Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem - An Architecture for Improved Health


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While healthcare reform has many underlying goals and will solve many problems in the healthcare ecosystem, the essence is to provide seamless and secure connectivity, enabling the exchange of patient information, allowing improved continuity and coordination of care. The correct approach to enabling this connectivity will allow information to flow on an unprecedented scale, enabling better clinical decisions while allowing the patient, payer and provider to collaborate in new and meaningful ways. Join us in this session to learn how the WebSphere Healthcare ESB (Message Broker and Healthcare Pack), content and predictive analytics, Worklight mobile technology and Portal form the perfect building blocks for the future of healthcare.

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  • In a nutshell…standardize, digitize, connect and share! Talk about the timeline for meaningful use and why mobile is key to stage 2…and 3 
  • Connectivity, Process and Decision Automation IS what will power healthcare in the futureDiscuss scenario’s i.e. discharge or post op order summaries and content, predict at occurrence of discharge the likely hood of readmit --score models, decision automation etc…Care team interaction and monitoring progress, sensors and remote monitoring data and ability for care team to engage appropriatelyContent from wellness, DM, caregiver
  • Discuss influx of data from multiple channels- need to automate decisions and employ predictive analytics to respond accordingly to event – alerts, interventions, tailored content etc.Mention that cloud can achieve elasticity, scale on demand, and help ease the burden
  • WelcomeAbout ProlificsOfferings and sales playsQ and A
  • WelcomeAbout ProlificsOfferings and sales playsQ and A
  • WelcomeAbout ProlificsOfferings and sales playsQ and A
  • WelcomeAbout ProlificsOfferings and sales playsQ and A
  • Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem - An Architecture for Improved Health

    1. 1. Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem-An Architecture for Improved HealthA.J. Aronoff - Infrastructure Practice Director,ProlificsKevin Forbes – Healthcare Practice Director,Prolifics
    2. 2. Prolifics at a Glance2W h o A r e W e ?S t a b i l i t y, L o n g e v i t y & G r o w t h S o l u t i o n L e a d e r s h i pA Corporate Group of 1000 Employees Worldwide specializing in the expert delivery of end-to-end IBM SolutionsNew YorkBostonPhiladelphiaWashington DCOrlandoSan FranciscoLondonHamburgHyderabadOver 30 years in business, Prolificsis an end-to-end systems integratorspecializing in IBM technologies BPM strategies to streamline and automate your business SOA solutions and appliances for connectivity and integration Portal, Collaboration, Content Management and Social Mobility Security to manage identities across your IT infrastructure APM and Managing Applications Business Analytics and Information Management for Data Cleansing Business Intelligence and Dashboards Testing, Governance and Methodology Technology Migrations to the IBM Software Platform Enterprise Content Management for business value$0$20$40$60$80$100$1202006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012GrossRevenue(millions)
    3. 3. 3Accomplished Cross-Brand IBM Software PartnerA L o n g R e c o r d O f I B M H o n o r s S o f t w a r e S a l e s L e a d e r s h i pT e c h n i c a l I n n o v a t i o nMulti Award-winning: 2013 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding TechnicalVitality 2013 IBM Collaboration Solutions DistinguishedBusiness Achievement 2012 Outstanding Business Agility Solution Award 2012 IBM Smart SOA Impact Award Winner 2012 Global WebSphere Community CustomerRecognition Award Winner 2012 ICS Award for Best Industry Oriented SocialBusiness Solution 2012 IBM Awarding Client Excellence (ACE)Award Winner 2010 Impact Best BPM Solution Award 2010 Lotus Best End-User Solution Award 2010 Lotus Best Industry Solution Award 2009 Rational Solution Award 2008 Outstanding SOA Solution Award 2008 Overall Technical Excellence Award 2007 Overall Technical Excellence Award 2007 Impact SOA Process Solution Award 2006 Best Portal Solution Lotus Award 2005 5-Star Partner Award Serviced over 1500 IBM software accounts in the past 8 years Closed over 150 competitive wins to IBM software; conductedover 60 migrations to WebSphere from competition Prolifics boasts over 400 J2EE and IBM software certifications forarchitecture, development, administration, & project management Over 300 portal solutions implemented IBM’s highest technical rating (Level 5) Most Tivoli AAA Accreditations of all IBM Tivoli Partners IBM Cloud Certified Multiple Solutions “Ready for Rational” The most SVP Industry & Capability Authorizations of any IBM BusinessPartner: Security, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Banking,Energy & Utilities, Social Business and Enterprise Content Management. 15 Technical Staff are "IBM Champions"0501002006 2008 2010 2012IBMSoftwareResaleandInfluence(millions)
