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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.1


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College begins with parties, new relationships, and payback

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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.1

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.1! We are now officially into generation 3, where college years officially begin! Recap of Last Chapter... Last time we found out that Alexandra had been turned into a witch and decided to choose the path of light meaning she wants to help people and make things better. Also Juliet struggled to get over the breakup of her ex-boyfriend Alvin, and Rosaline found it annoying how pathetic she was being. Romeo got declared heir and Juliet and Victoria left for college! Onwards ...
  2. 2. Juliet and Victoria stood outside the newly renovated Pinenut Plaza which would be their new home until they would eventually move into the family greek house that Vicki had been placeholding. They had arrived at Sim State mid morning and decided before doing anything that they needed to change their clothes because their transition clothes had been horrible. Victoria had even changed her hair claiming that her old dew was “too naive” for a college student. “I think this is the place” Victoria said looking down at her map of the campus quickly. Juliet looked at the building nervously, “It looks big.” “It's the smallest dorm on campus, now quit being nervous and come on, I want to get a good room!” Victoria cried running toward the door.
  3. 3. Once they both made sure that they claimed the dorm rooms with computers, they both headed into the main lobby to explore their new home some more. “Pretty nice,” Victoria muttered looking around, “I can see us throwing some pretty kick ass parties in this place!” Juliet rolled her eyes, “Is that all you ever think about?” she asked. “No, I think about dream dating too, I can't wait to get started on college boys!” she grinned looking around the room once more, “Oh! I almost forgot there was something I told myself I was going to do when I got here!” “And what would that be?” Juliet asked concerned because knowing Victoria it was probably not legal.
  4. 4. It wasn't. “This!” Victoria called stripping off all of her clothes and she began to dance around the lobby with a huge grin on her face. “Victoria!” Juliet shrieked in horror, “I do not want to see that!” Victoria laughed at her moderate cousin swaying her naked hips back and forth, “Oh come on Jules, have a little fun! Why don't you join me?” Juliet's eyes widened immensely, “No thanks!” Behind Victoria, Christian looked at Victoria's naked behind amused, “I think I'm gonna like this dorm,” he muttered.
  5. 5. Though not all the dormies found Victoria's stripping that amusing. Like Juliet Renaud shrieked in shock when a naked Victoria came running into his dorm room beginning to hula. “What? What are you doing?” he yelled staring at her. Did she realize that she was completely naked? Victoria laughed ignoring his shock, “I come here to grant you with this hula!”
  6. 6. Victoria sensed that he was not enjoying her hula nearly as much as the other guy dormies had, “What? Have you never had a girl come give you a naked hula in your dorm room before?” she asked walking up to him. Renaud looked down nervously trying not to stare at her exposed body, “Uhm not exactly,” he muttered. Victoria smiled finding his shyness cute, “Oh well there is a first time for everything!” Renaud didn't saying anything continuing to feel awkward, what was he supposed to even say to that?
  7. 7. Before Reaud could think of something to say Victoria ran out of the dorm room with her hands in the air cheering. Juliet had hid off in her dorm room trying to hide any evidence that she was related to Victoria. Renaud watched Victoria carefully as she ran out the room still in shock about the whole situation If anything, he had to admit that the girl had a nice ass. He let out a small smile and continued to unpack his clothes.
  8. 8. That night Victoria walked in the dining room to see Renaud sitting alone, eating his soupy mac and cheese. She stared at him carefully and went to grab a bowl herself. She didn't want to keep things awkward between them seeming as they would be living together, and also if she wanted to use him for a dream date in the future. “Mind if I sit here?” she asked, Renaud didn't saying anything looking up at her dubiously. “Well too bad,” Victoria answered for him placing the mac and cheese bowl on the table beginning to sit down, “Cause I'm going to sit here anyway.”
  9. 9. The two sat in silence for awhile slowly eating their mac and cheese, Renaud wanted to say something though couldn't think of anything without feeling awkward. Victoria was not one for silence and looked up at Renaud, “Look dude, I really didn't mean to offend you or whatever earlier; I was just introducing myself to everyone and college. I have never been one whose afraid to hide anything.” Renaud stared at her noticing that her face looked familiar, “Yeah uh no, I mean it's really okay, I was just sort of you know shocked. It's not everyday you have a naked girl in your dorm room doing the hula.”
  10. 10. Victoria let out a small laugh, “Yeah probably not, so lets start over. Hello, I am Victoria London and I love parties and dating.” Renaud's eyes grew wide realizing who she was, “Wait a second, you're Charity's daughter aren't you? I'm Renaud , I remember you now. I was at your birthday when you turned into a toddler, you were really tiny back then!” he cried talking quickly. Victoria sat up in surprise from the huge chunk of information he had just thrown at her, “Uh yeah wow,” she muttered, “That's uh really weird, let's not bring that up again.” She continued to eat her food, feeling awkward now knowing that he had seen her when she was a toddler.
