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Campus Management Solution is developed on web technologies which integrates and streamlines the infrastructure on which the student lifecycle depends and has multi-tier user and security architecture with built-in role management. To ensure high-end security; applications are separated into discrete programs, which are then integrated into a unified interface for different integrated modules.

Acadmax will help you manage the entire student, teacher and employees lifecycle seamlessly – from recruiting of student to admission, through student services to classroom management and examination, from HR to inventory control, from library services to research and project management, from hostel to transportation services to complete financial services and alumni relationship – in a secure and stable environment covering end-to-end processes of any academic institute; either for school or university.

It helps you do more with less effort, maximizing your efficiency. And it uses scalable technology that can expand to meet needs in the future. It significantly extends the user functionality of the Student Administration, allowing users to engage in self-service activities, thus reducing or eliminating the need for administrative resources. Acadmax SelfServ allows users to pull content, transactions, and other application data into a pre-integrated, personalized interface configured to meet institution's requirements without the need for costly customization.

From first contact to graduation and beyond, successful higher education institutions are focusing on the best way to communicate with students. There’s new emphasis on the whole range of events and requirements that make up the long-term relationship a student has with the university and this is where, Acadmax drives efficiency and productivity in all your business processes – so you can focus time and resources on the objectives that define the success of your institute.

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Acadmax - campus management solution

