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spectrogram tone insertion mse. the device also consists of two buttons which are used to synchronize the ir code of the e surf feature matching object tracking mobile platform methodology risk octave risk assessment music streaming choir online communication messaging system controller opsr dos attac cluster measures dissimilarity matrix speeded up robust feature technique nandinagari handwritten character recognition scale invariant feature transform k means hierarchical agglomerative clustering pam invariant features hadoop-streaming mapreduce nosql hdfs hadoop leadership. forecasting in leadership application software computer-based forecasting governance forecasting in governance task scheduling weak passwords web security. bloom filter features extraction. measure quality reusability virtualization live migration data centers host clustering algorithm forecastability forecasters monetary and fiscal policy forecast error and forecast accuracy. economic forecasting active content finite state machine input form behaviour based malicious url finder malicious url rdb query translation weather forecasting mitigating weather change role of ict in weather forecasting monitoring weather condition adapting to weather condition attack denial of service session initiation protocol voice over ip vector space model hybrid recommender system content-based filtering collaborative filtering recommender systems term frequency inverse document frequency. preprocessing. offline recognition handwritten android. real-time cloud security reference model principal security dangers to cloud computing ssl overview identity management mental illness gesture detection gesture recognition matrix elliptic curve scrambling technique innovation diffusion theory (idt) performance expectancy knowledge economy unified theory of acceptance and use of technology effort expectancy e-float value proposition financial inclusion stem predictive modeling enrollment reasoning mechanism hei rule-based statistical analysis students modeling activity prioritization hybrid context model context modeling context context-aware computing correlation factor peak signal to noise ratio standard deviation. image textures fast wavelet transform stego-image data extraction. data covering stego-key modular multiplication identity based cryptography visual cryptography. vedic mathematics rsa cryptosystem clustering techniques clustering algorithms cluster input parameters cluster input data type. multimedia streaming peer to peer network multicasting fiestal structure low-power des pipelining independent task scheduling. meta-heuristic task assignment local search algorithm following the gravitational artificial intelligence algorithm safety-driven software product line architecture d safety analysis software product line architectures architectural design software architecture quality attributes vulnerabilities owasp cost constructive model software effort estimation. function point lines of 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security. data splitting t-coloring bandwidth utilization channel resilience. quality of service internet connectivity wireless technology attribute optimal subset dimensionality reduction symmetric key. text information xor operator sumo vehicular ad hoc network (vanet) simulations. realistic mobility model bee swarm routing protocol move network coding directional antennas drought stress technique optimization particle algorithm matlab software apportion duties performance isolation burst handling starvation quanta latency systems and features. cbir techniques content based image retrieval nand gate phase frequency detector (pfd) phase locked loop (pll) clock signal d flip-flop cmos inspired algorithms flower pollination algorithm hybridization glcm csrz mdbnrz csnrz fso mdbrz dbnrz proactive network forensic attack prediction attack strategy. cybercrimes digital forensic mamdani fuzzy system grid scheduling membership functions execution time payload. video attacks copyright 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target opinion words topical relation route update. mst prim’s algorithm bfs transformation based classification opinion generation system keyword identification. lexical based algorithm li-fi (light fidelity) vlc (visible light communication). led (light emitting diode) wi-fi (wireless fidelity) e-waste dumping electronic waste youngsters education. society business environmental impact tech waste management fuzzy decision tree naive bayesian anti-spam id3 algorithm model service levels virtiuation usage pattern migrating agent relevant search image based crawling. indexer page ranking domain profile webcrawler diagnosis membership function and rules blocks treatment inference component 2d array searching algorithms matrix searching algorithms 2d array linear searching algorithms complexity analysis 2d array grid searching searching algorithms suffrage makespan. naïve bayes neurosky mindwave. knn eeg signal stress fuzzy enterprise architecture fuzzy colored petri nets enterprise 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finite state automata automatic machine prototype success and failure factors e-government implementation kenya. data acquisition system versatile systems wireless protocol sigma delta digital filter design kalman filter estimation and prediction effect of security in it industry academic networks mathematics retail sector weka overlooking user’s pin. bank server chip and pin shoulder-surfing iits co-authorship networks authors suggested a mechanism for these permeabili differential thermal analysis (dta) and tensile te dnaalkylating agent. 