    4. 4. 4Accomplished Cross-Brand IBM Software Partner1 0 0 % A u t h o r i z e d R e s e l l e r A c r o s s t h e B r a n d s 100% Authorized as an IBM Software Reseller with SoftwareValue Plus Industry and Capability authorized for Finance, Banking,Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities,Security, Social Business and Enterprise ContentManagement. Authorized for DataPower Authorized zSeries Software Reseller Authorized xSeries Reseller Authorized pSeries Reseller Authorized PureApps Reseller WebSphere – BPM, ESB, TX, Message Broker, Business Monitor,ODM, Lombardi, MQ, FTE, Sterling Connect:Direct, Worklight ICS – Portal, Web Content Management, Connections, Quickr,Mobile Accelerator Security – Security Identity Manager/Security Access Manager ,Security Access Manager Enterprise Single Sign-On, SecurityFederated Identity Manager , AppScan Tivoli – IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM), IBMTivoli Monitoring (ITM), Tivoli Application Dependency DiscoveryManager (TADDM), Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) Rational – Developer Tooling (RTC, etc.), Testing Enterprise Content Management (EMC) - FileNet; Case Manager Business Analytics – Cognos TM1 Information Management – InfoSphere Industries – Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare & LifeSciences, Energy & Utilities Authorized; also focuses in Governmentand Legal zSoftware
    5. 5. 5Prolifics CustomersF i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e sH e a l t h c a r e G o v e r n m e n tE d u c a t i o nR e t a i l & D i s t r i b u t i o n U t i l i t i e sI n s u r a n c e
    6. 6. Health IT Trends andMarket DriversConnectivity Deep DiveAn Architecture forImproved Health6
    7. 7. 7High deductible health plans; Cost shifting toEmployees; Tax on Med Part D employer subsidyEmployers & Consumers32 million formerly uninsuredenter the medical delivery systemLegislative reform Reform law will bring $1.1 Trillion into the industryby 2019, benefiting providers, pharmaceuticals,insurers, bio medical and life sciences.31% increase in Health IT marketas providers move to electronicmedical recordsAccountable Care Organizations (ACO) / PCMHValue Based Insurance Design / Pay for OutcomesValue Based reimbursementsICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 Compliance (ICD Conversion Impacts EVERY Clinical System)Standards Medical Codes will increase from18,849 to 140,658Conversion costs estimated at $10BMARKETREGULATORY$30B+ in federal funds for HIT (Meaningful Use)$547 million in federal funds for HIE(Health Information Exchanges)Stimulus: ARRA - HITECH 31% increase in Health IT market asproviders move to electronic medicalrecordsReform Brings Sweeping Changes
    8. 8. But- So Does Consumerism… (Patient Centered,Coordinated Care)8PatientProvider PayerCareManagementCareSupportWellness /PreventionService BusSecurityWorkflow Decision Mgmt AnalyticsCloudServicesConnected Care Team, Collaboration and SurveillanceTargeted content, Interventions, HRA‟s and real time response toincoming data – automating decisions makes data “actionable”
    9. 9. The Industry is Shifting From a Reactive TransactionBased Model to a Proactive Value Based ModelInfrastructure ModernizationInformation Readiness and AnalyticsCare DeliveryModels areEvolvingRapidlyPaymentModel ShiftsDrive aConvergingEcosystemConsumerismTomorrowsHealthcare SystemFocus is on value, coordinated aroundthe patient and integrated into communitiesEmphasis is on proactive care to meethealth needsPayment is based upon value andoutcomesCare is standardized according toevidence-based guidelinesWe measure quality and make rapidchanges to improve itKnowledge is translated into practice9
