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Awesome Apps

  1. 1. Awesome Apps For K-5 Classrooms Presented by J. Alfonso Champion
  2. 2. Awesome Apps Covered Today • • • • • • • BrainPop ClassDojo Reflector Nearpod Fotopedia Mad Libs iMovie • • • • • • Sushi Monster Wet Dry Try Educreations Dropbox CloudOn Google Translate
  3. 3. BrainPop & BrainPop Jr. • Animated, curricular content. • Supports traditional, blended, and "flipped" learning settings. • Supports individual, team, and wholeclass learning. • Characters help introduce new topics and illustrate complex concepts.
  4. 4. • Helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. • Captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.
  5. 5. Reflector • Replacement for Apple TV mirroring. • Project your iPad onto any Mac or PC. • Frees teacher from tethering. • Allows iPad camera app to become a document camera. • o App located on your desktop
  6. 6. • Launch interactive presentations to engage students. • Students receive curricular content and submit responses on their devices. • Monitor classroom activity and measure students’ results.
  7. 7. • Collaborative effort to create a photo encyclopedia. • Apps cover various topics, themes and locations. • Gives students an opportunity to learn about unfamiliar places • Exposes students to images from different cultures. • Great way to introduce units or topics.
  8. 8. • Fun way for students to review/apply parts of speech. • Use camera to add your own photo or image to a story. • One free Mad Libs collection book (21 stories).
  9. 9. iMovie • Use the camera and microphone to record student work and performances. • Teacher/students can create movies using text, transitions, visuals and music. • Great tool for peer feedback and selfreflection. • Create instructional videos.
  10. 10. Sushi Monster • Keep the monster happy by making target sums and products. • Helps students strengthen reasoning strategies for whole number addition and multiplication facts. • Gives students experience avoiding distractions and extraneous info.
  11. 11. Wet Dry Try • Students master one letter formation before moving on to the next. • It prevents and eliminates reversals. • It helps teach older children size and placement of lowercase letters. • Provides a multisensory experience.
  12. 12. • Recordable interactive whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting. • Produces video lessons that you can share online. • Students and colleagues can replay your lessons in any web browser, or from within the app on their iPads.
  13. 13. Productivity Google Translate, Dropbox, and CloudOn
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