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)propan- 2-ol innovation government organizations transformational leadership internal process learning and growth police performance technology improvement technology acceptance and ministry performance. white space. signal activity pattern acquisition and sequential signal activity pattern secondary user charnockite basement eigenfrequencies pulsed laser polymer nanocomposite heat equation . e-governance good governance internet service delivery fingerprint compression enhancement wiener2 filter minutiae extraction sparse representation multimedia information memory package personalized notes smart phone structural similarity insert(minimum 5 to 8 key words) component url marathi. nlp cross language information retrieval machine translation neuro-fuzzy cost management. intellectual property artificial intelligent system intelligent traffic systems traffic lights smart cities fes road traffic sleep mode nodes alternate path. data routing pasccc wsns distributed database tsqlann bitmap fuzzy object oriented database object oriented database fuzzy database tag xml. fuzzy query international committee of the red cross(icrc) national disaster operation centre(ndoc) missing persons community of interest(mpci) united nations(un) emergency communication system(ecs) emergency communication system web-based waterfall model job fair user 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)propan-2-ol dna-alkylating agent. charnockite basement eigenfrequencies. target depth pseudo-sections physical modeling resistivity prospecting induced polarization egovernment; organizational; critical factors; pro mmrm lrm image change detection sar mrffcm unified recommendation. random walks social network services sampling methods multi graph graph sampling. hygiene educational games moving object detection optical flow estimation camera. blob analysis neuro-fuzzy; intellectual property; cost managemen sensor network; data routing; ns-2; sleep mode nod data; distributed database; performance; tsqlann bitmap 1. introduction constrained task scheduling biogeography based optimization dag ranking polymer nanocomposite; simulation ; pulsed laser ; manufacturing engineering agile manufacturing lean manufacturing production planning and control tracer replication techniques drug discovery pharmacy and poisons board of kenya pharmaceutical imports distribution of water least square beyond oil; information technology; competiveness; stiffness glass fiber reinforced polymer (gfrp) box beams scaling. damage mode deflection blast load dynamic response resistance stiffness degradation hybrid fibers beam-column joint energy dissipation ductility factor abaqus. curved beams satellite imagery landsat data land use land cover android; fashion; mobile; store; online; technopre fatigue damage ese(t) specimen corrosion fatigue is 2062 gr. e 300 steel fatigue crack growth shell compressive fiber orientation circular glass fiber reinforced polymer (gfrp) regression testing; test case prioritization; mode mrr sr arc gap en8 (aisi 1040) kw taguchi design. air pressure date mining; k-means technique; algorithm complexi page rank ;markov chain; criminal gangs; biologica monitoring system weather station exsys corvid digital analysis hacking risk and vulnerability em algorithm svm algorithm emotion speech; mental retardation; spectrum analysis; pit taguchi method laser power weldox-700 surface roughness kerf width fuzzy logic; image processing; color image enhance large scale data set anonymization map reduce scalable two-phase top-down specialization approac tds approach black box testing; web testing tools; open source; linear discriminant analysis false acceptance rate false rejection rate iris recognition efficient and fast search skip list and distributed networks skip graph viterbi algorithm forward backward algorithm colour segmentation. baum welch algorithm hidden markov model (hmm) jamming packet drop misbehaviour wireless mesh networks insider attacks mobile ad hoc network; packet encapsulation; out o dbdh- decision bilinear diffie hellman assumption acg-access control gadgets kgc-key generative center. ibe-identity based encryption2 pc-protocol to prot cp-abe- cipher text-policy attribute-based encrypt dtn- disruption tolerant network pki-public key infrastructure object oriented software analysis testability metrics software testability oo metrics ciphertext policy short decryption key. maximal mining incremental mining interactive mining support; video compression wireless video transmission video coding tabu search algorithm. test case generation test sequence testing criteria lndr wireless data broadcast mcdr multichannel polymer/graphite composite electro-mechanical piezo-resistance compressive capacitance qtc pressure sensors fusible alloys shielding blocks thermal friction drilling; optimization; process p thermal properties structure resistivity bearing alloys. internal friction titanium oxide microstrip lines. standard schiffman phase shifters phase deviation coupled lines lang coupler case based reasoning software selection process. component based software development (cbsd) component