Dualacy chap 1 salt ss


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Axolotl Salt's Spring and Summer

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Dualacy chap 1 salt ss

  1. 1. ~Salt~ ~Spring and Summer~ By: CanImarryapony A Fishy Dualacy Chapter 1
  2. 2. Welcome back to A Fishy Dualacy. Two legacies at once. One named after freshwater fish the other after saltwater fish. This is founder Axolotl Salt's Spring and Summer.
  3. 3. As a recap, Ax married Mary, a college cheerleader that was intended to be the placeholder.
  4. 4. By the end of winter, they had their first daughter, Azure. Named after the Azure Damsel, a small hardy fish.
  5. 5. Spring begins with a picture of the house. It's expanded a little since having one room. But still a bit too small for the family
  6. 6. Money's tight for the Salts with the new baby and six cats under foot the little house is incredibly crowded.
  7. 7. Sometimes Lupe would come over and help with Azure. She claimed she needed a break from toddler chaos once in awhile.
  8. 8. With both parents working, they reluctantly hired a nanny to take of Azure while Mary was at work.
  9. 9. “May I have this dance?” “Oh Ax.” Needless to say, even with a baby there was still a lot of romance.
  10. 10. All too soon it was Azure's birthday, while Ax went out a got the cake, Mary call all their friends to celebrate.
  11. 11. “Alright Azure when you grow up, try not to strangle the cats too much.”
  12. 12. Here's she is, Azure has her mother's general face, but her dad's nose. She's sloppy like her parents, very outgoing, lazy, and playfully nice.
  13. 13. Here she is after her makeover.
  14. 14. And she immediately went for the kittens, I believe this one is Squirrel, he seems to be her favorite target.
  15. 15. While Mary shoos all the party guests home, Ax takes the opportunity to teach Azure some potty training skills.
  16. 16. Banx also gets his turn on being strangled. He asked for, I promise he went up to Azure and meowed until she coddled him.
  17. 17. Soon the kittens grow up too, this one is Squirrel.
  18. 18. Here's Cat.
  19. 19. Pounce and Binx.
  20. 20. Ax and Mary decide to keep Squirrel because he's Azure's favorite, but all the other kittens are sent to the pound for a spare to adopt.
  21. 21. Mary tries to teach Azure to talk, but doesn't have much luck. “Say momma.” “Sleepy.”
  22. 22. The nanny tried to help, but every dissolved into a game of peekaboo.
  23. 23. With both parents working they managed to expand the house.
  24. 24. While they were better off, Mary still preferred to do a lot of the housework by herself.
  25. 25. Finally it was time for Azure's birthday. Ax and Mary didn't want to do a big party this time. So little Azure decided to grow up before they could get a cake.
  26. 26. “Look I have hands. And feet and the ground's really far away.” “It's called growing up, sugar.” Ax told her. Unfortunately Azure wasn't able to learn any of her toddler skills before growing up, it seems to be a pattern for this generation.
  27. 27. The cats were certainly glad Azure was older, even Honeydew had not been immune to strangling.
  28. 28. Azure's birthday present was a bed, set up in the corner of the kitchen area until a bedroom was built for her.
  29. 29. Azure was up early for her first day at school. “Hi my name is Azure, today's my first day riding the bus.” “Just get in.”
  30. 30. With Azure in school, Ax and Mary spend some valuable alone time.
  31. 31. Ax moves in his chosen career to be a professional party guest.
  32. 32. Picture of the rain running off the roof in a thunderstorm Summer
  33. 33. “School is boring all there is to do in study and play with my cousins. Why aren't more kids in school Pony?” Aqua Island isn't very populated yet, no one's heard off it, but you are going to change that Azure.
  34. 34. Suddenly Banx and Squirrel attacked each other for. Honeydew watched on the sidelines. I thought all the cats liked each other but I guess not.
  35. 35. Mary is moving up her career, she was promoted to a cadet. Too bad she can't give her brother-in-law, Jay, a job since he wants to be a captain hero too.
  36. 36. With summer in full swing, Ax builds a little garden. Hopefully there will be little tomatoes to harvest in the fall.
  37. 37. Lupe still came over all the time. Azure bonded quite well with her aunt. “Comet told me that there are monsters that live in space called aliens. But I don't think they're monsters.” “I wouldn't know, Azure, I've never seen aliens.”
