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Sfdx presentation (Arpit) Hear.Com


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Delhi Salesforce Groups United Meetups
1:00 PM Entry/Registration
1:30 PM Welcome and Introductions to Sponsors, group leaders, and speakers
2:00 PM Speaker 1
2:30 PM Snacks and Networking
3:00 PM Speaker 2
3:30 PM Speaker 3
4:00 PM Games and Swag Distribution
4:30 PM Wind Up, Group pic

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Sfdx presentation (Arpit) Hear.Com

  1. 1. New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) LEARN . SHARE . CELEBRATE . SALESFORCE
  2. 2. About Me: Arpit Vashishtha Senior Salesforce Developer at 35864655/ ashishtha
  3. 3. About New Delhi Salesforce DG • First Revival Meetup in February 2016 • Twitter: • New Delhi Salesforce DG Trailblazer Community Group: • Facebook:
  4. 4. What is #SalesforceSaturday • Started by Stephanie Herrera in Austin, Texas • Meetup every Saturday in a Coffee Shop or anywhere to share and learn about Salesforce • It’s now a global phenomena with more than 25 SalesforceSaturday Group over 5 Continents • For India, it comprises of Online Knowledge Sharing sessions and Trailhead Challenges
  5. 5. Meet New Delhi Leaders Atul Gupta • 8X Certified • Salesforce MVP • Founder, CEO of CloudVandana Solutions • Community Manager at MentorshipCentral • More than 8 years of experience working in Salesforce domain • Author of “Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex & Visualforce) Certification Training” live on Simplilearn Nitin Gupta • 6X Salesforce Certified • Sales Cloud Consultant | Pardot Consultant | Marketing Cloud Consultant • Speaker | Blogger • New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group Leader
  6. 6. Agenda • Source Driven Development with version control and metadata • Build with Salesforce DX using scratch orgs and CLI • Developer Productivity with VS Code • Modular development with reimagined packaging
  7. 7. Typical App Lifecycle Conflicts between environments Overlap betweenenvironments No one source of truth Inconsistent deployments
  8. 8. Principles of Modern Software Delivery Building a world-class softwarefactory Environments are easily created and disposable Metadata and codeis modular Development is based on open standards and extensibilityEverything is driven from sourcecode Development is organized around team collaboration Processes and tools facilitate continuous delivery Flexible packaging supports agile distribution model
  9. 9. Improve the DeveloperExperience Across Application LifecycleManagement Plan Code BuildTest Release Packaging to streamline delivery toprod Sandboxes for performance testing, UAT, staging Continuous integration withtest automation CLI for integrationwith 3rd party editors Continuous Delivery/ build automation VCS as the source oftruth IDEs, Text Editors, Language Services Scratch orgs fordevs, built off ofsource
  10. 10. Transform Salesforce Development with Salesforce DX DevHub and ScratchOrgs IDEs Enhanced SalesforceCLI Source DrivenDevelopment Sandboxes Reimagined Packaging ` CD andCI
  11. 11. Why Visual StudioCode? Free Open source Runs everywhere Salesforce Extension Pack Commands ★Editing ★ Debugging Integrated terminal Inbuilt GIT features Installable ExtnPlugins
  12. 12. Development: Without SalesforceDX Code Develop+ Unit Tests Build Integration + QA Test Staging + UAT Release Training + Deploy Org based development: Changes are tracked and promoted on per-orgbasis UI based changesets
  13. 13. Code Develop+ Unit Tests Build Integration + QA Test Staging + UAT Release Training + Deploy Development: With SalesforceDX Org based development: Changes are tracked and promoted on per-orgbasis UI based changesets source:deploy | source:retrieve source:push | source:pull (source tracking) Packagedevelopment: Changes are tracked insource relative to packageversion package:create | package:install
  14. 14. D E M O
  15. 15. MakeTrailhead your next step
  16. 16. Q &A
  17. 17. Follow Me Senior Salesforce Developer at 35864655/ ashishtha
  18. 18. Follow & Join New Delhi Salesforce DG • Join to know about future events and to RSVP: • Let’s start conversations on Success Community: • Follow us on Twitter: • Follow us on Facebook: • For all the content: