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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 2


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One of the contestants in Vis's Bachelor Challenge has been eliminated, leaving six to go. Hot tubbing and one-on-one dates are had, one of the contestants gets competitive, and another one goes home.

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The White Legacy: Vis's Bachelor Challenge, Day 2

  1. 1. Vis Doesn’t Like Flowers The White Legacy Extras: Vis’s Bachelor Challenge, Day Two
  2. 2. Last time on Vis’s Bachelor Challenge… Gabie: “Come on, we’ve been abducted by aliens and brought onto their ship to participate in a bachelor challenge for one of the most popular characters in Keika’s legacy, who happens to be obsessed with over-the-top evil. What could go wrong?”
  3. 3. Keika: “BWAHAHAHA!! You’re so funny, Vis!!” Rosie: “It wasn’t that funny. Quit sucking up.”
  4. 4. Anne: “I’m hoping for a lot of kissing out of this deal. Vis looks like he’d be a good kisser.” Vis: “That’s so evil! …and also a little creepy.”
  5. 5. Everyone: “Boo!” Keika: “Love you guys, too!”
  6. 6. Anne: “VIS! Please! Let me stay! I’ll do better! I promise! I just wanted to kiss y—”
  7. 7. Anne: “AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”
  8. 8. Thai: “Have a slice of cake. It’ll make you feel better.”
  9. 9. Anne left us in Day One. Who will rise to the top in Day Two, and who will be shot through the floor? Find out in this exciting installment of Vis’s Bachelor Challenge! Because we’re really, really good at coming up with creative titles to our shows.
  10. 10. Day Two Tuesday
  11. 11. Mia: “Really? Through the floor?” Jessie: “I’m not sure I believe it. It’s just Rosie’s word that the floor disappeared under Anne, anyway.” Rosie: “Hey! I’m right here!”
  12. 12. Keika: “Hey. Rosie. Don’t listen to them. I have an idea.” Rosie: “Oh yeah? What’s that?” Keika: “You know how I came in first yesterday and you came in pretty much dead last?” Rosie: “…where are you going with this.”
  13. 13. Keika: “If I win, that’s going to be a bit of a slap in the face to the BBVM, isn’t it? I mean, all of you guys begged and begged me to reintroduce him, and then I come up to his bachelor challenge and win him out from under your feet?”
  14. 14. Rosie: “So you’re saying that you think that if you win this challenge, you’ve proved your point that you’re right and we’re wrong?” Keika: “Exactly!” Gabie: “Hey there, gossiping duo! Ka-chow!”
  15. 15. Rosie: “You are really evil, you know that?” Keika: “Yeah, I know. Mind telling Vis that for me? Kthnx.”
  16. 16. Okay Vis, first things first! Head on down to the second level of the main floor! Vis: “Are those chessboards? Wow, that reminds me of home… now I feel all guilty for leaving. That’s really evil.” Yes, those are chessboards, but that’s not for today. Just trust me and head down there.
  17. 17. See that room over there? Vis: “Nope. I’ve got my eyes closed.” Vis, open your eyes and walk through that door.
  18. 18. Vis: “Ooh, a hot tub! Can I canonball!?” Er, you’d better not. You’re going to drive the girls crazy with that wetsuit, you know. Vis: “Yeah, I picked it out myself. It’s pretty evil.”
  19. 19. Simselves: {I sense hot tub time.} Gabie: “Whatcha all doing, standing stock still and looking thoughtful and all? Would you like a finger gun? Have a finger gun!”
  20. 20. The race has concluded! The ladies in Vis’s hot tub are Mia, Gabie, and my own simself. Keika: “Gabie, that is so inappropriate.”
  21. 21. Meanwhile, Rosie, Jessie, and Pony are together in the other tub. Rosie: *sulking* This is pretty worrying, actually. Jessie hasn’t gotten to interact with Vis at all yet, and Rosie really needs to improve her score with Vis if she wants to survive today. Pony is totally secure, though. As evidenced by her choice in swimwear.
  22. 22. Keika: “I think we should just all be best friends. You know what they say: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
  23. 23. Vis: “Yeah, you’re right! I’ve never thought of that before! Keika, do you want to be my enemy!?” Keika: “YES! I would love to keep you close!” Mia: “Suck-up!”
