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Sports and Social Media, Practical Advice


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A fairly introductory session on sports and social media, delivered to a wo

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Sports and Social Media, Practical Advice

  1. Sports & social media – practical advice<br />Download this deck from<br />4th October 2011, S+RA<br />blog<br />linkedin<br />slideshare<br />@johnrduffy<br />@nemisys<br />John Duffy<br />Marketing Director, Nemisys<br /><br />01189 122226<br />
  2. Experience – some of the company we keep<br />
  3. Other sports<br />
  4. Our first ever sports project (!)<br />
  5. Social media & services<br />British Horse Racing Authority<br />The Football Association<br />Rugby Football League<br />Sport England<br />British Universities & Colleges Sport<br />English Golf Union<br />Synergy, for Guinness<br />England Squash & Racketball<br />British Judo<br />English Table Tennis Association<br />The Children’s Trust<br />Ipadio – live audio<br /><br />Vodpod – live video<br /><br />
  6. We’ll cover<br />Basic social media content types<br />Content planning<br />Practical advice for your web site & social media<br />Some practical hints and tips<br />
  7. What we’re not going to cover<br />Truly social organisations – I want to be more practical today!<br />But do please read Christopher Carfi’s Social Customer Manifesto<br />I want to have a say.<br />I don't want to do business with idiots.<br />I want to know when something is wrong, and what you're going to do to fix it.<br />I want to help shape things that I'll find useful.<br />I want to connect with others who are working on similar problems.<br />I don't want to be called by another salesperson. Ever. (Unless they have something useful. Then I want it yesterday.)<br />I want to buy things on my schedule, not yours. I don't care if it's the end of your quarter.<br />I want to know your selling process.<br />I want to tell you when you're screwing up. Conversely, I'm happy to tell you the things that you are doing well. I may even tell you what your competitors are doing.<br />I want to do business with companies that act in a transparent and ethical manner.<br />I want to know what's next. We're in partnership…where should we go?<br />
  8. Is social media relevant to sport?<br />Passion<br />Loyalty<br />Commitment<br />Networks<br />BANTER<br />“As a brand manager, I crave the passion you have access to on sports. You have no idea how lucky you are ...<br />No matter how well we do, how many of my customers will say they loved staying in our hotels so much they want their ashes scattered in the foyer?”<br />
  9. Question<br />With your permission, what information can I find out about you from Facebook?<br />
  10. ReachingFacebook information<br />
  11. Museum of Me<br />
  12. Capturing Facebook information<br />Person who gives permission<br />About_me<br />Activities<br />Birthday<br />Education<br />Events<br />Groups<br />Hometown<br />Interests<br />Likes<br />Location<br />Photos & tags<br />Videos & tags<br />Religion & politics<br />Web site<br />Work history<br />Email<br />Friend lists<br />And their Facebook friends<br />As above, apart from<br />Email<br />Friends list<br />
  13. Content, the key to your success<br />
  14. Content types<br />Photos<br />Staged, reportage, action<br />Sneak previews, behind the scenes, capturing emotion<br />Don’t forget they don’t have to be yours – you can post about other peoples’ photos too<br />Video<br />The types of video content are identical to photo<br />With video, it’s even more common to post other peoples’ video to your page<br />Links<br />Can be informative<br />Or occasionally just post for fun<br />Questions and polls<br />Can be looking for information you need<br />Or again just for fun, asking for people’s opinions and views<br />
  15. What do you have to draw on?<br />Matches<br />Leagues<br />Tournaments<br />Cups<br />Festivals<br />Think age ranges – youth to seniors<br />(Race) meetings<br />Community work<br />VIP visits<br />Elite athletes<br />Funded athletes<br />Walking groups<br />Committee meetings<br />Sponsor opportunities<br />Photos<br />Video<br />Links<br />Questions & polls<br />Before<br />During<br />After<br />
  16. Pull it together: content planning<br />Download your copy here:<br /><br />
  17. Your own content plan template<br /><br />Download<br />Edit & improve to fit your organisation<br />Run through your events calendar<br />Feed back improvements and ideas (optional!)<br />
  18. Ideas for getting your web site ‘ready for social’<br />
  19. Your web site, most basic<br />Encourage people to share your content to their friends<br />You can do this even if you have no social media presence<br />Use (eg) Addthis on pages<br />
  20. Example<br />Clicking here shares a link for your page with my friends<br />
  21. Example<br />Clicking here sends the results to my friends – great for banter!<br />
  22. Encouraging fans & interaction<br />Where you have a social media presence, promote it on your web site<br />Use simple links<br />Or use “social plugins” from social networks<br />
  23. Example<br />Clicking here links people to EGU’s Twitter account, Facebook page etc<br />
  24. Example<br />This box shows all SRA Members’ Tweets on their home page, a great way of saying “know us by knowing our Members”, and a nice way to tip your hat too.<br />
  25. Example<br />You can include a feed from your Facebook page too – in fact virtually all social networks allow you to do this<br />
  26. Example<br />England Athletics broadcast live from events via mobile phone using ipadio<br />Disclaimer – ipadio is a Nemisys product<br />
  27. Integrating “social” fully<br />At an early enough stage, you can work out how to integrate social actions fully with your online presence<br />Ranging from “Sign in with Facebook/Twitter”<br />To prompting social actions at key points on your web site<br />Using social media to enable discussions<br />To cross-posting automatically to social media<br />