based software engineering (cbse) software component selection recycled materials; alternative wall; construction thiazolidinediones hypolipidemic activity antidiabetic agents. hypoglycemic activity imidazothiadiazoles information and communication technology; ontology multi objective particle swarm optimization; artif capacity; pixel-value differencing; image quality virtual organization grid layers pipelining vo formation. minimum path algorithm msvof mechanism vulnerable. sql injection prevention tag refinement online social networking. decision based access control shadow removing tensors flash image k-nn classifier decision making constraints. personal health records. sqlite mysql server secure computation. confidentiality arima; forecast; injured; killed; casualty intrusion detection system (ids) multipath routing heterogeneous wsn (hwsn). trust management mouse behaviour signatures; biometric authenticati metasearch query bundle qb-c content based filtering quest trail fuzzy inference system. position tracking resource allocation; constrained resource scheduli requirement engineering reengineering non-functional requirement legacy crime hotspots buffering. geographical information system (gis) implicit meaning soft computing. disease treatment stemming algorithm & natural language processing m medline skip-list cas lock-free modified skip list branch and bound flower pollination algorithm; meta-heuristics; opt dna; information technology; nanotechnology; bio- smart home wellness activities of daily living elder care home monitoring speech synthesis prosody analysis speech recognition phonemes speech api. android; surveillance; peer to peer; internet conn robotic rover; embedded c; microcontroller; progra performance evaluation and time colored petri net. blackboard technique real-time simulation application of real-time security systems. survey on face recognition approaches clustering; databases; banks; discipline; manageme retarded double time green’s function formalism superconductivity and spin density wave. spin singlet and triplet state systems integration virtual learning system service oriented architecture (soa) biometrics; fingerprints; templates; security; enc irc ids anomaly countermeasure denial of service. musical instrument; monophonic; polyphonic; classi firefly algorithm; metaheuristic; optimization; ch dwt; interpolation;iwt; resolution; wzp; intuitionistic fuzzy pgr open mapping intuitionistic fuzzy pgr continuous intuitionistic fuzzy pgr closed mapping and intuit intuitionistic fuzzy set attribute based encryption. spatial index keyword-based apriori item-set neighbour search merge multiple k-mean sequential patterns noaa-avhrr images association rules time series mining maximum cross correlation national football league hybrid system k-nearest neighbour linear regression artificial intelligence (ai) k nearest neighbor (k-nn) medical decision support system (mdss) support vector machine (svm) and sequential minima decision trees (dt) clinical decision support system (cdss) hepatitis wavelet transform iris center localization enterprise resource planning user participation. erp implementation erp systems pow deduplication cluster as a service identification protocol optimizing time genetic algorithms local search algorithm following the binary gravit static timing strategies optical character recognition; handwriting; image email spam classification. short message service (sms) prediction algorithms global positioning system (gps). mobile phones service; service-oriented architecture; performanc formatting hierarchal clustering; markov model; pa spanning tree protocol reliable it is a critical requirement to have a fast metropolitan area networks (man) rstp. 1. introduction ethernet is a family of comp and efficient failure-handling mechanism [3]. curr and possibly wide area networks (wans) [2]. a metr metropolitan area networks (mans) validity region sonar imaging beamforming cordic statistical semantic chunking smoothing language modeling wodrpress rsync.web security attribute-set-based encryption fine-grained access control hierarchical attribute-set-based encryption. ddos hash function botnet anomaly base detection md5 workload imitation reveres engineering; software architecture; docume component; formatting; style; styling; insert (min hybrid resource provisioning cloud storage and invariant reports cloud workload udp- user datagram protocol. primary backup tcptransmission control protocol communication protocols face recognition; local directional pattern; princ dust phenomenon educational package protective behaviors compromised machine detection algorithms scenario spam zombies nice compromised machines transient elasticity tele-medical field sliding rectangle algorithm orthogonal modulus ultra-fast scanner orthogonal wave velocity dicom location based services merkle skyline r-tree novel partial s4-tree cloud service provider outsourcing data management big data mining algorithms challenges for big data mining mapreduce. big data mining parallel mining localization correlated shadowing adhoc networks networking current stat map future stat map. vsm value stream analysis tool (valsat) process activi hybrid adaptive filtering acoustic echo cancellation (aec) noise cancellers. video compression. transmission bandwidth losses synchronous machine symmetrical fault transient park transformation rotor angle nano wires nano particles applications