  24. 24. Mia: “Personally, I can’t stand all these mind games we have to play just to date people. Keika.” Keika: “What?”
  25. 25. Mia: “I think you would look great in a hat. Just make sure to wear it low over your face.” Keika: “Hey! That was uncalled for!”
  26. 26. Keika: *pointedly turns away from Mia* “Do you have any pets, Gabie?” Mia: “Oi! Look at me when I’m talking to you!” Vis: “Let’s just all get along, okay guys? Arguing is fun, but you have to tickle the other person to make up for it when you’re done…”
  27. 27. Gabie: “Isn’t kissing great!? And hey look, I’m naked! See?” Keika, Mia: “Desperate.” Vis: “Uh…” I’ll spare you the rest of the conversation. It pretty much went in circles from here on out.
  28. 28. Time’s up! Everybody out of the water! Gabie: “I’m going to be so cold when I get out of this hot tub, because I’m naked! See?” Keika, Mia: *uncomfortable* I wasn’t kidding when I said the conversation went in circles. Thanks, Gabie.
  29. 29. How’d you like the hot tub dates, Vis? Vis: “They were… a little awkward, I have to admit.” Keika: “Not my fault. No, I mean, it was totally my fault, because I’m evil. EVIL!” Nice try, SimMe. Time for one-on-one dates. Vis, there’s a separate dating room upstairs. Vis: “Cool. One-on-one. That sounds a lot easier.”
  30. 30. Vis: “Hey, nice view. And the heart is a nice touch. It’s all yellow and orange, two of the least liked colors in the universe. That makes it evil.” I’m not sure what you’re basing this data on, but sure. Let me get your first date in.
  31. 31. I think we’re going to start at the bottom of the list from yesterday’s scores and work our way to the top. So, Rosie goes first and I go last. But I don’t think the formal dress was entirely necessary, Rosie. Rosie: “I’m in this to win it, Keika. I know I’m in trouble, and I am going to go to every means necessary to keep MY Vis!” Sure, but I’m still going to win. Rosie: “Not if I can help it!”
  32. 32. Rosie: “Hi, Vis. How do you like my dress?” Vis: “Well, it’s blue, which along with white is like the epitomy of goody-two-shoes colors, but it looks nice on you, so I guess it’s okay.” Rosie: “Thanks.” You two get one chat and one flirt, so make this count.
  33. 33. Vis: “Hey, do you want to be my arch nemesis, Rosie!?” Rosie: “W-what?” Vis: “It’s like we were talking about in the hot tub: keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” Rosie: “OH, the evil. That’s right. I getcha. YES, I would love to be your arch nemesis, Vis!” Vis: “Sweet! Now I have two!”
  34. 34. The highest flirt we could get after the chat was a wolf whistle…
  35. 35. …which Rosie accepted. Good sign? Vis: “You clean up awful nice, Rosie. I bet you’d look great in an evil empress dress.” Rosie: “Why Vis, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me!” Vis: “I aim to please!” We’re also going to find out today how much voltage Vis has with each girl. For him and Rosie, we’re looking at… two! Very promising, Rosie!
  36. 36. Next up is Mia! Mia: “I got this. I’ve got a great strategy.”
  37. 37. Vis: “So Mia, do you like—” Mia: “YAWN TOO EVIL TO CARE.”
  39. 39. Mia: “Furthermore, I’m going to steal your firstborn child because I’m EVIL!”
  40. 40. Vis: *scared* Mia: “Er, but I’d give it back after a little bit because it would be cruel to steal it forever?” Vis: “…” {I think I’ll just play with my fingers…} Mia: “I didn’t take it too far, did I…?” Do the flirt, Vis. Don’t just stand there. Flirt. Flirt!
  41. 41. Vis: “Okay! Uh, did you come from space? Because you’re out of this world!” Mia: “Ugh, that was horrible!” Mia rejects her wolf whistle… that’s not good. Mia even made it into the hot tub with him this afternoon. Vis and Mia have no bolts. Also not good.
  42. 42. Mia: “Good luck, Jessie. I’m not so sure I want him after all, the jerk.” Jessie: *gulp* Remember, this will be Jessie’s first time interacting with the bachelor. Let’s watch.
  43. 43. Vis: “So Jessie, let me tell you all about my plans to take over the universe and become the evil emperor! I’ve been working on them since I was a kid! The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is what kind of cookies to give my citizens on Intergalactic Baked Sweets Day!”
  44. 44. Jessie: “Oh, you definitely want to give them double fudge brownie oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. That way all the chocolate will give them happy feelings, but will also make them sick to their stomach with too much sugar. It’s like a little package of contained evil!” Vis: “Wow! You sure have some really evil ideas! I’ll put that in my plans!”
  45. 45. Jessie: “Yawn, tired. Let’s talk about something else.” Vis: “But… but what could be more interesting that my plans for intergalactic dominion?” Jessie, you just blew it.
  46. 46. Jessie: “Mia was right! You’re a jerk! How dare you whistle at me!” Rosie accepted the wolf whistle. Mia and Jessie, who scored higher than her on day one, have not. What’s going on here? Despite the rejected wolf whistle, though, Vis and Jessie do have a bolt of chemistry.
  47. 47. Vis: “Author, why is this going so badly? What am I doing wrong?” You’re not doing anything wrong, Vis. Mia and Jessie were just feeling touchy today, that’s all. I’m sure it’ll be smooth sailing from here. Vis: “I hope you’re right… this is so not evil.”
  48. 48. Next up is Gabie. Gabie: “How’s my hair? Okay?” Vis: “It looks pretty evil, I think.” Gabie: “Thanks!”
  49. 49. Vis: “Gabie, I think you have a statuesque figure.” Skipping straight to the flirt, are we Vis?
  50. 50. Gabie: “Aww, that’s so nice of you to say! You look a lot like an Adonis yourself!” Vis: “Really? Cool!”
  51. 51. Gabie: “So, do you have any favorite books?” Vis: “Books? You think I like books?” Gabie: “Well, yeah!” Danger, danger, danger…!
  52. 52. Vis: “Sure, I’ve got a few favorites. War and Peace. The Star Wars books.” Gabie: “You like sci-fi!? No way! Me too!” Nice save. Gabie: “I especially like the ones with flowers in them!” DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER!!
  53. 53. Vis: “NO! No flowers! There is nothing evil about them at all, unless they’re being used as an ‘I’m sorry’ gift! I hate flowers!” Gabie: “Oops…”
  54. 54. Good news, Gabie. You get the first charm of the day. Vis: “But, uh, I think if it was for you, I could deal with the flowers. Maybe if they were, like, death flowers or something.” Gabie: “Aww…” Vis and Gabie have one bolt.
  55. 55. Next up is Pony, yesterday’s second-highest scorer. Will she manage to get a full chat interaction without either her or Vis starting to yell?
  56. 56. Pony: “SHOES! You have some great ones!”
  57. 57. Vis: “Thanks! It took me so long to find the perfect pair for this outfit, but it was totally worth it!” Pony: {Ka-ching!}
  58. 58. Pony: “So I heard that you have a super secret plot to take over the universe! I didn’t know you were such a politician!” Vis: “Isn’t it evil? But… who told you about that?”
  59. 59. Jessie: “And then all he wanted to talk about were his plans to become evil emperor! I mean, how am I supposed to become evil empress if there’s already an evil emperor, I’d like to know! Come on! I’m going to complain to the world!”
  60. 60. Vis: “It’s supposed to be secret!” Pony: “Sorry! I didn’t know! I’m sorry!” Dang. So far the only one who’s gotten through a full conversation with this rattlesnake-mean sim is Rosie.
  61. 61. Vis: “This is your middle finger.” Pony: *gasp* “He’s touching me! I’m in heaven!” Pony has “suggestion” enabled, but we’re going with charm today for everyone (or if that’s not available, the highest that is). As you can see, she accepted the flirt. These two have a whopping two bolts.
  62. 62. Time for the last date… me! …I just walked through the door. Ouch.
  63. 63. Vis: “So how do you think—” Keika: “I LOVE THEM!! THEY’RE SO EVIL!! I LOVE YOU, VIS!!” Mia was right. I am a horrible suck-up.
