Dualacy chap 2 soph


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Dualacy chap 2 soph

  1. 1. ~Chapter 2~ ~Sophomore~ By: CanImarryapony A Fishy Dualacy
  2. 2. Welcome back to A Fishy Dualacy. Where even heiresses can take out the trash.
  3. 3. Okay, I'm bad and haven't officially announced the heirs. I have hinted on who they were, but I haven't outright said. Well from the picture, I'm sure you've guess that Azure and Weather are the lucky winners to carry on the family name.
  4. 4. Anyhow last chapter Domino Salt was born. He's the last child of Gen 2 to be born.
  5. 5. Ax and Lupe both grew old.
  6. 6. Caerulean, Koi, and Rosy all became teens and went to college in time to catch the beginning of the spring semester, which is where this chapter begins.
  7. 7. Rosy stood on the sidewalk as the cab that drove them to the campus sped away. She couldn't believe she was here. Finally college.
  8. 8. On the other hand, Cae was less than pleased. Yes she was in college and away from her toddler brother. But did she really have to spend a years in the dorms. With her stinky male cousins at that.
  9. 9. Koi shivered in the early spring cold. How could his female relatives just stand there looking at the dorm. He was going inside before he froze in his short sleeve shirt.
  10. 10. Somehow they managed to arrive just as Comet and Weather were returning from their final exams.
  11. 11. “Glad to see you here Sis.” Weather said embracing his sister. “It's like looking at a shaggier version of me.” Comet laughed. “Hey you got any clothes I can borrow, this shirt is just not going to work.” Koi asked, “Come inside I bet we can find something.”
  12. 12. Jenny Wheeler, Rosy's elementary school friend, also join the legacy kids at the dorm. She was a shy little logic sim, much like Rosy. Tris took her under wing immediately and dragged her shopping before Jenny could even claim a room.
  13. 13. Needless to say Tris was quite pleased with the results. Jenny however, still felt a little unsure about the new look. Fortunately, Tris had not made her change her hair.
  14. 14. “Komei, whatever I did to upset you, I'm sorry, can't we just stop fighting?” Venkat pleaded. “No what you said was unforgivable.” “But what did I even say!” Venkat whined. The dorms were still pretty much normal even with the new arrivals.
  15. 15. Rosy liked best that Comet and Weather were going to wait until mid-terms to move the Greek. So she got to enjoy them at little.
  16. 16. Though not living at the Greek didn't stop Weather from going over Adriana.
  17. 17. Despite Adriana growing relationship with Weather, she was careful to spend lots of time with Azure. She never wanted to have to choose between between her best friend and her future lover.
  18. 18. Marie also still lived at the Greek, but she now she was a senior with the last semester fast approaching.
  19. 19. “Hey Tris, what's been up with you these past few days, all you've done is mope about the dorms.” Koi asked cornering his brother's best friend. “I just realized that the guy I like is interested in another woman, typical woman troubles, but thanks for asking Koi.”
  20. 20. “Well there's a guy that likes you whose available.” Koi said leaning closer. “Really who?” “Me, silly.” He replied shyly kissing her.
  21. 21. Tris would have never imagined that Weather's younger brother would be in to her. But she pulled him into another kiss, she didn't need Weather to make her happy, not even Koi was right here.
  22. 22. Azure continued to use every spare moment she had to work on her flower arranging. She wanted to start a garden, but Marie and Adriana advised her to hold off, who was going to take care of it after she was gone.
  23. 23. Comet invited his girlfriend and love his life, Danielle over. He rarely got time to spend with her, but today was important. Today was the last day of the semester and his last at the dorms. Him and Weather were moving to the Greek tomorrow.
  24. 24. “Danielle Eliza Lillard, will you marry me?” Comet asked kneeling on his knee. “Marry you? What took you so long?” Danielle grinned hugging his neck. “I take that as a yes?” Comet asked. “Yes, dumb bunny, I'll marry you.”
  25. 25. Before they knew the semester was over and the Dean's list made. Rosy and Koi took a last chance to catch with their siblings. Cae headed inside, she'd be joining the Greek soon enough.
  26. 26. The first night at the Greek so a little quiet, they made dinner and everyone was kind of doing their one thing. Weather sat down beside Azure, “Hey Azzy, do you mind if I go with you and Adriana to help with your shop.” “No, I don't mind.” Azure smiled, she liked Weather, “It would help out a lot, the business runs Adriana and me ragged.”
  27. 27. The next morning, Azure got Adriana and Weather up early and they trudged to the store.
  28. 28. Weather proved to be a great asset, he talked to customers, while Adriana worked the cash register and Azure made flower arrangements.
  29. 29. A/N: I don't what with this legacy and witches, but every time someone goes to a community lot all the witches have to stop. It's nice, but I don't need them yet.
  30. 30. With the second semester underway, the Greek members started inviting their family members over to pledge them into the house. Rosy was the first to start her pledge period.
  31. 31. Marie asked Cae shortly after. Strangely enough the two girls got along better the anyone one Cae had never met.
  32. 32. Last but not least, Koi also started his pledge.
  33. 33. Koi and Rosy liked to spend the required time playing chess in the kitchen.
  34. 34. Cae spent time in the newly renovated living room. Azure often joined her and they were able to begin making amends over their troubled relationship.
  35. 35. Marie started dating Brandon, Lupe llama ex. She pledged him to Greek too, but he didn't have plans to move in. He didn't want to be around Jay's and Lupe's kids more than he had to.
  36. 36. Though the poker table drew him in often enough.
  37. 37. “Oh, Marie got a love note.” Azure often found such notes for both Marie and Cae,who both dated various persons.
  38. 38. Unlike their older siblings, Cae, Koi and Rosy got the itch to explore campus. Even though it was already quite late.
  39. 39. Cae immediately causes mischief by soaping the fountain. Luckily no campus guards were around to notice the suds.
  40. 40. Rosy took advantage of the electronics machine to get all three of them cell phones so they wouldn't have to depend on cheap dorm phones.
  41. 41. Rosy notices that a lot of students wear particular looking blazers, she grow determined to find the reason behind them. She greets everyone she sees wearing, but no one will tell her what they're for.
  42. 42. As quickly as the semester began, it started to end. Marie was the first to finish by graduating summa cum laude and moving back to Aqua Island without fan fare.
  43. 43. Cae, Koi, and Rosy finish next, all made the dean's list with the highest honors.
  44. 44. A/N: I forgot to get a shot of the other kids finishing, but on sidewalk pic is like all the rest, so enjoy this penguin instead.
  45. 45. That's all for this chapter, I'm finally finished with it. Thanks again for reading this and leave free to tell me what you think.
  46. 46. Happy Simming!