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Interlude Ianw


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Interlude Ianw

  1. 1. Last chapter: The 6 kids of our first generation graduated and some peace was achieved among the siblings.
  2. 2. After getting settled, Aidan Callum called both his fiancée McKenzie and his mother Evangeline.
  3. 3. McKenzie changed her clothes and hair into something more fitting. She wasn’t a townie anymore.
  4. 4. The three had lunch and talked about wedding plans. There were only a couple of days left until the big day.
  5. 5. Evangeline was the most excited person at the table; it wasn’t really for her, since she knew some of her kids wouldn’t get married if it wasn’t for David’s lifetime want.
  6. 6. Aidan was sort of excited. He smiled and felt happy, but after all, he was still one of the romance kids.
  7. 7. Soon, it was time for Evangeline to go home. “Goodbye dear Son. I’ll see you tomorrow. Great girl you have there. Cherish her!” “Those are my vows, Mom. Send Dad a hug, okay? I’m sorry he couldn’t make it” ***
  8. 8. The day soon came and everybody was ready for the first of six weddings.
  9. 9. David couldn’t have been more happy that day. McKenzie was a good girl, capable of stopping Aidan from romancing around.
  10. 10. Vows were said, kisses given and photographs taken.
  11. 11. Krystal didn’t make it to the party and both Evangeline and David wondered when they’d get to know their in- law.
  12. 12. “Are you happy, McKenzie?” “Of course I am. This is the most awesome day of my life, Aidan. Thank you so much!” “You know I love you, I really do”
  13. 13. Meanwhile, the party was going on smoothly. Hanzi was having fun playing the piano for the other guests to dance.
  14. 14. The party came to an end and the newly weds left for their honeymoon. When they came back, it would be Emilian’s turn to get married. ***
  15. 15. On the main lot, Lily and Emilian were already living together.
  16. 16. On the big day, the whole family attended the wedding.
  17. 17. “So this world is too much for you to take. Just lay it down and follow me, I'll be everything you need in every way“
  18. 18. Krystal attended the wedding and everybody seemed to enjoy her company. Little did they know, yet.
  19. 19. “You look beautiful today Lily, you look a movie star” Aidan complimented his in-law. “Now all we need to know is what kind of movie you’re talking about, isn’t it Aidan?” Emilian added to the conversation. He was in a good mood that day so he thought that was actually a funny thing to say.
  20. 20. The wedding soon came to an end and Emilian took his bride into their new bedroom. ***
  21. 21. When Krystal graduated, it was time for another marriage.
  22. 22. As the butterflies stood around the couple, they forgot everything that went wrong since they had started their relationship.
  23. 23. All the family was there, but only 3 people saw the actual wedding. Esmeralda being one of them, as usual.
  24. 24. After the wedding it was time for some delicious cake and some karaoke.
  25. 25. “See? It went well enough, don’t you think?” Fonso asked his wife. “I know right? I think it’s time we tell them.” “Do you feel ready? Because I know I am” “Let’s do it tomorrow. Now we have a marriage to consummate” She stated, giggling.
  26. 26. The next night, Fonso called the main house family so they could talk about the issue.
  27. 27. The whole family watched some TV together before Fonso called them out.
  28. 28. “We’re gathered here so we can talk about something really important that has devastated the whole family when we were at college”
  29. 29. “Oh, I know what you’re talking about. Melanie isn’t it? That girl was nothing but trouble”
  30. 30. Fonso sat next to Krystal, looked at her and said: “See, they are accepting that the girl dying was a good thing” “Death is never a good thing, Fonso. That doesn’t even sound like you!” “I know, I’m just trying to ease things..”
  31. 31. “I knew from the day I saw her having a pajama party with Hanzi that she wasn’t the right girl for him. Oh, Flor is so much better!” “Mum, that wasn’t really a pajama party. Your sweet little angel had his first time that day” Emilian said surprised by his mother’s naiveness.