  64. 64. Vis: “—of Rosie?” Keika: “…eh? Oh… yeah yeah yeah, sure, she’s cool, I like her… I once braided her hair to the bedpost while she was sleeping, but I unbraided it when she woke up and gave one good scream.” Vis: “Wow, that’s really evil, Keika!” Keika: “I know.”
  65. 65. Vis: “How about sports? I love catch!” Keika: {Not really into sports, but…} “Oh sure, I love catch. I play it every day. I’m on the neighborhood catch team.”
  66. 66. Vis: “You’d look great in an alien jumpsuit.” Keika: “I love you so much.” {I’m so going to win this thing.} I also have suggestion available with Vis, but once again, we stick to the charm. Vis and I have two bolts.
  67. 67. One-on-one dates finally done with, it’s getting pretty late, but I think there’s enough time for dinner. Making it to Vis’s table are Rosie, Jessie, and Mia.
  68. 68. …while those of us who did not order salad sit together at the other table. Gabie: “We took the long way getting here.” Pony: “But that’s okay. We’re the forerunners in this.”
  69. 69. After a stimulating dinner conversation about the individual contributions the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises contributed to the science fiction genre (good job, Rosie), it’s off to bed.
  70. 70. Morning dawns… sort of. As far as dawn can come in the furthest reaches of outer space. Gabie: “Classy, Keika.” Keika: “Shuddup.” Before noon—and elimination time—comes along, I’m leaving everyone on free will. If any of you want to try and bolster your score with Vis before he has a chance to send you through the floor, this is it!
  71. 71. Vis wanders into the dorm and starts queuing up backrubs and light kisses for my simself. D’aww. Although I’m too busy talking with Rosie to notice, so he just kind of stands there and stares.
  72. 72. Oh! Oh! He slipped one in! Rosie: *JEALOUS STARE*
  73. 73. Keika: “Hehe. He kissed me. Hehehehe.” Rosie: {Must steal attention back!!} “Vis, have I ever told you how adorably evil you are?” Vis: “Wow Rosie, that’s awfully nice of you to say! Thanks!”
  74. 74. Rosie: “See no evil, see no evil…” Kiss #2. It should be obvious, but I’ll reiterate. These are all autonomous.
  75. 75. I see crush hearts! I also see Jessie talking about herself and Rosie trying to get me and Vis apart!
  76. 76. Okay, I’m going to walk Vis further into group and see if that makes any difference. Maybe he’ll decided to hit on somebody else. Jessie: “He KISSED her!! TWICE!!” Once crush hearts start flying for the girls, I’m going to have to pay really close attention to make sure no one gets jealous, if he keeps acting like this.
  77. 77. Nope. Didn’t help. Vis: *gossips about Mia* Keika: *laughs* Pony: *stares*
  78. 78. Good for Gabie! She takes the proactive path and approaches Vis for a chat to rehash their conversation yesterday about flowers. Gabie: “So, death flowers? Are you talking about those ones with the skulls in the middle from TS3?” Vis: “’TS3’? What’s that?”
  79. 79. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t like… flowers… wait a second here. Can I get a close-up.
  80. 80. Best. Face. Ever. Pony: “Remember, Vis doesn’t like flowers!”
  81. 81. Emboldened by Gabie’s failure, Jessie strikes up a conversation with him, as well. Rosie takes a different route and cries on his shoulder. Rosie: “Vis, you know you love me!” *hiccup* “You wouldn’t want to see me gone would you? I love you!!” *sniffle*
  82. 82. Vis picks a fight with Rosie. Vis: “Is this some sort of evil plan of yours to make my shirts all wet!?” Rosie: “Is it working?” Vis: “Well… yeah. That’s really… evil. Wow.”
  83. 83. Vis: “Hey, have you heard the one about the dog playing chess?” Rosie: “No, I haven’t! How does it go??” Keika: {Mine. Hiss. Must stare at them creepily until she moves away from my man!}
  84. 84. Keika: “NO! You may kiss me, but you may not hold hands with me!” Vis: “Oh… sorry…”
  85. 85. Vis starts a game of kicky bag with Gabie right at twelve noon. Time for eliminations, everyone! Onto your tiles! Vis: “Aww… I didn’t get to use my special evil kicky bag… it honks like a car whenever you kick it!”
