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Market research task

  1. 1. Olivia LyonsMediaMarket Research Market ResearchTo establish the target audience for the music magazine, I am going to make, and to seewhat people would like to see in a magazine, I carried out a market research task. I used aprimary research method and created a music questionnaire of 8 questions and asked 10people to fill it out. I then compared my results and put the data I collected into pie charts. 1. What gender are you? Gender Male Female Other My results show that 60% of the people who I conducted my market research on were female. Because of this I have more of an understanding of what females want to see in a music magazine so I am going to make females the main target audience when I make my own magazine.
  2. 2. Olivia LyonsMediaMarket Research 3. What is your preferred music genre/genres? Preferred Genre RnB Rock Pop Dance Indie OtherThe average age range of the people who completed my music questionnaire were 17 yearolds, so this is the age I now have more of an understanding with on music magazines.Because of this, this is the age group that I am going to target my magazine at. From theprimary research I carried out I found that the preferred genre within this age range wasRnB. As I want my magazine to be successful I am going to make it specific to one particulargenre, the being RnB. 4. Do you read magazines; if not do you read any other magazines? Do you read music magazines? Yes, I read music magazines No, i dont read music magazines No, i dont read music magazines but i read others
  3. 3. Olivia LyonsMediaMarket Research From the research I carried out it shows that the majority of people don’t read music magazines, however they read other magazines such as sport and celebrity gossip. This question links to the following where I asked what would attract them to a music magazine. To make my magazine successful I am going to take into consideration everything that makes a magazine attractive and make sure I include it in mine. Also, I am going to look in to what makes other magazines so different and much more successful than music magazines to get more of an idea of what to add in mine. 5. Would you buy a music magazine if it was specific to one particular genre? Would you buy a music magazine if it was specific to one particualr genre? Yes No MaybeThe results from the research show that people would most probably buy a music magazineif it was specific to one particular genre. Because of this I am going to base my magazine onRnB only. To do this I’m going to have an artist such as Drake, an extremely successful artistwithin this genre, as the main image on the front cover. This will immediately identify themagazine as being an RnB magazine and will hopefully make it more successful.
  4. 4. Olivia LyonsMediaMarket Research 6. What would attract you to a magazine? What would attract you to a magazine? Colour Pictures Genre Gift OtherAs these are all factors that will attract people to a magazine and persuade them to buy it, Iam going to make sure I include them all in my magazine. As a high percentage of thepeople I asked said the genre of the magazine would attract them to buy it I am going tomake it to a specific type, this being RnB as it was the most popular choice. I am going tokeep the house style consistent, using colours such as black, gold and red as these all haveconnotations of the genre and what is seen as ‘being about’. 7. Would you be persuaded to buy a magazine if it came with a free gift? Gift Yes No MaybeMy results show that people would be more likely to buy a magazine if it came with a freegift. Because of this I am going to have a free gift with each issue of my magazine. With itbeing a music magazine I am going to have artist/band merchandise as the gift, such as keyrings, posters and t-shirts. Also, to attract more people I am going to give them the option ofsubscribing to the magazine, meaning they will receive a copy every 2 weeks, when it ispublished, along with a £5 iTunes voucher.
  5. 5. Olivia LyonsMediaMarket Research 8. How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? Price £0-£2 £2-£4 £4-£6 OtherAs I am targeting my magazine at younger people, between the ages of 16-20 I don’t wantto make it to expensive. However, as the magazine is only going to be published every twoweeks and is going to include a lot of up to date, accurate, detailed and exciting information,as well as pictures, I don’t want to make it too cheap. After looking at the data from theresearch I think a suitable price for my magazine will be £3.50 and this will be displayed onthe front cover.EvaluationI believe the research task I did met its aim to help me find out what people would like tosee in a magazine, in order to create my own. I asked ten random people to fill out aquestionnaire I had created, and based how I am going to make my magazine around theiranswers. The data collected produced good answers and gave me a good indication on whatwould make a music magazine sell. However, if I was going to carry out this research taskagain I would decide on the genre I wanted to work with first and give my questionnairesout to an audience associated with liking it, other than having to base my magazine on thegenre that was most popular between a random group. For example, if I decided I wanted toproduce a heavy metal/rock magazine I would make sure I gave my questionnaires topeople who liked this genre in order to get the most reliable answers.After carrying out the research and looking at the data that I collected I decided that I wantto create a magazine specific to one genre, in this case RnB, with the target audience being16-20 year olds, as this is the age group stereotypically associated with listening to thisgenre of music. In order to make the magazine attract this audience I am going to do furtherresearch and look what is included in other magazines, such as sport and celebrity gossip,making them much more successful with this generation than music magazines. I am going
  6. 6. Olivia LyonsMediaMarket Researchto use a consistent house style throughout, a bold, heavy font to symbolise the artists withinthis genre and use colours such as black, red and gold. As the research shows that morepeople would be attracted to a magazine because of the pictures I am going to make sure Iinclude these throughout the magazine as well as having a portrait image of a popular artistwithin the genre on the front cover. I am also going to include a free gift with everypurchase of my magazine in hope of it being more successful. The gifts will be things such asband/artist posters and key rings, iTunes vouchers and discount coupons in music shops.In doing all this I hope my magazine reaches its needs and is liked and therefore successfulwith its target audience.