advantages disadvantages quantum dots tio2 al2o3 cryptograph revocation digital signature group digital signature methodology; web-based; cad/cam; software model; d and web application attacks. cross-site scripting (xss) malicious injection web security encryption; decryption; security; gps technology; wordnet natural language processing video categorization parts of speech tagging named entity recognition mobile parking management system ns-2 programing. model driven engineering metamodel graphical concrete syntax control and data dependence program dependence graph control flow graph data flow equation slicing techniques vehicle rf module intrusion detection system; self organizing maps; adaptive image contrast pixel classification. mobility models thin plate splines. special-purpose hardware educational data mining; classification; analysis; special-purpose hardware. agile process models usability engineering fibonacci splitting approach multimedia system multiple access relay network falsified data injection and forward error correct trade-off between reliability and security modified elgamal signature public-key cryptosystem source privacy hop-by-hop authentication round trip time. thin plate splines feature selection; unsupervised feature selection; ad - hoc networks ; secure routing ; secure neighb security ; attacks; manet; pr eve ntion; routing rf modules antenna selection channel state information mimo systems signal to noise ratio : adaptive image contrast pixel classification knowledge base information retrieval user profile personalization e - catalog re - ranking algorithms mobile limitations. cache management mobile operating systems mobile computing security i ntrusion detection system; self organizing map s pu learning; p ositive - u nlabeled learning; one callophyllum oil tbc transesterification activity-data incidence matrix wfio-net and its firing rule workflow data-flow modeling and verification; petr storage service bus load balancer cloud computing; ground water kanigiri fluoride enrichment granite sliding window. face detection radial basis function neural network activation energy. spent lubrication oil heavy metals gibbs free energy thermodynamic parameters adsorbents cement dust crops micronutrients varnish tga multimodal euclidean region properties fast features gdp housing loans economic growth nonperforming loans housing market data extraction dom tree auxiliary information record alignment stego image and stego key. image steganography fpm; ann; mlp; ff; bp semi-supervised approach sentiment analysis. latent dirichlet allocation (lda) joint sentiment-topic (jst) model constraint programming; optimization; feasibility; filter pattern recognition. finger-vein detection perturbation data mining red variants red algorithm red parameters red aqm flooding attack legitimate traffic; distributed denial of service ns-3 be ugs ertps fault tolerant steganalysis structural similarity measure mãe wmse non linear support vector machine contourlet transform transcription units protein synthesis drug design api reference documentation api knowledge types searching. large graph graph partitioning sub grap constructive covering algorithm citation knn multi-instance problem bayesian knn discrimination mining model. classifier drp algorithm discrimination measures array signal processing; uniform linear array; bea lagging leading inductive type synchronous condenser power factor power quality magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) hybrid cmos/mtj process stt-ram perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (pma) lpddr2 mc; design; device initialization; refresh gpu. parallel travelling salesman problem opencl ant colony optimization network. weight based clustering srgm fif. nhpp sa mvf black hole ad-hoc network r2rml mapping language owl semantic web. mapping patterns relational databases intrusion layered approach ber; capacity steganography;psnr;mse pattern recognition; hopfield network; back propag multi-criteria decision making response time grid network topsis j48 naïve bayse adaboostmi intelligent algorithms information retrieval; query processing system; co signal and brain wave simulation process bmi bmi techniques eeg signals machine –human interaction brain machine interface mobile ad-hoc networks; taodv routing protocol; st cloud computing; iaas; paas; saas; cloud security; ip address birthday paradox bloom filters high-resolution sr images. background subtraction. soft impute method object detection moving object extraction attacks; malicious; obu; rsu; vanet functional coverage; axi; uvm; lpddr2 mc; ddr2 mem wireless communication network; wireless sensor ne voodoo directfb mobile applications philips jointspace tv pattern identification mines interesting knowledge or patterns data revelation olap (online analytical processing) homomorphic encryption cryptdb k-anonymity. logging cryptography; elliptic curve; finite field; mappin combustion process microwave nano phosphors display application solubility and crystal growth of 4-abp hybrid fibre composites; vinyl ester; mechanical p co precipitation magnetic properties manganese oxide optical surfactant crystal structure stannous oxide; semiconductor; nanoparticles; morp design of experiments yield box-behnken crystallite size hydroxyapatite strontium electric properties chalcogenides semiconductors . fp-lapw+lo density functional theory amino acid complex; nlo; doping; single