  28. Sign in with Facebook<br />Offering an alternative to sign in via a social identity works well, but should be part of a larger strategy because you don’t automatically ‘own’ all the user data<br />
  29. Social discussions<br />BUCS are allowing Facebook discussion around each team and league. It’s early days (only Scottish Unis are playing just now), but referrals from Facebook jumped overnight.<br />
  30. ‘Full’ integration<br />Because ipadio is a social technology, we allow a single phone call to show in iTune, Facebook profiles & Pages, Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal<br />Disclaimer – ipadio is a Nemisys product<br />
  31. Developing for social media<br />Facebook welcome page<br />Facebook Apps<br />
  32. Example<br />This welcome tab clearly guides visitors to actions you want them to take.<br />Maybe consider a “Like our Page” prompt too?<br />
  33. Example<br />The FA allowed fans to create their own England shirt and use the shirt for their profile pic – arguably this was more successful than the team itself, but that’s sport!<br />
  34. Example<br />This Facebook Page detects a webcam and then allows the visitor to record direct to the Page – which is why the author’s ugly mug is in view!<br />Another disclaimer, another of our technologies<br />
  35. Recap<br />Share MY content to YOUR friends<br />Join MY social network on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc etc<br />Read about my social networks on my web site<br />Use YOUR social identity to register with MY web site<br />
  36. Some basic advice and tips<br />
  37. Where the networks sit<br />Facebook<br />Consumer<br />Huge<br />750M global<br />29M+ UK<br />Twitter<br />Journalists<br />Consumer<br />100M global, UK n/a<br />YouTube<br />Consumer<br />2nd largest “search engine”<br />Flickr<br />Consumer<br />4 bn photos<br />UK usage n/a<br />Linkedin<br />Professional<br />20M+ across Europe<br />ipadio (ahem!)<br />Small – not relevant as an audience in its own right<br />But plugs you in to Facebook & Twitter with just a phone call<br />
  38. The key to success<br />If it’s not a conversation, it’s not SOCIAL<br />And people chat about:<br />Photo<br />Video<br />Audio<br />Opinions<br />Competitions<br />Fixtures and Results<br />
  39. Don’t just ‘be’ your organisation<br />
  40. Engaging with people<br />On the value of pubs ...<br />
  41. Some common sense don’ts<br />Don’t butt in.You wouldn’t walk straight in to a new pub, sit down at a stranger’s table and hog the conversation<br />Don’t ignore people. Don’t dominate the conversation, but do join other peoples’ conversations if you have something to offer.<br />Don’t “broadcast” your links all the time. Sometimes it’s nice just to chat rather than sell.<br />
  42. And equally common sense dos<br />Do be a regular. That way strangers know where to find you. Work out how often you can post, Tweet, share etc based on resource + content plan.<br />Do listen. Be ready to answer if your name comes up in conversation. You will find automated barmen/maids who will listen for you and let you know if your name comes up while you’re not there.<br />Do thank people. Really simple. If someone likes or shares your content, thank them!<br />Do vary your posts. Back to the pub – don’t only tell jokes, tell stories and discuss current affairs too. Mix it up with photos, videos, questions, opinions and of course links.<br />[FB] Do write “for the news feed”. Even though you are writing on your own wall, remember that most people will read your message on their own news feed. So saying things like “check out the tab on the left” doesn’t work.<br />[FB] Do send updates, but only for really important things. Edit page > resources > connect with people & then you can send your message. This arrives as a notification, so don’t use this too often or you will turn people off.<br />[FB] Do make your page as open as possible. Allow fans to post to your page, add photos, tag photos etc. This is the best way to benefit from Facebook’s viral effect, so if you don’t do this it’s just more marketing!<br />
  43. 1 final do<br />Do visit<br />Free access to:<br />Intro to Facebook for NGBs<br />Social media & CRM in sport<br />Ipadio usage for London 2012<br />Social media & sports for universities<br />[+ Google Analytics & search engine optimisation tips]<br />
  44. John Duffy, Marketing Director<br />Questions?<br /><br />@johnrduffy<br />Download this deck & others from:<br />
  45. Hat tips<br />Read these!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
  46. Sales spiel<br />Obviously we produce web sites, promote events, consult on digital strategy and social media, create mobile & web apps<br />In addition to that we have developed some technologies that we can plug in to other peoples’ web sites and CRM systems<br />Read on if you’d like to know more<br />
  47. Get Active Portal<br />This is the London version of our national sports venues, events and activities portal<br />NGBs – list all your clubs & events on this platform<br />Professional clubs – list your community events (you won’t need us for your league fixtures!)<br />
  48. Ipadio<br />ANY phone call live to ANY web site<br />Or moderated before publishing if you prefer!<br />Sports uses<br />Pre & post match interviews<br />Commentary<br />Bring fans closer to players<br />Enter competitions<br />CRM uses<br />Take audio direct to customer record from phone<br />Take key stroke data direct to a customer record via customisable “voice forms”<br />Take customer surveys using audio and key pad direct to their record<br /><br />
  49. Vodpod<br />Take input from ANY webcam to YOUR web site or app<br />With moderation, of course<br />Used by British Horse Racing Authority for The Filly Factor<br />Webcam on & have a go<br /><br />