Salesforce Admin Hack Series: User Object


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Michael Farrington and Jarrod Kingston are back for the 5th installment of the Salesforce Admin Hack Series, showing you how to improve user experience in by "hacking" the User object

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Salesforce Admin Hack Series: User Object

  1. 1. Salesforce Admin Hack Series: User Object the webinar will begin shortly... #sfHacks
  2. 2. Salesforce Admin Hack Series: User Object #sfHacks
  3. 3. Welcome! ● Type questions into the webinar control panel ● Join the conversation! #sfHacks @ringlead @michaelforce @appirio @jarrodmichael
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  5. 5. Michael Farrington Chief Product Officer, RingLead Founder, Qandor #sfHacks
  6. 6. Complete Data Quality Suite RingLead creates easy-to-use yet powerful applications that will keep each record in your database normalized, unique and complete. #sfHacks
  7. 7. Jarrod Kingston Consultant, Appirio #sfHacks
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  9. 9. Clone Button Objective: Give an Admin the ability to clone users. Solution: Create Custom Link using a URL hack. /{!User.Id}/e?clone=1&retURL=%2F{!User.Id} &name_firstName=&name_lastName=&Alias=&Email=&Username=&Commun ityNickname=&user_license_id=100i0000000evhw Shout out to Greg Hacic @greghacic / @interactiveties #sfHacks
  10. 10. Workflow on User Object #sfHacks
  11. 11. Welcome Email Objective: Send introduction email to new users with specific information on getting started with Salesforce. Solution: Use workflow to email user standard template when creating the user record and Active is set to True. #sfHacks
  12. 12. Report on Record-less Users Objective: Report on users without Opportunities. Secret: Create Custom Report Type on Users with or without Opportunities along with “Power of 1” custom formula field. Shout out to Steve Molis @SteveMoForce #sfHacks
  13. 13. Report on Records Created by Running User Objective: Create one report that can be used by anyone to see the records they created. Secret: Formula field that leverages $User.Id variable: IF(CreatedById = $User.Id, 1,NULL) Shout out to Steve Molis @SteveMoForce #sfHacks
  14. 14. Change Email w/out Sending Confirmation Secret: Change the email AND check this box... Shout out to Scott Hemmeter @hemmeter #sfHacks
  15. 15. Automated Temporary Access Objective: Set an “Access Expiration” date on a user, and have them automatically deactivated on that date Solution: Custom Field + Time Based Workflow Shout out to Gorav Seth @goravseth #sfHacks
  16. 16. Questions? Comments? @michaelforce @jarrodmichael @Appirio @RingLead #sfHacks