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5-4-3 flyer online


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5-4-3 flyer online

  1. 1. 5-4-3 PROCESS AT-A-GLANCE 5-4-3 PROCESS AT-A-GLANCE IoTLAUNCH!5DAYS 4WEEKS 3MONTHS KICKSTART ACCELERATE TRACTION OUT TO MARKET Hands-on workshop to identify 3 Leading Ideas and create Implementation Roadmap for IoT solutions specific to your enterprise Launch Market Ready IoT solution for your customers or across your enterprise’s internal environment Rapidly develop and test working prototy- pe of your chosen Top Leading Idea identified during the Kickstart phase Full testing and mass rollout of prototype developed and refined during the Accelerate phase From Ideation to Rollout Ready Solution in One Business Quarter DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Start Now Launch Quickly Scale Effectively KEY BENEFITS Low Cost Quick developmentof End-to-End Solution Expert Lead Innovation Customized Roadmap for Every Phase