  11. 11. Renaud gave a small smile trying to make her feel more comfortable, “Um yeah, your mom and I were friends when she was here. We lived in dorms together across campus.” Victoria looked up recovering from the awkward information just thrown at her, “Really? Was she cool back then cause she's sort of a pain in the ass now.” Reaud thought back to that time, the time when he had had a major crush on her, “Yeah she was, she was really nice.” Victoria snorted, “Just so you know I'm way cooler than her, I can actually have fun!”
  12. 12. Renaud let out a small smile realizing how different Victoria was from Charity, “Your mom could actually have fun though she was definitely not a partier.” “Yeah which I am,” Victoria grinned, “Speaking of which, where are all the cool parties around here?” Renaud thought about it, like Charity he wasn't all that in to the party scene and preferred small gatherings and just hanging out, “Uh well it really depends, greek life offers a lot of parties, but really just where ever you can find a keg, you will find a party near by.” Victoria smiled noting to find one of these parties soon.
  13. 13. After they finished eating Victoria walked up to Renaud with her flirt smile on, “Thanks for dinner Renaud it was really nice. I'm glad we can put the whole stripping thing behind us!” Renaud looked at her giving a small grin, he noticed that Victoria was learning into him slowly, “Yeah no problem you seem really cool.” “Oh I am, especially to cute boys like you!” she learned in closer to him her voice lustful. Renaud's cheeks began turn pink as he placed his hand over his heart flattered, “Uh cool.” Victoria smiled again now leaning away from him, she would leave him wanting more.
  14. 14. Juliet and Victoria quickly began to settle into dorm life carrying a loose routine. For Juliet this consisted of focusing mainly on school work. She had declared a psychology major early on as it helped her gain the skills necessary for the education career which she wished to top one day. She didn't take much interest in making friends and doing other things, something with her was still off like it had been before she even left for college.
  15. 15. Victoria on the other hand took a much different approach to getting her schoolwork done. She had declared a philosophy major to prepare her for a career in the culinary world though she wasn't learning much as she rarely ever did her own school work. “Rebecca you are such a smart beautiful girl, why don't you do my term paper for me?” Victoria asked with a flattering grin. Rebecca looked at her uncomfortably, “Fine if you promise to put in a good word to Phil about me.” Victoria rolled her eyes, “Of course girl that will be easy peasy, now get cracking on that term paper; it's due Wednesday!”
  16. 16. While random dormies did Victoria's work for her, she focused her energy on other pursuits like dating. She had already dated pretty much every guy in the dorm and told all of them that it was “just for fun.” The guys seemed to have no problem with this and enjoyed their time with her greatly.
  17. 17. Juliet would often times have to deal with awkward moments because of it. “So I banged you're cousin last night!” Rodney told Juliet at breakfast the next morning beaming, “It was hot!” Juliet put her fork down suddenly loosing her appetite, “I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that,” she murmured standing up to leave.
  18. 18. “Look Vic I love you, but do you really need to date every guy in school? I mean isn't that kind of skanky?” Juliet asked her as they played a game of darts in the upstairs common room. Victoria walked away from the dart board amused, Juliet had never been able to understand her dating method, “Nah, I'm just having fun.” “But what if they end up falling in love with you?” Juliet questioned worried, “I mean you could really hurt some guy's feelings.”
  19. 19. Victoria laughed, “Don't worry Jules, I make it perfectly clear that I only want to have fun, if they end up falling in love with me that's their fault not mine.” Juliet sighed throwing a dart, “I still don't see why you can't just stick to one guy and be happy.” Victoria laughed again, “Oh Jules,” she stared at the dart board, “Hey look you just got a bull's eye!”
  20. 20. Back in the main neighborhood, Alexandra was engaging in a lesson of her own, the lesson on how to fly. “Jane we have been at this for the past hour! I think it is pretty clear that I am not ever going to be able to fly!” Alexandra frowned holding her broom in frustration, she really wanted to be able to do it. Jane let out a small sigh, “I know you can do it Alexandra, you have taken to everything else so quickly. Do you want me to demonstrate once more?” “Sure,” Alexandra answered though she was convinced now that it wouldn't help having seen Jane fly a hundred times by now.
  21. 21. Alexandra watched as Jane leapt onto her broom and quickly levitate into the air. “You have to feel it Alexandra, you have to believe you can do it and just feel yourself becoming weightless. If you don't believe it, you can't do it.” Alexandra glowered, “But I do believe, trust me I am not want to doubt anything because it's weird.” “But do you feel it?” Jane asked lowering herself, “You have to feel it inside of you; you have to see it in your mind and feel it all at the same time.” Alexandra sighed and grabbed her broom placing it between her legs. She closed her eyes trying to picture herself flying over the neighborhood. I can fly, I can fly she repeated in her mind.
