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Market Research Report

  1. 1. Market research reportI have performed this market research in order to get the general public’s opinions onmagazines, by doing this I will be able to create a magazine that appeals to everybody as Iknow what they expect from the questions I have asked. Which age category do you fit into? 16 or Under 17-35 36 and AboveFrom the pie chart regarding age categories, we can see that magazines appeal to widerange of different ages. Surprisingly ’36 and Above’ is the category with the highestpercentage, this is probably because people of this age group have used magazines beforeweb 2.0 technologies existed, therefore they are sticking to old habits. What is your favourite type of music? Pop Indie RnB Hip-Hop Rock OtherFrom the pie chart regarding favourite types of music, we can see that the most favouredtype of music is the genre ‘Indie’, this is probably because indie music is quite newcompared to the likes of Rock and Pop, therefore it is a new sound and has taken the nationby storm. The other two highest genres are ‘Pop’ and ‘Hip-Hop’, these will always bepopular genres of music because they appeal to a mainstream audience.
  2. 2. What are the most important elements of a magazine? Photographs Articles Eye-catching Material FreebiesFrom the pie chart regarding the most important elements expected in a magazine, we canclearly see that photographs are the main element with a very high percentage of 50%. Thisis probably because when we look at a magazine, if we see somebody that we recognisethen we feel we have to read what is there. The other main element are ‘Articles’, this isbecause it is about people we recognise and that is what has taken us to the article in thefirst place. What would you expect to see in a magazine? Gig Guides Interviews Live Reviews Discounts/offersFrom the pie chart regarding the expected features in a magazine, we can see thatinterviews with artists are the feature with the highest percentage. This is probably becausewe have already bought the magazine because of the artists on the front of the magazine,and then on the cover lines it will have information on these interviews, thereforeinterviews will be at a high expectancy.
  3. 3. How much would you be willing to pay for a magazine? Nothing Up to £3 Up to £5 Up to £10From the pie chart regarding prices people would pay for a magazine, we can see thatpeople would mainly pay up to £5 for a magazine, some people said they would pay up to£10 for a magazine but I think this is due to the type of magazine this is, for example when amagazine comes with a CD such as a guitar magazine, the price will be slightly higher. How often would you like to see a new issue from the same magazine? Weekly Monthly Every couple of months YearlyFrom the pie chart regarding new issues of magazines, we can see that people mainly preferweekly editions of the same magazine, and some prefer monthly issues. This is probablybecause it helps keep people up to date in the area of the music industry that the mostprefer. You can also see that nobody wanted editions of magazines to be produced everycouple of months or year, this is probably because it would feel like a lifetime for the nextmagazine to come out and would probably lose popularity.
  4. 4. Market Research ConclusionOverall, from the market research I have done, we can see that the main age range for amagazine is 17-35, the most preferred genre of music is Indie shortly followed by Hip-hop,the most important elements of a magazine are the photographs that are included as theymake it more eye-catching, the main thing to expect in a magazine are interviews with thebands included in the magazine, the main price somebody would pay for a magazine is up to£5, and the issues of a magazine should be made weekly as people can keep up to date. Thismarket research has been very effective on my choices to creating a magazine as I nowknow what everybody likes and expects. From the results I have gained, I have come to adecision on the magazine I am going to be creating. As my results show the main age rangeis 17-35, I will need to make sure my magazine appeals to this age range, I could do this byusing formal and understandable text but as my magazine will be a rock magazine I need tochoose wisely on which parts of the magazine I use formal text. The genre of music mymagazine will cover is Rock and Punk music, although this doesn’t correspond with myresults I believe that my magazine can still be a success even with Rock not being the mostpopular genre. I will need to make sure that my magazine includes photographs on the frontcover as this is very eye-catching and also alerts my audience of what features are inside.The price of my magazine will have to be no more than £5 as my results shows that peopleare not willing to pay more than this price. I will have to make sure my magazine comes outin weekly editions as this stops people from getting bored of the magazine and also keepsthem updated with my latest news and information.