The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 5


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Vis's Bachelor Challenge is down to three contestants. No more races for the hot tub, and a strong connection between everyone. Who is Vis going to eliminate today?

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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 5

  1. 1. Infinite Diamonds of Space The White Legacy Extras: Vis’s Bachelor Challenge, Day Five
  2. 2. Last time on Vis’s Bachelor Challenge… Pony: “What kind of trap?” Vis: “Probably a water slide taking them outside the lair. Ooh! Or a ball pit!”
  3. 3. Meanwhile, Jessie is left to warm the second hot tub by herself.
  4. 4. Gabie: “You know what? I don’t really like being the first date of the day. I’d much rather be last.”
  5. 5. Gabie: “I bet I can break you of that shy-dancing habit.” Vis: “I guess I’d be willing to try.”
  6. 6. Vis: “The evilest of you guys today was Gabie!”
  7. 7. Gabie: “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! HAPPY DANCE!!”
  8. 8. Keika: “What!? Seriously!? I’m in the bottom two!?”
  9. 9. Vis: “So Jessie, you’re done. Sorry.” Jessie: “Yeah, I kinda figured. It’s been fun anyway, Vis. I wish I’d won, but it’s been fun.”
  10. 10. We’re down to the top three contestants in Vis’s Bachelor Challenge. Jessie left us yesterday; who will leave us today? Who will be our top two?? Our game is close—this is getting exciting!
  11. 11. Day five Friday
  12. 12. Hey. Hey, Vis. Guess what. Vis: “We’re having EVIL spaghetti for dinner tonight?” Nope! There are only three contestants left! That means no race for your hot tub! Vis: “Oh. Okay. Cool.”
  13. 13. Keika: *running anyway* Pony: “Didn’t you hear you? It’s not a race today. We can be leisurely about this.” Keika: “HOT TUB HOT TUB HOT TUB!!”
  14. 14. Keika: “I don’t dare look. Are they naked again?” Sorry to break it to you, but… yeah. Keika: “It’s times like these that I’m thankful for the blur.”
  15. 15. Vis: “So, I have a question for you guys. If you win this, would you be willing to move out of your neighborhood and join me on this spaceship?” Gabie: “Why don’t you just move back to the ‘hood?” Keika: “He can’t.” Vis: “Sorry.”
  16. 16. Pony: “So let me get this straight. You want the winner to come live with you?” Vis: “Well… yeah. I mean, I guess you wouldn’t have to. It could be your choice and all. I guess I could come visit whenever I could. But… it wouldn’t be very convenient. And I don’t know how often the ship is going to be close enough to the home planet to actually come.”
  17. 17. Pony: “Maybe we could put out a signal light for when we’re missing you?” Keika: “Like a superhero signal?” Pony: “Yeah! You could pull that off, couldn’t you Keika?” Vis: “Why does Keika need to do it?” Keika: “No reason. Don’t worry about it.”
  18. 18. Gabie: “Hm. Maybe if we tied Vis up and hid him inside the simself compound…” Vis: “Wait, what?” Keika: “Nope. He’s staying on the ship.” Gabie: “I’m just trying to think of a way to keep us together…”
  19. 19. Gabie: “So today is Kissing Day, right!?” Aaaand we just lost all semblance of an intelligent conversation.
  20. 20. Okay, that’s your three hours. Out of the water. Vis: “Awww…” Vis, can you meet me in the date room? I’d like a private word with you. Vis: “Oh, okay.” Pony: “I don’t mean to brag, but…”
  21. 21. Vis: “So what’s up, Author? Isn’t it time for one-on-one’s?” Well, yes. But I’ve decided we’re going to do things a little differently today. Rather than them coming to you, we’re going to turn free will on and you will go hunt them down. All you have to do is one kiss—we’ll do the flirts tomorrow, in the more traditional way. Cloistered up in this room, I mean.