  22. 22. Before Alexandra knew it, she opened her eyes and noticed that she was indeed not on the ground anymore. She felt weightless and full of energy. She looked down to see Jane looking up at her with a smile, “Oh my plumbob, I'm doing it! I am actually doing it!” Alexandra cried flying around in a circle and then zooming around her house. “Alexandra you need to learn control!” Jane yelled after her, “You can just be flying around like it's a normal occurrence!” Alexandra laughed flying back over to Jane letting her then teach her how to control her flying a little better.
  23. 23. From that point on, Alexandra flew any opportunity she got, being careful of course, though sometimes she was a little too open about the whole thing. “Forgot the stinky old school bus,” Alexandra laughed zooming away from it. “Wow! Did you just see that?” a kid asked on the bus having seen Alexandra fly away. “See what?” the kid beside him asked. “That girl! She just flew away on a broom stick!” “What? Are you crazy? You need to stop watching all of those fantasy movies, I think they are getting to your head!” the other kid responded giving a look of disbelief.
  24. 24. Rosaline was also learning new skills in her freetime to help prepare her for college. She had taken up the delicate exercise of ballet which she began doing quite often. Ever since Juliet had left, she had felt more at peace with herself. It was like an inner anger had left her body. She was ready for college though, for she had grown sick of living at home and going to high school.
  25. 25. Overall things were pretty normal and uneventful for Rosaline as she began to get ready to go off to college herself. The only interesting thing that was going on with her was the fact that had begun to have weird dreams. The dreams weren't bad dreams though they were uncanny and made her sleeping experience a little uncomfortable.
  26. 26. The dreams were always about her and Ethan though they involved them doing things that friends didn't normally do, romantic things. They were always in the same sequence, she would see them dancing in a garden, then he would pause and stroke his hand on her cheek telling her that she was beautiful, then he would learn down over her and kiss her, and then they would stand up and hold hands giving each other goofy grins.
  27. 27. The dreams were cheesy and made Rosaline feel uncomfortable. She thought of Ethan as only her friend and it was weird to see him otherwise. They had kissed once, but they had both agreed that it was just a spur or the moment thing and meant nothing. The dreams made the times when she talked to Ethan on the phone awkward as she would always think about them. Ethan wasn't a cheesy person like the dreams portrayed and also he was at college now and in a band meaning that he probably had girls all over him left and right.
  28. 28. Rosaline decided that she would talk to Romeo about the dreams as she hoped that talking about them might make them go away and plus Romeo was the heir meaning that he was supposed to listen to her pity problems after all. She walked in the study one morning before school as Romeo was catching up on some last minute reading. “Hey Ros,” he said looking up from his book, “Do you know how messed up are parents are for naming us what they did? I mean in this play that we are named after, Juliet and Rosaline and like Romeo's lovers! I mean how weird is that?” Rosaline grunted, “Pretty weird,” she muttered walking up to him, “Can I talk to you for a second?” she asked him.
  29. 29. The morning sunlight quickly began to shine threw the windows as the sun rose, “Yeah sure I can't handle this awkward play any longer!” Romeo muttered slamming the book and placing it on his lap, “What's going on?” “You know my friend Ethan right?” Rosaline asked him. Romeo thought for a second until remembering, “Oh yeah sure that emo kid who wears the eyeliner.” “Uhh yeah,” Rosaline answered not liking how he referred to him, “But anyway I have been having sort of weird dreams about him recently and I really kind of want them to go away.”
  30. 30. Romeo sat up more interested, “What kind of dreams?” he asked curiously his mind completely on romantic thoughts having read Romeo and Juliet for the past hour. “Weird dreams,” Rosaline began feeling somewhat embarrassed, “Dreams where we are doing things that friends don't do.” Romeo grinned, “Hmm really, I knew you two had something going on the way you guys would just sit and stare at each other for hours not doing anything, it was weird.” “What?” Rosaline questioned in surprise, “No Romeo we are so not like that, though we kissed once, but it was completely just something that happened, that meant nothing!”
  31. 31. “Right, sure that's what they all say,” Romeo laughed, “And when you guys then proceeded to make out that meant nothing too” he teased. “Romeo!” Rosaline cried annoyed, “That never happened and I am serious when I say it meant nothing!” Romeo didn't saying anything still believing otherwise. “The thing is I just want these dreams to stop!” Rosaline sighed. Romeo tucked in his lips trying not laugh, it was obvious what was going on here, “Ros look, I say this out of all seriousness okay?” “Okay?” Rosaline responded listening.
  32. 32. “You. Like. The. Guy.” Romeo told her slowly watching Rosaline narrow her eyes at him, “You wouldn't be romantically dreaming about him if you didn't!” Rosaline sighed not happy with this answer, “No I don't, you can dream about someone romantically without actually liking them!” Romeo shook his head, “Nah dreams are like your inner emotions, there are always some truths in them and in this case it is obvious miss don't make any friends because of Ethan!” Rosaline frowned thinking to herself to never ask Romeo for help again, “Whatever Romeo, you are wrong, Ethan is only my friend and always will be!” “Right sure, tell me that at your wedding!” Romeo smiled. Rosaline ignored him leaving the room, little brothers were so annoying.