  1. 1. Campus Management SystemPresentation ByMax Intelligence
  2. 2. ABOUT ACADMAX• The university lifecycle is the focus of AcadmaxCampus Solution. It will help to manage the entirestudent, teacher and employees lifecycle seamlessly –from recruiting of student to admission, throughstudent services and alumni relationship – in a secureand stable environment.• Throughout the student lifecycle, Acadmax CampusSolutions drives efficiency and productivity in allbusiness processes – so university can focus time andresources on the objectives that define the success ofthe institute.• With Acadmax Campus Solution, information deliveryis role-based, so students, teachers and universitystaff see exactly the information they need.
  3. 3. • Allow Admission Department to:– A student can apply online to multiple programs as peruniversity policy– Track incoming and outgoing correspondence, eliminateredundant correspondences.– Create personalized letters to match each applicantinterest– Self Application Status Tracking Mechanism– Maintain and Track full range of Application data.– Identify received and missing application components:test score, transcripts, recommendation letters etc.– Maintain Unlimited biographical info of candidates– Produce variety of reports for analysisAdmission/Registration Services
  4. 4. • Create/Manage System & Non-System Roles– Administrator can create Acadmax roles:• Teachers (BULK creation)• Students (BULK creation)• Employees (BULK creation)• And Misc roles as per the requirements– View Complete User Profile– Acadmax User Interfaces• Developed using best DB design practices andsecurity model, software to act on that database, andhave 4-tier graphical user interface with SelfServ(one each for administrators, Faculty, Student andEmployees).User/Role Management
  5. 5. • Allow concerned department to:– Create/Configure Courses:• General Details, Marks, Pre-requisites, IntroductionDocuments, Assignments, Books, Topics, Lectures,References.– Department has ability to:• Create/Delete Course Instances with Timeline• Assign Teacher to Course and Design Course Plan.• Define Pre-Requisites– Manage Online Student Registration• Dept. can Approve/Disapprove Student Applications– View/Manage All Course Activities:• Course Plan, Assignments, Presentation, Project andExam Marks, Course History and Results.• Download/Upload Course materials.• Create different course groups of classCourse Management
  6. 6. • Create/Manage Lectures of Course Instance– Teacher can create Lectures:• Add Topics and Reference Material• Track Course Lecture Progress• Manage Makeup Lectures• Mark Attendance and Run Automated ReportsLecture/Attendance ManagementFinancial Module– Define Multiple Fee heads and its frequency– Acadmax can generate automated Fee Vouchersfor students based on registered courses– Allow Fee payments in installments and sendauto-reminders to students– Allow Fee refund, discounts etc.
  7. 7. – Create Financial Plan Approval Committee toreview scholarships, concessions and installments.– Define Scholarships configuration, plans, eligibilityand duration.– Budget heads, maintenance and assets head anddeprecation of assets.– Payroll Management (bonus, deductions, payheads, pay slip generation etc.)– Approval path for new purchases– Fee defaulter list and auto-reminders– Log all financial activities– Generate multiple reports at all users level.Financial Module (cont.)
  8. 8. – Inventory Control– Logs of Expendable (stationary, lab equipment) andProperty inventory (chairs, computers)– Issue voucher (and get e-signs from dept.)– Tracking of items in Receiving voucher– Auction and Billing of old/new inventory– Departments maintains its own inventory whichcan/could be cross-checked with the Admin office– Departments can send demand for new inventory[HoD approval]– Alerts on expendable stock like number of itemsremaining (thrash-hold limit is set)– Purchase committee creation, decision andtracking. Property Ledger is maintainCampus Administration Module
  9. 9. • Create/Manage Campus Time Table andExamination Dates– Administrator/Department can create:• Department Rooms, setup lecture duration• Daily Lectures (start/end time and days)• Set Time Table Configuration• Ability to design session based Exam activities• Create Time Table and Exams date sheets usingAcadmax build-in Manager (add/edit time slots)• Auto-Conflict Handling of Exams and Time Table• Different Time Table and Date Sheet Views– “Department View”, “Room View”, “Course View”,“Teacher View”, and “Student View”Time Table and Scheduler
  10. 10. • Examination Department can issue/create:• Instructions to faculty members regarding paper marking• Marks distribution for BS/MS/PhD Programs• Creating/Managing Exam Schedules• Admit Cards to Students• Rechecking of answer scripts and scrutiny of Result• Compilation, Approval and Notification of Result• Publication of Online and Offline Exam results• Semester Result Cards• Transcripts and Degree Generation• TabulationExamination Services
  11. 11. • Acadmax allow users to share documents forknowledge transfer, where:– Users can create:• Sharing zone• Upload sharable documents• Allow sharing capability, for individual, group or global• Download sharable document• Set Shared document life time.• Set Document size limitDocument Manager
  12. 12. • Acadmax offer comprehensive ProjectManagement Module where,– Department/Student has the:• Ability to Define/Select the Project Proposals• Create Different Project Types (Individual/Group)• Submission and Approval of Synopsis• Assign Internal and External supervisor(s)• Track communication between student and teacher forany particular pre-proposal acceptance.• Add reference documents to project proposal etc. CreateMilestones, To-Dos, Deliverables etc. and set timeconstraints to it.• Evaluation of Thesis and Conduct of Presentation• View all Department and Student Thesis/ProjectProject Management Module
  13. 13. • Acadmax has Integrated Library Solution -Libmax, where:– Users can:• Access Library catalog through role-base accounts• OPAC Support• Digital and Physical content Management• Multilingual Support• MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging)• Modules: Acquisition, Technical Section, Circulation• Reporting Services, Automated Emails, Reminders• Cart Manager, Journals Manager, Migration Utility,Backup and Restore Module• Link your Library with International Resource Centers• Integrate “N” number of libraries into Big ClusterIntegrated Library System (ILS)
  14. 14. • Acadmax Users can benefits from 1000s ofuser defined questions:– Where users have ability to:• Create multiple type of questions, add them in Private orPublic Question Bank• Designate Questions to certain category• Create Paper Skeleton• Generate paper from skeleton• Create Exams and assign existing papers to it.• Trigger Online Exams on Set Time• Self Evaluating Exercise (SEE) Module.Testing Center: Question Bank
  15. 15. • All Acadmax Domain Users have:• Ability to create Announcements of different types:General, University and Department and set life time.• Create/Manage Campus Events• Create/Manage To-Dos, set alerts before/after To-Dosbecome due• Send SMS alerts to all or selected recipients.• All Acadmax users can manage Polls– Users can create:• Group and Global Polls• Create Survey for research purposes and set time limitto it.• Run results of Polls and SurveyAnnouncements/Events/To-DosPolls, Forums and Survey
  16. 16. • All Acadmax users can manage messageCenter– And all Acadmax users can:• Messages to individuals or groups within Acadmax domain• Create Message Groups• Ability to reply, reply all, forward using editor• Create Folders and move messages within these folders• Read/Unread messages– Where Examination Branch or Department can:• Release Examination Schedule• Exchange notes with HoDs of university departments• Pass results details to President and Senior ManagementMessage Center
  17. 17. • Acadmax has integrated transport modulewhich has following sub-modules:– Drivers management– Maintenance/Stock management– Fleet management– Route management– Report managementUniversity Transport System
  18. 18. • Acadmax can manage multiple hostel relatedactivities in integrated environment.– Hostel Information, define floors, rooms and their types.– Hostel Admin can process applicant, fee status andrelevant actions to be taken. Maintain waiting lists.– Define multiple services offered for specific room or all.– Maintain Hostel Expanses, which is integrated withFinancial module for all users (admin, students, faculty)– Keep track of Disciplinary actions and fines.– Visitors/Guardian Profile updates, synced with AcadmaxProfile manager.– Warden, Asst. Warden interfaces, attendance tracking,leave type, in/out tracking.– Auto Alerts and Multiple Reports.Hostel Management
  19. 19. • Alumni of an university is as important asStudent itself, Acadmax offers:– Easy and Single-Click Registration of University Studentas Alumni.– Ability to Categorize Alumni of University– Alumni can update their personal profile details andshare it with members– Ability of Alumni to Post Jobs– HoD can broadcast messages to its Alumni– The members can search Jobs and university alumni,build/search resume, view department photo gallery– Maintain Archive of Posted Jobs– Administrator can produce variety of reports foranalysisAlumni Module
  20. 20. • Acadmax offers Extensive reporting services– Examination department and Users can view/run:• Course Progress Reports• Assignments Reports• Quizzes Reports• Presentation Reports• Thesis/Project Reports• Examination Reports• Academic Transcript Report• Degree Generation Reports• Attendance Reports• Custom Argument Reports• Auto-Triggered Reports• Acadmax Module ReportsReporting Module
  21. 21. • SecurityN – Tier Application• To make web and database applications both secure &accessible, provision to run on Secure Socket Layer.• Various components of the solution are independentlydeveloped, maintained, updated and integrated.• Localizing changes to one part of the solution minimizesthe impact on other parts.Web Services• Describes a standard way of integrating web baseapplication and gives controlled shareable access ofAcadmax resources to other web-based services.Online Degree Verification• Acadmax will provision degree verification mechanismfor HEC in password protected mode.Few Other Benefits
  22. 22. Customization SupportMax Intelligence will provide Customizationof Acadmax for:• Graphical User Interface• Identification of business processes and moduleswhich are required to be customized• Implementation of operating procedures to meet anyuniversity requirements• Acadmax Financial Module• Acadmax HR Module• Integration/Migration with 3rd-party SupportedApplications• Acadmax Reports
  23. 23. Education with Infinite PossibilitiesTHANK YOU