  86. 86. Mia: “Okay, that’s kind of worrying. Anne’s tile, I mean.” Pony: “It’ll be fine. Trust me.”
  87. 87. Vis: “Welcome back to the elimination room of death and doom and destruction! This is gonna be so much evil fun!” Jessie: “…why is he looking at me while he says that.” *sweat*
  88. 88. Vis: “So, today there’s a really obvious evilest woman.” Keika: *totally confident* Vis: “You can go, Keika.” Keika: “Thanks, Vis.”
  89. 89. Keika: “No worries, Rosie! I’m sure it’ll be you next time… tee hee! Ta-ta now!”
  90. 90. Vis: “Okay! So the three evil women who are also safe from elimination today are…!”
  91. 91. Vis: “Pony…” Pony: “Sweet. Love ya, Vis.”
  92. 92. Vis: “Gabie, and…”
  93. 93. Vis: “BWAHAHAHAHA!!” Everyone but Pony and Gabie: *tense*
  94. 94. Vis: “…Rosie!” Rosie: “Really!? I’m safe!?”
  95. 95. Rosie: “Phew!” Vis: “I really got to know Rosie better during the last twenty-four hours, and I want to make sure she remains safe! So Pony, Gabie, and Rosie, you can head out!” Gabie: “Already on it!” Vis: “So that just leaves Jessie and Mia!”
  96. 96. Mia: “Come on, Vis. You know you want me. Let’s not draw this out any longer than it needs to be. Just drop Jessie already.”
  97. 97. Jessie: “Hey now, wait just a minute! You and I are meant to be, Vis! Don’t listen to Mia’s lies!” Mia: “Lies? BLASPHEMY!”
  98. 98. Vis: “Well, okay, but I’ve already decided. Actually it wasn’t a hard choice today. The one getting eliminated today is…”
  99. 99. *clink* Mia: “Whaaaat!? But, but Vis!” Vis: “Sorry, Mia!”
  100. 100. Keika: “Two down, four to go.”
  101. 101. *clunk* Mia: *scream*
  102. 102. *thunk* Ani-Mei: “Mia today, huh?” Thai: “Come join us, Mia. And have some cake.”
  103. 103. Mia: “So you guys are the co-hosts, huh?” Thai: “Yep.” Ani-Mei: “So tell us, Mia. What happened today? I thought for sure we’d be seeing Rosie drop in today, so to speak.”
  104. 104. Mia: “Keika cheated! She’s already kissing him! That’s not allowed! Not until day five! I don’t care if he is the one initiating it and that it is autonomous, it’s not allowed!!” Thai: “Okay, but what about your score?”
  105. 105. Mia: “Meh, to be honest, I didn’t like him romantically as much as I thought I would. No spark, you know? And no bolts either. He had dumb pickup lines. I might have used the wrong strategy to get him to like me, too. I thought he’d respond well to outright evil. Guess not.”
  106. 106. Thai: “So you’re saying he’s not actually evil?” Ani-Mei: “Duh.” Mia: “Oh. That would explain it, then.”
  107. 107. Ani-Mei: “So. Party room?” Thai: “We’re letting her in on it, too?”
  108. 108. Mia: “Anne, what are you doing?” Anne: “I’m SHAKING IT!! BOO-YA!!” Let’s see the scores!
  109. 109. Uh… wow. My simself turned 30 points into 90 in one day. She’s serious about this. I really, honestly hope I don’t actually win this. I just put her in because I’d forgotten Ani-Mei was married and I needed a seventh person. Anyway, Pony is still in second, having nearly doubled her day one score. Gabie more than tripled hers. Rosie managed to pull up from -10 to positive 14, which is really impressive, and despite the bit of friction between Jessie and Vis, they’re also in the positives. Poor Mia did improve on her last score of -5, but it wasn’t enough to quite make it. Will anyone be able to stop my simself’s nefarious first placing? Will Chess Day allow someone to impress Vis with their crazy logic skills? We’ll find out! Happy simming! Keika: 72/18 (90) (Visin crush) Pony: 30/15 (45) Gabie: 24/16 (40) Rosie: 12/2 (14) Jessie: 7/2 (9) Mia: 0/-2 (-2)