spread over locations• Email archiving included• Provides a uniform platform and uniform user experience• Enables anywhere working, any device, anytime• Enables shared working but retains individual partner identity, security and control• Lighter on bandwidth than many solutions, and users can work off line when needed
  5. 5. Office 365What do you get?
  6. 6. Office 365 SharePoint• Keep staff up to date with latest company information• Provide a collaborative working space for documents• Reduce the flow and impact of non-essential internal email• Better navigation & Search- Built-in search feature for all documents and list entries• Remote web-based access to documents, files, and folders• User friendly version control and simple document recovery• Built-in Wiki and Blogging facilities to present company information in more dynamic formats• Personal site profile features for staff to share interests and experiences
  7. 7. Office 365 Exchange Online• Well-established in “The Cloud”• Integrates well with existing on premise systems• Little change for users• Very stable and reliable solution• 25Gb Mailbox limits• Archiving• Legal Hold• Anti Spam/Anti Virus
  8. 8. Office 365 LyncConnect from virtually anywhere • Find and connect with friends and peers using PC, web, or mobile phone • Join meetings in one click from OutlookSee who’s online • Use the presence indicator to see when associates are online and available • Set your status and control who sees it so others know when and how to contact youOnline meetings • Save travel costs by conducting online meetings including audio, video, and web conferencing • Include up to 250 participants inside and outside of your businessGet more done in your meetings • Share desktops, files, and presentations online • Invite others to lead and share • See the list of meeting participants; know who is speaking
  9. 9. Office 365 Costs - Product
  10. 10. Office 365 Getting Started• It’s a change in way people work• It’s a change in the way you think about your ‘network’, and how you store and manage data• Time will be needed to ensure training is provided, and staff can use the system effectivelySO…• Planning is King• Undertake a Pilot• Work with an experienced partner• Get managers on board & support staff
  11. 11. Q&A What’sWhere will it What will in it for What are the it cost? us? How does alternatives?go wrong? it work? What if later Could I lower we need to costs further? change direction? Why What do we What will wouldn’t need to sign happen we do up for? with legacy this? apps? How Chris@coopsys.net do we Your pay for Questions it? ? www.coopsys.net 020 7793 0395
  12. 12. Windows 8