crystal; s goniometry conductivity sensitivity fabric strain sensor polyaniline alkali metals p-nitrophenol crystal morphology; x-ray diffraction; growth from single crystals nlo benzophenone solution growth melt growth drum seeder ergonomics studies. molding process polymer cono weeder rice mechanization shielding fabric; core conductive fabric electroni fasteners; aerospace; countersunk; screws; stress crystal growth; crystal structure; x-ray diffracti copper thin film mtt assay stainless steel aisi 316l anti-microbial effect direct current magnetron sputtering l-alanine; admixtured crystal; solution growth; nl wireless sensor networks (wsn); sensor; data sink; bats echolocation call support vector machine. acoustic survey order linked trade credit. time dependent demand variable production rate three echelon supply chain policy algebra framework; ubiquitous enforcement m sink eadc cluster head(ch) march algorithms hybrid mbist fsm mbist flexible low area asynchronous soc wavelets transform level set gaussian mixture periodicity detection segment periodicity sequence periodicity symbol periodicity periodic pattern mining character recognition; feature extraction; feature clarans. breast cancer cancer k-medoid impulse noise gaussian noise iterative filtering algorithm edge based comparison web page change detection zone selection of web page change monitoring generalized tree comparison node comparison web page monitoring html serial-serial multiplier partial products (pps) accumulation. ripple carry adder (rca) csa software reliability growth models software reliability maximum likelihood estimation partical swarm optimization parameter estimation load test shear wall; response spectrum method; etabs softwa pulse compression matched filter radar range resolution lfm grid resistance current injection method actual touch and step voltage multisim simulation software. ground potential rise earth rod earthling grid design linear feedback shift register (lfsr) code division multiple access (cdma) pseudo-noise (pn) optical code division multiple access (ocdma) field programmable gate array (fpga) keyword extraction page segmentation tf-idf weighting k-means algorithm cosine similarity computing; technical; security; cloud; issues employability personal development sugeno type inference understanding power knowledge management; learning knowledge; traditio information era; e-learning eeg; glcm; anfis; fis;bpn advanced encryption standard (aes) central server (cs) mobile device sensor (mds) user sensor (us) entity recognition leadline topic modeling event detection hbc secret key iwt pseudo random number rdh words feature letters width persian cursive handwriting uci data repository. clustering problem; genetic algorithms; ant colony id3 classification techniques data verification dynamic operations certificate authority audit service image restoration salt and pepper noise noise detection denoising degraded images gaussian wireless sensor networks; fault tolerance; fuzzy a candidate itemsets; frequent itemset; high utility recommender system swarm intelligence optimization target marketing. natural inspired technique e- commerce ranking model customer behaviour feedback sessions pseudo-documents network security. plain text cipher text human-centric computing ubiquitous computing human-machine interaction. two criterion functions multiviewpoint singleviewpoint similarity measure hand gesture interface hci orientation histogram wireless network; pipeline; sensor; forwarding; ro control system arduino sensors faults actuator faults technological systems decision based algorithm image restoration and enhancement visual threshold visual cryptography privacy concern information revelation social engineering. social networking sites (sns) awareness executable model non-functional requirements enterprise architecture : clustering fcm swarm local binary pattern content based face image retrieval unnecessary handovers wrong decision probability missing handovers on-chip bus amba ahb soc debugging software architecture; colored petri nets; object- grid computing; load balancing; hierarchical; sche max-min algorithm firefly algorithm flowtime : image scaling; android os; application; memory c tspr page rank algorithm web mining weighted pagerank hits semantic annotation mix-zone zone partition reversible logic circuits. carry save adder tree mbe reversible logic gate dkg pll uart digital clock manager (dcm) international data encryption algorithm (idea) virtual machine dynamic resource allocation cloud users resources grid network- petri net- reliability- cpn tools- r ontology matching domain knowledge merging ontologies government evaluation and needs providing a discrete identifier (or identifiers) t fingerprint-based biometric systems are so popular which promises faster and higher quality acquisiti and organized standards bodies have led to the nex i.e. confirming another identifier such as a passw fingerprints have been one of the most highly used stft enabling surveillance and sorting of groups of peo pin or a photograph. 