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Presentation from Oxford Conference 2013 - Paul Hamilton-Smith

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Creating Exploring Assessing

  1. 1. Creating, Exploring andAssessing in a DigitalWorldPaul Smith 2013
  2. 2. Our Digital World• The digital world gives children the opportunities to express themselves to the world in awide range of areas. They can find their own passion and take it online (blog, wiki,photography)• We as teachers need to look beyond what we are used to. Break free of our past ideasof how certain things need to be taught and engage with students in new learningtechnologies.• Education should no longer be a linear experience. Start here and get to there. Thisdoes not happen. People go off in different ways and explore their talents.• Students who are not great at the traditional forms of assessment can sometimesflourish in the digital world. Boys. Harnessing their enthusiasm.• Technology and passionate teachers provide an amazing opportunity for change ineducation.
  3. 3. S.A.M.R.
  4. 4. In the beginning...
  5. 5. Moving Online• Online work can make assessmenteasier because students work is allaccessible via your computer.• Students can submit work in their owntime online even when they are not inschool• Assessment criteria can be madeavailable to students and accessible 24/7
  6. 6. • Online space where students and teachers cancommunicate, work and share• Students love it!• Easily make groups of students by providingthem with a code• A portal for proving an assessment platform• Easily upload documents, links, movies forstudents to view or use as
  7. 7. Take a tour
  8. 8. • User name: oxfordteststudent• password:
  9. 9. •• Free Web based, web creation tool.• Easy to use• Create blogs• Open ended platform with great potential for allstudents• Easily managed by teachers for powerfulassessment‘Should I publish to my Teacher or theworld?’ Alan November
  10. 10. • Year 6 Students were given the task of creating aninformative project on a desert.• How can we redefine the task so that it will capturethe enthusiasm and potential of our student?• I introduced Weebly to the students and taught thebasic skills of creating and publishing a webpage.
  11. 11. • Setting up the task meant creating a mock site withgeneral guidelines. Students could visit this site at•
  12. 12. Managing Students on Weebly
  13. 13. Interactive Displays With Weebly Pages• Google the site• Free QR Generator tool for scanning with mobile devices
  14. 14. • A free space to collaborate with students on atopic• Easy to setup and easy for students to access• Simple concept many great uses• Class discussions, questions, links, images,timelines, biographies, assessmentwww.padlet.comFormerly Wallwisher
  15. 15. Nearpod• Deb Class lists
  16. 16. Nearpod
  17. 17. Dropbox & Drive• Dropbox and Google Drive are online storage solution thatallows users to share folders with others so that they easilyaccess the same files. Drive and Dropbox can bedownloaded as an app or software for Mac or PC.• I use Dropbox to collect student iPad work for assessment.Year 2 students are able to...• access assessment tasks• complete the task on the iPad• save the completed work into their own folder which Ihave access too.
  18. 18. Dropbox & DriveTeacher shares a folder with student on DropboxTeacher saves an assignment to the shared folderStudent completes task and clicks save which updatesthe shared file to the teacher and student.
  19. 19. Dropbox & Drive
  20. 20. Google Drive Online Docs• Google Drive gives us the ability to share files and foldersbut also work on these files simultaneously (real time)• Students share a folder with a teacher in Drive and theteacher has access to that folder for assessmentdocuments, editing, revision etc.Students share a folder that popsup on teachers Google Drive
  21. 21. • A new way to hand in work• A great way to store your files• A brilliant way to share filesGoogle Drive Online Docs
  22. 22. Google Drive Online Docs
  23. 23. Numbers• Everyone has used Excel to enter in student data at some stage.having the freedom to move around the class and take fast,anecdotal notes on student checklists makes assessment easier. Iuse Numbers to make fast appraisals of student achievement levelswithout having to write down and retype information in later on.Great for outside work, P.E., field trips, camps or just movingamongst your students.• Deb Class lists• Video PE• Demo
  24. 24. Numbers
  25. 25. Explain EverythingExplain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets youannotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almostanything to and from almost anywhere.Cost: $2.99Publisher: MorrisCookeApp Store rating: ****
  26. 26. The Good•Powerful app that is very open ended•Great for year levels from 1 - 12•Wide range of tools to incorporate web, photos, videos•Computer based player software availableThe not so Good•Takes a while to get the hang of•Exporting can take a while from the iPad•Videos can make files very largeEXPLAIN EVERYTHINGEducational Value•Students learn by explaining a concept•Speaking, writing, sequencing, editing, publishing
  27. 27. Explain EverythingStarting out:Year 1 students teach each other how to draw
  28. 28. iPad: Explain Everything• $2.99 in the apps store• Explain everything is an excellent tool for gaining deeper understanding ofstudents comprehension. Essentially the app records whats happening inthe screen so that the user can draw, talk, move objects, insertimages/video/websites.• Teachers can really see and hear if a students understands the conceptsthey are trying to explain. To really understand something we should knowhow to teach it.• Once recorded the video files can be shared via Dropbox, email or syncedto iTunes.
  29. 29. iPad: Explain Everything
  30. 30. improve
  31. 31. improve