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Market xcel profile

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  2. 2. Market Xcel at a glance Market Xcel is a boutique market research firm that provides custom market research solutions to the clients. The strong background of the leadership team and the employees allow us to deliver very high quality service. At the same time the smaller size of our firm, translates into lower overheads, allowing us to provide the cost competitiveness that cannot be had from the large market research giantsCompany Profile:Establishment Year : 2000 AD MRSINumber of Employees : 109 • Market Research Society of IndiaPresence in India : Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai ESOMAR Hyderabad • European Society of Marketing and Researcher Kolkata Mumbai New Delhi (Head Office) AIMRI PuneOffices International : Singapore • Alliance of International Market Research Institutions (UK) U.K.Domestic Affiliates : 11 citiesField Interviewers (India) : 200 AGMRTelephonic Interviewers : 50 (Multilingual) • Associated Global Market Research (UK)Seasoned & experienced researchers; Online panel andCATI capabilities 22
  3. 3. About usMission :Our mission is to become an entity offering a holistic marketing research service of any magnitude across regionsVision :To be the Enterprise of the future and viewed as one of the best & proficient people to deal with, in areas of our competenceKeys to Success : We focus on balancing three basic metrics for any project: On-time delivery Quality Price 33
  4. 4. Value EquationDecades of client- and supplier-side experience Business ServicesDig deep to understand our client’s opportunities, HR/Benefits and Researchchallenges, and key questions Training/Education ResearchOn-point recommendations based on well targetedresearch Industry Knowledge World Class Business Global Research Acumen Capabilities Client Accountable Service Proactive Communicative Issues Delineation Responsive Study Design Flexible Data Collection Accurate Analysis Consistent Business Interpretation
  5. 5. Role We Play ONLINE QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE CAPABILITIES  Multi-Category Studies  250,000 double opt-in panelists Focus Groups  Personal Interviews  60% panelist spread across 11 Mini-Groups  B2B CATI Center most researched cities in India  CAPI Interviews  Key Profiling Parameters : In Depth Interviews  Tracking Gender, Age, Income, Marital Observation Techniques  Central Locations Status, Education & Occupation  Mystery Shoppers Bulletin Board Groups  Sub Panels:  Self-Administered questionnaires Personal, Employment, IT, Finan On-line Groups  Internet Surveys ce, Automotive, Leisure, Shoppi ng & Ailment
  6. 6. The Differentiator…Amidst the research glut in the market, what sets Market Xcel apart is the overall approach towardsproviding research services across platforms and categoriesThough there are prominent research companies in the field, Market Xcel is one of the few companies,which works in synonymy with ClientsWorking across different verticals has equipped the company with an experience, which provesbeneficial for the Clients in all aspectsMarket Xcel provides bespoke services to its clients. The company keenly focuses on the perennialneeds of its Clients thus delivering localized & Client centric solutionsThe company is also known for its cost reduction mechanisms. Market Xcel’s low-key profile helps itsClients to get world-class research services at reduced costs 6
  7. 7. Industries We Service… Industry Vertical Category (qualitative, quantitative and secondary research)Automotive Research 2 WheelersStudy types: Satisfaction, communication testing, preference, product features evaluation 4 Wheelers& more… LCV & HCVs Tractors General Practitioners & PhysiciansHealthcare & Pharmaceutical Research SpecialistsStudy types: Voice of consumer, communication testing, preference, evaluating Hospitalsprescription pattern and drug efficacy & more… Chemists Path Labs & Research Centers CTO/CIO/IT HeadsInformation Technology Research System IntegratorsStudy types: Understanding budget spends, brand share, communication testing, ideation Manufacturers & OEMsresearch & more… End Consumers EstablishmentsTele-communication Owners & IntendersStudy types: Satisfaction research, brand image, usage and attitude, mobile application Dealers & Distributorsresearch, network evaluation, retailer satisfaction, impact of number portability & more… CorporateFMCG Consumers all SECsStudy types: Sensory research, product test, brand image, usage and attitude, ideation Age & Gendersresearch, segmentation research, cues to communication & more… Supply ChannelsIndustrial Research Purchase, LogisticsStudy types: Market sizing, trends, growth, feasibility, sector potential, profiling key Benchmarkingplayers & more… Associate Interviews 7
  8. 8. …Industries We Service Industry Vertical Category (qualitative, quantitative and secondary research)Retail Research Modern FormatStudy types: Price benchmarking, promos, indexing, mystery audit, feasibility, catchment Cash & Carryprofiling & more… Apparel, Grocery, Durables Core banking customersBFSI Bank branches and ATMsStudy types: Communication testing, product feasibility research, service evaluation at Credit/Debit card holdersvarious touch points, satisfaction research, usage and attitude & more… Insurance policy holders TownshipReal Estate & Property Convention centreStudy types: Feasibility research, demand-supply measurement, demand for green Mallshousing, product off-take, city profiling, product mix & more… Tourist destinationsFood & Beverages RetailStudy types: Blend test, product test, usage and attitude, SKU stocking patterns across Youthretail formats & more… General consumersMedia General entertainment channelsStudy types: Content and character evaluation, brand image, usage and attitude, ideation Movies and Musicresearch, cues to communication, consumer connect, home immersions, gang-survey, feel Youththe pulse & more…Education & Social Research Users – general / BPL familiesStudy types: Market sizing, course content evaluation, evaluating service parameters, Stake holderscommunication testing, barrier analysis – understanding cultural mindsets, assumptions Government and NGOsand processes & more… 8
  9. 9. Our Esteemed Clients… 9
  10. 10. …Our Esteemed Clients 10
  11. 11. Our Contact DetailsMarket Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd. Key Contacts: DelhiDelhi Ashwani Arora16 Sant Nagar, East of Kailash +91 11 42343503 Mob. +91 9818462100New Delhi – 110 065 11 42343500 (Phone)+91 11 41325150 (Fax)Mumbai Mumbai Alwin SamuelParvati Industrial Estate +91 22 43345500205 Sunmil Compound Mob. +91 9322255571Lower Parel West alwin@market-xcel.comMumbai – 400 028+91 22 43345500 11 11
  12. 12. Thank You!Your Research Partner 12 12