  32. 32. “Guys stop it,” Lily said, looking at Krystal “Krystal wants to tell us something..” “Well, you’re right Lily. I killed her… I was so angry at Fonso for cheating on me…” “That’s no excuse for killing someone” David said, not even looking at his in-law Krystal.
  33. 33. David stood up and promptly said: “Well, dear family, we need to leave this house. My son married a murderer and this is too much to take right now.” “Wait David, we’re simselves… we’re the most Human Sims here. People do change, let’s give her a chance!”
  34. 34. “What chance could we give to a murderer?” “Forgiveness used to be one of your greatest qualities, David.” Lily was just trying to be sympathetic about the whole situation. “Forget it. I need to go home.”
  35. 35. “I know I did something wrong, but I’ve been having nightmares about it ever since. You son forgave me and we’re happy now, I just wish you guys would forgive me too…” “I’m sorry Krystal, he has a bad temper… We really should get going. Sorry.” Evangeline said, naïve as always, ready to forgive and forget.
  36. 36. “Come on Krystal, stop crying and let’s dance.” “How can you be so happy?” “Because I’m just like my mother. Naïve and always ready to forgive and forget.” ***
  37. 37. “Oh, I like that Flávio… Right there” The next couple getting married was Esmeralda and Flávio.
  38. 38. And Jaelle and Jonas Brito would be next. Both couples bought a big mansion and moved in together.
  39. 39. The guests were invited and it was time for a big party.
  40. 40. Again, the siblings were there to commemorate this special day. Everybody could see how Esmeralda was in love and happy. She had always been the joy of the house and now she was having her own moment to shine.
  41. 41. The cake was cut and everybody was able to dance and celebrate until it was 19 o’clock for Jaelle’s wedding – she wanted to get married in the night.
  42. 42. “Are you kidding me Dad? No way Krystal would do such thing…” “Trust me Darling, she confessed. Poor Fonso, living with such a strange creature”
  43. 43. Krystal, who wanted to come to the party and get along with the family for once joined her husband and in-law at the table. ***
  44. 44. “I don’t know, Hanzi. I still don’t feel happy about getting married” “Stop it already. You’ll be just fine.” “I don’t want to do this, I’m just doing this for Dad”
  45. 45. Ready or not, here I come. With a big fairytale dress to pretend I’m happy and please my Dad. “I never told you, but I really love you, dear Jaelle” Yeah, right. So do I… NOT! If only she could escape…
  46. 46. Oh, finally it was the kissing part. That was exactly her favorite about this whole thing. Having a husband meant no need to go down town for a new lover. She had one at home.
  47. 47. “Eating is good, too, don’t you think Jaelle?” Jonas was actually a caring husband. Life would get better, someday. “Can’t talk, mouth full” ***
  48. 48. Soon enough, it was Hanzi’s big day. Two family Sims getting married, it had to be a dream for both.
  49. 49. That was the wedding nobody wanted to miss. Hanzi was probably the most loved among his siblings, and also Flor, as a cheerleader, had a couple of guests she wanted to invite too.
  50. 50. It was so much fun to watch Esmeralda eating. Not even dressed like a lady she would behave like one.
  51. 51. “David Simself?” “What’s up Mortimer Goth?” “Erm… Is this your son’s wedding?” “Yes, now leave you fucking bastard”
  52. 52. “Oh my God, you married her? That stupid niece of mine, marrying a mud blood” “Shut the fuck up, I’ve told you. And Don, take your ugly face out of my Son’s party”
  53. 53. “And so, Krystal killed Melanie. Can you believe this?” “Alright, I’ll leave. But don’t think I’ll let the Goths blood be ruined. Agnes’ part of the family deserve much more than simselves!”
  54. 54. “That’s shocking, but hey, have you heard Dad fighting with the Goth guy?” “Oh, they always had beef. Don’t you remember this one time when we brought Alex home? It was a major scandal for Mom”
  55. 55. To be continued…
  56. 56. Here ends the Interlude I. Another chapter should be up next week, it depends on how busy I am.