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Social 101 Facebook

Wanna learn more about Facebook for your business?
• Why do people share?
• Latest FB Statistics.
• What's the value of a "Fan"
• What happens after you click "like"
• "Edge Rank" What is it, and why you need to care.

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Social 101 Facebook

  1. Facebook!Social 101 ClassMarcus NelsonDirector of Social Media
  2. O hai. @marcusnelson Director of Social Media @marcusnelson #fbclass
  3. Today’s Agenda   Why do people share?   Facebook is big   The basics   Fan pages   Fans equal value   Edge Rank   Social plugins   Q&A @marcusnelson #fbclass
  4. Why do people share @marcusnelson #fbclass
  5. Motivations for sharingsource: @marcusnelson #fbclass
  6. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  7. In other words… @marcusnelson #fbclass
  8. Facebook is big @marcusnelson #fbclass
  9. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  10. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  11. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  12. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  13. Facebook is consuming people’s time @marcusnelson #fbclass
  14. Facebook is the largest login provider @marcusnelson #fbclass
  15. The basics@marcusnelson #fbclass
  16. Facebook glossary Profile = Your page, contains info, photos, videos, and list of your friends, or whatever else you choose to include. Post = Message of 420 characters or less. Wall = Where you & friends post to your profile. ‘like’= Button used to indicate appreciation, affiliation, or acknowledgement without having to add comment. News Feed = Continuous stream of updates. Fan Gate = Page requiring a ‘like’ in order to gain further value, content, of information. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  17. What does ‘like’ actually do Replaces the old “Become a Fan” Replaces “Share” by auto-posting to your wall @marcusnelson #fbclass
  18. Fan Pages@marcusnelson #fbclass
  19. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  20. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  21. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  22. Harsh truth… @marcusnelson #fbclass
  23. So what’s the value? @marcusnelson #fbclass
  24. Source: @marcusnelson #fbclass
  25. Fans equal value @marcusnelson #fbclass
  26. Start by making them fans @marcusnelson #fbclass
  27. This is why we need the ‘like’ Getting posts into the newsfeed is critical to building impressions @marcusnelson #fbclass
  28. Source: @marcusnelson #fbclass
  29. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  30. Edge Rank@marcusnelson #fbclass
  31. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  32. Edge Rank is Facebook’s algorithm Ranks on relevancy Shows 3-5 most interesting posts (FB randomizes it slightly so it doesn’t seem so stalkerish) Most fans NEVER see your status updates @marcusnelson #fbclass
  33. How does Edge Rank work? Time decay – as time passes, stories lose points Affinity score – comments & likes add points my comments are worth more than my friends comments are worth more than non-friend comments The native “Edge” score – eg, photos have a default score that’s different than text @marcusnelson #fbclass
  34. Can’t SPAM it as hard as you may try EdgeRank is between an object and a user – unlike SEO, EdgeRank score is different for each user No such thing as generic “Edge Rank score” – the architecture of the algorithm makes it impossible Real-time score – competes with everything in newsfeed… as long as a status update is in the top 3-7 posts, you’ll probably be shown until time decay reduces points OR other posts push you out Note: Mobile uses “Most Recent” which makes up 30% of users @marcusnelson #fbclass
  35. You CAN optimize your content Posting time – Saturday mornings are best Content – Does it connect with people. Format (text/photo/video/link) – Video/photo works best Localization – Target “become-a-fan” ad campaigns at friends of your fans @marcusnelson #fbclass
  36. Optimal days to post @marcusnelson #fbclass
  37. Readability — speak in simple language @marcusnelson #fbclass
  38. Linguistic content — sex sells! @marcusnelson #fbclass
  39. Most sharable words @marcusnelson #fbclass
  40. Least sharable words @marcusnelson #fbclass
  41. Video performs better on Facebook @marcusnelson #fbclass
  42. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  43. @marcusnelson #fbclass
  44. Social Plugins@marcusnelson #fbclass
  45. Like button @marcusnelson #fbclass
  46. Send button @marcusnelson #fbclass
  47. Comments @marcusnelson #fbclass
  48. Activity feed @marcusnelson #fbclass
  49. Recommendations @marcusnelson #fbclass
  50. Like box @marcusnelson #fbclass
  51. Login button @marcusnelson #fbclass
  52. Registration @marcusnelson #fbclass
  53. Live stream @marcusnelson #fbclass
  54. Q&A@marcusnelson #fbclass
  55. Kraig’s points for discussion   FB platform   FB connect, what’s "login w/ FB", why do people use it   What are social plugins....   How are companies (that are not publishers like zynga) managing a brand and presence on FB?   what are best practices? @marcusnelson #fbclass
  56. Thank you@marcusnelson #fbclass
  57. Sources   University of Pennsylvania index.html?inline=nyt-org   Jeff Widman of   12 Awesome Facebook Stats, Charts & Graphs   Science of Facebook Marketing by Dan Zarrella @marcusnelson #fbclass