    10. 10. An Integrated Strategy to achieve proactive,value based care Health Plans, Providers and Life Sciences organizations all play key roles in delivering& coordinating care, managing chronic conditions and improving overall health Access to vital information improves clinical decision making - resulting in betteroutcomes, improved quality and reduced costs Once connected the opportunities for care coordination, process improvement,predictive analytics & patient engagement are limitless The need for a scalable and standards based connectivity solution in healthcare ismore relevant than ever before, as integration/workload/workflows extend beyond theconfines of a single organization Integration to HIE‟s or across organizations such as ACO‟s brings new challenges forsecurity and scalability Incoming data from multiple channels requires automation to be “actionable” Connectivity, Business Process Management, Decision Management and PredictiveAnalytics are key elements of an integrated strategy
    11. 11. The Healthcare ESBOptimizing Costs• Integrates hospitals, healthplans and governmentsfaster• Improve performance morethan 10x, with lower costs• Achieve full ROI within asfew as six monthsESBConverts between differenttransport protocolsMatches and routes communicationsbetween servicesConnects everything toeverythingDistributes BusinesseventsTransforms betweendifferent data formatsHealthcare ESB Built on WebSphere Message Broker: IBM‟s premiere Enterprise Service Bus World-wide, proven solution that is healthcare specific Handles all kinds of Healthcare Transaction Types: HL7, EDI (incl. HIPAA) ESB Components and functionality examples:– Wraps HL7 TCPIP connections with a web service– API calls – for example: to/from JMS– Call to an external databases – query/retrieve and update– Compliance with current HL7 versions, up to and including V3 (CDA/CCR) High availability, load balancing, disaster recovery options Re-usability of components, adapters, and in depth installation experiences
    12. 12. ConnectivityDeep Dive12
    13. 13. IBM Healthcare Technical ArchitectureClinical Pathway Management –Emergency, Oncology etcCorporateApplicationsBilling – Payroll - HRClinical ApplicationsPAS – Orders – Pharmacy –Maternity – Pathology – EREnterpriseDataWarehouseAnalytics and ReportingClinical and CorporateJCAPSRhapsodyeGateInterSystemsExistingHospitalIntegrationEngineElectronicMasterPatientIndexWebSphere ODMPortalIBM RemoteMedicalDeviceAggregatorBusiness/EventProcessManagementHome/TelehealthMedical DevicesWebServicesWeb ServicesXMLODBC, JDBC, SQL XML, IDOC, Proprietary XML, HL72, HL73, Cache ODBC,Web Services ProprietaryHL7v2 HL7v2, HL7v3ClinicalDocumentSharingXML, SOAP, WebServices, ebRIMIntegration Engine - ESBAuthenticationandSingleSignOnAnalyticsIntegration Engine – WebSphere Message BrokerWebServicesWebSphere BPMRules Engine WebSphereTransformationExtenderPayer HIPAA documentmanagementCOGNOS
    14. 14. 14 WMB Proven robust and scalableacross many industries worldwide forthe last 10 years Deployed in many high volume missioncritical scenarios including healthcare :US Healthcare provider In production forapprox. 5 years all 40+ hospitals in theirnetwork handling over 9 milliontransactions per dayHL7HL7PayerAdminLaboratoryEMRSurgery PASPayerEmergency RoomHL7WardHL7 HL7HIPAAHL7Patient IndexHL7PharmacyHL7HL7• Direct connectivity to HL7 v2.x over TCP/IP (MLLP)• Validation and parsing of messages• Easily connect applications from different vendors• Optional in flight segment filtering, sequencing etc• Handling of HIPAA messages** Utilizing WTX Maps natively in WMBThe Value of WebSphere Message Broker
    15. 15. Connecting Clinical Applications Ensure data is consistent across healthcare applications– Consistent regardless of the patient‟s point of entry– Ensure data is entered once and only once!– For example, admissions are reflected across all interested systems Reduce effort on clinical and administrative staff– Changes to demographics are reflected in all interested systems– Reduces human error from duplicate data entry Integration done using good practice and architectural principles– Enterprise service bus abstracts away point-to-point integrations– Facilitates better reuse and faster time-to-value for new projectsOrderCommunicationsPharmacy Pathology Rules Engine Maternity PASIntegration Engine – WebSphere Message BrokerMany Thanks to Ant Philips15
    16. 16. 16Typical SolutionArchitectures1. Multi Hospital Scenario. Sharing of patientdata between 5/6 hospitals. MessageBroker used as the integration engine forHL7 v2 clinical applications across thepayer environment. Various projects in theUS where patient discharge information iscollected for distribution to regional (state-wide) health information exchanges.Medical Insurer/PayerPayerAdminAcute CareHIPAA2 Connecting Between payer and provider systems.Providing transformation between Payer HIPAA basedsystem and hospital administration. WMB deployed atvarious Health Plan and Government HealthDepartments institutions around the world. WMBhandles All HIPAA transactions, claims pre- and post-adjudication2 (Note does not require WMB HCP - Utilises WMB + WTX HIPAA Pack)ESB for Healthcare/Connectivity Pack for HealthcareDesigned to meet the needs of healthcare providers