  22. 22. Vis: “I don’t mean to sound negative, Author, but won’t doing one-on-one dates out in the open increase their chances of seeing me with somebody else? Wouldn’t that make them jealous? That’s… really kind of evil.” So you’ll do it? Vis: “Count me in. Who’s my first target?” Keika.
  23. 23. There she is, Vis. Sic ‘em!
  24. 24. Vis: “Hey, Keika. You know how everybody’s been telling me how kissable I look since our first day here?” Keika: “Yeah?” Vis: “Wanna try it?”
  25. 25. Hmm… nope, I don’t think this picture needs a caption. Next up, Pony. She’s been one of the most avid congratulators of Vis’s potential kissing ability, so it’s about time she got a payoff.
  26. 26. And where is she right now?
  27. 27. Vis: “Hi, Pony!!” Pony: “ARGH! VIS!! How long have you been standing there!?”
  28. 28. Vis: “Sorry. I just didn’t want to wait any longer for this. Also, I thought it would be evil to scare you a little bit.” Pony: {Finally!!}
  29. 29. Pony: “That was great. You are a great kisser.” Vis: “I think you’re better.”
  30. 30. And then it’s finally Gabie’s turn. I don’t think this picture needs a caption, either. It’s funnier without one.
  31. 31. Vis: “Your hair is so soft…” Gabie: “It’s finally my turn, huh? Maybe I don’t like being last so much.”
  32. 32. And so we get through all three kisses without any jealousy. I’d like to claim that I’m just a great sims player, but really it was pretty much dumb luck.
  33. 33. Now that kissing and hot tub dates are over, it’s time for dinner. I’ve noticed that Pony and I seem to really like sitting together and apart from Vis. Gabie, on the other hand— Gabie: “I loved the kissing dates. But they were too short. I think we should do more of them.”
  34. 34. Bedtime, Vis. Any idea on who you’re going to send home tomorrow? Vis: “Nope! We’ve still got flirt dates to go through tomorrow morning, so I’m not worrying about it too much yet.” If you don’t mind my asking, I noticed there’s photographs on your nightstand. Who are they of?
  35. 35. Vis: “My family. I didn’t expect to miss them quite so much… but I do. That’s the only thing I regret about jumping on this spaceship… not seeing them anymore, and not having a chance to say goodbye.”
  36. 36. Morning Vis! Ready for your next round of dates? Vis: “Bring it on!” Hey SimMe! You’re up!
  37. 37. Keika: “I can’t believe I’m first today… but he is pretty cute. It does mean I don’t have to wait.” Vis: {She thinks I’m cute.} Alright guys, same as yesterday. Sweet talk, hold hands, caress. Let’s go!
  38. 38. Vis: “Did you sleep well?” Keika: “I slept wonderfully.” Vis: “You have that right; you are wonderful.”
  39. 39. Vis: “Will you let me caress you today?” Keika: “Only if you keep calling me ‘wonderful.’” Vis: “You’re wonderful.” Keika: “You’re so sweet…”
  40. 40. Keika: “But… you know, I have awfully conflicted feelings about this.” Vis: “Why?” Keika: “Well, I like you, but… um, never mind.” Vis: “You’re not going to tell me?? That’s so evil, Keika.”
  41. 41. Keika: {I like you, but I’m your creator… and it seems a little squicky to marry my own creation. And also this isn’t supposed to be about me, it’s supposed to be about the members of the BBVM…}
  42. 42. Pony’s turn!
  43. 43. Vis: “Have I ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?” Pony: “You really think so?” Vis: “Yours shine like an evil sun slowly growing to encompass the uninhabited planets around it, growing hotter and hotter until they swallow me in… wait, that metaphor got kind of out of hand.” Pony: “I didn’t mind.”
  44. 44. Vis: “I could just stare at you all day. You’re captivating.” Pony: “Hm? What were you saying? Sorry, I got a bit distracted by your own handsome face.”
