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There is much debate around the virtues and pitfalls associated with cloud solutions; one thing is clear, if your organisation uses any Microsoft productivity products such as Office, cloud based or not, you should be aware of Office 365. Office 365 has been available since mid-2011 and is currently in its second major iteration; it is very clear that Microsoft sees it as a key offering and this will have wide ranging implications even for organisations that are determined to remain cloud free.

Waterstons specialist consultants will discuss the use of Office 365 and how it relates to Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Desktops and integration with infrastructure applications. The seminar will cover the advantages, disadvantages, business benefits and potential pitfalls of using Office 365. The team will also explore what the future might look like and how this will have an impact far beyond those companies who have chosen to dip their toe in the 365 cloud…

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  1. 1. @Waterstonsltd Office 365 Cloud or not, you should know how it will shape your organisation’s future
  2. 2. Introduction • Alex, Charlie, Andrew, Ben • Why the seminar? • What this isn’t • A different angle • Weighing the pros and cons • History / What • Considerations
  3. 3. Background and History • Launched June 2011 • Brought together SharePoint, Exchange and Lync into a single offering • Replaced Business Productivity Online Suite • Responding to Google’s service Google Apps • Upgraded in February 2013 to the Office 2013 versions • $1.5 billion for Microsoft • Fastest growing commercial product in Microsoft history
  4. 4. The Traditional Benefits • Cost* • 100 users – Midsize business plan is £11,760 per annum • Scalability and Resilience* • Updates and Maintenance* • Technical Support* • Universal Access* * your mileage will vary
  5. 5. The Traditional Challenges • Integration * • Data Security / Compliance * • Service Availability / Uptime * • Technical Support * • Customisations * * your mileage will vary
  6. 6. What is Included?
  7. 7. But what do you actually get?
  8. 8. Something New • Cloud first • User experience • Added features / functionality not available yet • Quick and simple to pilot “Microsoft is a devices and Services company” – Steve Ballmer “Mobile first, Cloud first” - Satya Nadella “The cloud is going to be core to everything we do” - Brad Anderson
  9. 9. “Cloud First” - Updates On premise
  10. 10. SharePoint - Refresher • Collaboration • Content Management • Social enterprise • Search • Business Intelligence
  11. 11. SharePoint – Differentiators • PowerBI – BI suite for Office 365 • OneDrive for Business • Up to 1TB of storage per user • Yammer – social enterprise features • Share with external users
  12. 12. SharePoint – Key Considerations • Customisations • Integration with LOB systems and content • Data migration • Universal access
  13. 13. Exchange - Refresher • Email • Calendaring • Task Management • Contacts • Voicemail
  14. 14. Exchange – Deployment Options • Everything on-premises • Everything in Office 365 • Hybrid • Specific services • Archiving • Anti-spam / anti-virus • Data loss prevention • Intellectual rights management
  15. 15. Exchange –365 Differentiators? • IRM • Active Directory Rights Management Services • Azure Rights Management • Yammer • Mailbox clutter • Journaling
  16. 16. Exchange – Key Considerations • Customisations • Integration with LOB systems • Backups • Data retention • Client support (software) • Outlook version
  17. 17. Lync - Refresher • Lync does: • IM/Presence • Conferencing • Chat rooms • Telephony
  18. 18. Lync – On prem • Pro • All functionality • Phone integration • Deployment Flexibility • Cons • Infrastructure requirements
  19. 19. PSTN
  20. 20. PSTN
  21. 21. Lync - 365 • Pro • Simplicity • Con • IM/P + PC based conferencing • Limited telephony for now • O365 Marketplace • Consider • WAN design & traffic flows • Compliance / regulatory • Hybrid is possible
  22. 22. Desktops/Laptops/Devices • Office interaction with any other application • Where is your data? • You need an internet connection • Operating system/software and hardware dependencies • Windows 7 or 8. Mac users OS X 10.6 (or later). • Internet access to install Office 365 and to activate and manage your subscription (once a month). • IE 9, Firefox 12, Safari 5, or Chrome 18. • Hardware spec
  23. 23. Infrastructure Applications • Anything that interacts with Office, Exchange, Lync, SharePoint • Usually overlooked • Examples • Fax to email / Alerting • Click to mail/message in Service Desk tools • SharePoint interaction with SSRS • Anything you click a button in and automatically opens an office document • Upgrading • Limited control • Re-validation
  24. 24. But What About your Data? • Data Integrity • Need to determine business requirements • Meets most security requirements • But not all… • PCI-DSS • Card details • CoCo Connect • Government • UK/EU restrictions • Could be synced to North America • Data Access
  25. 25. Data Classifications Information Category Description Example Information Assets Public Information which is or can be made public. Advertisements Public web content Proprietary Information which is restricted to internal access and protected from external access. Unauthorised access could cause a drop in customer confidence, could influence operational effectiveness, cause financial loss or provide gain for competitors. Internal presentations Performance data Source code Proprietary knowledge Confidential Information received from Customers, or sensitive information about Customers and Staff. Customer Data Customer intellectual property Customer documents Customer backups Internal reports Restricted Highly sensitive information Limited access to specific individuals Passwords HR & Payroll Backups Card Data DPA Information
  26. 26. Data Classifications Category Public Proprietary Confidential Restricted Description: Prevent easy access without prolonged or determined access to the device Prevent access even with prolonged and determined access to device As per confidential and access is restricted to specific individuals Physical Media or Device Printed Media ok In possession of staff or customer In possession of staff or customer, within property Held in the safe or secure ICT Server room Mobile Phone ok PIN Coded PIN Coded & Remote Wipe not normally acceptable Laptop / Tablet ok User authentication Authentication & Encryption not normally acceptable Portable Storage ok Encryption Encryption Held in a safe PC ok User authentication Physically Secured within property or Encrypted Physically secured within property Cloud Storage ok Encrypted Encrypted not normally acceptable
  27. 27. Wrap Up • More questions than answers • Consider the challenges for each “component” • But Office 365 is more than the sum of its parts • Could you have the best of both worlds? • It will shape your on premise deployment now, or in future • Some of the considerations raised apply to any cloud solution
  28. 28. Upcoming Events…. • Beyond Intelligence: The Business Insights Maturity Model • 20th June Waterstons’ Business analytics specialists Dan, Chris and Michael will present Waterstons’ latest thinking and experience around the drivers behind analytics and intelligence in the business environment, and the current business analytics marketplace.
  29. 29. Keep in Touch…. @WaterstonsLtd