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Magazine research survey analysis


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Magazine research survey analysis

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Magazine research survey analysis

  2. 2. What is your age? Over 90% of audience who took my market research survey were in the age bracket of 16-24. Therefore I will aim my magazine towards content which would appeal towards them integrating technology and social news. I would also include artists that are around the age of the demographic to provide a role model figure. I could possibly review festivals which are typically attended to by the 16 to 24 age bracket, such as Leeds Fest and Glastonbury. What Is your gender? The majority of the people who took my market research were male. So whilst appealing to both a male and female audience, I will predominately focus it towards males. I will use colours, images and artists which are stereotypically centred towards a male demographic.
  3. 3. Rank the following music genres in order of interest The three categories, which achieved the highest results in my survey were Rock, Indie and Pop. The greatest percentage was Indie, which will link into the other genres as they cross over to form Indie-Rock and Indie-Pop. I will take inspiration from NME magazine as well as Q, who cover similar musical genres. Rank the following magazine contents in order of importance The feature which achieved the greatest number of votes was interviews, inclining me to provide multiple in-depth personal talks with the best artists to capture my audiences attention. Interviews are favoured by the audience as it allows them to find out personal information about the artists. After this is Photo-shoots closely followed by Exclusives, so therefore I will also include a range of this content, although interviews will be in the greatest quantity. I believe the audience are interested in exclusives as they feel their getting more for their money as well as becoming part of an “exclusive” group. Whereas photos appeal to the audience as they like to see the artist up close, as it makes them personally involved. Last were Local gig information and Festival Reviews, so they will not feature heavily in my magazine.
  4. 4. How much are you willing to pay for a music magazine? There were two prices which achieved equal votes by the audience. These were £2.00-2.99 and £3.00-3.99, so therefore in order to not exclude the lower budget market, I shall price my magazine at the three pound mark. There was a small margin of the people that answered, who were willing to pay over four pounds for the magazine. Therefore each year, I would intend to produce a bumper edition of the magazine covering the years top music. The end of the market with less disposable income are still likely to purchase this issue after becoming fond of the content from our regular cost issues. Are you likely to subscribe to a magazine? A large percentage of the audience said that they were not likely to subscribe to a magazine, although the positive from these results is that it shows they could persuaded depending upon the magazine. So therefore if I use the rest of my data, effectively I will be able to see what appeals to them encouraging them to subscribe. So as the predominate audience is males, I’ll use stereotypically male colours, styles and content to convince them to subscribe.
  5. 5. What was the last music related magazine you read, plus what did you like and dislike about it? After looking through the relevant responses, I am able to deduce that the quality of the photography greater effects the audiences impression of the overall magazine. So, I’ll ensure all photographic content is of a professional quality ensuring the audiences attention. One response that stood out mentioned a special gift every month. I feel that as some of the comment responses praised freebies whilst quantitative results under rated them, I could provide one each month. To accommodate for the mixture in responses applying to both. The responses stated that the last music magazine they’d read were Q, NME and Kerrang, so therefore I will incorporate features similar to theirs into my design. Such as text styles, ratio of images to text and photography styles. One individual answer that interested me was “I most recently read Q. I really liked the balance between text and images, it was visually pleasing and easier to read. The full page, professional, gloss images used present that its a quality magazine.” As it mentioned how comfortable the magazine was to read, so to address this factor in my magazine I will segregate the text and images into a 3x3 grid, with an equal image/text ratio. Finally, due to the responses I have decided to have a maximum of 2-3 full page adverts in the magazine, to maximise content appealing to the audience. Rank the following in order of which artist you most likely want to read about This section of the survey was relatively imprecise as although Green Day achieved the highest percentage, three other artists, Bon Jovi, Foals and Taylor Swift were not far behind. This shows that the audience have a range of musical interests, so it would be best to provide a range of articles on different music genres to open up the audience to other musical styles. Whilst primarily focusing upon the Indie-Pop and Indie-Rock genre. Although I would not include articles upon Classical and Hip-hop artists as there was a significant difference between their percentages and the greater percentages. This data has also shown that the audience would like to see articles upon both singular artists and bands. So I will provide a balance of both in order to appeal to a greater majority of the audience.
  6. 6. Which of the following photography styles appeal to you the most? The category that scored the highest on the photography styles question was professional. This is because the audience are attracted to photos of a higher quality, which they could possibly keep/use as posters. Just behind this was live performance, as it gives the audience an impression of what concerts are like, such as the atmosphere. As these two styles achieved the highest percentages, they will be the predominant ones used in order to appeal towards the market. Whereas the remaining categories will not feature heavily as they are not at favoured by the audience. There may be a small quantity of natural images to for fill the likes of the minority of the audience. Which of the following features would most likely entice you into purchasing a magazine? The additional content most favoured by the market research was posters and freebies. The market like freebies as they feel their getting more for their money, whilst posters give them a way to express their appreciation for a certain artist. Therefore, with every bumper issue a substantial additional gift will be included without a change in cost, such as CD’s. Also when people subscribe, they’ll get a free t-shirt, poster and CD, encouraging subscriptions. In every months issue there will be full page, gloss, colour photographs that have the potential to be removed and used as posters.