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Securing and Scaling SaaS


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Real world example solving the need for access management, compliance and SSO of SaaS enetrprise applications.

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Securing and Scaling SaaS

  1. 1. Securing and scaling SaaS Real world example solving the need for access management, compliance and SSO of SaaS enterprise applications
  2. 2. The Company: High technology manufacturer ! quot; Case study: High tech leader in Silicon Valley ! quot; Public company ! quot; Growing distributed workforce ! quot; Use 10 enterprise SaaS applications ! quot; Use Active Directory for employees ! quot; Small IT team means focus on innovation not maintenance
  3. 3. “ These SaaS apps are like “ mushrooms popping up all over the company. IT Security Manager
  4. 4. The Challenge: Mushroom Management ! quot; Provide secure user access to multi-vendor SaaS apps for 500 employees and 2,500 partners ! quot; Control access to mission critical data and apps running in the cloud ! quot; Demonstrate compliance controls are in place by next audit ! quot; Integrate enterprise Active Directory to SaaS apps to automate the management of access ! quot; Provide SSO to both SAML and HTTP logon apps
  5. 5. The Challenge: Mushroom Management
  6. 6. “ We realized that SSO was just a part of the equation. Without “ access controls we wouldn’t be able to show compliance. IT Security Manager
  7. 7. The Journey ! quot; Could enterprise WAM solve it? ! quot; Could federation software solve it? ! quot; Could Active Directory solve it? ! quot; Would SSO be enough? ! quot; We tried home grown scripts but… ! quot; We used spreadsheets to manage user accounts
  8. 8. “ We looked at 4 approaches. Only Symplified was able to meet all our “ requirements for access management, compliance and SSO. VP of Information Technology
  9. 9. The Solution Symplified Access ! quot; Access management for internal and external users ! quot; Compliance – audit and controls ! quot; Active Directory integration – extends management Symplified KeyChain ! quot; Secure user access to SaaS and enterprise apps ! quot; No software agents, federation kits, plug-ins ! quot; SAML and HTTP secure federation Symplified SinglePoint ! quot; Instant integration with Symplified SaaS ecosystem ! quot; Utility architecture – cloud native design ! quot; 24x7 monitoring and management from SAS 70 facilities
  10. 10. Symplified integration with SAP for SaaS SSO & Access Management in less than 30 days
  11. 11. “Because everything is already integrated in SinglePoint, it was simple to validate “ our selection. In less than 2 weeks we knew Symplified would work. VP of Information Technology
  12. 12. SinglePoint Pre-Integrates Security Across Cloud AND Enterprise Symplified provides an iTunes Store like experience to select which SaaS apps you want to integrate security with. Simply click to ‘activate’ an integration Works across both the enterprise and the cloud
  13. 13. Mash-Up Cloud Platforms with Enterprise – No Coding! No coding is required. Symplified tightly integrates the SaaS platform into your security system. Symplified is running in days not months!
  14. 14. The Results Simple Solution ! quot; 8 apps secured with a single solution ! quot; Automated access management through Active Directory ! quot; Compliance now takes 1 day down from weeks ! quot; Risk reduced with scalable access policies enforced ! quot; Eliminates zombie account access Pre-integrated Architecture ! quot; Rapid deployment in days ! quot; Managed solution allows IT to focus on core not maintenance ! quot; Integration management eliminated
  15. 15. The Symplified Team Founders are a proven team with 40+ years of combined identity Financing - $6.0 million Series A experience. !quot; Eric Olden - Chairman & CEO ! quot; Chris McKay - Granite Ventures !quot; Jonti McLaren - President & COO ! quot; Spencer Tall - Allegis Capital !quot; Darren Platt - CTO and VPE ! quot; Todd Rowe - GM Mid-Market, SAP !quot; Jason Merrick – VP Business Dev !quot; Josh Forman - VP Customer Success Advisory Board »quot; Taher Elgamal - inventor of SSL ! quot; Team founded and grew Securant, »quot; Simon Peel - CMO Cast Iron IAM solution targeting Fortune 500 »quot; John Bara - SVP Citrix ! quot; Securant acquired by RSA Security for $140M »quot; Bruce Heubner - fmr GM Microsoft ! quot; Team was central in development of SAML standard through AuthXML
  16. 16. Next Steps Schedule a demo with a Symplified architect ! quot; How Symplified Access and Symplified KeyChain work in a one-to-one demo Email or call Symplified ! quot; ! quot; 303-318-4188