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What is a Learning Management System?


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Learning Management System (LMS) is a mobile responsive platform, a comprehensive content authoring tool, acts as a Performance Management System, comes with a Single Sign-On feature, is multilingual, it is a light-weight LMS and is customizable to fit your learner's needs.

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What is a Learning Management System?

  1. 1. Mobile devices have the potential to be powerful learning vehicles and real-time decision-making support devices. ATUM LMS exploits this potential to deliver effective learning to workforce a mobile and Laptop/Desktop workforce by: • Integrating SCORM • Automatically resizing display and intuitive navigation on any device • Requiring you to author just once, irrespective of the delivery platform • Syncing learning progress and score with your existing LMS • Providing offline access on your device through the ATUM app, allowing syncing of progress and results with your LMS • Providing in-process, on-demand performance support for sales, marketing and other processes
  2. 2. Trainees • Create and Upload Content • Track Performance • Add/ Modify Users • Online Dashboard Trainer/Managers PIS KMS PMS 3 Connect LMS to Enterprise Applications Gamified Asset Dashboard* • Publish Training Calendars • Subscribe to Trainings • Pre and Post Class • Conduct Surveys • Email/ SMS Alerts • Online Learnings Repository • eLearning • Question Banks • Simulations • CBT/ WBT • Access assigned content - online • Provide feedback • Test online
  3. 3. • Allows Evaluation and certification of users • User groups can be created by L&D teams to support highly granular course administration and tracking • Collection of feedback from trainees • Linkage with Other Enterprise System • Development and deployment of e-enabled training modules • Hosting advanced audio visual content or legacy content (power points, pdfs, flash videos), including third-party SCORM compliant content • Automated Alerts (on email and SMS) • Integration of social content such as hyperlinks and third party videos
  4. 4. • Optimized for superior performance at heavy loads • Fully SCORM Compliant • Integrates with Adobe Captivate, Articulate, Epiplex and many other market leading content development technologies • Built in Audit mechanism • Secure access • Multiple redundancy supported • Data Security using limited access of information • Mobile Handset support (beta) – all operating systems including simple basic models • Indic language support including Tamil, Punjabi , Urdu , Hindi etc.
  5. 5. • A variety of online users can be assigned to trainees. • On login the trainees see the assigned courses • The trainees can click on the courses to launch them
  6. 6. • Mapping of business units for reporting hierarchy • Online Role based access • Management of Employee Databank and performance • Identification of function specific training needs • Flow of data between different organizational units (branches, HO, Franchisee, etc.) • Coordination and automation of work-flows, data maintenance • Calendaring of class room training, mapping resources to classroom and tracking of class-room training • Resource management – facilities, equipment, meeting rooms, projection equipment, trainers, etc.
  7. 7. Create Training Schedule Distribute Pre Training Material Upload Class Attendance and Quiz Scores Collect Feedback/ Surveys
  8. 8. • Supports variety of question types including Audio/Video questions • Generates random questions with randomization of options • Creates questions in 5 difficulty levels and allows moderator to create tests of different difficulty levels • Allows bulk uploading of questions and IDs • Approval of requests by Reporting Managers • Uploading of training data • Various formats of reports
  9. 9. • A user batch can be created for In Class Training (ILT) or for Online Training • Users can be assigned to a batch • A course or a training can be assigned to a batch – Upon assignment the login and timing information is automatically passed on to the assigned users
  10. 10. Create IDs for trainees, Automated messages go to trainees with their login details.
  11. 11. Learner • My Assigned Courses • My Assessments • My Profile • My Assignments • Feedback • My MIS • My Progress • Attendance • Certificates Trainer • Create Trainings • Create Courses • Manage Users • Conduct Surveys • Manage Approvals • Upload Training Data • Upload Cost Data • MIS • User Report • Location Reports • Assessment Reports • Filtered Reports • Data Charts Online Tutor • Online Assignments • Online Question Banks • Grade Assignments • Virtual Class
  12. 12. • Create extensive surveys • Attach survey to training situations – Such as post training feedback • Run independent anonymous surveys across organisation • Report the survey data into neat aggregated reports • Show significant features of the surveys into charts
  13. 13. • Reports can be generated to investigate many aspects of training and assessment – User Activity Reports – Score Reports – Location wise Reports – Chronological Reports – Cumulative Reports • Reports may be timed or trigger based – Automatic report generation • Integration with a variety of Mailing systems
  14. 14. • Customizable Certificates • Certification linkage to scoring situations –Scored Assessments –Scored Simulations • Certificate direct downloads • Certificate mailing to ids
  15. 15. Non Functional Requirements Security Global Delivery and Up-time Flexible Delivery on Devices Scalability of User Base Scalability of Content
  16. 16. For a demo or any queries feel free to drop it at: