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Blogging for small business beginners
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Blogging for small business beginners


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How to set up and use a blog in small business

How to set up and use a blog in small business

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Blogging for Beginners - SBDC, Aug 2010 Charlie Gunningham Manager,
  • 2. 1994 Age of Surf 1998 Age of Search NOW Age of Social Media Blogging for Small Business 3
  • 3. BLOGS - a “web log” - leave comments, post - Start your own * go search/read/comment* or Wordpress Blogging for Small Business 4
  • 4. WORDPRESS BLOG STATS June 2010 - 11.4 mn blogs hosted - 260 mn visitors / month - view 2 billion pages / mth - 66% are in English (9% Spanish) -350,000 new posts / day -400,000 comments / day
  • 5. – What do people want? Communication! – What do businesses do? Talk AT, not WITH customers Blogging for Small Business 7
  • 6. “Markets are conversations” conversations among humans sound human natural, uncontrived, humble, honest public can switch, so can staff – quickly if you want us to talk to you, tell us something business is only part of our lives, it’s all of yours talk is cheap, silence is fatal The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual by Christopher Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls, David Weinberger Pub 1999 : read it for free at
  • 7. “Markets are conversations” human natural, honest quick tell us something business is only part of our lives talk is cheap, silence is fatal
  • 8. “Markets are conversations” human natural, honest quick tell us something business is only part of our lives talk is cheap, silence is fatal
  • 9. “Ask not what the internet can do for you… ” Peer to Peer Sites Communitainment Sites BLOGS (“Web Logs”) RSS Feeds Podcasting Web 2.0 – or „Social Media‟
  • 10. THE RULES… not expensive in $’s Blog often, blog interesting Show your passion Encourage staff to blog Be authentic Ideas spread Allow public to comment
  • 11. BUT… expensive in time DON’T blog if you’re.. trying to sell boring a command + control freak
  • 12. BENEFITS? You’re asking the wrong question, but since you asked… Better Traffic & SEO to your site Fun, empowering for you/staff Listen + Learn from your public Gather interesting content What goes around comes around “Markets are conversations” = the future of marketing?
  • 13. Blogs are fantastic for SEO! Blogging for Small Business 15
  • 14. Mark Anderson’s BLOG Blogging for Small Business 16
  • 15. Blogging for Small Business 17
  • 16. Look at blogs, read loads of them If you had a soap box, what you speak about? Start one today (it’s free – How could your media (your website) have a blog?
  • 17. BLOGGING 101 - eXAMPLES 1. Blogger e.g. 2. Wordpress e.g. 3. DotnetBlogEngine e.g 4. Micro Blogging e.g twitter, facebook, 4square Blogging for Small Business 19
  • 18. BLOGGING 101 – fEATURES - The Post (newest to top) - Comments (live or moderated?) & commenting - RSS / subscribe - Tag Cloud / Categories - linking to FB, twitter Blogging for Small Business 20
  • 19. BLOGGING 101 - iSSUES - Dealing with spam - SEO benefits - Long form (3-4 paras) - Short form (twitter, updates on FB) - Security/Risk Management - Investing the time, who? What? When? Blogging for Small Business 21
  • 20. (long form) 1. Blogger let’s start one now! 2. Wordpress e.g. look inside 3. DotnetBlogEngine - inside Blogging for Small Business 22
  • 21. BLOGGING 101 – so what? Start one? Start commenting (gain confidence/SEO) Read lots of them Decide what you’ll blog about You do need to be able to write well! Blogging for Small Business 23
  • 22. How can BLOGS help your business? Blogging for Small Business 24
  • 23. FORUMS - interactive, Q&A - opinions, learn from customers? - you/they post question points - comments „thread‟ / link thru‟ >> Platforms: … Blogging for Small Business 25
  • 24. PODCASTING - audio file (usually) - record interview, testimonial… - have them downloadable Blogging for Small Business 26
  • 25. THANK YOU! - and all the best with blogging! - for these slides, contact me… 0411 092 669 Blogging for Small Business 27