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Unltd. Credentials jan 2013


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A bit about UnLtd..., our cases and work portfolio

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Unltd. Credentials jan 2013

  1. 1. A Bit About It January 2013
  2. 2. CONTENTS(division by category)SEGMENT SLIDE NO. Overview of services, beliefs, relationships 3 Portfolio FMCG 17 Portfolio Rural (Women) 34 Portfolio Lifestyle 46 Portfolio Retail 52 Portfolio Media Brands 102 Portfolio Corporate Brands 111 Profile and Testimonials 128
  3. 3. Because there is always something more…
  4. 4. Genesis UnLtd…Strategic Branding & Consumer Diagnostics Consultancy:Set up in Oct. 2005 in an effort to provide seamless creative business solutions – from finding strong insights to drive a core idea, to using imaginative ways to explode the idea in any arena of business. Thus, took the application of creative solutions from just advertising and communications to every aspect of the business:  Distribution (channel relationships);  Retail innovations: innovate in formats, energise merchandise, experience and service management;  Product (innovation and augmentation),  Human Relations (employer branding solutions, stake holder relations);  Brand Equity (branding, core values, extensions and non alignments);  Design Solutions (identity and branding, packaging solutions);  Consumer diagnostics (creative unconventional ways to research)
  5. 5. The opportunity and belief A single core need : “Insightful Creative Solutions are becoming the need of any business problem/area today” UnLtd…believes it is by finding solutions that are rooted in insight and creativity Unltd… works on the model of creating an ecosystem of the most seasoned and creative professionals who are drawn in basis the needs on a project.A quiet but successful relationship with some blue-chip clients has helped UnLtd… grow strong over the last seven years
  6. 6. What is UnLtd… The ideas incubator End to end development of ideasOr interjection at any stage of development… In any area of business
  7. 7. Insightful Creative Solutions…in communication, business and beyond
  8. 8. Strategic insight Into the lay of the Creative Ideation Idea Execution Idea Validation Business: Divergent Development Taking idea Identifying, Disruptive of relevant to consumers sharpening defining problem Convergent creative piece/s through Identifying Concrete concepts to express idea unconventional opportunities… & quali research IDEATION INCUBATION STAGES ON ANY BUSINESS ISSUE BRAND COMPANY BRAND Communication Brand Equity and Identity Culture Internal communication New brand concepts Employer branding Positioning CHANNEL & RETAILPRODUCT Retail & in store BUSINESS STRATEGYProduct innovation Shopper insights Portfolio managementPackaging and Energizing Channel & creating portfolio conceptsdesign developmentMerchandise Studies COMMUNICATION CREATIVE STRATEGYVariant and line strategies Concept development & 360 degree SOLUTIONS CONSUMER CATEGORY Film script development Concepts, Campaigns, Segmentation design, digital Exploratory Deeper insights Entry Strategy Exploratory Ethnographies
  9. 9. Key Services  Strategic Consulting  Working with the team to identify and define the problem sharply  Applying strategic direction to the problem using the necessary tools  Ideation & Imagination creative services  Brainstorms and Interactive Ideation sessions to find the ideas  Creative team for ideas – talent suitable to a project  Executing the ideas where required  Stimulus for research  Design and branding solutions  Strategic Research, Consumer diagnostics & Validation of Ideas  Quali research at a National Level Capability to handle multi centre, multi language projects in urban and rural set ups
  10. 10. Key Services: All India Research Services  Qualitative research is the core competency of UnLtd… We are capable of offering the full circle of research services on an All India basis: Urban, Rural and Rurban We have a team of very experienced and skilled research professionals and much of the moderation and analysis is done by very seniorconsultants most with over 10-12 years experience in the field of research and communications  Our field teams are also the best in the industry and our standards of quality recruitment are part of the commitment to quality
  11. 11. Tools & Process  Qualitative projective techniques  Innovative research and consumer workshops  Sequential recycling Ethnographies, proxy ethnographies (simulations) and photo-cataloguing  Mock shops  Workshops  Brainstorms/e-brainstorms  Creative hot-shops  Brand Architecture tools  Design development
  12. 12. Business areas that UnLtd…has tackled It is about application of creative/innovative business solutions to any business problem BRAND BUSINESS STRATEGY Equity and identity Portfolio mgmt … CHANNEL MGMT. Brand architectureNew brand development Channel Relationships Creating portfolio Brand innovation & energizing the system concepts Communication Brand extensions Entry strategies CONSUMER PRODUCT COMPANY BRAND Segmentation Product development Employer branding & Insights & innovation Internal communication Exploratory, Packaging and product Programs U&A, trends design development Company as a band Concept tests RETAIL Creating New Concepts, COMMUNICATION CATEGORYBreaking format sameness Concept development Exploratory in 3 key categories: Full creative services and U&A Multi-brand Outlet, campaign development Entry stragegy Value retail, /execution Kids store
  13. 13. Business areas that UnLtd…has tackled It is about application of creative/innovative business solutions to any business problem BRAND BUSINESS STRATEGY Equity and identity Portfolio mgmt … CHANNEL MGMT. Brand architectureNew brand development TRENT ltd.portfolio Channel Relationships Creating Brand innovation & energizing the system concepts Communication Brand extensions Entry strategies CONSUMER PRODUCT COMPANY BRAND Segmentation Product development Employer branding & Insights & innovation Internal communication Exploratory, Packaging and product Programs U&A, trends design development Company as a band Concept tests RETAIL Creating New Concepts, COMMUNICATION CATEGORYBreaking formatltd. TRENT sameness Concept development Exploratory in 3 key categories: Full creative services and U&A Multi-brand Outlet, campaign development Entry stragegy Value retail, TRENT ltd. /execution Kids store
  14. 14. Multiple categories, UnLtd... clients… Corporate Agency Lifestyle & Media FMCG B2B Fashion Financial Consultancies new balanceRetail &Services Colgate TRENT ltd. TEA
