Social Media and the JOB you want


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Job through Social Media

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Social Media and the JOB you want

  1. 1. Social Mediaand the Job youwant…Job through Social Media By: Syed M Raza & Rajiv Doulagupu
  2. 2. Arousal… Why do you need a job? Does a job really fulfill your inner requirements? Would you be an Engineer all your life?
  3. 3. Role Models from JEC… Angshuman Dey: Engineer by education, has great interest in literacy and currently heads Times of India Group in Assam. Vikramjit Kakati: Found his passion in Photography, photo-journalist for UB photos. Pursuing his dream of becoming Dr. Vikramjit Kakati. (PhD in design in IIT-G)
  4. 4. Your Job and You… Worriedabout future? Tensed? Depressed? Will I get placed …. Ever?? It’s tougher this year…??? 61% of jobseekers say that it’s been harder finding a job this year compared to the previous one… every year. - JobVite.
  5. 5. The Question How do you search for your dream job (or any job)?Traditionaljob sites,Job postings,Campus placement. Well, Use Social Media
  6. 6. The Evolution of Job Hunting Stone Age: Hunting/Preservation, Cultivation Age: Cultivation and related, Metal Ages: Cultivation, Diplomacy (Monarchy), 1492: Spin or Sail around, 1632: First post office, 1800: Farmers, 1830: First railroad and people could go out for jobs, 1876: Graham Bell invents Telephone, your job a call away, 1950: Post war white collar jobs, 1969: Internet born, not widely used, 1980: Cell phone invented, st Contd.
  7. 7. The Evolution of Job Hunting 1983: Fax machines came in, 1989: WWW established, resumes on net, 1990: Job through Cell phones, 1996: 1st ever Video Resume going Viral 1999: 1st ever job portal created, 2000: Wide use of internet, mails 2005: YouTube came in, Video resumes got exciting, 2010: Job hunt virally becomes online, 2011: More than 50% of companies use Social Media to recruit, 2012: 66% of online population are on social media, NOW: Wide use of social media mix for recruiting and attaining talents.
  8. 8. The Edge Searching a job puts you in one of the two categories: Manager: Static Leader: Dynamic• A dynamic job hunt is only possible when the power of Social Media is harnessed.
  9. 9. Social Media ??1. “Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.” ~ Wiki2. Media (Content) with a Social factor (anyone can join).• More than just communication.• About relationships.• Our regular daily lives.• Connectivity at an exploitable level of capitalism.• Blurring the line between Actual & Virtual world.
  10. 10. Why Social Media ??1. 45% of Companies use Twitter to find talent,2. 50% of Companies use Facebook,3. 80% of Companies use Linkedin.
  11. 11. The Social Media angle Social + Media factors in job hunt Your behavior is your responsibility Experience is nothing, Accomplishment is the king (Projects, presentations really count) Contribute on a regular basis (subject- wise) Build trust, not connections Responsible Volunteers win
  12. 12. Social Media connections3 Types of Users in Social Media from the Job Hunting point of view:1. Connector: Who just connects AMAP2. Maven: Leaders, always participating. Building solid references3. Sales Guy: Always pushing for something e.g. – Projects, References, Endorsements
  13. 13. Using Social Media Don’t just jump in and create profiles everywhere or you would repent later Don’t just use social media, optimize it Showcase depth of your knowledge (Blogs, Topic discussions, group discussions) Create an effective network and stay in touch without bothering Build your own personal brand, your own style Build references Be responsible, post & share responsibly
  14. 14. Tools to use… Twitter:1. Use twitter search to find jobs, use job related KWs2. Focus on your specific area, ask questions using relevant #hashtags3. Make a list and add companies of your interest4. Follow twitter lists about job posts5. Use a 3rd party app like Hootsuite or TweetDeck to keep a track of tweets and tweeters6. Be spontaneous, tweet and RT as well7. Use those 140 words to say about the job you are looking for
  15. 15. Tools to use…
  16. 16. Tools to use… Facebook:1. Though said be the worst network for Job hunt, yet a responsible use works great.2. Use groups to create credibility and references.3. Use apps like BeKnown (from Monster), SocialJobs (FB), LinkUp (Page-wise) etc.
  17. 17. Tools to use…
  18. 18. Tools to use… Google Reader:1. Use RSS feeds from job listings.2. Create separate columns.3. Use twitter search feeds in Reader by using “Track keywords and searches”
  19. 19. Tools to use…
  20. 20. Tools to use… Linkedin:Hands on session
  21. 21. Thank YouFor queries, write to us tweet to us at @SMCAssam / @SyedMRaza