  33. 33. Back at Sim State Juliet was having a different sort of issues with guys. All of the dormies hit on her often though she always wanted nothing to do with them and blew them off. “Damn Juliet, you're looking hot in that dress though I know you would look hotter with it off!” Christian cried. “Excuse me?” Juliet asked annoyed staring at him. Christian grinned, “You know what I mean Juliet, hey we should you know head back to my dorm or something!” Juliet shook her head now even more exasperated, “NO Christian! That is not ever going to happen so stop trying!” “Whatever baby,” he smiled walking away.
  34. 34. Despite the fact that most of the dormie guys were pigs, there was another thing holding Juliet back. Even though she had claimed to Victoria she was over him and had tried to tell herself over and over that he wasn't worth it, Alvin still stung in her heart. She placed a picture of her and Alvin, that she had brought with her, on her wall staring at it carefully. She looked so happy in it, she had been so in love. “Oh hell no!” a voice yelled behind her storming into her dorm room.
  35. 35. Juliet turned around to see a very angry Victoria, “Juliet!” she yelled, “Are you for real? What the hell is that dork doing on your wall?” Juliet crossed her arms having flashbacks of when Rosaline had told yelled at her about the same thing, “I don't know Victoria, I just can't seem to let him go,” she mumbled quietly. Victoria shook her head furiously, “Take that damn picture down right now, we are going to go burn it!”
  36. 36. Juliet put her arms out concerned, “What no, Victoria look I really don't know what to do, I can't get over him! I know you think it is really stupid, but I loved him and I can't seem to let him go!” Victoria sighed Juliet was worse than she had thought, she had thought that college was going to make her forget about the loser, but obviously it hadn't. “Look Juliet, that's all fine and dandy, but the thing is Alvin or whatever his name was, was a loser and you are a winner meaning you are going to get over the dude and find a way better guy who can like be all amazing or whatever!” Juliet looked at Victoria confused, “Was that you're attempt at a motivation speech?” she asked a smile coming on her face.
  37. 37. Victoria laughed, “Uh yeah, but as you can see I'm no therapist,” she paused suddenly remembering why she had come in Juliet's dorm in the first place, “OH dude I know just the thing to make all of this crap better!” “What?” Juliet asked dubiously hoping that Victoria was not going to try to set her up on a date with some dormie. “Keg party!” Victoria smiled, “Right here, in this dorm! Rodney got one and he's bringing it here tonight!” “Ummm,” Juliet sighed thinking how that was in no way going to make her feel better as she didn't drink.
  38. 38. “Oh come on Jules,” Victoria began, “It will be just the thing to take your mind off of he who is a loser and there will be tons of cute guys there, guys who don't live in this dorm!” Juliet didn't say anything not wanting to go. “I don't even care that you are thinking how you don't want to go right now because you are going and thats final!” Victoria cried. Juliet glared at Victoria as she walked out, her cousin always seemed to think partying was the answer though really it wasn't, Juliet sighed she would just have to endure it, plus it was here so she could always escape to her dorm.
  39. 39. True to his word, Rodney brought over a juice filled keg to the dorm that night along with many people who were ready to drink and party. Victoria was thrilled and immediately headed toward the pineapple shaped object taking juice from it quickly. Beside her Juliet looked around at all the people drinking and dancing to the loud music, she remembered loving parties as a teen but now they just seemed loud and energy draining.
  40. 40. Juliet proceeded to move herself over to the sofa on the side and just watch the party around her. She decided she would leave when Victoria became distracted which by the looks of it would be sooner rather than later. Juliet wanted to be happy and move on with her life, but something in her heart kept stopping her and it needed to go away because Juliet was sick of wasting her college days away.
  41. 41. As the party continued Juliet remained sitting in the corner by herself deciding when she would head up to her room, her thoughts were interrupted by a very enthused llama who came over and began cheering Voo Gerbits in front of her. Juliet watched him not responding to it.
  42. 42. The llama noted this stopping, “Not feeling the cheer?” he asked her. Juliet widened her eyes, “Oh no sorry, it was great just I'm not really in the party mood right now.” The llama smiled under his mask though Juliet couldn't see it, “No worries, I'm not into drinking either so these parties are kind of boring.” Juliet gave a small smile not saying anything, at least some guys at this school were normal she thought. “Say I've never seen you around here before, I'm Corey Custer, though most people refer to me as the llama mascot or just the llama.”
  43. 43. “Oh uh I'm Juliet Loving, I've been here for a little while though I haven't really been out much,” she muttered. Corey looked down at her carefully, “Loving you say?” he asked curiously. “Yeah its a sort of weird last name, but it works I guess” Juliet answered with a small grin. Corey placed his hands on his hips continuing to stare at Juliet closely, “Say Juliet you can't spend the entire party sitting here by yourself, would you like to dance?” he asked her. Juliet looked up at him surprised, “What dance? Really?” she asked, then smiled, “Yeah sure that would be nice.”