  15. 15. Key Categories UnLtd…has Partnered  Media and television: Star TV, Lonely Planet magazine  Retail: Westside, Fashion Yatra, Trent Ltd., Cartoon Network and POGO retail ventures, Rebirth Salons for Yash Birla group  Lifestyle: KERASTASE Paris, Wolverine: CAT, MERRELL, & HUSH PUPPIES, for the development of new shoes/apparel brands in India including NEW BALANCE SPORTS WEAR,,  Media and their offline retail brands: Star CJ Alive, Cartoon Network, Pogo FMCG: Godrej Consumer Products (Hair colour, soaps, Branded henna, Deodorants), Emami (Body talc), Sara Lee (household insecticide), Marico (dealer relationship program), Cavin Kare (Deodorants equity and brand progression, Hair colour, Balm), J&J (skin care), Lakme (skin care)  Foods: FERRERO India (chocolates and confectionary), Sreesta Bionaturals for 24 Mantra Organic foods brand, Jay Tea, B3 Nutritional supplements for Yash Birla group
  16. 16. Key Categories UnLtd…has Partnered Corporate: Emerson (Employer branding program), RSB Global (Corporate branding exercise and study), Mahindra (segmentation study for rural women for CSR)  Financial: MF Global (broking house study to mine insights to re-launch the brand communication program)  Aviation: Go Air (brand launch and development of positioning and identity)
  17. 17. Portfolio: FMCG(Food, household, personal products) •Hair Colour: Godrej, Cavin Kare •Herbal Henna: Godrej •Household insecticides: Godrej Sara Lee •Deodorants: Cavin Kare , Godrej •Soap: Godrej •Talc: Emami •Food: Sreesta Organic, Ferrero India •Skincare: J&J, Lakme
  18. 18. FMCG Brand Development work Equity studies, brandprogression, communication development: Concept tests, communication, packaging, brand name & Film Development studies
  19. 19. FMCG: Henna Re-launch of the brand Nupur Two Phase Study 1. Initial Concept development research: a National study on 4 centres a. Insights into the usage and attitude for the Mehendi category b. Communication concept development c. Packaging test (three options) 2. Script development Research: National study in three centresTesting two alternative scripts for their strength and resonance for the launch of the brand
  20. 20. FMCG: Hair colour New Variant Development: Nupur Hair Colour Concept and Packaging development 3.Concept and Packaging test for the new variant under brand Nupur Need to clarify the strategic impact of a variant like colour on the all natural brand of Natural Henna  Finding a strong RTB and discriminator as compared to the other options in this segment  Clear the directional development of idea and packaging options in three diverse markets
  21. 21. FMCG: Hair colour Positioning a New Brand of Hair Colour Four Phase sequential recycling research study Concept to final communication development Worked with team Godrej to validate and evolve the development of the concepts for a new brand of hair colour :  Understanding the overall relationship with the category  Understanding the relationship with the brand and the competition  Communication concept  Packaging  Brand Name development  Final Brand Idea and TVC
  22. 22. FMCG: Hair colour  1. Perception Audit and Marketing mix check  Determine if the marketing mix is competitive enough and to fine tune all elements against key competitors:  Communication and advertising  Promotions  Retail level presence and availability  Professional saloon presence  Pricing  Packaging  To track the overall consumer perception towards the brand  To track and see the impact of colour over dye 2. Old heritage brand Film (auntyji/uncleji) test for an interim campaign exercise (till brand re- launch scheduled for end 2009)  3. New campaign development for the re-launch of Godrej Expert Hair Dye and its merged image with Hair Colours (urban and rural study)  A strong strategic move and directional deviance for the brand for the first time in the history of the brand.  Need for ratification on the imagery impact on the current user and the implications of reducing the negatives associated with the nomenclature of Hair Dye with the new up grader to colour
  23. 23. FMCG: Soap Godrej No. 1 Soap New Variant Mix Test  Concept, Packaging and Price for a winter variant of the brand  Two alternative concepts to launch a new variant of No.1  Alternate packaging  Pricing New packaging test – testing the first ever packaging change for one of the largest brands in the Godrej portfolio  A Four centre urban and rural study to understand the strategic impact of the various packaging routes developed
  24. 24.  Broad exploratory in the area of various insect repellants and the role for the new brand  Concept testing for a new brand of aerosol insecticide
  25. 25. FMCG Product Innovations Project: GCPL Finding new product ideas for differential positioning in the Hair Oils and Household Scourers Category  PROCESS  USED INNOVATIVE CONSUMER GROUPS to generate new product ideas  Internal ideation and consumer ideas used to come up with product concepts  Looked into the household space beyond the kitchen to understand the role of a scourer and looked beyond hair growth & protection as a story for hair oil  Concepts then sequentially recycled to come up with strong differentiated ideas to make for strong entry strategies into the over proliferated categories
  26. 26. FMCG: talc Navratna Cool TalcBrand study to take the brand to its next level and expand the franchise
  27. 27. A holistic brand study An All India Study to understand the Core Equity of the brand as it is today  Usage and attitude in the Talc category and segmenting the market  Mapping the positioning and expansion opportunities for the brand to take it to its next level of growth
  28. 28. FMCG: deodorants Equity and brand progression An all India study to understand the core Brand Equity and along with find the strongest insights to connect with the youth consumer New communication was also tested and the fit with the brand found and the strongest proposition taken forward for the next stage of growth for the brand
  29. 29. FMCG: Food Category Exploratory Study for Organic Food  Attitude towards food: health versus taste parameters  Understanding the consumer mindset towards organic food options A deep cut insight mining and tipping points understanding into whatwould surge the motivation and movement towards the next generation of food  Four centre study with the lifestyle and the SEC A core middle class segments:  Mindset segments  Propositions that would help move the market  Insights and triggers to build the brand proposition and the brand idea
  30. 30. Followed by sequential recycling of the launch concept Post the exploratory UnLtd…worked very closely with Client and agency teams to evolve the positioning concept for the brand The concepts were then tested and recycled in a two centre research for the final positioning and creation of the Branding Idea
  31. 31. Innovations Mix tests and development of potential concepts for India  Working with the local India teams to develop the right positioning,product and packaging strategies for the new innovations under their two key mainline brands  Testing concepts, products, packaging and new ideas development  Innovation concepts and strategies for new ideas
  32. 32. New Tea Brand: Entry strategy, 3 stage developmental research STAGE 1 EXPLORATORY  All India study on Tea bags as a new and emerging category of Tea  Consumer Segmentation  Deep usage and attitude towards the category: Drivers, motivators, triggers, barriers, habits, emerging changes in the view to tea  Validating the current brand Mix  Testing the brand name and  the packaging  Product blind tests Identifying the positioning opportunities and the platforms for the new brand in a category getting highly proliferated
