Jason and Juliette


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Jason and Juliette

  1. 1. The first thing Jason noticed upon reaching Veronaville is that it was significantly cooler. Wait, is that a bird? (The generation before this was in strangetown)
  2. 2. Jason built his own house. It wasn‟t much, but it was all his. Now that he had made a place for himself, he had finished what his parents told him to do. Now what?
  3. 3. Several people showed up at his front door. The guy with the face makeup introduced them all. They were from this large family called the Capps. When Jason asked if everyone in this neighborhood was a Capp, he replied with „I wish.‟ Tybalt, the mask guy, then went into a long, boring explanation of some family feud, that they have with the Monty‟s, but they didn‟t know how it started.
  4. 4. They were interesting people, though. They went inside and played a game. Regan sat on the sidelines acting like it was some Olympic sport that her team was losing at. Over all, the day was fun, and Jason had made some new friends.
  5. 5. “Hi Jason! The Monty‟s started a fight, so I‟m going to go join in. I want you to keep an eye on my sister, though. She tends to be irrational when the Monty‟s are involved.” “Um… I don‟t know…” Jason said.
  6. 6. “Thanks, bye!”
  7. 7. “Hi, I‟m Juliette, who are you?” “…Jason.” “No compliments? No cheesy lines? When I asked Romeo that he didn‟t even answer the question. He just said, „I ne‟er saw true beauty till I met you‟ or something like that.”
  8. 8. Not knowing what to do, Jason made some dinner. “Wow, you can cook? Romeo can‟t even boil water!”
  9. 9. Jason suggested that she should probably go home. “Why would I do that? You know, Romeo has never asked me to go home before.”
  10. 10. She did leave, though. She also seemed oddly happy. “Girls,” Jason said to himself, but he also wondered who this Romeo person was that she couldn‟t say anything with out mentioning.
  11. 11. “So you are this Jason person that Juliette won‟t shut up about!” Romeo had pounded on Jason‟s door, waking him up, with Juliet in tow. He honestly had no clue why this dude was so angry.
  12. 12. What is this guy’s problem? And what is Juliette cheering for?
  13. 13. “Thanks for beating Romeo up for me! See you later!” Juliette said as she left.
  14. 14. “I didn‟t thank you properly last night! My family likes me again now that I don‟t like Romeo. You see, all he wanted was to kiss and that sort of thing, and it was getting really boring. That fight was the coolest thing we did in weeks!”
  15. 15. “Not that kissing is a bad thing.”
  16. 16. It wasn‟t long before Jason was smearing cake all over Juliette‟s face.
  17. 17. Not all of the guests understood the concept of free food, but at least they were there. All four guests were Capps. There was Juliet‟s grandfather, sister, and brother. Goneril also came. Jason wished some of his family could have been there.
  18. 18. Maybe they understood the concept of free food too well.
  19. 19. “Jason, I think we should have a family.” “Sounds good.” “I don‟t think there is room in our shack for even a baby.”
  20. 20. “But didn‟t we just barely rebuild?” “Oh. Right. I forgot.” (I did base the outside of my current simself house on this house.)
  21. 21. “Jason! Guess what, guess what, guess what!” “Um… you made… dinner?” “Nope ” “You… straightened your hair?” “No”
  22. 22. “Then what?” “I‟m pregnant!”
  23. 23. “It‟s a boy!”
  24. 24. “And another boy!”
  25. 25. Double birthday! Careful Jason, let‟s not kill Claudio on his first birthday.
  26. 26. I love Toddler hugs! The one with hair is Benedick, and the bald one is Claudio.
  27. 27. “Hey, I have hair now!” Claudio exclaimed. “Whatever, you‟re still Baldy to me,” Benedick replied.
  28. 28. It‟s a girl!
  29. 29. Jason is a pretty good father. At least that is what I am calling it, since he won‟t put the baby down.
  30. 30. Rosalind‟s first birthday! And everyone was actually there. (I think this is the first time all of them have been in the same room. Is that sad?)
  31. 31. “Yo, Baldy, you should chat with us,” Benedick called. “You shouldn‟t call him that, it‟s mean,” Rosalind chastised. “It‟s okay Lindy, I‟m used to it.”
  32. 32. “You shouldn‟t have to be used to it.” “This topic is boorrring. How about, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “That‟s easy,”Claudio replied, “I‟m gonna be a knight, and fight dragons, save princesses, that sort of thing. Then I‟ll fall in love with one of the princesses on first sight and we will be married, and I‟ll be a king with all the dessert I can eat!” “Really? Baldy a King? I don‟t know that I can picture that. I know I‟m not getting married though, girls are gross!” “Oh, thanks a lot,” Rosalind said. “Anyway, I‟m going to be a gorgeous business owner, and all the guys will flock around me wishing to be my wife. “ “You guys are weird,” Benedick said, but he wore a big grin.