  44. 44. It definitely was nice, as Corey and Juliet began to dance normally around all the tipsy people around them. Juliet grinned the whole time having more fun than she had had in a long while, that sting in her heart felt less strong for once and she was actually enjoying herself.
  45. 45. Meanwhile beside the dancing couple, a tipsy Victoria ran into Renaud who was not completely sober himself, “Wow uh sorry,” she muttered then looked up to notice that it was Renaud who she had ran into and smiled, “Hey Renaud looking good.” Renaud let out a small smile looking down. “Hey dude eyes up,” Victoria grinned, “Though you know I can't blame you for looking.” Renaud looked up now and smiled back at her thinking how hot Victoria seemed to look right now.
  46. 46. Victoria leaned in closer to him whispering in his ear, “Say why don't we just cut out all this talking crap and head up to my dorm?” “Mmmhmm,” Renaud mumbled looking at her with a goofy expression plastered on his face.
  47. 47. The two did just that and proceeded to get much more intimate in Victoria's dorm room.
  48. 48. Back downstairs as emotions ran high and people began to not act like themselves a fight broke out and Juliet watched it in horror, always having hated to watch fights. When the fight ended, the party ended along with it as people slowly began to leave and walk home not feeling their best.
  49. 49. “Bye Juliet, it was really nice meeting you, we defiantly need to hang out sometime again in the future!” Corey told Juliet giving her a quick hug on the way out. Juliet smiled feeling comfort in the hug, “Absolutely!” she agreed excited about seeing him again.
  50. 50. The next morning Victoria woke up to the harsh beams of the sun in her eyes, her head ached along with her body and she felt horrible. She slowly sat up in bed not remembering how she even got there. Her eyes quickly drifted over to the sofa where she saw Renaud fast asleep. She fairly remembered coming up here with him though the whole thing was still hazzy. “Renaud!” she called quietly heading over to the sofa.
  51. 51. “Hmm,” he moaned slowly getting up after Victoria had tapped him, he rubbed his eyes tiredly feeling awful. Victoria stood watching him grabbing her head in pain as it ached, “Oww,” she murmured quietly trying to pull herself together, she was a party girl after all. “What happened?” Renaud asked finally standing up.
  52. 52. “Ha like I remember!” Victoria cried flaring her arms out, “All I know is we came up here and made out I think, though I don't remember anything after that. In fact I have no idea how I even managed to get in my pajamas!” Renaud noted the skimpy pajamas, “Wait..” he paused, “Do you think we...?” “Oh no!” Victoria answered quickly, “You're still wearing you're clothes plus I think I would remember if that had happened.”
  53. 53. “Oh good,” Renaud answered relieved though still feeling uneasy, he never did things like he did last night and it was weird. “Yeah so uh don't worry about it, we had our fun and can now go back to living our lives,” Victoria cried used to this. “Uh yeah totally,” Renaud answered discomforted, this was his first time ever doing anything like this. “Yep, so I really need a shower,” Victoria told him casually, “I'll catch you later.” Renaud watched her leave carefully feeling many different emotions at once, he didn't understand how many people did these sort of things frequently.
  54. 54. As their freshmen year began to pass, Juliet began to get sicker and sicker of dorm life. She didn't know how much longer she could handle living with the annoying guys and was more than ready to move on.
  55. 55. Lucky for her an enthusiastic blonde soon came to her rescue arriving with toga on and all. “Annya Fruhm needs you!” Vicki cheered more than ready to have company back in the house again.
  56. 56. “You guys are soo gonna miss me!” Victoria giggled jumping up and down on the sofa her last morning in the dorms as her former dormates studied. “Oh yes totally, whatever will I do without you blasting music, coming home drunk, and making out with a billion different people in front of me,” Rickey told her sarcastically, now excited that he might finally be able to get some work done now.
  57. 57. Dorm life was now officially behind them and Greek life had begun with free pizza, a super nice house, and of course TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Victoria had immediately decided to throw a toga party within seconds of entering the house and all their former dorm mates plus others arrived.
  58. 58. The party consisted of nice fun with no kegs included, meaning Victoria and Renaud were completely aware of what they were doing when she began dancing with him. “You miss living with me don't you?” Victoria asked smiling and swaying to the music. Renaud looked at her feeling a little weird, “Yeah the dorms are definitely not as fun anymore,” he answered. Victoria laughed continuing to dance with him as Renaud tried to get into the beat across from her, “Oh I'm sure there not because I was bringing the party over there!”
  59. 59. “You must certainly were,” Renaud muttered staring at her closely he never realized how pretty she was until now. “Geez I hate this stupid toga, I could care less if I'm supposed to wear this thing I'm changing!” Victoria cried as she stopped dancing. “Catch ya later Renaud” she called walking away. Renaud stared at her, “Yeah okay,” he told her quietly.