  33. 33. New Tea Brand: Entry strategy, 3 stage research  STAGE 2: Testing the positioning concepts and platforms and working towards thecreative briefs for working out communication, Branding Idea, packaging, Brand name and identity  STAGE 3: Testing the final brand identity, brand idea, packaging
  34. 34. Portfolio: RURAL•Womens’ Segmentation: Mahindra CSR
  35. 35. RuralRural Exploratory & Segmentation Study And program: women in rural India Believe in something larger than yourself Get involved in the big ideas of your time Barbara Bush
  36. 36. A new look at their ongoing Loyalty Program : Mahindra ShreeReach the Members of their loyalty program through the key influencer –the women folk in their life context
  37. 37.  Mr Anand Mahindra’s personal project – reverse integration in rural society Uplift & enable members of the rural population over a period of time, to build brand loyalty and engagement Talk to the key influencer – the tractor owner farmer’s wife and find ways to connect with her at a larger social level  So that the Company creates a closer and stronger relationship with its core customers – the rural population and farming fraternity
  38. 38. TRACKING THE VALUE SYSTEM OF THE RURAL WOMAN Interactions Entertainment Work Self projection Looks Value Dressing system Defining the behaviour Social Her beliefs opinions Home values Personality & expression Body movements Self interests
  39. 39. Life dimensions studied for each segment  Profile and lifestyle  Attitude to life  Attitude to husband and children  Attitude to education (self and children)  Attitude to family planning and birth control  Attitude to health and personal care Tracking her social milieu and her sources of entertainment  Self interests  Attitude to religion and its play in her life
  40. 40. Segmentation based on inner and outer needs... The Liberal Dormant The educated unmotivated The Bonded Destitute housewife The totally uneducated, underprivileged poor OUTWARD AFFILIATIVE INDIVIDUALISTIC The Liberal Change Agent The educated working woman The Silent AwareThe partly educated literate, INWARD homebody The Frustrated Struggler The educated homebody desperate to break free & rebel
  41. 41. Tracking the Attitudinal Progression (based on the inner/outer needs of the segments) & Identifying the cheerleadersThe Liberal Change Agent The educated working woman Rurban The Liberal Dormant The educated unmotivated housewife The Frustrated Struggler The educated homebody desperate to break free & rebel The Silent Aware Rural The partly educated literate, homebody The Bonded Destitute The totally uneducated, underprivileged poor
  42. 42. Tracking the Attitudinal Progression & Identifying the cheerleadersThe Liberal Change Agent Prioritizing needs : The educated working woman Rurban Education of child Aspirations for self The Liberal Dormant Areas of Interest The educated unmotivated Health housewife Vocation The Frustrated Struggler The educated homebody desperate to break free & rebel The Silent Aware Rural The partly educated literate, homebody The Bonded Destitute The totally uneducated, underprivileged poor
  43. 43. Identifying one big motivator that would effect these women positively Finding a compatible platform to the Mahindra Shree Program
  44. 44. Branding the Program.. Forging one Big Movement that will make impact by owning a core vulnerability OWN SELF WORTHGain Confidence by connecting withthe most important part of their lives KID‟S EDUCATION Support and build relationship through regular contact Connect with: Things of interest Health etc
  45. 45. Identified a broad platform that the brandcould own and an activation plan totranslation of the idea into realityCreated the template of activities underthe Stree Samaan branding and program
  46. 46. Portfolio: LIFESTYLE•Kerastase Paris (Brand of L’Oreal Paris)•Footwear : Tata International•Food and nutrition supplements: Birla Lifestyle•Wellness Retail concept: Birla Lifestyle
  47. 47. Lifestyle: Footwear TATA INTERNATIONAL: NEW LIFESTYLE BRANDS Strategic exploratory research for: -Exploring an entry strategy into the nascent but rapidly growing Indian lifestyle market-Carve a position for new brands of International footwear and garments -Define the product strategy
  48. 48. TATA INTERNATIONAL  Entry strategy and exploratory studies for the potential and acceptability of three leading International brands Both studies all India three metro based deep cut researches for assessing the overall strategy and consumer mindsets towards lifestyle apparel and footwear  Areas covered:  Usage and attitude towards the category: Lifestyle footwear, sports footwear and garments  Planning the product lines  Competitive mapping and Positioning the brand  Consumer segmentation and identification of the target segment  Testing the communication and international propositions to fine tune with local insights
  49. 49. Brand Equity and Audit Worked with Wolverine International and Bata the local franchisee in India to fine tune and build the growth strategy for the brand:  A 360 degree approach that looked at: 1. The consumer relationship with the brand and its fit in the wardrobe done through vivid peep into the shoe closet, wardrobe audits and ethnographies  tracing the traditional role of the brand as a formals best in category to a lifestyle and fashion accessory in the space beyond formals to contra formals with comfort 2. Retail audit and understanding what would make the retail space the face &soul representing the brand and creating high levels of attention and excitement – mono brand and multi brand retail accompanied visits3. Group discussions with loyalists and triers to understand the depth and core of the relationship with the brand, its equity and strength. Also way forward to make a connect with the woman customer  Strategic way forward for the brand to build the expected the desired volumes
  50. 50. Lifestyle: Food &Nutrition Wellness Two New Brand Concepts Both category building new brands: 1. New brand of nutritional supplements – consumer brandExploratory and Insight mining exercise to define the to market strategy and the positioning concept that would break through a very tough market of strong international players2. A retail concept in the beauty and wellness services & products space -Tested Store branding and new product branding design - The power of retail experience and what would draw people in and create repeat traction
  51. 51. Lifestyle: Premium hair care through Salons L’OREAL : Institutional Brand KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME BRAND EQUITY AND AUDITA deep cut RELATIONSHIP AUDIT of the brand with its current consumer -Brand Emotional Environment and DNA: likes, dislikes, feelings, associations, happinesses, disappointments -Brand Architecture -User Segmentation -Brand Functionality: key attributes and delivery -Communication and its delivery -The Competition System, threats and perceived replaceables -Way forward