    17. 17. 17AdminHL7 v3Regional/NationalBackboneEMRPASHL7 v23. Access & updates toEMR as part of chroniccare. Provision ofsecure access topatients details as partof continuing care.4 Bridging from local hospital to HL7 v3Regional Backbone. Utilizing WMBto provide in flight transformation andmapping of HL7 v2 messages withinthe hospital into the HL7 v3 CDAformat utilised on the regional ornational backbone.(Utilises WMB + WMB Healthcare Pack + WTX HL7 Pack)EMRChronic/Outpatient CareChronic/Outpatient CareEMR5. WellnessConnectivity of remote (non lifecritical) in-home devices such asblood glucometers, bloodpressure cuffs etc to allow updateto EMRService ProviderService ProviderTypical SolutionArchitecturesESB for Healthcare/Connectivity Pack for HealthcareDesigned to meet the needs of healthcare providers
    18. 18. Overview of an Enterprise Service BusAn Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a flexible connectivityinfrastructure for integrating applications and servicesCONNECTeverything to everythingIntegrate with EHRs, HIEs and ACOsMATCHES & ROUTEScommunications between servicesCONVERTSbetween different transport protocolsTRANSFORMSbetween different data formatsIncluding HL7 v2.x MLLP messages18
    19. 19. Design principles for using Message Broker patterns A pattern in Message Broker is a template that generates one or moreproduction ready projects Common properties: Creates top-down, parameterized connectivity solutions• Web Service façades, message oriented processing, queue-to-file Reduces common problems in flow development Communicates best practices to the broker community Complements existing bottom-up construction for connectivity Reduces time-to-value for solution development Patterns are a first class citizen in Message Broker Patterns have bubbled right to the top in the navigator view!19“Brilliant people solve problems geniuses prevents them” - A. Einstein
    20. 20. 20Patterns for Simplified Development Creates top-down, parameterized connectivity solutions Reduces common problems in flow development Communicates best practices to the broker community Reduces time-to-value for solution development Complements regular solution development in broker“Brilliant people solve problems geniuses prevents them” -A. EinsteinMany Thanks to Ant Philips20
    21. 21. Connecting Clinical Applications Production ready pattern based on HL7 MLLP v2.x Mediates between HL7 clinical applications (1:1 and 1:many) Focus on ADT, ORU and ORM messages from HL7 standard Easy to extend with custom transformation logic Pattern has excellent multi-threaded performance characteristics Sender and receiver message flows decoupled by WebSphere MQ queues Supports message validation, duplicate detection, sequencing, and retryMany Thanks to Ant Philips21
    22. 22. Connecting Clinical ApplicationsSelection of Document Types using Healthcare Connectivity PacAMany Thanks to Ant Philips22820: Health CarePayment Order270: Eligibility andBenefits Inquiry271: Eligibility andBenefits Response276: Claim statusinquiry277: Health Care ClaimStatus Notification278: Health CareService ReviewInformation837: Claims submission 835: HealthCare ClaimPayment Advice834: Enrollment
    23. 23. Connecting Clinical ApplicationsSiemens Invision (ADT, BAR, ORU) IMPAC IntelliLab (ADT) Chartlinc (ADT, BAR, ORU)Emtek (ADT, ORU, ORM) PCN (ADT, SIU) Cerner Pathnet (ADT, ORM, ORU)IMS (different customtranscriptions)GE Logician (ADT, SIU) Xtend (ADT)APOLLO (ADT) BEDTRACKING (ADT) RehabManager (ADT)DOMINATOR (ORM) Millbrook (ORU) Cerner RadNet (ADT, ORM, ORU)Omnicell (ADT) Midas (ADT) MedTrack (ADT)EPIC (ADT, ORU, ORM, MDM) Meditech (ADT, ORU) McKessonGE IDX FUJI Cerner MillenniumPower Scribe PineStar AllScriptsSelection of applications integrated using Message Broker and HL7:AMany Thanks to Ant Philips23
    24. 24. © 2009 IBM CorporationBuilding a smarter planetA Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) documentis a defined and complete information object thatcan exist outside of a message. In addition to text,it can include images, sounds, and other multimediacontent. The CDA is a three-level architecture witheach higher level (2, 3) adding an extra section(more specificity to the mark-up) of the document. The XML parser in Message Broker canvalidate and transform any XML message. Through the use of a „Message Set,‟Message Broker can store the CDA schemaand greatly accelerate the processing ofthese complicated XML messages.The Connectivity Pack for Healthcare andWebSphere Message Broker)fully supportsall versions of HL7 and, more specifically,the CDA.Clinical Document Architecture and the ESB
