Social Media in a SME

Social Media in a SME



A presentation held in Joensuu, Finland 18.10.2012 to Joensuu Entrepreneurship Society members on how to utilize social media in a SME.

A presentation held in Joensuu, Finland 18.10.2012 to Joensuu Entrepreneurship Society members on how to utilize social media in a SME.



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Social Media in a SME Social Media in a SME Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media in a SME 18.10.2010 Oskari Uotinen
  • Oskari Uotinen‣ M.Sc.(Bus.Adm.), social media consultant, partner at Intosome‣ Expert in utilizing social media and social ways of working in communications and marketing‣ Experience in education and public administration consulting
  • Intosome is a Social Business Design consultancy.We help companies to understand and utilize socialtools and ways of working with their customers,partners and employees.
  • ExpertsHarri Lakkala Kaija Pöysti Oskari Uotinen CEO, partner Partner Partner Tampere Helsinki Kuopio
  • In cooperation with Dachis Group
  • Agenda‣ Provide basic understanding of social media and social ways of working ‣ External use ‣ Internal use and usage among partners and networks‣ Discussion, ideas, sharing of thoughts
  • Checkpoint‣ How do you use social media?‣ What comes to your mind about social media brought into business context?
  • Social media =Facebook =Total waste of time CC:
  • Social media Way of working + Services• Be open• Participate & engage• Discuss• Share content
  • Social media Way of working + Tools• Be open Blogs Social networks• Participate & engage Wikis Real-time coediting• Discuss• Share content Forums Microblogs
  • Time passes by, the basics remain
  • Customers discusscompanies and their products CC:
  • CC: 30239838@N04/4381829315/
  • Gathering market informationWhere do potential customers discuss?What do the customers want?What arises questions?What affects purchasing decisions?
  • v=fLreo24WYeQ
  • fysioterapeutti-tai-hieroja-tekisin-nain/
  • Customers talk & share opinions (photos, videos, location data...)
  • Customer service 2.0?
  • Ref:
  • Customers82% uses the internet82% uses (almost) daily86% searches for informationabout products and services90% compares prices Source: Tilastokeskus, TeliaSonera
  • Types of visibility on the internet reachability earned bought owncontrol Ref: Daniel Goodall - Nokia
  • BoughtOwnEarned
  • Ebay found in 2006 that participants inonline communities spend 54% more thannon-community users
  • Ref: Forrester Research Jeff Ernst Blog
  • What about B2B?Ref: Forrester Research
  • What are the prerequisites?‣ Decisions: ‣ Do we really want to act socially? ‣ Are we going to reward acting socially, e.g. ”hanging out in Facebook”?‣ Processes: ‣ Do the processes support the social way of working? ‣ Is social media ”just one more work task” in addition to every other?‣ Systematic approach and guidance: ‣ Clear direction (pilots, measuring...) ‣ Guidance ‣ Recommendations for employees’ profiles, policy related questions‣ Training: ‣ Teach why the service is used, not only how to use it
  • What to measure?‣ Operative level ‣ Number of visitors/fans/followers, shares/likings ‣ Number of leads growth, lead quality improvement ‣ Number of comments, quality of discussions ‣ Affect on Google rank‣ Strategic level ‣ Sales growth, shortening of sales cycle ‣ Cost savings ‣ Customer loyalty ‣ Thought leadership
  • Start from the business goalsCompany Social media Social mediastrategy strategy tools Benefits for Benefits for Benefits forthe company the team me
  • Utilization areasCustomers Company EmployeesPartners
  • What is email suitable for? Many-to- One-to-one One-to-many many One way Two way One way Two way Two wayCommuni- catingCo-creating content Ref: Acando - edited
  • Proper uses for email Many-to- One-to-one One-to-many many One way Two way One way Two way Two way OK Microblog Microblog OK OKCommuni- cation Blog Forumtogether Doing Wiki Wiki Ref: Acando - edited
  • Email‣ “Email is the graveyard for knowledge”‣ Not a discussion tool‣ Not for collaborative content creation‣ Conversations are only visible to those on the receiver list‣ Knowledge disappears too easily with the employees who leave the company
  • Doodle‣ Use: scheduling a meeting for a bigger group of people‣ Price: the basic version is free (ad supported)‣
  • Yammer‣ Usage: replacing email in internal and partner communication‣ Price: basic version is free, business version has more features‣
  • Example:‣ A document was sent to 100 people for comments by email, 10 people sent their updates and notes as Word documents
  • Intosome’s internal wiki
  • Case Reifer:‣ Quality manual and work instructions in a wiki, continuously updated and followed‣
  • From email to web toolsEmail tool
  • From email to web toolsEmail Web tools tool
  • Before: I choose who getsthe message as I send it Now: Everyone can see the discussions, recipients choose what they follow and when, instant notifications to mentioned participants
  • Benefits‣ Communication ‣ Internal communication, (change) leadership ‣ Direct feedback channel Employees‣ Coordination ‣ Knowing what others do, what’s going on in the project ‣ Saving conversations and decisions‣ Collaboration ‣ Decreasing email overload, creating content together efficiently‣ Storing information ‣ Managing risks, making induction process faster, capturing tacit knowledge ‣ Finding information and experts
  • Partner opportunities‣ Efficient communication and collaboration Partners‣ Social company networks ‣ Ideation and conversations‣ Sharing market information
  • Example:Normet–SKS Connecto Kauppalehti, 26.3.2012
  • The real problem Ways of working and culture 80% 20%Tools
  • CC:“All our time goes to meetings and emails”
  • Piloting in the cloud‣ Piloting social ways of working with cloud solutions (SaaS)‣ At the same time preparing the final tools
  • Improving productivity Automating processes Collaboration and participation Social tools and ways of workingTraditionalIT-systems Ref: The McKinsey Quarterly - Six ways to make Web 2.0 work - edited
  • Almost 90% have achieved measurable benefits - McKinsey study in 2010 3250 respondentsCC:
  • Extra tip: Twitter
  • Thank you! Oskari Uotinen +358 44 502 9658