  45. 45. Vis: “…” Pony: “…”
  46. 46. Pony: “You’re up, Gabie.” {I can still feel his hand…}
  47. 47. Hm. Interesting timing on that thought bubble.
  48. 48. Vis: “I don’t think you could compete with the stars, Gabie.” Gabie: “Huh?” Vis: “I think you’d win so easily it wouldn’t be fair to put you in the same competition. There’s a gorgeous view of the infinite diamonds of space right outside that window, but whenever you’re in here with me, I don’t even notice they’re there.”
  49. 49. Hey, look. Best friend bubbles. Also an annoying line down the middle of my picture.
  50. 50. Vis: “I feel like I can really talk to you, Gabie. I think we might have something.” Gabie: “You know? I think we have something, too. Maybe in the form of little green smiley faces.” Vis: “Whoa! How’d you know that was what I was picturing!? You can read my mind!? That’s evil! Do it again! What am I thinking?” Gabie: “You’re thinking about… sumo wrestlers?” Vis: “Nope, way off. Let me give you a hint.”
  51. 51. Gabie: “Ooh. I get it now.”
  52. 52. Vis: “Oh, man. They’re all so evil.” Know who you’re going to eliminate today, Vis? Vis: “No! How am I going to decide!?” Well, you’ve still got a few hours. Let’s give you some time on free will and see what happens, hmm?
  53. 53. So instead of going to talk to anyone, you get some vegefetti jell-o instead? Vis: “I need some time to think, and this jell-o is evil enough to understand me.” Okay then.
  54. 54. Wait, who called a dance party and why wasn’t I invited!?
  55. 55. Oh, okay. I’m on my way. Never mind.
  56. 56. It is now noon, and nobody spent any extra time with Vis. The elimination room is calling, everyone!
  57. 57. Keika: “Hey… where’s Vis?”
  58. 58. Vis: “You can’t make me come out! I’m not going to make this decision!!” Come on Vis, out of the toilet stall. You can do it. Vis: “But, but… I don’t want to! This is so evil!!”
  59. 59. There he is! Now climb on up to your stage, Vis. You can do it. There’s a good boy.
  60. 60. Vis: “So… Keika, Gabie, Pony. I’m feeling really conflicted today. It took me a long time to decide, but I finally know who’s going home.”
  61. 61. Vis: “Gabie won again today…” Gabie: “Thanks, Vis.” Keika: “Not fair.” Vis: “…so it was just between Keika and Pony.”
  62. 62. Vis: “It took a really long time to actually decide, but…”
  63. 63. *clink* Vis: “Sorry, Pony. We had some great chemistry and I like you a lot. I just like Keika and Gabie slightly better.” Pony: “Oh, Vis… I’m sorry too. We could have had something great. Goodbye.”
  64. 64. *clunk* *thump*
  65. 65. Pony: “Ow. Hey Ani-Mei, Thai. I’m here.”
  66. 66. Thai: “So it feels like we ask this every time—” Ani-Mei: “Because we do.” Thai: “—but what happened? You were a top competitor in this, Pony. You’ve never even been in the bottom two before, and now you’re eliminated?” Ani-Mei: “I thought you were going to win for sure!”
  67. 67. Pony: “To be honest, at this point in the game, I don’t think it’s anything I didn’t do. I spent time in the hot tub with him, I kissed him, I flirted with him. I didn’t reject anything. It just came down to who he liked better.”
  68. 68. Pony: “And… that wasn’t me.”
  69. 69. Ani-Mei: “Feeling any better yet?” Time for the scores!
  70. 70. It seriously came down to one single point. Pony happened to have one fewer point than I did. Gabie’s looking pretty good right now, but my simself is still so close behind her that it’s hard to call! Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion to Vis’s Bachelor Challenge! Happy simming! Gabie: 100/56 (156) (double crush, best friends) Keika: 100/52 (152) (double crush) Pony: 100/51 (151) (double crush)