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Spring 3 goodie


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Spring 3 goodie

  1. 1. ~The Ninth Season~ ~Goodie~ By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch! We’re on the last house of the rotation! Last season little Ruth was born.
  3. 3. Her parents are absolutely thrilled, she’s never left on her baby blanket more than a moment before one of them picks her up.
  4. 4. Goodie Blooms is one of the lots that was having crashing problems. So Herbert sells it and buys it back resetting it to rank 0.
  5. 5. Faith gets her bronze flower arranging badge. Both her and Herbert work hard to keep Herbert’s inventory stocked.
  6. 6. Ruth finally is allowed to sleep while her parent’s have a quick breakfast break.
  7. 7. I send Herbert off to work before he had a chance to coddle his daughter some more. He manages pretty between cashiering and sales.
  8. 8. Matthew Smith grants Goodie Blooms it’s first rank back. Rightly he should being a garden club member.
  9. 9. One of the reporters, Andrew Beanu I think, showed up, and true to form gave Goodie Blooms a good review and Best of the Best Award. Open air markets I’m telling ya’
  10. 10. As soon as darkness fell, Herbert closed and headed home. Not shabby for a first day.
  11. 11. He comes home to find that Faith had broken in the shower. Time for some duck tape and wrench banging.
  12. 12. I turned away from the computer and moment and found this. ACR had them try for a baby, and I was too late to stop it. Not that I mind, it won’t hurt to have them have another little one. Sure enough a lullaby sounded.
  13. 13. The Leader of the Pack decided to pay the Goodies a visit. I sent Herbert over to greet him, but I was too late.
  14. 14. Day Five is Sunday, so it’s Family Day. An idea I borrowed from Raebeth and her Willow Valley BACC on Boolprop. Just like Reno Day is borrowed from BACC Krow. Because I’m original. The Plan is all mine through. Or at least I think it is, dunno.
  15. 15. Speaking of plans, the Vegas get invited for family day. I try to get the Smithes over too, but Lilly is not having it. Girf.
  16. 16. Faith invited the whole family over. Amber likes to see how the families of Arbor Watch are doing. After all she’s the founder of the community.
  17. 17. Abby and Faith it is hit it right off the bat. Faith’s youngest will only be a day or so older than Abby’s baby.
  18. 18. The Vegas stay long enough for Ruth’s birthday.
  19. 19. She grew up pink :D. That’s suits her so well. I can’t really tell which parent she looks like more. 5/9/9/10/1. I guess I’m going to have some mean sims after all aren’t I?
  20. 20. After finishing her slice of the birthday cake, Faith pops with baby number two. She didn’t even have morning sickness, lucky sim.
  21. 21. Day Three begins ablazing. Poor Faith started the ninth fire trying to make pop tarts.
  22. 22. Poor dear, she’s just having a tough pregnancy. I guess to make up for not having morning sickness.
  23. 23. Herbert sends his wife to bed and makes a quick lunch. Some easy sandwiches for her to eat when she gets up.
  24. 24. Herbet heads to work. Using the money tree in the business perks, he’s able to expand the store inventory a little more. You never know, soon we might actually get walls!
  25. 25. Marisa, I forgot her last name, the one in the pink dress, gave Goodie Blooms rank 2. Then Leo Wilkie gave the final star for rank three.
  26. 26. Back home, Faith manages to break the tub too. She’s just having an awesome day isn’t she. Well she’s actually in a decent mood so it’s her turn to fix it.
  27. 27. Faith goes to bed, while Herbert gets to send Daddy/ Daughter time with Ruth. They spent the evening playing on the floor as Herbert struggled to teach Ruth to talk.
  28. 28. Day Three ends in a POP! Baby Goodie is gonna be born tomorrow.
  29. 29. Faith couldn’t go back to sleep. Luckily Ruth was awake and Faith used the time to potty train her.
  30. 30. As soon as it’s polite Faith calls Lilly to work on their relationship.
  31. 31. Herbert teaches Ruth to walk while her momma is on the phone.
  32. 32. He went to the store for awhile. But this is the only shot I got of it. It reached Rank 4 though.
  33. 33. I take that back, he had to depose of some roaches. Sigh, witches.
  34. 34. Back home, Faith manages to break the toilet too. I don’t think I’ll be letting her use the sink anytime soon.
  35. 35. Shortly after dark Faith goes into the labor. I forgot to press the random button. Lucky for Faith she’s only going to have one kid.
  36. 36. Behold Danielle. She has black hair and blue eyes. Thank goodness I forgot to roll the dice in CAS so I’m lucky she’s not a clone.
  37. 37. Day Five is Reno Day. I only redid the girls’ room. I want to make some more improvements at Goodie Blooms. The house isn’t too badly in need to remodeling.
  38. 38. Faith likes the make over. But for some reason she still doesn’t turn the light on. Maybe Ruth is sleeping.
  39. 39. Look! Behind Herbert there are walls and the store has a floor! :D.
  40. 40. Ricky Cormier, another teen turned adult, approved of hard wood floors and gave Goodie Blooms rank 5.
  41. 41. Herbert also nets himself a silver restocking badge. Moving on up in the world.
  42. 42. It’s Ruth’s birthday once Herbert gets home.
  43. 43. She grew up cute! The outfit is perfect, not too girly girl. Though that would suit her too.
  44. 44. And that’s it for the Goodies. I didn’t end up taking a huge number of pictures for them. That’s okay though I was able to write this chapter in about two hours because of that.
  45. 45. Rotation: Spring 3 Households: 5 of 5 Playable Sims: 30 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 30 Community Lots: 10 Business Districts: 0 Universities: 0 Downtown: No SM: 4 Population: 120 CAS Available: 6 University Funds: $10806(+332) # of Fires: 9 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0
  46. 46. Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 2 Komei's Klothes – Komei Vega – 3 Smithe's Underground – Ethan Smithe – 2 The Toy Chest- Ethan Smithe- 3 Bertino’s Bolts- Dagmar Lillard – 2 Goodie Blooms – Herbert Goodie – 5 Vega Tykes – Juan Vega- 1 J&J Bakery – Julien Cooke – 0 Lillard Train&Tone – Brandon Lillard -1 Careers: Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 2/2 Slacker 0/1 (Dagmar Lillard) Entertainment 1/1 Architecture 1/1 Criminal 1/1