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iPad training to enhance curriculum

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App specially for u!

  1. 1. App_specially for U! Dianne Pappafotopoulos K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist Dover – Sherborn Public Schools
  2. 2. So how do I use the iPad topresent in my classroom?Mirror your iPad or still be anywhere in theroom and use your iPad to display what is onyour desktop.To mirror your iPad:2 ways: use an online web program likeReflector (12.99) or Apple TV ($100+HDMIcable ranges in price with average $45).
  3. 3. ConsiderationsReflector: may need to troubleshoot videoissues on some machines to control speed.To display what is on your desktop:Doceri or Splashtop (download and install onPC/MAC, download app on iPad and thenconnect over WIFI)
  4. 4. Why am I here?To help find the best resourcesto deliver quality education to students that applies to curriculum needs.
  5. 5. Why iPads? Why Apps? Why Me?The device doesn’t matter…….What does matter….• makes your job easier; more efficient• engages your students; enhances learning• addresses each student as an individual who can now take ownership of their learning
  6. 6. Using the iPad and apps to enhance learningStudents:• research information through online sources, access library databases / resources and take notes. (Evernote)• collaborate and discuss information gathered. (Edmodo)• create student polls. (Socrative)• brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts, create an outline, storyboard or script to prepare information gathered. (Popplet, Inspiration Maps)• present information for assessment. (iMovie, VoiceThread, Animoto, ExplainEverything, Keynote) save and/or share work: (Dropbox)
  7. 7. Basic Apps for Classroom Use• Evernote (note taking and gathering info, student portfolios)• Edmodo (class discussions, social networking in safe environment)• Socrative (conducting polls, quizzes, student responses)• Inspiration Maps (creating maps and webs of ideas)• iMovie, VoiceThread, Animoto, ExplainEverything, Keynote (presentation tools)• Dropbox (saving images, videos, files)
  8. 8. Colony Project ExampleStudents create a commercial to persuade colonists to live intheir colony and highlight how they had a lifestyle that wasself-sufficient.•iMovie example•STEPS to start the project and get to the final result (see handouts and corresponding apps)Youtube video screencasts for additional information on howto use the iMovie app :iMovie Tutorial for New ProjectiMovie Tutorial for Trailers
  9. 9. Lets Try a Trailer!Workshop exercise:Using the iMovie trailer and one of theexisting templates, create a simple movie! (Seehandout for steps)
  10. 10. Follow up ExerciseiPad Exercise: Take one app that you thinkmay be useful in your curriculum and apply itto one of your lessons over the next fewweeks.Next training: Showcase your experience withtechnology integration using the iPad in yourclassroom.