3D password


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3D password
a more secured authentication

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3D password

  1. 1. AuthenticationAuthentication is a process of validating who you are to whom you claimed to be. Human authentication techniques are as follows: 1.Knowledge Based (What you know) 2.Token Based(what you have) 3.Biometrics(what you are)
  2. 2. Three Basic IdentificationMethods of passwordPossession Knowledge(“something I have”) (“Something I know”)•Keys •Password•Passport • Pin•Smart Card •Face Biometrics •Fingerprints(“something I am”) •Iris
  3. 3. • Password is basically an encryption algorithms. It is 8-15 character or slightly more than that. Mostly textual passwords nowadays are kept which are very simple.
  4. 4. Passphrase It’s the enhance version of password. It is a combination of words or simply collection of password in proper sequence. It contains any well known thought also. Length of passphrase is about 30-50 character or more than that also.
  6. 6. Biometrics•Refer to a broad range of technologies.•Automate the identificationor verification of an individual.
  7. 7. Based on human characteristics or body organs
  8. 8. Process
  9. 9. % market shareby type ofbiometrictechnology in2003
  10. 10. PASSWORD •How secure is your password? Now with the technology change, fast processors and many tools on the Internet, cracking password has become a Childs Play. Ten years back Klein performed such tests and he could crack 10-15 passwords per day.
  11. 11. PASSPHRASE•Passphrase length is about 30-50 characters ormore than that so it creates ambiguity to rememberif there is no any proper sequence.
  12. 12. BIOMETRICS•Biometrics has also somedrawbacks.Suppose you select your fingerprintas a biometrics..But what to do when you have crackor wound in your finger.And now a days some hackers evenimplement exact copy of yourbiometrics also….
  13. 13. 3D PASSWORD
  14. 14. •The 3D passwords which are morecustomizable, and very interesting way ofauthentication.•A 3D password is a multifactorauthentication scheme thatcombine RECOGNITION +RECALL +TOKENS +BIOMETRICS in one authentication system.
  15. 15.  The 3D password presents a virtual environment containing various virtual objects. The user walks through the environment and interacts with the objects. It is the combination and sequence of user interactions that occur in the 3D environment.
  16. 16.  This is achieved through interacting only with the objects that acquire information that the user is comfortable in providing.It becomes much more difficult for the attacker to guess the user’s 3-D password.
  17. 17. Virtual objects Virtual objects can be any object we encounter in real life: A computer on which the user can type in A fingerprint reader that requires users fingerprint A paper or white board on which user can type An Automated teller(ATM) machine that requires a token A light that can be switched on/off A television or radio A car that can be driven A graphical password scheme
  18. 18. Snapshot of a proof - of - concept virtual art gallery , which contains 36 pictures and six computers
  20. 20. 3D Virtual Environment•3-D virtual environment affects the usability, effectiveness, andacceptability of a 3-D password system.• 3-D environment reflects the administration needs and the securityrequirements. 3D Virtual Environment
  21. 21. The design of 3D virtualenvironments should followthese guidelines:Real Life SimilarityObject Uniqueness & Distinction3D Virtual Environment SizeNumber of objects & their typesSystem Importance
  22. 22. Advantages  Flexibility  Strength  Ease to Memorize  Respect of Privacy
  23. 23. Applications The 3D password’s main application domains are protecting critical systems and resources. Critical Servers Nuclear Reactors & military Facilities Airplanes and missile Guiding
  24. 24. A small virtual environment can be used in the following systems like-AtmPersonal digital assistanceDesktop computers & laptopsWeb authentication etc.
  25. 25. Attacks and Countermeasures Brute Force Attack Well studied Attack Shoulder-surfing Attack
  26. 26. Conclusion •The authentication can be improved with 3d password ,because the unauthorized person may not interact with same object at a particular location as the legitimate user. •It is difficult to crack ,because it has no fixed number of steps and a particular procedure. •Added with biometrics and token verification this schema becomes almost unbreakable.
  27. 27. QUERIES