  60. 60. The party also allowed for people who hadn't seen each other in awhile to reacquaint. “Corey!” Juliet called with a smile running over to the llama who obviously stood out. “Juliet!” he responded cheerfully, “I was hoping to see you here, its been a little while.” “Yeah I know we didn't exactly follow through on our seeing each other again promise.” Corey laughed, “Yeah well we are here now, so we should make the most of it!”
  61. 61. “Totally,” Juliet agreed looking at the llama, “So does being the mascot eliminate you from having to look stupid by wearing a toga?” Juliet asked. Corey laughed, “Yeah pretty much I guess that is one of the perks, though I'm not sure having to wear a hot llama outfit all the time is much better! Do you know how hot these things are?” Juliet let a small smile, “No I couldn't imagine, though it looks good on you!”
  62. 62. Under his mask Corey grinned, “You look pretty darn good in that toga yourself!” he told her grabbing her hand gently. Juliet smiled feeling herself blush, “Thanks” she managed to croak out nervously. Beside them Victoria walked by the two amused, “About damn time you move on,” she muttered under her breath. Juliet turned her head quickly hearing Victoria, “What was that Victoria?” she asked. Victoria smirked, “Oh nothing, you go back to the llama now.” Juliet grinned doing just that.
  63. 63. Back at home, Rosaline and Alexandra were having a conversation of their own being their very last day as teenagers. “So Alexandra are you ready to be out on our own?” Rosaline asked the hyper brunette. Alexandra laughed, “Totally, I can actually go learn about mystical stuff without my parents claiming I should be studying instead!” “Uh yeah,” Rosaline answered at her crazy cousin, Rosaline for one was more than ready to finally be leaving.
  64. 64. The next morning, Rosaline had packed her bags, called the taxi, and was officially ready to leave her house and go. “Bye Romeo, try to keep mom and dad in line alright?” she told her brother giving him a warm goodbye hug. Romeo snorted, “If that's possible then sure, but have fun at college alright and oh say hi to Ethan for me!” he laughed. Rosaline frowned regretting the day she had told him about her dreams more than anything, “Shut up Romeo.”
  65. 65. She then said goodbye to her parents before heading out the door, she was a little sad about leaving home though was more happy to finally be out on her own. “Bye Ros remember to not eat the dorm food on mystery meal days alright?” Aimee told her youngest daughter giving her a kiss. “I'll keep that in mind,” Rosaline noted. “Oh and Ros, just so you know it's really fun to turn on all the sprinklers in the dorms, it makes everyone go crazy!” Weldon smiled thinking back to when he did that all the time. “Uhh sure, I'll also keep that mind,” Rosaline muttered shaking her head at her crazy father.
  66. 66. Over at the London house, Alexanda was saying her goodbyes as well. First she was saying goodbye to her witch mentor Jane who had quickly flown over before Alexandra left. “Bye Alexandra,” Jane smiled hugging the girl, “remember all I have taught you and remember to please be carful. Other than that have a great time and if you ever need me, I am one flight away!” “Thanks Jane,” Alexandra responded returning the hug, “Thanks for everything, this whole experience means so much to me and I promise to be carful!”
  67. 67. Of course Alexandra had to say goodbye to her parents as well who were both devastated to see their youngest go. Charity had recently come home from Twikkii Island and now it seemed Alexandra was just leaving. “Bye sweetie, I am going to miss you so much!” Charity cried tightly hugging Alexandra leaving her barley able to breathe. “Uh mom you are kind of choking me,” Alexandra muttered quietly into her shoulder. “Oh sorry!” Charity said quickly letting her go allowing Alexandra to breathe. “Bye Alexandra, remember to study and if you can try to get your sister to study too,” Randy waved.
  68. 68. Soon enough Rosaline and Alexandra stood in front of the Landgrabb House that afternoon, the same place where Aimee and Charity had begun their college experience a generation ago. Like most transition outfits, Rosaline and Alexandra both grew up in questionable clothing.
  69. 69. “Hey uh Alexandra, what is up with the witch costume?” Rosaline asked giving her cousin a questionable look, leave it for Alexandra to grow up in the weirdest thing possible. Alexandra frowned noting that she had indeed grown up in her formal witch clothing. Jane had warned her that this would happen, but Alexandra had been so jumpy about coming to college that she had completely forgot about it,“Oh uh you know how weird transition clothes can be,” Alexandra answered with a nervous smile thinking that she needed to change as quickly as possible. “Riight,” Rosaline muttered thinking how if seemed a little weird that Alexandra of all people would grow up looking like a witch.
  70. 70. “Like you can talk anyway,” Alexandra said noting Rosaline's outfit, “did you decide that you wanted to join the cheerleading squad on the ride over here?” Rosaline groaned looking down at the short pleated uniform that was so not her, “Can we just both agree that transition clothes suck and change pronto!” Alexandra laughed, “Completely!” She then quickly ran inside to change before she got anymore odd questions.