  52. 52. Portfolio: RETAIL•Lifestyle Fashion: Westside•Value Fashion/MBO: Trent/Fashion Yatra•Teleshopping Brand: Star CJ•Kids Retail: Cartoon Network/Pogo
  53. 53. Retail : Lifestyle Fashion TRENT: WESTSIDEHave been the Strategic and MR partner to the brand since 2005 and inception of UnLtd… Partnered in key milestones: 1. Brand Equity Study 2. Product renovation and innovation 3. Redefining businesses: home division4. Testing/ validating new concepts & communication (film tests) 5. Store monitors
  54. 54. Retail : Lifestyle Fashion 1. Brand Equity BRAND EQUITY RESEARCH STUDY AND CREATIVE SOLUTIONS Key Issue Westside (TATA-TRENT), pioneer in the mass retail revolution. Need to stay relevant & fresh to customers in an ever evolving fashion scenario.Need to track the core equity with its most loyal customer and the customer who is today multi-brand and multi outlet Plan the future of the brand basis the understanding of its core equity
  55. 55.  Approach  Individual probes, ethnographies with Westside loyal customers  Focus group discussions with mixed profile of Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle, Pyramid and Westside brand shoppers Across a cross section of segments – young adult to older married, Male and Female, couple talks
  56. 56. COMPLETE SHOPPING EXPERIENCEBehaviour assessmentChanges in the scenario:-Attitude-Resources-Mindset BRAND ASSESSMENT Brand equity and Identity Need gaps and opportunity analysis Brand architecture – current and desired Competitive identity assessment IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS Brand Platform Identification of core customer profile Platform for communication development Solutions for experiential marketing Product development ACTION TAKEN Youthified the profile Fashionology – the communication plank Style guide workshops Catalogue designed like a style guide
  57. 57. TRENT: WESTSIDE 3. Product Evolution StudyTracking the perception and translation of fashion to merchandise for the mid premium customer
  58. 58. Retail : Lifestyle Fashion 2. Fashion Quotient Monitor Product Evolution Study Tracking the perception and translation of fashion to merchandise for the mid premium customer Key Issue Westside apparel has a strong ‘sameness’ perception In the every evolving and fast paced category of apparel fashion, how important (to different consumers) is the Fashion Quotient across occasions and segments The delivery of this would impact product development and changeAnd simultaneously have implications in communication and brand evolution
  59. 59. The Approach  Focus Groups with the orientation of workshops  To make the whole observation and assessment as real as possible  Customers asked to get four garments of their own wardrobe for different occasions and tell us why they found them fashionable  Customers asked to pick their aspirational fashionable wardrobe for four occasions from magazines  A scrap book built from this to assess key trends and patterns  Shopping trips & experiential tracks  Shoppers taken to mock shop trips – Westside and competition.  Asked to pick the clothes they would find fashionable and actually buy for themselves. Photos of likes and dislikes taken in trial rooms Real mapping of features and elements they found stylish, fashionable yet wearable and why Tracking what leads to the building of imagery of being perceived as a fashionable brand – or a brand that is step ahead  Wardrobe audits  Actual observations and conversations on how people divide their wardrobes, refresh them and use their garments
  60. 60. Key solutions  Understanding the whole expression of fashion and style and what it means to people across segments and age groups Key trends in the way people dress and their expectations from a large format apparel store  Impact of brand in the spectrum Key trends that will define the directions of product development and change
  61. 61. Heart of the Study Opened out what the customer meant by the ‘Westside Sameness Factor’ and ‘the typical Westside look’ Consumer interactivity in understanding how to break this and make the brand offer more consumer centric Visible changes in the conservative approach – yet maintaining the style and core of the brand
  62. 62. Reality and executionInsight: In Chennai women came to groups with sarees – mush cause for concern as the Westside woman is and Indo-western fashion adopter. Sarees in Chennai provided a fabulous clue into understanding how fashion translates to the traditional form like a saree  Women carried sarees which were the newest fashion- sarees with mobile pockets, reversible sarees, sarees in denim silk, pre-pleated and butterfly pallu …formed the new language of fashion  Saree Retailers across Chennai created a new lingo for the latest saree style – women hung onto this lingo How we translated this Solutions:- Do not change the form, innovate and restyle the original form. Women will not jump out of salwaar and sarees into halter necks ! They need a new style in the saree and the salwaar - Give them a lingo to spew, show off as the latest fashion in front of their peers, friends and for self worth. Thus salwaars tied at the ankle become haarems, balloon pants or even patialas
  63. 63. Reality and execution Insight: Much of the sameness came from the core product kurtis Being a private label also does not make for the newness created by brands How we translated this Solutions: Have the core product centre stage but surround with the newer styles which are not core Westside signatures but create the feeling of newness- Volumes come from the core product but the image of fashion gets built through limited lines of off-centre fashion
  64. 64. Reality and execution Insight: Predictable pricing of the core product (399/-, 499/-, 599/-) gives a feeling that within this price band not much fashion can be offeredThis pricing strategy appealing to the older value conscious customer but unappealing to the younger customer who has the spending power How we translated this Solutions: - Create limited designer wear with differential price points : recent additions of Wendell Rodrigues and Narendra Kumar to heighten imagery- Creation of a youth brand private label to cater to the younger customers needs as they are willing to pay the extra : ‘Nuon’ the younger brand introduced
  65. 65. Outcome A series of solutions to deliver fashionability impacting the various departments and decision points in the delivery system: Store level and Marketing Local promotionCommunication : Advertising and Buying and product other media development