    25. 25. Journaling Journaling writes a copy of every inbound HL7 message to a queueMany Thanks to Ant Philips25
    26. 26. Duplicate Detection Message control identifier (MSH.10) used as key for duplicate detectionMSH|^~&|ADT1|MCM|LABADT|MCM|198808181126|SECURITY|ADT^A01^ADT_A01|MSG00001-|P|2.5MSH|^~&|MB7BROKER.RECEIVER| |ADT1|MCM|201012340084041||ACK|460f99f3a25ca40bd50f|P|2.5Many Thanks to Ant Philips26
    27. 27. Remainder Processing Additional fields and segments not in the model can be saved to a queueMany Thanks to Ant Philips27
    28. 28. Report Generation Production ready pattern to generate reports from HL7 MLLP v2.x Out-of-the-box solution for text-based reports and file distribution Easily customised for different destinations (FTP/sFTP/email) Inbound HL7 message used as the input data for a report template Standard set of connectivity options for the inbound HL7 MLLP Transport options including leading/trailing bytes, port number and timeout Acknowledgments, duplicate checking and journaling (audit) Source feed provided either direct to queue, or published to topicMany Thanks to Ant Philips28
    29. 29. HL7 MLLP Nodes These nodes encapsulate the MLLP protocol and HL7 message parsing Nodes handle de-duplication, validation, acknowledgments and timeouthandling Easy to use nodes enable new HL7 message processing scenarios Examples include HL7 to data warehouse and HL7 device aggregatorintegrationMany Thanks to Ant Philips29
    30. 30. Message Broker Built-In NodesThe HL7 pattern uses a variety of Message Broker built-in nodesHL7 v2 MLLP protocol is built on top of TCP/IP connectionsMessages must be kept in order as they are transformed and routed Sequencing nodes enable high performance multi-threadedprocessingPersistent messages ensure data is kept safe and secureHL7 pattern instances can be extended in many different ways!Many Thanks to Ant Philips30
    31. 31.  Message Broker Explorer is our administration application Provides a secure broker administration and monitoring environment Enhancements provide insight into the healthcare environment How many HL7 MLLP messages have been processed? Are my clinical applications connected and working? What status messages have been sent from my medical devices? When were the TCP/IP connections last created and dropped? Visual warnings when queues approach limits and applications disconnectOperational Monitoring Many Thanks to Ant Philips31
    32. 32. Distribute Database Information to Where It’sNeeded!Provide timely access to changed database informationMove to near real-time data trickle from infrequent ETL extract Database Node allows tables to be treated as input source Typical scenarios include database to queue & file, or PubSub data distribution Captures database changes (Insert Update, Delete) to trigger connectivity processing Supports single & multiple tables, complex joins, and other database oriented semantics Extends database capabilities in MB to provide comprehensive inbound/outbound support Works with full range of broker databases including Oracle, DB2, SQL server, & solidDB a• Most existing Event table and data table structures supported without databasechange RAD tools construct skeleton database queries to simplify user experience• Power users can create sophisticated SQL routines if required or desired Event Table Fully Transactional with High Performance and Scalability Distinct event cache & data transactions minimizes contention Exploits SQL engine for full 2Phase commit transactions32
    33. 33. ESB: Connect Everything to Everything.Universal Connectivity A Universal Message Bus for access to datawherever it exists to support your business A comprehensive range of messagingcapabilities to support your businessrequirements for data integration Managed File Transfer Messaging integration patterns Provides appropriate data accessand data privacy controls to helpmeet audit and regulatory requirements WMQ Telemetry is one step inextending the reach to a widerworld of data relevant to your business(“ The internet of things”)33PetrolForecourtBranchOutletRegional OfficeRetailStoreRefineryMobilePhoneSensore.g. RFIDEnterprisePervasiveDeviceCSS: F S