  71. 71. Before Rosaline could change though, a peppy red head ran up to her beginning to cheer, “Oh my boolprop, do you want to join the squad? Because we could totally like use a cute blonde like you!” Rosaline's eyes widened, “Wow, not at all, these were just my transition clothes. Sorry, but cheerleading is so not for me!” “Oh come on you are like totally adorable and we could entirely use you,” she then leaned in closer to Rosaline, “and the guys totally find us all really hot!” Rosaline frowned hating girls like her, “Look sorry, but I am NEVER going to cheerlead so you can go Vu Gerbit elsewhere!”
  72. 72. Once Rosaline had changed, she managed to find some people who were not all pep. Being a knowledge sim, Rosaline immediately made her friends through studying in the common room. Rosaline quickly declared a Literature major in order to prepare her for her lifetime want to reach the top of the entertainment career.
  73. 73. Alexandra also quickly began making friends though sometimes her interests seemed to weird people out just a bit. “Do you think genies are cool? Cause I was thinking about it and thought eh, they are sort of a lame creature compared to most because they are so confined to their little vase and all, plus only three wishes! I mean really, witches can like do all the magic they want!” “Huh?” Veronica asked staring at the colorful new girl confused, most new people just asked her name and what her major was.
  74. 74. “Well what do you think about crystal balls? I think that they aren't real, I mean really seeing the future or whatever in a ball. My sister used to have that gypsy person come to our house a lot to get dates or whatever and I really think she was just looking into a glass ball,” Alexanrdra rambled to Veronica that night at dinner. “Huh?” Veronica asked leaving, there was something rather odd about this girl's interests.
  75. 75. Eventually Alexandra realized that she should leave her mystical likings and ideas to herself. She spent most of her first semester in the dorms studying about spells and other magic things, her goal was to gain her full power abilities, but it was going to take a lot of time and effort for her to get to that point.
  76. 76. Rosaline spent her first semester making new friends in the dorms, something she had never really done in high school. She made herself a promise that she was going to be more fun and social in college than she was during her teenage years. “Ooo look at that Phil, I think I just beat you again!” Rosaline cheered. Phil sighed looking down at his controller wondering why girls always seemed to beat him at video games, “You just got lucky,” he muttered. Behind Rosaline, Veronica snorted, “Right lucky for the fifth time in a row!”
  77. 77. Rosaline kept herself busy first semester, she hadn't spoken to Ethan since she arrived at college and he seemed to have no desire to contact to her either so she just had fun and made new friends. Rosaline even took her father's advice to set off one of the sprinklers, she grinned mischievously as she brought up the flame to set it off.
  78. 78. In the end though setting of the sprinklers had not been as much fun as her father had told her it was leaving her with a huge mess that her dorm advisor forced her to clean. She made a mental note to never listen to her father about fun activities ever again.
  79. 79. Downtown, Juliet was engaged in activities that were actually fun. She was on her first official date with Corey at Lulu's Lounge. She had immediately said yes the second Corey had called her to ask her out. She was nervous though incredibly excited at the same time. “Hey Juliet, you do realize this is a fast song right?” Corey asked as she had grabbed his hand to slow dance. Juliet stared at him giving a goofy grin, “Yeah well I've waited long enough for a slow song to come on and it's obviously not happening, so we can dance slow to a fast song.”
  80. 80. “I have no opposition to that,” Corey responded wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly. Juliet smiled feeling warm in his arms, “So are you ever going to not wear your mascot uniform?” she asked him realizing that as long as he had the thing on she would never be able to kiss him unless she wanted to kiss a furry nose. Corey laughed, “I could though its sort of a huge part of me now like without it, I would feel naked.” Juliet frowned, “So you will never take it off?” “Ha don't go that far, I have no resistance to taking it off especially for you,” Corey told her smiling under his mask.
  81. 81. “Oh is that so,” Juliet grinned looking at the llama mischievously as they separated from the hug. “It is indeed so,” he paused looking over at the dance floor spotting something, “Hey Juliet isn't that your cousin over there making out with some guy?” Corey asked pointing to the middle of the dance floor. “Huh?” Juliet asked confused snapping out of her romantic thoughts.
  82. 82. Juliet looked over to in fact see Victoria making out with a random guy like Corey had told her. Juliet frowned wondering why Victoria was here, she had told her the club that she was going to meaning her appearance was certainly not a coincidence. “What is she doing here?” Juliet cried annoyed storming over to her cousin.
  83. 83. “Oh hey Jules,” Victoria smiled noticing her cousin coming toward her, she separated herself from the guy she was with and smiled at Juliet. Juliet placed her hands on her hips, “May I ask what you are doing here?” Victoria looked at Juliet confused, “Um clubbing duh, I do this all the time” she cried over the loud music. “Yeah but I specifically told you this afternoon that this was the club I was going to with Corey.” “Oh was this that club?” Victoria asked.