  33. 33. “Baldy, you sure you don‟t want to back down before it‟s too late?!” “A knight never backs down from a challenge!” “Yes, but I was talking about you.” “A knight must protect his honor, take this!”
  34. 34. “Now that we‟re teenagers we should go downtown, maybe meet some girls.” Benedick said. Claudio scratched his head. He did want to go, but…
  35. 35. “Benedick, will you check out for me?” “Why?” “Because that cashier is staring at me.”
  36. 36. “Hi! Whose your shy friend?” “He‟s my twin.” “Hey, then you guys, myself, and a friend of mine should get together sometime.” “Like a party? Claudio could use some loosening up.”
  37. 37. “So you told her my name!” Claudio said as he kicked the pinball machine. “Don‟t worry Baldy! I think she digs you!” “You don‟t know one thing about what girls think.” “Hey, she wanted to hang out, how can that be seen as anything other than that?” Claudio irritably mumbled under his breath.
  38. 38. “Still not talking to me I see. Don‟t worry Baldy, after tonight you‟ll be thanking me. It will be way more fun than those books you read. Yeah right. I’m just going to make a fool of myself, like always.
  39. 39. “Hey guys, do you like our dresses?” Wendy asked. “We bought them together. “I can‟t believe you talked me into this.” Claudio whispered to his twin. “Come on, we‟re here to have fun, loosen up!”
  40. 40. Catching the hint from Benedick, Claudio went to go talk to Brianna. “Do you, ah, want to dance?” “Of course!” (Brianna was glitching, so she always seemed to be in the dark.)
  41. 41. As the night wore on, Claudio was growing sure that his and Benedick‟s ideas of a good time were very different. “Do you… ah…” Claudio stuttered, not sure what he was trying to say. “Sounds like you need some air. There‟s a nice tree outside.”
  42. 42. That‟s when she kissed him.
  43. 43. “That was ...” Claudio said. “How about some more?”
  44. 44. “So, Baldy, how‟d it go?” “You were right! Thanks for setting it up. I now have a girlfriend. So, what about you, is Wendy your girlfriend now?”
  45. 45. “I don‟t know… we didn‟t really connect…” “Seriously? With the way you guys were making out, I‟m surprised she didn‟t die of suffocation.” “Baldy, I‟m kidding. Of course she‟s my girlfriend.”
  46. 46. “Last night, did I hear correctly that Mr. „I‟m never getting married‟ has a girlfriend?” “None of your business, Lindy.” “Oooh so it‟s true!”
  47. 47. “Benedick and Wendy sitting in a tree k*i*s*s*i*n*g,” Rosalind sang. “Now wait a minute.” But she was already gone. “Oh am I looking forward to her first boyfriend.”
  48. 48. “Wow dad, your… old.” “But still almost as handsome as the day I met him! That‟s also when I discovered I didn‟t like Romeo.”
  49. 49. Speaking of Romeo…
  50. 50. “I‟ve been saying for years that we need to finish of the Capps for good.”
  51. 51. “Yeah, since Juliette dumped you,” Mercutio quipped.
  52. 52. “Really? You‟re still hung up on that fling?” Mr. Interesting Nose said.
  53. 53. “The Cheesecake is ready!” His Grandmother announced cheerfully. “Ug.” Romeo said, frustrated at the lack of focus.
  54. 54. Needless to say, as usual, nothing really got done at this Monty Meeting.
  55. 55. “Hi, Brianna. I‟m glad you called. It‟s been awhile since we got together so I thought we should do something.” “Wait, what?”
  56. 56. “Hey Baldy… Claudio, you okay?” “Brianna broke up with me.” “Over the phone? Dude that is really harsh.” “Said she found someone else who wasn‟t so nerdy.”
  57. 57. “If that‟s how she feels, she doesn‟t deserve you. You‟re an amazing guy, I should know, I‟m your twin.” “But she‟s right.”
  58. 58. “Claudio!” Benedick sighed. “Brothers,” He mumbled, “almost as bad as sisters.”
  59. 59. When Claudio finally came out of the bathroom, Benedick had to turn away to hide is laugh. “What?” Claudio asked. “Just don‟t do anything stupid, Baldy.”
  60. 60. “Claudio, you‟ve been acting very sad lately, did I do something? I‟m sorry.” “It‟s okay Lindy, you didn‟t do anything. I‟ve been having… girlfriend problems.” “Claudio is a good boy, and girlfriend is stupid if she can‟t see that.” Claudio smiled. Lindy did have a way with words.
  61. 61. Juliette invited her family over for Rosalind‟s birthday. She was very happy to see them again.