2. identification svd walsh transform 1. introduction for over a century localized detection xed eed replication attacks collusion attacks blob histograms of oriented gradients descriptors mixture of gaussians techniques abandoned object. object classification morphological operator edge histogram black hole attack ns2 simulator wireless ad hoc network intrusion detection system tomato fruit tomato leaf morphology filter based feature selection wrapper based feature selection grid; adaptation; resources; entities; component s product functionality (pf) bill of materials (bom) product knowledge knowledge acquisition (ka) co2 emission. blackle tco neutral stochastic functional differential equatio sensing; bts wrts traffic light control chaotic traffic short message services gps services eco-friendly recyclability tco certification dct blur wavelet. mechanical properties anaerobic extraction bisphenol pineapple leaf fiber transverse vibration; matrix material; mode shapes nimus informal learning. animation mobile learning trend analysis; linear regression; forecast accura data sharing. accountability code parser testing automation priority hybrid testing noise processing; black level; speckle noise; salt distributed computing & cluster computing high performance computing parallel computing satellite image asymptotic stability neutral mild solution impulse stochastic sms gateway usability. transparency sms m-payment e-revolution prototype and ehcb. windev generalized digital certificate; user authenticati fair scheduling ieee 802.16 fft qpsk. ifft ofdm gpio micro blaze virtex 5 fpga board rtd transducer data acquisition cloud computing; multi-agent; web services; servic security issues wsn algorithm security mechanism konark upnp jini service discovery and service salutation discovery protocols slp mobile ad hoc networks context; computing; context models; reasoning; ont wsla wsdl sla b2b quality of services soa uddi neighbors monitoring scheme rreq rrep one-to-one compound mapping translucent watermark two-fold monotonically mapping randomization parameter randomization alpha blending velocity lucas-kanade algorithm motion estimation optical flow low power digital filter reconfigurable filter. web log data weblog expert lite7.8 behaviour trust evaluation strategy. black list mobile adhoc network dempster shafer theory; k-means; k-medoids; centroids; clusters; cbir features color shape demonstrable data retention data retention. zero knowledge homomorphic cooperative storage outsourcing multiple cloud distributed environment multi-authority attribute-based encryption intrusion; anomaly; machine learning; ids service-oriented architecture (soa) embedded devices (sensors). simple object access protocol (soap).web services anonymizer; database management; safe zone; spatia fingerprint; palmprint; multimodal biometrics; min candidate sets itemsets apriori return of investment (roi) cost and benefit quality attributes organizational capitals. enterprise architecture analysis color transfer technology color contrast enhancement test data compression test data volume dictionary based encoding selective encoding data grid; data replication; group replication; ar disaster management finite automata (fa) deep packet inspection pattern matching regular expressions differential encoding routing and wavelength assignment contention resolution obs research issues. optical burst switching aon psnr (peak signal to noise ratio) frequency domain spatial domain image watermarking mse (mean square error). least significant bit (lsb) grid computing; job scheduling; regression tree; f lighting control system ldr pir sensor energy saving intuitionistic fuzzy contra semipre generalized co intuitionistic fuzzy almost contra semipre general intuitionistic fuzzy completely semipre generalize intuitionistic fuzzy almost semipre generalized cl intuitionistic fuzzy almost semipre generalized co trust; trusted platform module (tpm); integrity me rw-closed maps rw-open maps. path loss csp algorithm attenuation factor. indoor propagation model cluster-head sink node. distributed data mining multi agent data mining multi-agent based distributed data mining. multi-agent systems toroidal magnetic field open-type magnetizer permutation flow shop; evolutionary algorithms; lo co2 laser cutting hardox-400 glass etching and chemical etching. sandblasting acid etching networked control system model predictive control access network selection radio resource management mra rat joint allocation multi- radio access intuitionistic fuzzy generalized semipre regular o intuitionistic fuzzy generalized semipre regular c zero-divisor graph neighborhood adjacency matrix annihilator zero-divisor commutative ring diffusion method prediction mobile commerce qr code reader. qr code rotation of object bot hackers images generation spammers captcha local phase quantization linear ternary patterns point spread function (psf) blur kernel l1 norm test driven development; continuous integration; e ballpark algorithm; transmit algorithm; wireless s variable weighting w-k-means fuzzy-k-means clustering (fkm) feed forward neural network; impulse noise; image idle nodes optimal path dijkstra’s algorithm feature similarity index (fsim) low level feature structural similarity index (ssim) gradient magnitude(gm) phase congruency (pc) image quality assessment (iqa) spread spectrum scalar costa scheme. jpeg2000 pr-owl mebn unbbayes pde weiner filter deblurring psf spectrum sensing network management. spectrum holes primary users cognitive radio intuitionistic fuzzy semipre generalized super con intuitionistic fuzzy semipre generalized connected service-level agreements software as a service hybrid pricing. platform as a service k-means algorithm. c4.5
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