  38. 38. Mary soon found out that her alone time with Ax let her a little present.
  39. 39. Though she didn't worry about it to much, Ax for a Pleasure sim was an excellent father. He was always playing with Azure.
  40. 40. Azure and Squirrel became best of pals, now that Azure could no longer strangle him.
  41. 41. Mary's pregnancy enter the third trimester, even though she was more tired than usual, the baby seemed to be doing just fine.
  42. 42. Ax was more than happy to take over some of Mary's housework. Especially now there was a stove and he could cook proper food.
  43. 43. Even Azure volunteer to help out, although she ended splashing in more puddles than cleaning them up.
  44. 44. It wasn't long when Mary felt the first labor pains tingle through. Unfortunately Ax ans Azure had just left for the day and she was all alone with the maid.
  45. 45. Another girl. Mary named her Caerulean following the family naming scheme, Cae looked just like her sister now. Mary could only hope that she didn't have the dreaded first-born disease
  46. 46. Ax was overjoyed when he got home and Cae was in her crib waiting for him. Caerulean is named after the Caerulean Damselfish. A feisty fish in the same family as the Azure damsel.
  47. 47. Azure was unsure about her new sister, her father told her about having a sister was a good thing, he had Aunt Lupe. But still Azure didn't entirely like the idea of having to share her daddy. Ax always made sure to spend extra time with her and even taught her about the little tomato plants in the garden.
  48. 48. The garden was doing very well, Ax spent a lot of time taking care of it, with some help from Azure too.
  49. 49. Ax and Mary managed to take some time to update the kitchen, they still didn't have a sink, but having enough chairs was definite a bonus.
  50. 50. Shortly after the kitchen remodel, Ax won a huge bonus at work. 7,000 Simoleans to put towards the house
  51. 51. Ax had the old house bulldozed and built this one on the lot. It wasn't perfect and because it was bigger it was less furnished
  52. 52. Soon it was Cae's birthday and Ax invited all the family and friends over for a party.
  53. 53. Cae's birthday, was the first in the new house and Ax had trouble rounding up the guest so she could blow out the candles.
  54. 54. “Alright girly, don't stick your foot in the cake.”
  55. 55. Cae grew up into a cute toddler. Both Mary and Ax were relieved that Cae had managed to escape the first born disease. Cae is sloppy, outgoing and active, somewhat playful and very mean.
  56. 56. “You're gonna live with me one day little one.” Cae went straight for Adriana once Ax set her on the floor.
  57. 57. Lupe and Jay were as snappy as newlyweds. Mary was glad she didn't invite Brandon, Lupe's old fling to the party.
  58. 58. After the party Ax handed Mary a smart milk machine. Mary could barely contain herself she hadn't been able to get one of the these when Azure was a toddler.
  59. 59. Caerulean was the first child of gen 2 to receive the knowledge giving smart milk. Too bad it didn't stop her from strangling Honeydew.
  60. 60. The counters were the only safe place for the cats when Cae was awake.
  61. 61. Azure took to the garden like a fish to water, she soon was able to help take care of the plants on her own. Ax rarely had to help.
  62. 62. The garden gave Azure an escape from Cae. For some reason Cae did not take a liking to Azure and cried every time Azure tried to be playful.
  63. 63. Ax noticed his daughters uneasiness and made sure Azure had some special time with him.
  64. 64. At the end of summer Azure got her first A plus.
  65. 65. Banx and Squirrel managed to put aside their differences and stop fighting.
  66. 66. “DAADDDDDYYYYY!” She's quite an interesting little girl. I haven't decided if she's cute yet. This is where I leave you for now, hopefully I'll have Lupe's chapter out soon.
  67. 67. Picture of the caerulean damsel is from Aquarium Life or www.aquariumlife.com Again sorry for any continuity issues, I'm on the fence if I'm going to change the chapter style or not, I do play Ax's house first, but Lupe family's is further along as far date wise. Comet and Weather are older than Azure and other stuff like that.
  68. 68. Thank you to DrSupremeNerd, writer of the Vetinari Dualegacy and Ndainye, writer of the Heroes and Villians dueling legacies. None of the CC is mine, yet. And thanks to Pinstar for the legacy rules. You can never forget him. Happy Simming!