  66. 66. Retail : Lifestyle Fashion 3. The Westside Home Study Category Study: exploration into the fashion & décor needs of the contemporary Indian Home – insights, trends of key segments Objective of the study was to align business to the real needs of the consumer A Multi faceted study that took a holistic view of this category: Tracking the actual in home reality of the consumer – what she really is doing within the four walls and what role the home plays in her physical and psychological interaction with the world and herself Understanding the actual experience for the consumer at the actual point of retail – tracking the moments of truth in the actual space, the offering of choices , the pricing strategies and her view of value, the actual likes and dislikes with merchandise  to the future developed merchandise for the brand Westside and her interaction and reaction to this
  67. 67. Category Study 1. Explored the space of the Home Category  A deep usage and attitude towards various categories of home merchandise (kitchen, bedroom and living spaces)  Mapping the trends in homes and the opportunities these present for the development of merchandise  Understanding the various consumer segments and their attitudes towards home décor  All tracked through deep ethnographies and home observations, photo- cataloguing what they have in their real spaces 2. Experiential audit of how they perceive the Westside experience & an actual touch & feel of the merchandise, its fit into everyday life  Store visits to track responses to the experience and actual merchandise in store: store visits and ethnos in store Tracking the use of the merchandise already bought by customers in their real space: ethnographies and photo-cataloguing their homes  Getting their responses to the new merchandise development: Show and Tell Groups
  68. 68. Category Study… 3. Mapping the competition perception and the actual experience Comparative visits to stores to get an actual feel for the customer experience and the interaction points with merchandise  Real likes and dislikes, opportunities and threats, needs and gaps  Overall perceptual mapping of the brand and why it engages the customer better than Westside 4. Strategic way forward for Westside  First mapping where the brand is today in the mind of the consumer  Juxtaposition this with the competitive offering and thereby mapping the opportunity and space for eh brand Strategic Development of merchandise in tandem with the given opportunity and positioning options
  69. 69. Retail : Lifestyle Fashion4.Westside New Brand Communication New Campaign test - New film and Press Campaign testing for the key campaign in 2011 - Have a robust Model for communication testing
  70. 70. Retail : Lifestyle Fashion5. WESTSIDE Product & Brand Mix Monitor Locality specific Store Monitors Besides the core product study and UnLtd…also does a regular track in specific tier II and III markets to understand the product and brand mix at the Westside stores and their relevance and fine- tuning to the needs of the market
  71. 71. Retail : Value Fashion & MBOTRENT Ltd. NEW VENTURES Developing new footprints: A. Multi-Brand Outlet B. Value Apparel
  72. 72. The New Ventures Task  Trent looking at developing new format apparel centric retail offerings  A turnkey brief to develop the concept and branding for two new Store Formats The key variable to create a new more experiential & brand centric format and idea
  73. 73. Understanding and developing the portfolio offering Delivering differentiation MULTI BRAND OUTLET in a current parity format situation Strengthening the private label WESTSIDE brand Delivering fashion and FASHION FORMAT OUTSIDE a brand suited to the massOF THE HYPERMARKET FORMAT consumer
  75. 75. The core of the MBO project How to cut the sameness factor in current large format retailAnd create a structure that is more interesting and a better experience for the customer
  76. 76. Scope of project for UnLtd… Understanding the whole space of retail under the Multi-brand Outlet format-national and international  Creating the concepts for the TRENT Store  Creating the stimulus for the concepts Validating the concept ideas through Quali Research at a National level  Solutions into the core needs of the format and the modalities of the concepts and their connections with the retail consumer
  77. 77. Ideas incubator at work Out of the box methodologies and approachCreated an animation film :Which set up the problem of Multi Brand Outlets (MBOs) in their current formand structure:-SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT was the theme-Ideas invited to break the monotony of the retail experience in an MBO-The film was the stimulus to instigate and trigger ideation Interactive innovation brainstorm E-ideation Offsite with diverse Film used on the company members from varied intranet to generate ideas departments from anyone Development of concept ideas for the new MBO Objective: to differentiate and create a real experience that would be dependant not just on the brand but the real retail product, store experience
  79. 79. Project Value Apparel: Idea incubator  End to end idea creation  Concepts creation: communication and store concepts  Brand Name options  Understanding the level of Fashion Quotient versus value in this segment  Concept validation with consumers-sequential recycling  Test groups to understand the first cut motivations  National market research test  Re-engineering the idea  Going back to missed markets with reconstructed proposition and brand name Store launch with the brand name and final concept created by UnLtd…
  80. 80. Execution and reality Some interesting insights we uncovered to make the experience UnLtd…  Most women said that though their kitchen needs had been met by the large format stores their fashion needs had been unmet Traditional middle class women wear sarees (missing in most large formats). The fashion need should be seamless thus no where does she get the full ensemble – saree, then matching ….blouse, petticoat, chappal, handbag, bindi, bangles had to be searched for in different locations How we translated thisSOLUTION: provide her a seamless buying and shopping experience andhave it all under one roof in display specially since this customer needsfashion advice and help in making the combinations
  81. 81. Execution and RealityInsight: Self service and being left alone to make the choice is intimidating to this audience and customer. They are used to a lot of help and aid in identifying their choice with the help of a salesmen  The saree shopping experience of being shown 100 varieties  The salesmen as the voice of fashion and trends  Salesman as the voice of reassurance on what suits her and what does not How we translated this Solutions: Self service and classic stocking patterns of large format apparel stores with a island available to those who wish to sit and be served (shown the latest varieties) Attempt to ride the customer to a non-intimidating accustomed pattern of buying apparel
  82. 82. Execution and reality The first value store currently launched in 2008 at Kalyan (one store fully operational) and the roll out to other tier iii cities is rapidly on The concept was selected from the options UnLtd…developed and tested  Brand Name chosen from the options developed by UnLtd… Some snapshots of the store at Kalyan and the campaign which resulted from the end study….