    34. 34. Graphical Transformations34 IBM Graphical Data Mapper (GDM) Visually map & transform source to target data• Code-free, high performing & scalable GDM designed for whole IBM product set• e.g. Full map exchange with MDM Server V9• Mapping Script Language(MSL)format Simple & powerful graphical mapping experience Apply transformations to single and multiple elements• Conditionals (if then else), Loops(for each), Functions(target=f(source)) & more! Database mapping sources and targets for routing and enrichment scenarios• Broad data base support(Oracle,DB2,SQLServer,Sybase,Informix...) Complements and supports existing transformation languages• Call user defined transformation in Java, SQL, XPath, .NET...  Simple deployment, high performing & scalable Maps can be deployed with solution BAR file or stand-alone JIT compile means technology advances improves existing, deployed solutions• Source deploy + runtime compilation = enhanced performance
    35. 35. WebSphere Message Broker Version 8 Summary Universal Connectivity FROM anywhere, TO anywhere Simplify application connectivity for a flexible & dynamic infrastructure Comprehensive Protocols, Transports, Data Formats & Processing Connect to applications, services, systems and devices• MQ, JMS 1.1, HTTP(S), SOAP, REST, File (incl. FTP, FTE, Connect Direct), Database, TCP/IP,MQTT, CICS, IMS, SAP, SEBL, .NET, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SCA, CORBA, email... Understand the broadest range of data formats• Binary(C/COBOL),XML, CSV, JSON, Industry(SWIFT,EDI,HL7...), IDOCs, Built-in suite of request processors• Route, Filter, Transform, Enrich, Monitor, Publish, Sequence Simple Programming with Patterns & Graphical Data Flows Patterns for top-down, connectivity of common use cases• e.g. Service façades, Message processing, Queue2File... Graphical data flows represent application & service connectivity• Custom logic via Graphical mapping, PHP, Java, ESQL, XSL, WTX Extensive Management, Performance & Scalability Deployment options include Trial, Express, Standard and Advanced Connectivity Packs for Industry Specific Content Connectivity Pack for Healthcare includes HL7 Connectors, Patterns & Tooling35
    36. 36. WebSphere Message Broker –Health Care Quick Start - 8 week effort High Level Architecture - 5 days Conduct an interactive workshop (whiteboard sessions) that will focus on WebSphere Message Broker andWebSphere MQ integration specifically in your environment Provide a high-level architecture document Deliver a proposal with recommendations for achieving both short and longer term goals Coding and Testing (Implement 3 use cases) – 15 days Conduct a requirement gathering session for each use case Document the requirements and create a low-level technical specifications document,describing the implementation details for each use case Develop techniques and best practices Connecting Clinical Applications(HL7 to HL7 processing) Production ready pattern based on HL7 MLLP v2.x Mediates between HL7 clinicalapplications (1:1 and 1:many) Focus on ADT, ORU and ORM messages from HL7 standard Report Generation (using PHP scripts) Production ready pattern to generate reports from HL7 MLLP v2.x Out-of-the-box solution for text-based reports and file distribution Easily customized for different destinations (FTP/sFTP/email) Inbound HL7 message used as the input data for a report template36
    37. 37. What are your next steps? Free Dedicated Discovery Call - Conference call between you andour certified Solutions Experts. Discovery call identifies current ITinfrastructure and requirements to recommend the best strategyfor you. Free Healthcare ESB Discovery Call - For clients who want to gain adeeper understanding of how an IBM Healthcare ESB can help with theirbusiness integration needs. Free Message Broker Quick Start Discovery Call - For clients who want toget the most out of message broker as quickly as possible.
    38. 38. An Architecture forImproved Health38
    39. 39. 39
    40. 40. Identify, Segment, Target and Engage4040TRANSFORMHEALTHCAREENGAGE ANDCOLLABORATE TOIMPROVE CARE ANDOUTCOMES:Improve the quality andefficiency of care whilecultivating patient centricitythrough engagement andhealth and carepersonalization.IDENTITY and SEGMENT:Identify and segment theoverall population.Determine appropriatecourse of action.TARGETTargeted Information, Content, Interventions andActions- Personalized Care Plan
    41. 41. From Point of Care to Population ManagementData aggregated from multiple sourcessuch as encounter, self reported, in-home devices and cloud services leadsto better clinical decisions and aids indriving targeted information and contentto better manage the health of anindividual as well as an entirepopulation.Incoming data from multiplesources/channels can be used todiscover, segment, target and engage.From prevention to intervention- apersonalized care plan tailored to theindividual‟s needs
    42. 42. Contact – A.J. AronoffInfrastructure Practice DirectorEmail - aj@prolifics.comResources Entry: Zero Downtime