  62. 62. The guests missed the candles, but Rosalind didn‟t really mind. She had never met them before. She was just happy to have her family surrounding her.
  63. 63. Rosalind had absolutely no idea what she was supposed to do at a party, and her attempt at conversation failed.
  64. 64. They had finally finished their yard. So they threw a big party to celebrate. Juliette was very happy that everyone was enjoying themselves. She was just about to get up to tell Benedick to put some air between him and his girlfriend, when she noticed that Claudio was missing.
  65. 65. “Claudio, what are you doing in the bushes?” “I‟m hiding. See those girls over there? They haven‟t stopped following me during the entire party. (The wings are an accessory that I put on her because she was wearing the pink fairy costume.)
  66. 66. “Claudio, it‟s because they like you.” “That‟s what the last one said…” He mumbled. “Anyway, I‟ve never been very good at handling girls. They scare me.” “That‟s okay. I would be worried if they didn‟t. You can‟t let what happened get to you. You need to believe in yourself. And honestly, that girl doesn‟t deserve you. You are too sweet for someone like that. Now, go and have some fun, okay?”
  67. 67. “Thanks Mom.” “Don‟t go so fast this time, okay?” “Don‟t worry Mom. I don‟t think I can even talk to them… I freeze up.” “Why don‟t you ask to play marco polo with them? Then you don‟t have to talk.”
  68. 68. Pretty soon the three were in the pool and Benedick had been convinced to join them. By his girlfriend.
  69. 69. “Okay, okay Lindy, you win! Uncle, Uncle!”
  70. 70. Late the next night they received an unexpected visitor. “Hermia it is a wonderful pleasure to see you! It‟s been awhile. The children are in bed, though, and we were just finishing up our game before we hit the sack, too. You appear to be out of breath, are you okay?”
  71. 71. “Juliette, it‟s truly awful! The Capps and Montys are at each others throats again! Only this time it doesn‟t sound like it will stop! It‟s worse than any fight I have ever seen!
  72. 72. “Houses are burning and people are dying!”
  73. 73. “And the worst of it is that both groups are headed to this house for the final confrontation! Apparently it is the last on the list of houses to burn!” Juliette looked worriedly up the stairs, where her children were.
  74. 74. “I‟m going to see what I can do to at least buy you some more time. Meanwhile you need to get you and your family out of here!”
  75. 75. Everyone had gathered by the door, but they could hear noises, so they were afraid to even look out.
  76. 76. “It‟s too late, they‟re already here!” Hermia frantically yelled as she ran back in the house.
  77. 77. “We Capps have created a barricade between the door and the Montys. I don‟t know how long it will last. And even if you went out the side door, they would see you and come running. This will not end well.”
  78. 78. “We have to stop them from fighting.” Rosalind said. “All those people can‟t die.” “I‟m afraid it is too late to end it.” Hermia replied.
  79. 79. “You all wait by the side door for a distraction, if there isn‟t one soon, I‟ll make one.” “I won‟t leave you!” Juliette cried. “You have to. I love you. Protect the kids.” Claudio tried putting on a brave face.
  80. 80. Jason took in a deep breath, readying himself for what he knew would come.
  81. 81. “So we meet again.” “What‟s with the cliché?” Jason asked. Romeo‟s frown just deepened. “You took away Juliette, and now I‟m going to make you pay,” He said.
  82. 82. Romeo raised a gun. “So, you‟re going to shoot an old man? Is that going to make you feel more manly? Is this going to make Juliette like you again?” “Shut up,” Romeo growled. Two gunshots exploded in the room.
  83. 83. Jason fell, but so did Romeo.
  84. 84. “Jason, please don‟t leave me!” Juliette sobbed. “…I…love…you…” Jason managed to force out before his eyes dimmed.
  85. 85. “I love you too.” Juliette whispered.
  86. 86. If the day should rage against you, If the blackness gathers round.
  87. 87. When you search in vain for relief And no comfort can be found.
  88. 88. Hold on thy way Thy days are known Thy suffering shall be, but a moment till you’ll see.
  89. 89. That all these things are meant to be Fear not what men can do, God will be with youHold on
  90. 90. (Hold on to him)
  91. 91. (Hold on to him)
  92. 92. When you pleas are met with silence And heaven hides it’s face
  93. 93. When at last you feel forsaken And mercy’s hand is stayed.
  94. 94. Hold on thy way Thy days are known
  95. 95. Thy suffering shall be, but a moment till you’ll see.
  96. 96. That all these things are meant to be Fear not what men can do, God will be with you
  97. 97. Hold on
  98. 98. (Hold on to him)
  99. 99. (Hold on)
  100. 100. I‟ve looked everywhere for the title of the song I used, but I can‟t find it. I have it on a cd here, but it was a copy.