  83. 83. Store in Kalyan
  84. 84. 1st Store Launch: Kalyan
  85. 85. Retail : Teleshopping Network STAR CJ ALIVE TURNKEY PROJECT FOR POSITIONING AND LAUNCH OF A NEW RETAIL BRAND 1. Positioning, launch and creative strategy for a home shopping network 2. And the launch Creative Campaign for the Channel3. Study to understand Merchandise strategy: Fashion and Cosmetics Categories
  86. 86. Retail : Teleshopping Network1. A four stage project to launch the channelHome shopping a very nascent category in India and fraught with strongnegative associationsHowever a very successful alternative retail channel internationally and a hugebusiness The challenge: to positivize the image of STAR CJ Alive as a very serious andpremium option to Multi Brand Retail STAR CJ a jv between Star TV and the CJ (Samsung) group of Korea
  87. 87. Step 1PRE LAUNCH TEST- Step 2 4 Stage Ideas IncubatorA study in Mumbai to Development of the A seamless processunderstand the attitude Creative Idea Step 3towards home shopping as acategory and insights to Business Solutions: Three campaign ideas Simultaneousposition and launch a new were presented basedbrand in the space understanding of what completely on the real merchandise would insights revealed in the sell well in the space pre-launch research of Fashion and Step 4 Lifestyle through aInsights to start developing channel where touch Execution of theconcepts and positioning and feel is replaced by Creativeideas well described demos Campaign: Developing the chosen Four films Idea into a 360 degree Press multimedia campaign to OOH launch the channel Radio A two metro depth Digital ideas Study to understand the motivations, triggers, barriers, attitudes Completed a towards shopping on a very successful new channel in a launch with high category fraught with impact and negatives highly appreciated creatives
  88. 88. The write up in Campaign India,star-cj-alive-campaign-built-on-research- response-paagal-hai-kya.aspxStar CJ Alive campaign built on research response “Paagal hai kya?”By Arati Rao on Aug 25, 2010 filed under Advertising, IndiaThe guiding thought for the launch communication of 24-hour shopping channel Star CJ Alive was built around what theresearch team heard in their pre-campaign interviews. Paritosh Joshi, chief executive officer of Star CJ Network, said, “In factduring the same research when people were asked whether they shopped from a homeshopping channel, the most oft-quotedresponse was „Paagal hai kya?‟ Thus out of this „Paagal Hai Kya‟ response was born the „Paagal‟ character – the madman withthe crazy hairstyle.” The guiding thought for the launch communication of 24-hour shopping channel Star CJ Alive was built around what the research team heard in their pre-campaign interviews. ParitoshJoshi, chief executive officer of Star CJ Network, said, “In fact during the same research when people were asked whether they shopped from a homeshopping channel, the most oft-quoted response was „Paagal hai kya?‟ Thus out of this „Paagal Hai Kya‟ response was born the „Paagal‟ character – the madman with the crazy hairstyle.” While in one TVC, the “madman” surprises a man who is going shopping in the rains with his family by laughing at him and saying that it‟s crazy to do so, in the other, he pokes fun of another man who is going shopping with his family but is stuck in a traffic jam. The character, according to Joshi, satisfied the two-pronged strategic and tactical objectives of the brief: “Not only does he convince the consumer to re-look at traditional outdoor shopping, but also educates him about the advantages of both the homeshopping category and the brand (STAR CJ Alive),” he said. The campaign was created by UnLtd, headed by Sudha Kanal. A 360-degree brand communication approach was adopted for the campaign, which included TVC, OOH/outdoor, print, radio and digital (including social media). In the next phase of communication, there will be a short-term objective and a long-term one. “The short-term objective is to extend the brand launch campaign to include the various festive/ social occasions in the Indian calendar with an aim to increase brand awareness and top-of-the-mind brand recall of the STAR CJ Alive brand in the long run,” said Joshi. “The long-term objective would be to re-build the entire homeshopping category by gaining enough consumer trust as well as re-educate the Indian consumer about the benefits of the new homeshopping category as personified by STAR CJ Alive
  89. 89. The Press IdeaHitting the perception on the head – questioning the current perception about home shopping by creating a character called PAGAL who is the voice of reason for the consumer Go to for the TV ads
  90. 90. OOHIndicting and questioning the consumers current shopping environment and habits View the films on
  91. 91. The Merchandizing Study  A pure merchandize development study for 2 vital categories: Fashion and Cosmetics Understanding what will lower the barriers to determine the kind of merchandise people would be comfortable buying off a Home Shopping Channel. Especially in categories where individualization and personal choice through touch and feel is essential Key is to aid the team in determining the success of off takes from the alternative retail channel – sheer business We tracked:  What are the points of credibility in a category mired with dismissal  What brands work  What are the triggers, barriers, motivators and challengers  Which price points work  In Metros and smaller towns – what are the aspirations and drivers  What will establish this as a serious alternative retail experience
  93. 93. Kids a totally new insight and approach  Both Cartoon Network and Pogo required extensive work with kids – a segment that requires a very different and creative approach  We developed several new and out of the box approaches to talk and motivate kids to give us genuine and accurate responses From development of the stimulus, to the unveiling of each option, to the process of getting the right response, kids are a very different kettle of fish. Thus the approach was more of interactive workshops, drawing and story telling techniques, game and role play,etc
  94. 94. Key task  Take the channel equity off line Capitalize the licensing capabilities and monetize the same  Create one space for all merchandise
  95. 95. The idea incubator What started as a category stretch brief became a creation of experience, service and merchandise offering  Understanding of how retail works for kids – a completely new segment versus their mothers who are the key influencer  Creation of concept options to understand the level of involvement and differentiation (especially when the competition is soon going full throttle)  Creation of concept and branding and sub formats  Ideation through insights (test groups)  Executing the concepts to do full justice to an experiential concept  Compatibility with the channel formats and the experience as close in retail  Concept execution into a sophisticated stimulus  National level test and recycling of concept
