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Social Business in Sales and Marketing


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Social business in the context of sales and marketing, specifically in the technology sector.

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Social Business in Sales and Marketing

  1. 1. …and adding the new22 November 2012 Leigh Hopwood B2B Technology Marketing Consultant Website Email Call 07746 249132 Skype leighhopwood LinkedIn /leighhopwood or /reddmarketing Twitter @leighhopwood or @reddmarketing
  2. 2. Social Business• Organisations that have adopted the social business model utilise social media tools and social networking behavioural standards across functional areas for communicating and engaging with external audiences, including customers, prospective customers, prospective employees, suppliers, and partners.• Combining social networking etiquette (being helpful, transparent and authentic) with business engagement on LinkedIn (for one-to-one interaction), Twitter (for immediacy) and Facebook (for content sharing) more fully involves employees in the organization and increases customer intimacy and trust.
  3. 3. Buying CycleThe Process Typically• Identified business • Information is power! challenge • Long sales cycles• Research possible • Complex decision making solutions unit• Define technology • Less visibility of pricing requirement • Multiple influencers• Search for suppliers; • Relationships are key Google, recommendations • Strong brand positioning• Validate potential suppliers and awareness is highly• Negotiate and purchase influential• Deliver, service and upsell • Prove you can do it!
  4. 4. Why?93% of marketers use social media for businessWhy?• 84% of B2B tech buyers use social networks to keep up with trends and stay connected• 41% of B2B tech buyers use social media at some point in the buying process• Web searches and LinkedIn are equally as useful for finding potential B2B suppliers; Twitter is the most useful channel in final supplier selection• Of B2B tech buyers: – 90% participate in Video – 80% participate in Blogs – 80% participate in Wikis – 69% participate in Social Networks – 53% participate in Podcasts• 23% of tech buyers are active content contributors on social media• 21% of B2B companies can consistently demonstrate ROI from social media investment Sources: IDC,KnowledgeStorm, Buyersphere Report 2012, IDG Knowledge Hub
  5. 5. How?
  6. 6. Influence through Social Media
  7. 7. Influence through Social Media
  8. 8. Influence through Social Media
  9. 9. Influence through Social Media
  10. 10. Influence through Social Media
  11. 11. Focus Your Time
  12. 12. What is your Social Business Strategy?• Who are you engaging with? Employees, prospects, customers? Define these segments• Are they on LinkedIn? Are they using other platforms? Twitter? Facebook? Do you need your own platform?• What do they want to know about you and your business?• What is your tone of voice?• Do all channels have a consistent message?• How often are you active?• What do you expect to gain?
  13. 13. #1 - LinkedIn
  14. 14. Be there and be active!Personal Profile• Full profile• Grow connections• Recommendations• Status updates
  15. 15. Your Personal Profile• Summary – Let your personality shine – What are you offering others? – What makes you so credible? – Use keywords – Include Specialities• Experience – don’t create a CV• Projects – key client projects• Skills & Expertise – endorsement• Education – it adds to your credibility• Websites – change ‘Company Website’!• Interests – could be your USP!• Groups – join relevant groups• Add applications – SlideShark, WordPress
  16. 16. Settings and Personalisation• Consider when to broadcast mass changes• Apply privacy settings• Set email notifications• Manage settings of third party applications/plugins• Upgrade your account – To use inmails – Searching for contacts – more filters and display more contacts – Saving profiles in an organised file structure
  17. 17. Be there and be active!Personal Profile Company Profile• Show credibility • Level the playing field!• Grow network • Employees connected• Get recommendations • Get recommendations• Share knowledge • Grow followers • Status updates; link to website • Promote URL through other channels ce-hosting
  18. 18. Your Business Profile• Branding – exploit the opportunity!• Company update – start using it; press releases, white papers, hiring, tweets• Overview – use keywords and consistent message• Adverts – add banner ads/offers• Products and services – add them and ask for recommendations• Video – add YouTube URLs• Promotions – add offers/downloads• Disclaimer – seek legal advice• Careers – use it if you are recruiting• Analytics – see how effective your pages are
  19. 19. Grow your network and engageJoin groups Find people• Listen • Named accounts/• Ask questions contacts• Answer questions • Send direct messages• Engage – don’t sell! • Engage – don’t sell! • Save contact history in CRM
  20. 20. Engage…
  21. 21. #2 - Content
  22. 22. #3 - Twitter
  23. 23. #4 - Measure
  24. 24. How to measure…• Social drives traffic to website• Track where the traffic comes from (short URLs)• Website generates the lead• Analytics will track conversions• Lead generated in CRM• Contact history created
  25. 25. Use metrics to focus your time• Are your contacts responding?• Which message creates the greatest response?• Does one customer type respond more?• What type or format of content generates most responses?• Which of your connections has the greatest influence?• What generates the most qualified leads?• …Where should you be spending your time?
  26. 26. Winning formula Quality Network Measure Quality and Tweak Content Profitable Relationships Personality Consistency
  27. 27. ExamplesTechnology Company Social Media ResultLenovo (hardware) Community website 20% reduction in call centre activityMoonfruit (web hosting) Social media mix 20% increase in (marketing Social media mix 24% of its social media leads convert to sales opportunitiesautomation provider)Archer Technologies 1) Archer Community 1) 20 new members, 4,000 unique visits and 400+ downloads(provider of risk and 2) Archer Exchange every weekcompliance solutions) (app store) 2) 17,000 unique visits, 90,000 page views and 1,200 downloads Enhanced product development from user feedback directly helped form 3 new productsInfusionSoft (CRM) Social media mix Need for less customer service agents, whilst increasing customer satisfaction by 10%Avanade (enterprise Twitter and YouTube 9,294 video viewssolutions) Paint (paint to Facebook and Flickr Social media is the largest source of leadsbusinesses)RS Components (electronic Community website 45,000 community members, 60,000 downloads of its PCB toolcomponents) (information LinkedIn 75% of leads generated through LinkedInmanagement)
  28. 28. Examples• How social media helped Cisco shave $100,000+ off a product launch• How Kinaxis achieved 270% increase in website traffic, 3.2 increase in conversions and 600% increase in registration of community members• How GE MarkNet gained 3,200 members in a community and saved £250,000 in a single project marknet/• How Hinda Incentives went from start up to winning awards, industry recognition and authority, improved search visibility, leads, sales and boosted site traffic considerably in 2 years; LinkedIn is the second source of web traffic behind organic search• How Shipserve saw an ROI in 3 months after a $30k investment in content distributd through social media channels (LinkedIn and Twitter) success/• How IBM turned sales consultants into industry thought leaders with reported tangible increase to sales pipeline study-turning-ibms-sales-consultants-into-industry-thought-leaders/
  29. 29. &