  84. 84. “Victoria don't play dumb, I specifically recall you telling me that this was a good place to go!” Juliet pointed her finger toward her cousin. Victoria shook her head, “Okay fine I remembered, sorry for being kind of curious about your date, it wasn't like I was watching you anyway!” Victoria laughed. “Yeah, but still Victoria I would really appreciate you not following me!” Juliet cried. Victoria sighed, “Look Jules sorry or whatever, but stop talking to me and go back to your date!” Juliet turned around to see Corey standing awkwardly beside her, she gave him a small smile and glowered at Victoria one more time before walking away with him.
  85. 85. Luckily Juliet and Corey found some privacy on the other side of the club far away from Victoria, “She is so annoying, she goes on dates all the time and I have never once followed her.” Corey laughed, “She's just being a good cousin and watching out for you and I can completely understand why she wouldn't want anything to happen to you!” Juliet blushed a little and then shook her head, “No she was just being annoying!” Corey raised his arm, “Juliet come here she hasn't ruined anything, we are still here having a good time.”
  86. 86. “Lets just enjoy the moment, that here I am sitting with a beautiful girl in this nice room alone, minus that bartender over there of course,” Corey said soothingly wrapping his arm around her. Juliet placed her hands over his, her insides feeling warm and just stared at him, her face beaming. Even though it was only their first date and she still hadn't seen his face, she could feel herself falling in love with him and this time it felt real and different than when she thought she felt the same thing with Alvin back in high school.
  87. 87. After they had left the club, Corey walked her home. Juliet claimed it was unnecessary for him to do so, but he strongly disagreed telling her that he couldn't bare to let anything happen to her. Once they reached the door to the greek house they both stood staring at each other holding hands. Neither of them said a word just looking aimlessly into each other's eyes as if nothing else existed.
  88. 88. Eventually Corey lifted Juliet's hand and began to stroke it gently, “I had a wonderful time tonight Juliet, you are a beautiful and delightful person.” Juliet felt her cheeks redden and lifted her hand to her heart, “Thanks Corey” she managed to say quietly not moving her eyes from his face, “I had a great time with you as well.” He tilted his head at her continuing to stare at her for awhile until finally releasing her hand, “I guess I should be going then,” he said quietly. Juliet felt herself going cold as he removed his hand and began to move away, she wasn't ready for him to leave, “Wait!” she called.
  89. 89. Juliet leaned into him slowly, “I always told myself that I was never going to move this fast, but you don't have to go,” she said almost in a whisper. Corey stared at her skeptically though happy as well, “Juliet are you sure?” he asked. Juliet smiled, “I have never been so sure before in my life!”
  90. 90. Needless to say Corey finally did take off his llama uniform for her.
  91. 91. “You what!” Rosemarie yelled sitting beside Corey in the lounge the next day. “Rosemarie we are only friends with benefits,” Corey said staring into the angry red head's face. “Yeah, but you slept with Juliet Loving?! Do you know who her parents are?” Rosemarie yelled. “Shhh Rosemarie keep it down,” Corey muttered looking around the lounge as some people at the bar had turned around to stare at them.
  92. 92. “Corey! Her parents are Aimee and Weldon Loving aka the girl who you were once in love with and the cow who she cheated on you with and then chose over you and who you absolutely hated!” Rosemarie cried in disbelief about what Corey had just told her. “I am fully aware of that Rosemarie,” Corey responded calmly at the information she had just given him. “Okay?” Rosemarie asked confused, “Then why the hell are you with their daughter?” “It's simple really” Corey answered, “payback.”
  93. 93. “Payback?” Rosemarie asked confused not understanding, “How is falling for their daughter payback?” Corey laughed, “I'm not falling for her Rosemarie. I'm only pretending to” Rosemarie shrugged still confused, she wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box, “I still don't get it.” “It's simple Rosemarie, I do what Aimee did to me except to her daughter.” “You're going to marry a cow?” she asked.
  94. 94. “What, no!” Corey cried, “I hate both Weldon and Aimee Loving so all I have to do hurt what they love most their daughter, I can easily do this by leading her on and then breaking her heart by cheating on her like Aimee once did to me!” They both sat in silence for awhile while Rosemarie processed this information, once she had she grinned, “That's genius Corey!” Corey smiled pleased with himself, “I know, I'm finally going to get Aimee and Weldon back for what they did to me years ago!”
  95. 95. And this is where I will be leaving you. I will also leave you with this picture of Rosaline heart farting over the other llama named Warren or something, the Loving girls seem to have a thing for mascots specifically llamas. Anyway thanks for reading as always feedback of any kind is much appreciated and see you later for more college fun and drama! Also happy holidays everyone----->
  96. 96. Oh the weather outside is frightful
  97. 97. And since we've no place to go But the fire is so delightful
  98. 98. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
  99. 99. Happy holidays and winter! See you later!