  96. 96. Step 1PRE IDEATION TEST- Step 2 The Ideas Incubator2 centres on kids and Interactive A seamless processparents Innovation Step 3-Study to map the Creative brain storm Stimulusshopping habits of kids Participants from Development-Quite a radical difference different streams: -Development of 3-from Adults -marketing D animation films-Almost diametrically -advertising agency to bring alive the Step 4opposite -team store concept Quali test toInsights to start UnLtd…(planner and -Creative validate thedeveloping concepts creative director) development of strength of theKnowledge for the - programming scripts conceptsInteractive Innovation and -Brand name -All India Potential ideas for options for thecreative brain-storm research 5 structuring the Store store centres concept -Outsourcing of the - Kids and Based on insights and right partners to parents ideas from a childs Three ready develop the shopping needs concepts stimulus to take to Business Tied in completely to test footprint to the brand needs determine the ideal structure of the retail mix Blueprint to pitch to the retail partners
  97. 97. Project Scope  Ideation sessions for concept ideas Stimulus development for testing optional store concepts developed:  3d walk through and 2d animation films  Brand names  Store format concepts based on merchandise, service and experience developed  National level Quali Tests  Pre test to determine shopping habits of kids National innovative quali research plan with kids, moms and parent groups for testing the store concepts and determining the business model for the store brand
  98. 98. Retail : Kids Retail POGO: taking the on air brand off line End-to-end Turnkey Project End-to-end turnkey project DEVELOPING & ALIGNING THE RETAIL BRAND WITH THE ON AIR PRESENCEUNDERSTANDING HOW TO TAKE THE RETAIL FOOTPRINT FORWAD
  99. 99. The project scope Key Task  The on air brand has strong values but no connecting symbols for kids  The task is to align the retail merchandising business with the brand values without being dependant on the on air properties  Strategic consulting to define the brand extension into retail Development of positioning concepts and propositions to establish the brand and make it relevant to the TG  Testing the concepts and also understanding the brand extension strengths
  100. 100. Project scope Developing concepts for three product categories the brand wishes to be present in  Some have pure product concepts and others based on communication differentiation and development of the brand position and concepts  A national level quali test to validate the concepts completed Entry strategies to take the POGO brand offline in the desired categories
  101. 101. Exploratory and Entry strategy Currently working on a 360 degree research and strategic exercise to:  Understand the consumer lifestyle needs and gaps in apparel and shoes /accessories for iconic international brands  Map the category and carve an entry strategy for one of the key Wolverine worldwide brands in conjunction with TATA International  3 city extensive study covering a design based on Group discussions, wardrobe audits and ethnography, store experiences and retailer motivations
  102. 102. Portfolio: MEDIA•GEC Channel: Star Marathi Channel•Publication: Lonely Planet Magazine
  103. 103. Media MARATHI GEC Finding a space and competitive position for the new channelA Culture Study for an insight into the mind of the Marathi Manoos
  104. 104. The Core Task The key task : to find the space and position to occupy in a market which already has some strong players and is getting populated with more upcoming channels  Two dimensional POV:  Position from the Consumer/ Audience perspective : Firstly Identify the emotional space we could occupy from the Maharashtrian  consumers current life and socio-cultural POV (through the eyes of experts & consumers themselves maybe) &  Secondly identify the available platforms and gaps that the channel could occupy and own  Market Mapping exercise As an addendum in the exercise, to understand where do the existing channels  (Hindi and Marathi GECs) fit in and therefore who would we be close to if we adopt a certain position.
  105. 105. The Approach: THE BRAND Defining the positioning and the brand values Vis-à-vis the competition Finding the right connectsCULTURE SCAN: Of the Maharashtrian THE PRODUCT: PROGRAMINGAudience consumer •PRIMARY FOCUS Understanding the•What are their values, lifestyle, values the new viewer connects inneeds, drivers: defining the culture view of the developed content•What are the emotional connects •SECONDARY ADD ON Understanding•What is their expectation from a the missing links vis-à-vis the brandregional language GEC and the viewer value systems and•Delving into their history for the lifestyle expectationsperspective of the culture and its Coming up with a set of directions/evolution solutions that can be the bedrock for future programming
  106. 106. Span of exercise  Mapping the Core culture – Hoffstede Model (what it is today)  Understanding the missing yet aspirational values (what it is not)  Threats to the culture – invasive influences  Coping with the invasion  How have Competitors fit the space  Emerging opportunities / gaps What the Maharashtrian people see themselves as and how the world sees them  The possible opportunities – Identities and Platforms
  107. 107. How we did it Desk research- A deep study into the history of the Maharashtrian culture – the Marathas, Shivaji, Tatya Tope and the influence of the saints on the culture  Getting it from the horses mouth – an expert talk scan  Editor of the Maharashtra Times  The Chief Buyer of Big Bazaar a large format retailer in Maharashtra  A Marathi film producer and distributor  A Marathi play writer  Professor of Pune University Meeting the consumer – focus groups in interior Maharashtra and the key Metros A kaleidoscopic view of their past, present and future
  108. 108. Key Exercise: Mapping the Core Culture Understanding history and now influences Using the Hoffstede Model,a robust culture model that seeks to span the culture by unpeeling the layers: From the most obvious visual signs and symbols To understanding behaviours motivated through Fellowship to heroes in the society The rituals or traditions And the understanding of the core values that drive it
  109. 109. The Hoffstede Culture Model Symbols and Heroes What are the emerging set of physical manifestations of the culture and behaviour that should reflect as easy pegs to connect with the Marathi speaking people Values Core emerging values systems Practise The core behaviour as a result Changing and unchanging Rituals What have these translated to in terms of: Actual changes in lifestyle and attitudes Elements of vicarious appeal that a media system can adopt
  110. 110. Immediate carry forward  Taking the same model to other critical markets- UP/ Gujarat Mapping the cultural differences between the mainline channels and the regional channels
  111. 111. Portfolio: CORPORATE BRAND •Employer Branding : Emerson/ RSB Global •Financial: MF Global (stock broking)
  112. 112. CorporateCreating a Strong Corporate/Employer Brand
  113. 113. CorporateA unique case of strong research based learning and insights coupled with a strong internal and external employer branding program An effort led by the HR function of Emerson
  114. 114. Emerson…limitless JVs, limited talent Key Issue One of the largest Engineering brands of the world One of America’s strongest Fortune 500 companies Has close to 15 JV companies with totally diverse cultures in IndiaIronically not the most favoured employer in the dynamic and turbulent Indian tech. industry Seen as a middle of the rung company and employer Need to strengthen the employer brand: Synergy of brand across companies and jv partners Consistency of messaging across stakeholders Attraction and retention of talent as an off set of this objective
  115. 115. The Research Blue Print 1. THE BRAND AUDITA. Tracking the current needs, attitudes, expectations and motivations of people through the employee life cycle  The inner needs  The outer needs B. The Brand audit: Tracking the equity and standing of the Emerson brand  understand the impact of the brand and how it connects with the key stakeholders in the whole softer emotional spaceC. Draw up from this a brand architecture of where the brand is today; what is the value system on which its core equity is vested 2. IDENTIFYING THE KEY NEED GAPS AND THE SOLUTIONS  SWOT analysis  Opportunities for the brand and directions for the future health of the brand 3. CREATE A BRAND PLATFORM AND EXPLORE A CREATIVE IDEA  as a direction for establishing future development of the brand equity
  116. 116. Key task Need for a cogent idea based approach to all communications going out on the brand… from what people see in media to the personal interactions with them, to anyone representing the brand Emerson Need for the idea to align itself to the desired value system of Emerson and build the same at every level
  117. 117. Corporate Establishing the Corporate Brand  RSB Global one of India’s largest and most respected Auto Ancillary Companies Company in a state of evolution from family held to the ambition of being publicly held. Ambitions of growing the brand into a multi-national conglomerate with companies in Europe and the US The dilemma of making a B2B brand public and increasing its brand worth beyond the auto world
  118. 118. Task UnLtd… Task: A 360 degree perception audit to understand how the various stakeholders believe and see the company brand as  Audit across intertnal and external audiences in 3 key locations:  Employees : heads of verticals to department heads right upto the cell manager and the line in charge level, HR, Finance and Corporate planning, External Audiences: Clients, vendors, bankers, investors, head hunters and recruitment firms  Plant audit  Methodology: A mix of groups, depth interviews and observation ethnographies
  119. 119. Strategy and Objective To provide a holistic view on the ‘where are as an employer and corporate brand in the minds of all our stakeholders To develop a branding idea and communication platform for the brand in the coming future so as to set the path for:  A Public financial issue (IPO)  A corporate visioning exercise for future brand values and strategy  An internal communications program for a strong employer brand with its focus on employee attraction, retention and motivation
  120. 120. Portfolio: CHANNEL MANAGEMENT
  121. 121. CHANNEL MGMT. Channel Relationships& energizing the system Making a stronger business relationship work with the values of the brand
  122. 122. Key objective A Tri-level Relationship Program Covering Dealers (A, B and C class), Distributors and DSAs  Program objective:  To motivate the trade to do better business with Hutch  (more connections, better deals, better relationship)
  123. 123. Emerging dichotomy between… Current market practice: Fuelled by inconsistencies in product pricing, trade The brand image : margins, selling Of a clean, honest, support,etc trust worthy, The Crux The sense of fair-play professional, being replaced by Supportive, competitive pressurecautious and far sighted Perception that the brand lagged behind in supporting the trade in this competitive scenario Led to the identification of all the needs to be addressed to fix the inconsistencies
  124. 124. The Core Issues for Distributors  SALES TEAM SUPPORT  Training the Sales team  Sales team motivation and recognition  DEALER SUPPORT  Motivating the dealer  SELF DEVELOPMENT AND MOTIVATION  Contests – need for more involving contests  Need for “Samaan”  SELF DEVELOPMENT AND MOTIVATION…  Aspirations for self – need for training (self and coming peedhi) Health management and programs to beat stress and long working hours  NEED TO GROW – their business and their own personal skills  MERCHANDISING SUPPORT
  125. 125. Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses for Trade Criteria Hutch Competition Customer Pull/Brand HH H Trust HH H-M Association HH H-M Ease of selling and service Brand Experience Network H HH Sales process(enrolment tedium) M H After sales service Difficult enrolment process HH M Network complaints Product Scheme H HH VAS HH H Innovation Little differentiation M H Segment specific Little excitement M M-H Conservative non-reactive Channel Experience/Service approachSupport services (help-line, demo-card) M H-HH Demos /training M HFlexibility (revalidation, e-top reversals) Contact M H Recognition High customer focus Standard in product, incentives M-H H Not so high dealer support M H in making the service link M-L M-L easier
  126. 126. Key Needs to strengthen relationship with DSA s  MOTIVATION AND RETENTION OF THE FLEET ON STREET (FOS)/staff  High attrition rate of the FOS- need for special recognition and citation  Motivation for managers  PROFESSIONAL & FORMALIZED SALES /CUSTOMER SUPPORT  ASPIRATIONS FOR SELF  Aspiration to be more than a selling operation Need to be in touch with the company happenings & the importance of being associated with Hutch  Self improvement
  127. 127. The Program Idea